Cannes Film Festival: All the Prize list of the 71e

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Gold La Palme of the Cannes Film Festival was given Saturday to a business of family of the Japanese director Hirokazu KoreEda, announced the jury chaired by Cate Blanchett.

First Japanese gold palm since Eel of Shohei Imamura in 1997, a business of family tells the story of a family which lives sparely and pinches in the stores, which collects a maltreated young girl.

To each time I come here, that I am invited to the Cannes Film Festival, I think that it is really a place where one receives much courage, Hirokazu KoreEda underlined.

I feel as hope, the hope perhaps as thanks to the cinema people who usually clash, the worlds, the countries which clash, can perhaps meet. I will thus accept, receive this courage and this hope which I received here, he added.

Girl was rewarded by several prices of which the Gold Camera, which rewards the best first film all sections confused.
Recognition obtained with the Cannes Film Festival by the film Girl, of the young Belgian director Lukas Dhont (26 years). The feature film, which tells the true story of a teenager born boy who dreamed to become ballerina, was rewarded by several prices on the Small cross of which the Gold Camera, which rewards the best first film all sections confused.

The main actor, Victor Polster, whose game of actor was greeted by the price of interpretation in the section a Certain Glance of the Cannes Film Festival. Girl profited from the official support of the Funds audiovisual of Flanders.

Spike Lee Grand Prix for Blackkklansman, One lives one dangerous time, which frightens. But I think that Cannes is the ideal place to launch my film towards the world. I believe that it can all leave us our mental disaster. It will help to return towards the truth, kindness, the love and not hatred.

Price production for Cold War Pawel Pawlikowski, the images in oneself do not want to say largething. It is necessary that they have direction. One carves each scene to give movement to the images. It is a cinema which functions by plasticity, by images, more than by dialogues. Gold La Palme was well above my hopes. When one turns, it is even the last thing of which one thinks.

Special gold palm for Book of image in JeanLuc Godard, All is different at his place, it is for that it has a special price. But I do not believe that will change anything in its glance. There is nothing to understand in its film. One always does not need an explanation, it is necessary to take, embrace, like a six year old child. Like him. The film will be considering, but perhaps not where it is expected. Like him.

Price of male interpretation in Marcello Fonte for Dogman, Before taking the price, I wanted to benefit the maximum from it. I thus counted up to three, as one should sometimes do it before speaking. I grew in a waste collection centre. When the rain fell on the sheet roof, I thought of applause. Therefore, those of this evening pointed out my childhood to me.

Price of female role for Ayka in Samal Yeslyamova, When one turns during five years in the cold, snow, one just thinks of making a success of the scenes. Never with the rewards.

The price of the jury for Jumble in Nadine Labaki, When I was small, I said to my father that one day, I would go to Cannes. That amused it. It is an enormous pride to have realized my dreamed and it his, but I have mixed feelings because of children.  I hope that this film will begin the debate thanks to this reward. These six months of turning in any case changed my life.

YAN BIAN SHAO NIAN (On the Border) réalisé par WEI Shujun –

Girl a été récompensé par plusieurs prix dont la Caméra d’Or

Spike Lee – Grand Prix pour Blackkklansman

Le prix du jury pour Capharnaüm au Nadine Labaki

Prix mise en scène pour Cold War – Pawel Pawlikowski

Palme d’or spéciale pour Livre d’image au Jean-Luc Godard


Jafar PANAHI pour SE ROKH (3 Visages)

Prix masculine au Marcello Fonte pour Dogman
La Palme d’or – Hirokazu Kore-Eda “Une affaire de famille”

Le prix du jury pour Capharnaüm au Nadine Labaki


Prix d’interprétation masculine au Marcello Fonte pour Dogman

Palme d’or spéciale pour Livre d’image au Jean-Luc Godard

Prix d’interprétation féminine pour Ayka au Samal Yeslyamova

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