Brexit – London: tens of thousands of protesters for a second referendum

Tens of thousands of demonstrators began to march in central London on Saturday to demand a new referendum on Brexit, the only way they believe to solve the current crisis.

The procession, including London Labor Mayor Sadiq Khan, was to reach Westminster around 14:00 local time (1300 GMT) for a series of speeches by prominent figures and political leaders, including Labor figures (left), the main party. Opposition and Liberal Democrats (center).

British MPs decided Saturday to postpone their decision on the Brexit agreement between London and Brussels, which will force Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ask the Europeans a new postponement of the divorce.

The amendment to that effect, tabled by Oliver Letwin, was approved by 322 votes for and 306 against. For his supporters, he aims to give more time to MPs to discuss the deal in detail without risking a “no deal” on October 31 if they have not finished.

While Parliament debated the deal, tens of thousands of protesters in central London called for a second referendum, the only way they said they could solve the crisis.

“The first referendum was like a jump on a train without a destination. Now we have one, and we need a second referendum, “said one of them at AFP, Douglas Hill, 35.

“What do we want? The vote of the people! When do we want it? Now!” Read the signs of late-morning demonstrators from the edge of Hyde Park towards Parliament, where MPs debate the issue. new Brexit agreement between London and Brussels.

“We made a big mistake” in the referendum of 2016, when the British decided 52% to leave the European Union, said Suzanne O’Hallorin, a retired 64 years. “I think we know a lot more today than at the time of the referendum, we must have a vote now that we know the consequences of leaving the EU and the impact on our economy”

A group of protesters were seen firing an allegorical float representing Supreme Aid Dominic Cummings, using Mr. Johnson as a puppet.

With the “Demonic Cummings” logo splashed on his forehead, the silhouette on the tank seems to be wearing a Nazi uniform, including an armband bearing the title Get Brexit Done and a Union Jack mustache.

The People’s Vote organizers are also asking people to sign a letter to Boris Johnson, European leaders, MEPs and MEPs, asking them to leave “the opportunity to check if we want to proceed to Brexit”.

Sir Keir Starmer, Secretary of Shadow Brexit in an email to supporters this morning, said the letter “asked them to respect our common democratic values, asking them not to turn away from us and deny us the chance to have one last word.

“Now add your name to the letter and send a message to the powerful.”

“The people should have a say”
For Theodor Howe, a 20-year-old Scottish student from Dundee, a second referendum may “divide” the population, but “the people should have a say in what will happen”.

The Brexit, originally planned for March 29, 2019, has been postponed twice, because of a lack of an exit agreement backed by a majority of Parliament, divided on the way ahead.


Christine Lagarde, head of the ECB: decision scheduled for mid-October

However, the vote of the European Parliament by secret ballot is only a recommendation, with the final decision coming to the European Council at its summit in mid-October.

Following a plenary debate, MEPs recommended Christine Lagarde as the head of the European Central Bank (ECB) by 394 votes in favor, 206 against and 49 abstentions, in a secret ballot.

The European Parliament (EP) is issuing a non-binding opinion on a candidate’s ability to assume the role of President of the ECB, the final decision being taken by the European Council, recalls the EP in a statement.

The current managing director of the IMF had already received the support of the European Parliament’s Committee on Economic Affairs, which had held a hearing on 4 September in Brussels.

The EU’s heads of state and government should formalize Christine Lagarde’s eight-year appointment at a summit scheduled for mid-October.

If the member states then confirm Lagarde, she will take over from Italy, Mario Draghi, on November 1. “Christine Lagarde has all the qualifications for this position. Moreover, his appointment is a strong signal in terms of gender equality in the ECB,” Valdis Dombrovskis, Vice-President of the European Commission, told the European Parliament.

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Christine Lagarde, 63, said she was “very honored to have been nominated for the presidency” of the European Central Bank (ECB). She tweeted:
“In the light of the above, and in consultation with the Ethics Committee of the Board of Directors, I have decided to temporarily leave my position as Managing Director of the IMF during the appointment period.

Christine Lagarde was appointed Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund in 2011, and was reappointed in July 2016. His second term of office was due to end in 2021.

Christine Lagarde was heard several hours on September 4 by the European Parliament’s Committee on Economic Affairs, to which the ECB president is held accountable several times a year. Lagarde explained that she wanted to clarify her policy and make it more accessible to European citizens:
“It is imperative that we dust off language and avoid excessive technocratic jargon to allow citizens, consumers, people who are not necessarily monetary policy experts to understand what the ECB is for.

