A chewable toothpaste

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Oral hygiene is essential. We can never say it enough. You should not neglect the good health of your teeth and gums. Above all, it requires a good brushing twice a day. It’s good, but to keep your mouth clean and healthy throughout the day, there is still room for improvement.

Thanks to The Humble Co. you will have no excuses, since you will not need water. Eh yes ! But what is it about? A chewable toothpaste with or without fluorine! You had to think about it. The Swedish brand did it by creating vegan toothpaste tablets. Practical, usable everywhere and at any time, just chew them. Helped with a little brush trick all the same, you have clean teeth and fresh breath thanks to spearmint. So, with The Humble Co. Solid Toothpaste, enjoy life to the fullest!

With or without fluorine: eco-friendly sachet of 60 tablets

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