Babette de Rozières’s deconsolidation gift

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The deconfinement begins on May 11 and for this, the chef Babette de Rozières has decided to offer meals to 80 isolated and destitute overseas students.

Following a mutual aid and solidarity operation launched by the UERH (Union of Reunion Students of France), a distribution of meals offered by Babette de Rozières began on May 11 in Paris and throughout the Ile de France . The launch party took place at CROUS, 15 rue Dareau in the 14th arrondissement of the capital and the operation will last one week. UERH chief and spokesperson Ambert Mas were present in the field around the students.

From the start of the operation, Ambert Mas and Babette de Rozières worked together, knocking on all doors, in Rungis and in the various supermarkets, accompanied by 2 young people who have an anti-waste association. This is how 80 meals were prepared and distributed to the students.

The UERH thanks its entrepreneurial friends, associations and Babette de Rozières for this beautiful solidarity operation. They helped the overseas students confined to mainland France.

Many overseas students suffer from isolation and precariousness, especially since the start of the pandemic. Solidarity initiatives have therefore been taken throughout the territory thanks to associations. The state has also committed itself by proposing measures with regard to all students despite a confusion concerning overseas students around rents in university residences. Food aid and basic necessities have been implemented in the Crous for confined residents as well as financial aid (advance payment increased to € 500 against € 200) will be part of it… In addition, exceptional aid of € 200 (non-renewable and paid only once) will be open to overseas students (request via, now.

The UERH, at the base of this operation, has been supporting overseas students and their families since the start of confinement. She led multiple missions serving as a bridge between the students and the administration. It is thanks to her that students in distress have been able to obtain financial assistance from Reunion’s partner companies. It has also created a digital platform ensuring reliable and permanent communication with students. Finally, she is the initiator of the ILA Plan (Local Food Initiatives), a real national food distribution plan for overseas students. This is how she obtained the help of restaurateurs (including Babette de Rozières) and other associations, in order to help young people on the move.

During this health crisis and especially in the last 2 months, a conflict has opened with the Minister of Overseas, asking the students to sacrifice themselves and not to return to their families. Following this, the UERH turned to its supervising ministers and the Presidents of the Region and the Department, Didier Robert and Cyrille Melchior, however without response despite relative support from the government and the Minister of Higher Education, of Research and Innovation, Frédérique Vidal, in the form of student aid.

Babette de Rozières is always on the front line for the defense of the overseas territories. Recently, in a forum, she challenged the government by denouncing the isolation and the feeling of abandonment in the overseas territories during the period of coronavirus crisis, while emphasizing the cultural specific health and economic linked to unhealthiness. No masks or equipment, no hospitals or few (remember that the Pointe-à-Pitre hospital was destroyed by a fire in 2017 and that the construction of the new establishment (618 beds) funded by the State ( 580 million euros) should not be completed until 2022 for entry into service in 2023).

In her response, the Minister of Overseas, Annick Girardin, refuted these accusations recalling the various measures taken to stem the spread of the virus in Overseas: total confinement, suspension of air links, dispatch of two helicopter carriers, fourteen on arrival of travelers. Unsatisfied, the creator of Sagasdom addressed the President of the Republic after an open letter, to thank him for the awareness concerning the West Indies in particular through the press release of the Scientific Council on April 8, recommending a set of measures. The other subject raised related to Guadeloupe, victim for several months of water cuts related to the failure of the supply network, particularly in this period of health crisis.

The other building site of the owner of “La Case de Babette” in Maules (78) is the hotel and catering industry, or more generally tourism, another victim of Covid-19. As a restaurateur, the chef defines herself as a spokesperson for her profession. Who can better defend all those who lost everything for almost 2 months than she did. Following a meeting in videoconferencing, the catering sector is to receive support for companies in the sector in great difficulty, it will be doubled to a maximum of EUR 10 000 for establishments closed since mid-March. An investment fund should be established to help the sector revive its activity, with the contribution of insurers and banks.

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