European leaders agreed on their casting on Tuesday to lead the European Union, which will see two women in key positions: a German minister, Ursula von der Leyen, at the Commission, and French minister Christine Lagarde at the ECB.

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Brexit: The UK government said on Tuesday that it wants to negotiate a new deal

The scenario of a Brexit without agreement is favored by Prime Minister Boris Johnson who does not intend to renegotiate the terms of the withdrawal agreement Theresa May had reached, said several European diplomats at the Guardian.

The UK government said on Tuesday that it wants to negotiate a new Brexit deal with Brussels amid accusations that there is “no basis” for such talks at the moment.

“The fact that the withdrawal agreement has been widely rejected by the House of Commons three times means that if they want an agreement, they have to be ready to renegotiate. so be it. ”

“We will engage in negotiations with the utmost energy and friendship and hope that the EU will reconsider its current refusal to make any changes to the withdrawal agreement,” the spokesman added.

“The fact is that the withdrawal agreement has been rejected three times by Parliament and will not be adopted in its current form, so that if the EU wants an agreement, it must change its position. here we will continue to prepare to leave the EU on 31 October, “he concluded.

These latest comments came after the EU said the United Kingdom’s request to remove the Irish safety net from the agreement negotiated by Theresa May was unacceptable.

A spokeswoman for the European Commission said that the European executive “would remain available in the coming weeks if the United Kingdom wanted to discuss and clarify its position, whether by telephone or physically.”

A senior EU official reportedly stated that there was currently “no basis” for “meaningful discussions” and discussions had returned to the stage where they were three years ago.

During a visit to Northern Ireland, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said that even if the United Kingdom leaves the European Union without agreement, talks between London and Brussels will continue for years.

“It does not end on October 31. If there is no agreement, then at some point we will have to start negotiating again and the first topics on the agenda will be the rights of citizens, the Settlement of the bill and the solution at the Irish border An exit without agreement will not end the backstop (the mechanism supposed to avoid the restoration of a physical border between Ireland and Northern Ireland), “said Leo Varadkar.


Lack of agreement, May pleads for postponement of Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May has pleaded for Wednesday to get a new Brexit postponement from her European partners.

The scenario of a green light from the EU to a second short report Brexit takes shape, with a likely door open to a longer deadline. But the 27 countries are divided on the conditions to be imposed in London to accept this new setback.

The answer is expected Wednesday at a crucial European summit before which May will outline its plan to 27 countries, which will have to give their unanimous endorsement to any postponement. The challenge is to avoid Friday a brutal exit of the United Kingdom, a “no deal” with potentially devastating economic consequences.

The prolongation beyond April 12 “is neither acquired nor automatic,” insisted Tuesday the French Secretary of State for European Affairs, Amelie de Montchalin, on the sidelines of a meeting with his counterparts to prepare the extraordinary summit convened Wednesday in Brussels.

But no European country should block a new postponement at the summit, because their shared priority is to avoid the scenario of a brutal divorce on April 12, told AFP several diplomatic sources.

Originally scheduled for March 29, the Brexit has already been postponed to Friday, April 12. But for lack of having been able to make adopt by the British deputies the agreement of divorce which it negotiated with Brussels, Mrs May wants to claim a second postponement of the Brexit, until June 30.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday ruled “possible”, in front of members of his party, “a postponement until early 2020” Brexit.

“A Brexit postponement of several months is possible, until early 2020,” said Merkel, according to a participant at a meeting of her conservative party CDU.

Merkel had received the British Prime Minister Theresa May at midday.

A possible postponement, “this is the theme of the summit tomorrow (Wednesday) in Brussels,” said the Chancellor. “The EU does not want to push the British to a disorderly Brexit, it is in Europe’s interest to continue to maintain good relations with Britain,” she said.

Such a date could be agreed by France, for which a period of one year, mentioned in recent days in Brussels, “seems too long,” said the Elysee, where the British prime minister is expected on Tuesday. late afternoon to defend his case with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Faced with Theresa May, Emmanuel Macron should reaffirm that Paris “is not closed to build another solution” that the “no deal”, but “with certain limits and not at all costs,” said the Elysee.

European leaders refused in March to grant the British a reprieve until June 30, due to the holding of the European elections from May 23 to 26.

