Occitania, a country of fisheries and shellfish farming

Metropolitan France is the 4th largest producer of fisheries and aquaculture in the European Union (EU) after Spain, the United Kingdom and Denmark, producing more than 640,000 tonnes for a value of around 1.7 billion […]

European Summit: A great success for Europe, a challenge for Macron

The leaders of the 27 concluded Tuesday at the end of a marathon summit a historic agreement on a post-coronavirus stimulus plan, based for the first time on a common debt, and will now have […]

July 14: an interview with Emmanuel Macron between mea culpa and mandatory masks, economic recovery plan, taxes, what to remember

For almost an hour and a half, President Emmanuel Macron answered questions from Léa Salamé and Gilles Bouleau on Tuesday after a July 14 ceremony dedicated to caregivers, on the front line in the fight […]

The new US sanctions will only “exacerbate the suffering” of the Syrian people

Iran’s foreign spokesman, Abbas Mousavi, said on Thursday: “The new US sanctions against the Damascus authorities are “economic terrorism” and will only “inflame the suffering” of the Syrian people.” “Racism is one of the very old subjects and programs of the United Nations, but despite the efforts and measures that have been deployed for several decades, we have witnessed today the atrocities and […]

Rescue of the French aviation sector by the State

Following the coronavirus health crisis, world air transport stopped overnight, the growing sector collapsed as did the industries attached to it, with a loss of more than € 280 million. To date, the International Air […]

China dedicated national day of tribute to those who died from covid 19

Saturday, April 4 is the date that the Chinese government has chosen to pay national tribute to its nationals victims of the coronavirus. The date of this tribute corresponds to that of the Day of […]

Coronavirus: The World Towards a Crisis and Global Food Security Linked to the Pandemic

Coronavirus: The World Towards a Crisis and Global Food Security Linked to the Pandemic. There is a risk of a “food shortage” in the world market due to the disruption related to the coronavirus in […]