PRO D2: Colomiers and Oyonnax part with a draw (16 – 16)

After a victory against Rouen 26 to 12, which allows the club to remain unbeaten at Marcel-Bendichou this season, the US Colomiers, climbed to 5th in the standings, received Oyonnax, second overall behind Vannes, parted with a result no .

Oyonnax remains the only undefeated team since the start of the championship this season while the Columérins have never been so high in the standings this season.

After a tight encounter, the draw (16-16) placed US Colomiers in the standings, in sixth place.

Léopold Dupas, Edoardo Gori and Gilen Queheille, they are all three available to play the role of number 9 in the US Colomiers Rugby team. The role of the child of the club returns to Leopold Dupas, that of the international to Edoardo Gori finally, Gilen Queheille takes on the role of the leaping Basque come straight from the Federal.

PRO D2 – a duel very engaged in this shock at the top, Colomiers and Oyonnax parted with a draw (16-16). The meeting, marked by its intensity, remained undecided from beginning to end.

Two teams disappointed with the draw or happy not to have lost?

The question deserves to be asked and not all players in this game will have the same opinion. But while Colomiers had been undefeated at home for 13 games and Oyonnax had won all of his 7 games this season, neither team managed to turn the match on their side, whether Jules Soulan on a missed penalty against at the posts but 45m (76 ‘), or Antoine Zeghdar on a final possession after the siren (80’ + 1). The draw then appears logical.

Jules Soulan gave the Haut-Garonnais the advantage as he approached the final, with a well-felt drop as his forwards came up against a solid defense (69 ’, 16-13). But Yohan Le Bourhis equalized in stride on penalty (72 ’, 16-16) and once again demonstrated his consistency in the shot on goal with a significant 100% (4 of 4).

Between an undefeated team at home and another undefeated this season, was a draw unthinkable?

In any case, Colomiers and Oyonnax were not able to decide between themselves in the closing poster of the 10th day of Pro D2.

If Thomas Girard opened the scoring on penalty through Thomas Girard’s boot, the Oyonnaxiens’ response was immediate. A time selected to face Scotland with the XV of France, Sacha Zegueur took advantage of a pass from Antoine Zeghdar following a lost ball by the Columérins to flatten the first try of the meeting in the 8th minute. It took more than a quarter of an hour to see Colomiers respond.


On a touchdown within 22 yards of the USO, the Columérins were able to set up a carried ball in the 24th minute. A collective action which put the defense of the Haut-Bugey club on the backward step. First-time starting Youssef Saaidia celebrated with a try that saw Colomiers reach half-time with three lengths ahead.

A margin barely erased the second half started, Yohan Le Bourhis adding three points for Oyonnax. The last 20 minutes came down to a duel between Jules Soulan and Yohan Le Bourhis. The Columérin scoring a penalty and then a drop against two penalties for the Oyonnaxien. After a close encounter, the draw (16-16) was a logical result for Vannes, beaten by Perpignan on Thursday, who kept the lead with two points ahead of Oyonnax. Colomiers, for his part, is in sixth place.

The first ten days can already give us some lessons. The favorites, Oyonnax, Perpignan, Biarritz, are there. Club Ain are still unbeaten, with seven wins and one draw. It’s also the best offense and the third best defense (in points per game). Vannes is a surprise leader, but deserved, with a magnificent series of seven victories, stopped Thursday against Perpignan. Grenoble, unable to win away, is not where we expect it to be.

The leader at the time of the cut last year, Colomiers is in a good position to advance thanks to the second attack and the fourth defense. The club will fight with Nevers, ambitious but with sawtooth results, and Provence Rugby, who surprises and is mentally strong, with five wins of five points or less. Béziers should also play spoilers, but the failed start to the championship (two defeats against the last two) could be a source of regret at the end of the season.

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