The British government reluctantly announced Monday night that it was launching the organization of the vote, after trying to avoid participation, nearly three years after the referendum in June 2016 that decided the exit of the United Kingdom of the EU.

On Tuesday, the British Prime Minister went to Berlin and then to Paris to convince Merkel and Emmanuel Macron to support his new request to postpone Brexit at the European summit on Wednesday.

Originally scheduled for March 29, the Brexit, for which the British voted by referendum in June 2016, has already been postponed to April 12.

But for lack of having been able to adopt the divorce agreement she negotiated with Brussels by British MPs, Ms. May wants to request a second adjournment, until June 30. The 27 are divided on the conditions to be imposed in London to accept this new deadline.

European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Phil Hogan briefed the press on Monday on some details of the EU’s “Emergency Plan” for the agri-food sector, in the event of a lack of Brexit.
In the field of agriculture, there will be a lot of disruption if the UK leaves the EU without agreement, said the Commissioner.
These market disturbances would be: customs formalities, safety and health protection controls, logistics, storage of products. The consequences of such a situation will be multiple in particular, delays in delivery, the decline of products, the lack of products on the market.
It must be remembered that most of the EU’s food products exported to the UK are fresh produce (fruit and vegetables) and therefore perishable. The UK depends on imports from the 27 EU states. In case of no agreement, there will be no alternative sources of supply for the United Kingdom.

The measures put in place by the EU to mitigate the negative impact of a hard Brexit on farmers and producers therefore concern public financial interventions, private storage aid and withdrawal schemes.
In addition, the European Commission has recently adopted, according to the Commissioner, a new regulation that allows an increase of state aid up to 66% that can be granted to the agricultural sector.
There are also opportunities for EU member states to propose amendments to their rural development agenda to redirect state support to Brexit-affected beneficiaries, added Phil Hogan.

Among them, the British should notably promise not to disrupt the heavy issues that are looming for the EU in the coming months, such as the development of its budget for the period 2021-2027.

The European Summit to be held on 10 April in Brussels is therefore intended to be decision-making, to better guide the EU’s measures towards Brexit and the future of relations between the United Kingdom and the EU.


Xi Jinping stress the importance of Sino-European relations for his visits abroad in 2019

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s ongoing visits to three countries, representing his first trip abroad in 2019, will bring China-Europe relations to a new level.

China’s respective relations with Italy, Monaco and France have stood the test of the vagaries of international situations, have distinguished themselves as examples of friendly cooperation between countries of different systems, and have been characterized by strategic importance, stable and durable.

These visits represent a trip to consolidate friendship, deepen cooperation and engage in strategic communication, this year marks the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France. Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Italy. The visit to Monaco is the first visit of a Chinese president to the country, demonstrating China’s long standing position that all countries are equal regardless of their size.

Stressing the existence of many affinities between the two peoples, President Xi said that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Monaco more than 20 years ago, the two sides have always treated each other on the same footing. equality, and have always shown sincerity and friendship to each other.

Bilateral relations are constantly developing, he said, adding that pragmatic cooperation between the two countries has evolved over time, and is even at the forefront of Sino-European cooperation in the areas of the protection of human rights. environment, telecommunications and mobile payment methods.

Xi will provide a boost to the overall strategic partnership between China and the EU, inject stability into the rapidly changing world of today and bring positive energy to safeguard multilateralism, with current visits taking place over three month after Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Spain and Portugal. These visits show that China’s policy towards Europe is stable and consistent.

The Chinese president’s ongoing visits are seen as a key step in promoting Chinese-style big-country diplomacy.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron decided on Monday to move forward in high-level bilateral relations, to forge a stronger, more stable and more dynamic global strategic partnership between China and France. to make it a new historical starting point.

China and the EU have the important task of promoting sustainable global economic growth and preserving world peace and development. As Sino-European relations continue to flourish, the world benefits.

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Technology advances every minute thanks to artificial, visual and virtual memory

Once again, IT Partners has lived up to its reputation. Two intense days, fed by exchanges and meetings between professionals.

This year was all the more important for IT Partners because the development strategy focuses on recruiting new partners.
In fact, the show will have 12,000 to 12,500 m² of exhibition space, a surface on which it will host about 240 exhibitors (not counting the brands represented on the stands of wholesalers) against 210 in 2018. “The big players have stabilized the size of their stands, one or two have even reduced the importance, says Laurent Eydieu. This gave us the opportunity to host more exhibitors and thus strengthen the diversity of the offer presented in the areas of IT, office automation, telecom, and audio-visual in particular. An innovation space of 400 m² has also been planned to highlight certain technologies. One third of this space will be reserved for IoT and another third for the audiovisual sector. The last third will host an animation organized by an agency specializing in the actors of the channel. They propose to show them how to evolve towards the sale of new services and not just to act as traditional resellers.

