A unique number to contact the Caf and the Christmas bonus

From December 16, all Caf numbers in 0810 will be replaced by a single number, accessible everywhere in France and in the overseas departments, 3230.

Then all you have to do is enter your department number to be redirected to your Caf and get in touch with an advisor.

Your calls will be at the cost of a local call.

Likewise, if you wish to contact Aripa (the Alimony Collection and Intermediation Agency), you must dial 3238.

This state aid is reserved for recipients of certain social allowances.

Since 1998, people benefiting from various social assistance (RSA, ASS, etc.) can benefit from an exceptional bonus paid in December: the Christmas bonus;
Tuesday December 15, 2020: for the Christmas bonus of CAF, and therefore those who touch the RSA.
Wednesday December 16, 2020: for beneficiaries of the Pôle emploi Christmas bonus, mentioned above.

Who is entitled to the Christmas bonus?
To be eligible for the Christmas bonus, paid each year in the 15 days preceding Christmas, you must have benefited in November of the current year (or, failing that, in December) from at least one of the following allowances :

  • Active solidarity income (RSA)
  • Specific solidarity allowance (ASS)
  • Pension equivalent allowance (AER)
  • Fixed premium for resumption of activity.
    In total, 2.5 million people can receive this bonus.

How much is the Christmas bonus?
For RSA beneficiaries, the amount of the premium varies according to the composition of the household. For the other beneficiaries, that is to say people who receive ASS or AER, the amount of the premium is lump-sum, that is to say that it does not depend on the composition of the household . It is 152.45 euros in recent years. The scale for the 2020 Christmas bonus is as follows:

€ 152.45 for a single person
228.67 € for a single person with 1 child or a couple without children
€ 274.41 for a single person with 2 children or a couple with 1 child
€ 320.14 for a person as a couple with 2 children
€ 335.39 for a single person with 3 children
€ 381.12 for a couple with 3 children
€ 396.37 for a single person with 4 children
€ 442.10 for a couple with 4 children

  • € 60.98 per additional person.

Christmas bonus and RSA
A large part of the beneficiaries of the Christmas bonus is made up of RSA beneficiaries. But the amount of their premium is not fixed: it depends on the family composition. Depending on their situation, the premium is paid to them by the Caf or by the MSA.

Are the unemployed entitled to the Christmas bonus?
Please note, people receiving unemployment benefits are not entitled to the Christmas bonus. Only beneficiaries of RSA, ASS, AER or the flat-rate premium for resumption of work can benefit from this premium.

Christmas Bonus and Caf
Depending on their situation, some RSA beneficiaries receive their Christmas bonus from the Caf. The beneficiaries of the RSA who are attached to the agricultural scheme, they receive it from their CMSA. Note that they do not have to take any action and that the payment of the premium is triggered automatically.

Christmas bonus and employment center
For beneficiaries of ASS or AER, Pôle emploi takes care of making the payment. As for the Caf, the applicant is identified as beneficiary. It is therefore automatically that the premium will be paid into his bank account. But when in doubt, it is better to plan ahead and report your case.

Christmas bonus simulation
The Christmas bonus is automatically paid to you in the amount corresponding to your situation, without any action on your part. However, you can check whether or not you are entitled to RSA or to another aid giving entitlement to the Christmas bonus by going to the Mes-aides.gouv.fr site. This site also allows you to make a simulation for the activity bonus.

Christmas bonus payment
The payment of the Christmas bonus often takes place in the week following the official announcement of the amount, ie mid-December. Pôle Emploi has already assured that “the delivery to your bank account is scheduled for December 16, 2020”.

The Christmas bonus is automatically paid into the bank accounts of beneficiaries, who meet the conditions to be eligible for it. No action is therefore to be taken, and no form is to be sent. However, in the event of non-payment, it is possible to send a complaint to the body responsible for the payment.

AAH and Christmas bonus
AAH recipients do not receive a Christmas bonus. Beneficiaries of the Aspa (minimum old age) and the activity bonus are not entitled to this payment either.

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