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After having received the leaders of about twenty French groups of digital in the Elysium, Emmanuel Macron, went to Station F, the French seedbed of start-up

To make France a startup nation, such was the major axis of its presidential campaign.

Already, on July 2nd, 2017, Emmanuel Macron had recalled his ambitions with the French entrepreneurs at the time of the unveiling of Station F, accompanied by its Secretary of State to Digital Mounir Mahjoubi. Applauded by the entrepreneurs, it had pronounced there a vibrating plea in favour of those which create companies and earn money.

This October 9th, 2018, of return to Station F to meet the startup of French Tech, Emmanuel Macron devoted himself to a conference to American, without desk, moving on a long podium, surrounded by a bunch of thirty year with which it exchanged, having a perfect command of the Franglais and the sets of themes startup.

It made a point of proposing the vitality of the French ecosystem, increasingly dynamic.

That they are creations of startup, or liftings of funds, while going up like of number, there is formidable progress which was made in one year.  Emmanuel Macron underlined.

Rich person in startup often too small, France wants to make thrive unicorns, i.e. companies developed to more than one billion dollar. One is raising increasingly large tickets to France.  the President announced.

Emmanuel Macron pointed out the four challenges which it still remains to take up.

The first is the passage on the scale. it requires funds and also a market.
Visavis the competition of China and the United States, the important thing, now, is to structure the Capital Venture with an aim of being installed on tickets above 100 million euros.

The second challenge, they are the talents. How to form them, attract them, keep them.

On March 1st, the Government will launch a new Tech Visa, simplified, which will make it possible to attract the talents of the whole world.
In answer to an entrepreneur who had launched my enemy, it is the URSSAF, seeing this organization like a brake with recruitment, the President of the Republic retorted: Your friend, it is Urssaf, because it is what that in France, the day when you are sick unemployment or to old man, it is thanks to Urssaf that you can be paid () I do not want any which France becomes a country where to succeed there are no more social rights.

He added that he privileged the fall of the social security contributions and wage and the fall of the corporation tax
The third challenge, it is the simplification of the rules. It is already engaged and it will continue.

To change the deal, to take up the environmental challenge, Tech for good, to invent new economic models which are at the same time educational models and of transformation of the company, such are the challenges to be raised.

The fourth challenge, it is Europe. It is thanks to Europe that one will be able to succeed against the unfair competition of certain large actors of digital, to succeed in having a true European market which makes it possible to go much more quickly, more extremely and to succeed in having rules of protection of our private life, the President of the Republic with conviction added.

It made a point of recalling that Paris is not the center of the ecosystem. It is often forgotten that there is a vast majority of French Tech which is out of Paris. () Whole France is in this dynamics.
The center, it is everywhere where there are people who decide, he specified.

From where will of the government to very develop the plan highspeed, fibre and connectivity with a indopeaceful strategy

The campus Station F, distributed on 34,000 m2, lodges a zone startup of more than 3,000 workstations.

1000 start up are already installed there, the building is divided into three big spaces: the Create zone, to work, the Share zone, to exchange, with spaces of meetings and an auditorium of 370 places and the Chill zone, to slacken and be restored with 3 bars and a restaurant managed by the company Big Mamma, Congratulated It.

In this incubator rested by Xavier Niel, owner of Free and very near to the President, are also present investment fund, printers 3D, a fablab and public services.
Waste management is exemplary there.

Are partners within Station F, Microsoft, Facebook, three universities of trade, HEC, INSEAD and EDHEC, like Vente-privee.com, Thales, Amazon and Ubisoft.

Station F is installed in Halle Freyssinet, splendid listed building for his exceptional architecture.

Until 2006, it sheltered the Transport of the station of Austerlitz in the 13th district of Paris.

Conceived by the engineer Eugene Freyssinet, his structure is of an extreme lightness.
The smoothness and the quality of the vaults of the three naves and the hoods give a great elegance to this industrial building.

The use of the vibration, developed by Freyssinet, for the installation of the concrete, and to decrease its porosity, made it possible to maintain this building in a remarkable state of conservation. The market had been commissioned on March 19th, 1929.