On March 13th and 14th, as every year, there was the big mass of IT actors at Disneyland Paris, where the professionals updated the technology, for those who are attracted by the well-enriched daily technology, in line with the artificial memory.

Some good people were still present for this edition: Seagate, Qnap, Synology, NAS Expert, Western Digital, Netgear, TP-Link, Crucial, Netgear … but also Belkin, QSAN, Intel, Toshiba, Samsung, LG, Acer and Asus and the list is long…

What is certain is that 2019 will be a great year for storage in all its forms and the network, always more efficient to meet the requirements of users.

It’s a great year for laptops with Google’s OS. Professionals / companies would be more and more interested in this range of products.

On the most important IT event BenQ, an exclusive partner of Google, presents for the first time the Google Jamboard. The Jamboard’s 55-inch, 4-inch, high-definition, 4-inch UHD digital whiteboard (UHD) aims to maximize collaboration in work environments and classrooms in an intuitive, efficient and productive way, without complex installation or training. Embedded in the G-Suite, it allows to exploit perfectly the power of the cloud for a real-time communication between several devices offering the possibility to collaborate on the same work without constraints of place for a simple and effective collaboration, even at distance.

The new BenQ interactive and touch screens (PR Series for Corporate and RM for Education) is the perfect 4K solution for most environments. These innovative interactive flat panels are ready-to-use, equipped with cross-platform compatibility, touch-to-point interactivity of up to 10 points, intelligent Eye-Care technology and handwriting recognition.

They are equipped with BenQ: X-Sign’s proprietary content management software (including X-Sign Designer X-Sign Player X-Sign Manager) that helps users create, schedule and display digital content through a variety of templates. The Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) application controls multiple displays simultaneously across the local network and coordinates screens within a single LAN environment.

For more mobility and collaboration, BenQ brings a practical solution to professionals with Instashow, a wireless broadcast kit. A simple touch on the module connected to a computer makes it possible to broadcast the wireless content on a large screen or a video projector. This ingenious solution requires no IT or authorization services to launch an application with 16 simultaneous connections and a Full HD resolution. Plug and play, simple and fast!

Finally, on BenQ’s IT Partners stand, we can discover a range of small screens designed for professional spaces (BL series combining ergonomics and eye comfort) and its professional instructors for the worlds of photography, video and video. design (SW, PV and PD series including Eye Care and Brightness Intelligence + technologies).

The mini PC, changes shape and audience. If manufacturers are increasingly relying on compact solutions, it’s not so much for geeks in search of multimedia solutions, but rather to meet the needs of a professional clientele.

After 20 years, PC manufacturers have realized that a machine does not have to be big to be powerful, modular and therefore attractive. Since the first XPC Shuttle AGP port, although the path has been traveled, we have moved from a cube still quite impressive (300 x 200 x 185 mm) to the NUC (117 x 112 x 35 mm). We even had machines in the form of HDMI key or even Compute Cards to insert in third-party devices. These products have one thing in common: Intel, which is still a big promoter of such solutions, at the root of an entire ecosystem.

For a long time, mini PCs have mainly interested those who wanted to place a small machine in their living room, the deal is changing. Firstly because TVs are increasingly connected, limiting the interest of adding a complete PC. Second, because it’s the professionals who are interested in it now.

Some brands have understood this, adapting their strategy, both for office machines and those requiring more computing power or even a certain level of mobility, such as
Intel: “NUCs are the fastest growing PC segment.”

IT Partners 2019 has just closed. Its popularity does not seem to be weak and I feel that this year again, attendance has increased. As a reminder, this is a trade fair for professionals where manufacturers, wholesalers and solution publishers meet.


Edouard Philippe visits Mali: his goal “to deepen the economic partnership”

Edouard Philippe comes to Bamako renew the support of France to the Malian government. Military support, but also economic. Agreements of several tens of millions of euros should be signed this Saturday, especially in the key sector of cotton.

For his first trip abroad since the beginning of the yellow vests crisis, Edouard Philippe has planned a stage “great national debate”. This Saturday afternoon, he will meet French expatriates from Bamako and will receive the conclusions of the debate organized earlier this month.

