A star has just died out in the sky of the gastronomy

The multispangled chief Joel Robuchon is deceased in Geneva Monday, August 6 at the 73 years age of the continuations of a cancer.

Joel Robuchon was born April 7th the 1945 in Poitier. He influenced the New kitchen and made known himself by culinary works of reference. He founded and directed an important world empire of gourmet restaurants as to Bangkok, Shanghai, Montreal then New York, Miami and Geneva.

With 32 Michelin stars during its career, he was the most spangled chief. Among his distinctions, it is found the most spangled chief in 2016 with Eugénie Brazier, Marc Veyrat, Alain Ducasse and Thomas Keller), it was crowned cook of the century of Gault and Millau in 1990 with Paul Bocuse, Frédy Girardet and Eckart Witzigmann); in 1994, the American review International Herald Tribune classified it Better restoring in the world.

Whereas it was with the small seminar of Mauléon in DeuxSèvres to become priest since the 12 years age. It is directed in 1960 towards the gastronomy as an apprentice cook pastrycook with the Relay of Poitiers at ChasseneuilduPoitou of the chief Robert Auton. After a turn of France in many restaurants, as a Companion of the Duty, it is initiated with the New kitchen with Jean Delaveyne. It becomes then in 1974 at age the 28 years chef of a brigade of 90 cooks to the hotel Concorde Lafayette in the 17th district of Paris, where it is recognized in 1976 Better bluecollar worker of France for his knowhow in art of cooking. In 1978, he becomes chef of the Nikko Hotel of the 15th district of Paris, where he takes down his the first two Michelin stars.

It decides to create its characteristic restoring Jamin in 1981 in Paris, street of Longchamp in the 16th district for which it obtains several distinctions including 3 Michelin stars in 1984 (either a star a year). In 1987, it becomes consulting for the culinary world for restaurants, competition, agribusiness industry (Reflections of France, Fleury Michon), it is also crowned Chief of the year of Gault and Millau in 1987.

Cook of the century in 1989, it decides to create his Castle restoring TailleventRobuchon in Tokyo then in 1994 his restaurant Joël Robuchon avenue Raymond-Poincaré in the 16th district of Paris, better restoring in the world in 1994, but it decides to retire in 1995 to devote themselves to culinary emissions and to transmit its knowledge; It chaired the update of gastronomical Larousse of 1996 and was member of the Colbert Committee for the promotion of the French industry of the luxury, of the Club of the Hundred.

In 2003, it creates its concept of restaurant Workshop Joel Robuchon while being based on its Castle restoring TailleventRobuchon in Tokyo with an innovative concept of kitchen of great luxury and of high gastronomy, open on the room of the guests, inspired by the bars with typed of Spain and of the counters of sushi and Japanese cuisine or of the Japanese Masters prepare and expose their kitchen as a show, visavis their customers. One finds this concept in very many restaurants, tearooms, pastry makings.

Its project was to open 5 restaurants in 2017 and 2018 but the disease was stronger, it left this world Monday, August 6.

To the announcement of its death, many personalities of the world of the gastronomy like Guillaume Gomez, chief of the kitchens of the Elysium, Alain Passard, Ghislaine Arabian reacted but also the president of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, the president of the Senate Gérard Larcher, Martine Aubry or Christian Estrosi as well as other policies. For all, the Grand Chief left too quickly.

Joel Robuchon
Joel Robuchon
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