Edouard Philippe repeated it before landing in Bamako, the fight against terrorism is far from over. “The task is still long,” said Edouard Philippe on the plane that takes him to Bamako. “The fight against terrorism in the Sahel requires determination, endurance and humility”, still tempered the head of government. And if the Prime Minister claims “results,” he expects to repatriate soon the French troops of Operation Barkhane.

France has signed Saturday for 85 million euros of new financial aid to Mali, pledging to double its development aid effort quickly to the Sahel country facing the jihadist threat.

One year after the G5 Sahel donors’ meeting, the African regional force is still waiting for the hundreds of millions of euros pledged by the international community. “The rise in power continues, but much remains to be done,” recognizes the firm of Edouard Philippe. His visit to Bamako will be an opportunity to launch a new call.

Also economical support
The goal for Paris is to attract private investment knowing that France, the largest European donor, has already committed 700 million euros over the past ten years. Edouard Philippe will also visit a water treatment plant near Bamako, a project supported by AFD, the French Development Agency.

Support is economic, but also political. The Prime Minister met Saturday with his Malian counterpart Soumeylou Boubèye Maïga and the president, IBK with the message: “Support and understanding”, while the Malian executive faces a social grumbling in the street.
The French Development Agency (AFD) “should double” its contributions to Mali “in the coming years,” said Prime Minister Edouard Philippe at a press conference. The agreements were signed at the Bamako Primature at a joint ceremony with his counterpart Soumeylou Boubèye Maïga.

“It is important to fight to win the war, but it is also important to build peace and prosperity”, said before the ceremony Mr. Philippe, who was going to visit Gao at the end of the day ( north) with French troops, emphasizing the “two legs” of security and development.

In detail, this is a sovereign loan of 50 million euros for drinking water projects in five cities in the center of the country (Koulikoro, Ségou, San, Mopti-Sévaré and Bandiagara) which has to feed 500,000 people.

Also validated aid of 10 million euros for the Malian Treasury “to cover urgent cash needs”, a grant of 10 million for “modernization of public finances” Malian, and finally 15 million for vocational training intended for 7,500 Malians.

The security deterioration in Mali since 2012 has burdened the already thin fiscal resources of the country.

Over the last ten years, France has provided 700 million euros in development aid to Mali, according to figures provided by Matignon, and the annual rate is rising sharply as Paris strengthens its aid to the Sahelian states.

Some private projects were also presented, including a commitment to purchase 3,000 tonnes of cotton from the French retail giant Carrefour to “structure the organic cotton sector in Mali”, once again the leading African cotton producer.

Earlier in the morning, on the outskirts of Bamako, Edouard Philippe inaugurated a large pumping station on the Niger River, which is to supply a water treatment plant scheduled to open in mid-2019. This investment of 500 million euros, financed by international donors including France, must serve one million inhabitants of the Malian capital.

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Foreign languages ​​have a place of honor in France

Recruiters seeking candidates with knowledge of Japanese offer the most advantageous remuneration and the majority of positions to be filled concerns English, German and Spanish.

The job posting platform has just published a ranking of foreign languages ​​giving access to the highest salaries.

Adzuna is a search engine for job offers on the internet. The site brings together in a single place more than 850,000 ads, from more than 300 partner sites, generalists (Cadremploi, Monster, etc.) or specialized (,, etc.).

Thanks to its powerful search tool, users can easily find the offers that best meet their criteria. To help them develop their career plans, Adzuna also provides them with accurate statistics on the job market and its developments. In the United Kingdom, Adzuna data is used by the government to track economic growth in real time.

Launched in France in 2013, Adzuna was founded in 2011 by Andrew Hunter and Doug Monro (formerly eBay, Gumtree, Qype and Zoopla). The start-up is supported by venture capitalists such as Passion Capital, The Accelerator Group and Index Ventures. Adzuna is also present in the United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, Italy, Poland, the United States, Austria, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Russia , in India and New Zealand.

The international job search engine has just published a study conducted on the basis of 850,000 job offers, present on its site last September, which reveals the best paid foreign languages ​​in France, in France. 2018. Attention, however: the mastery of a foreign language is not a prerequisite for all trades, the wages listed therefore apply only for the professions that impose it, such as tourism and trade.

The first place on the podium is awarded to the Japanese, followed by English in second place and Russians in third place.

– Job offers that require knowledge of the Japanese language, levant propose on average a gross annual salary of 43,928 euros. Bottom: the offers are limited: the search engine has identified 350. The knowledge of Japanese is mainly desired in the sectors of international trade, tourism and education.
– The language of Shakespeare is in second place. Being proficient in English at work guarantees, on average, a gross annual salary of 42,189 euros and Anglophone job seekers can expect a salary 12% higher than this average.
– The Russian catches the 3rd place of the podium and it allows to win an average of 41,900 euros gross per year. Russian, conversely is more and more requested by recruiters, the number of job offers increased by 5% between 2017 and 2018.

“Two years after the announcement of Brexit, employers are preparing for their international expansion Since 2016, a very strong trend for European languages ​​is visible, perhaps a sign that companies are increasingly looking for opportunities for growth. ”

The demand for other languages ​​on the job market is falling mainly between 2017 and 2018. The languages ​​of our European neighbors are strongly affected:
-5.12% for German,
-29.44% for Italian,
-8.30% for Spanish.

The biggest decrease is in Asian languages ​​with one-third less ads requiring knowledge of Japanese or Chinese.

European linguists still have most vacancies. 85% of vacancies requiring a second language require English, followed by German (7.8% of offers) and Spanish (3.8% of offers).

Less than 10% of job vacancies in France require knowledge of a second language, 0.6% for bilingual. And the number of job vacancies wishing to English-speaking workers fell by 22.16% between September 2017 and September 2018.

English is gaining ground in the school curriculum. According to the official website, in 2018, (7% of the masters) in France are today taught entirely in English. And the number of universities offering training in English is constantly increasing.

Conversely, opportunities for francophones abroad are growing. Adzuna UK conducted a survey of job vacancies for French-speaking people in the United Kingdom, increasing by 78.6% between June 2017 and September 2018.

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After having received the leaders of about twenty French groups of digital in the Elysium, Emmanuel Macron, went to Station F, the French seedbed of start-up

To make France a startup nation, such was the major axis of its presidential campaign.

Already, on July 2nd, 2017, Emmanuel Macron had recalled his ambitions with the French entrepreneurs at the time of the unveiling of Station F, accompanied by its Secretary of State to Digital Mounir Mahjoubi. Applauded by the entrepreneurs, it had pronounced there a vibrating plea in favour of those which create companies and earn money.

This October 9th, 2018, of return to Station F to meet the startup of French Tech, Emmanuel Macron devoted himself to a conference to American, without desk, moving on a long podium, surrounded by a bunch of thirty year with which it exchanged, having a perfect command of the Franglais and the sets of themes startup.

It made a point of proposing the vitality of the French ecosystem, increasingly dynamic.

That they are creations of startup, or liftings of funds, while going up like of number, there is formidable progress which was made in one year.  Emmanuel Macron underlined.

Rich person in startup often too small, France wants to make thrive unicorns, i.e. companies developed to more than one billion dollar. One is raising increasingly large tickets to France.  the President announced.

Emmanuel Macron pointed out the four challenges which it still remains to take up.

The first is the passage on the scale. it requires funds and also a market.
Visavis the competition of China and the United States, the important thing, now, is to structure the Capital Venture with an aim of being installed on tickets above 100 million euros.

The second challenge, they are the talents. How to form them, attract them, keep them.

On March 1st, the Government will launch a new Tech Visa, simplified, which will make it possible to attract the talents of the whole world.
In answer to an entrepreneur who had launched my enemy, it is the URSSAF, seeing this organization like a brake with recruitment, the President of the Republic retorted: Your friend, it is Urssaf, because it is what that in France, the day when you are sick unemployment or to old man, it is thanks to Urssaf that you can be paid () I do not want any which France becomes a country where to succeed there are no more social rights.

He added that he privileged the fall of the social security contributions and wage and the fall of the corporation tax
The third challenge, it is the simplification of the rules. It is already engaged and it will continue.

To change the deal, to take up the environmental challenge, Tech for good, to invent new economic models which are at the same time educational models and of transformation of the company, such are the challenges to be raised.

The fourth challenge, it is Europe. It is thanks to Europe that one will be able to succeed against the unfair competition of certain large actors of digital, to succeed in having a true European market which makes it possible to go much more quickly, more extremely and to succeed in having rules of protection of our private life, the President of the Republic with conviction added.

It made a point of recalling that Paris is not the center of the ecosystem. It is often forgotten that there is a vast majority of French Tech which is out of Paris. () Whole France is in this dynamics.
The center, it is everywhere where there are people who decide, he specified.

From where will of the government to very develop the plan highspeed, fibre and connectivity with a indopeaceful strategy

The campus Station F, distributed on 34,000 m2, lodges a zone startup of more than 3,000 workstations.

1000 start up are already installed there, the building is divided into three big spaces: the Create zone, to work, the Share zone, to exchange, with spaces of meetings and an auditorium of 370 places and the Chill zone, to slacken and be restored with 3 bars and a restaurant managed by the company Big Mamma, Congratulated It.

In this incubator rested by Xavier Niel, owner of Free and very near to the President, are also present investment fund, printers 3D, a fablab and public services.
Waste management is exemplary there.

Are partners within Station F, Microsoft, Facebook, three universities of trade, HEC, INSEAD and EDHEC, like, Thales, Amazon and Ubisoft.

Station F is installed in Halle Freyssinet, splendid listed building for his exceptional architecture.

Until 2006, it sheltered the Transport of the station of Austerlitz in the 13th district of Paris.

Conceived by the engineer Eugene Freyssinet, his structure is of an extreme lightness.
The smoothness and the quality of the vaults of the three naves and the hoods give a great elegance to this industrial building.

The use of the vibration, developed by Freyssinet, for the installation of the concrete, and to decrease its porosity, made it possible to maintain this building in a remarkable state of conservation. The market had been commissioned on March 19th, 1929.


G7: with Malbaie, the tension is assembled political, between Trudeau and Trump… and of the fences for a demonstrator

The government deployed thousands of police officers with Malbaie, set up an end of two kilometers and built a detention centre in preparation for possible overflows, whereas the tension between Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump is assembled at a few hours of the beginning of the Summit of G7, the US president affirmed Friday afternoon that the relation between the two men was very good and that much progress had been accomplished during the day.

In the small town at the edge of the river, about fifteen demonstrators only dared to show the end of the nose.
The zones free expression , this parking girdled of 70 fences, legacy of the Formula E, transported expressly from Montreal, was empty around 15:00 Empties, except for a demonstrator who held up his sign.

The US president continued on a more serious tone while affirming than progress had been accomplished during the two day old first of the Summit of the G7, which is held with the Manor Richelieu in Charlevoix.

Our relation is very good and we really work to reduce the rates and to make that very equitable for the two countries, he has advanced. We did much progress today and we will see how that will function.

The demonstrator Guillaume Lespérance, come to denounce a scandalous expenditure of public funds , the government of Justin Trudeau spent 600 million for the behaviour of G7 in Charlevoix.

You come here, one would say that you choke , regretted Guillaume Lespérance, teacher a 30 year old who lives Malbaie.

In the course of the day, about fifteen demonstrators on the whole invested the zone. There was this couple of pensioners of the Crumblings, a small group of Koreans come to deplore the bringing together between the United States and the North Korea and some Lévisiens of Ukrainian origin which wanted to denounce Russia.

A camera is fixed on a fence to film the zones free expression . The demonstrators are invited to plant itself in front of stating their claims. A sign explains why the images are broadcast inside the Manor Richelieu, where the Heads of State can look at them, or simply to be unaware of them.

Donald Trump, who published a salvo of acrimoniously messages against Justin Trudeau since Thursday evening, started by launching a joke to try to slacken the atmosphere.

Donald Trump also threatens to tear the NorthAmerican Freetrade agreement (NAFTA), or to negotiate agreements separated with Mexico and Canada it to what Ottawa is opposed.

We did much progress today and we will see how that will function, Mr. Trump said. The NAFTA could take another form. That could be with Canada, with Mexico, a bilateral agreement, much simpler and easy to make which functions much better for the two countries. We speak amongst other things about that.

Donald Trump finally allowed a last joke when a journalist asked Justin Trudeau if it were disappointed to see the president leaving Malbaie earlier than envisaged Saturday morning, a few hours before the official end of the Summit.

The Manor Richelieu is protected by a fence from 1.4 kilometer, not counting the fence of the zones free expression . With Malbaie, the police officers are everywhere, and one even installed checkpoints in surrounding villages.

The starveling number demonstrators with Malbaie does not surprise militant Angela Giles, of the Council of the Canadians. According to it, the repression and the arrests of mass in G20 of Toronto in 2010 created a climate intimidation with the country.