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Paris Fashion Week: L’Oréal Paris presented the 3rd edition of fashion and beauty

On Saturday, September 28, L’Oréal Paris celebrated the new beauty season of the 5th day of Paris Fashion Week 2019.

After the grandiose show on the Champs Elysées of the first edition in 2017, the second edition on a podium floating on the Seine in 2018, the third edition took place at the Monnaie de Paris, the most historic institution in France. Once again the event became a must-see event for Paris Fashion Week, with emerging designers and internationally renowned houses, the brand reaffirmed its privileged links with the world of fashion.

Actresses, singers, athletes and models all showcased the diversity of the new L’Oréal Paris season, during this exceptional meeting for women of all ages and backgrounds.

As each show has a scenario, this year the musical decor is authentic with a classical theme, created by the famous electronic composer Thomas Roussel, specifically for the parade and accompanied by an orchestra of 40 musicians.

The show took place at the Monnaie de Paris, located in Quai de Conti in the 6th arrondissement, in the presence of 600 guests, including models including Naomi Campbell, Estelle Lefebure, Sonia Rolland, Olga Kurylenko, Tina Kunakey, Louise Bourgoin (…) etc.

Camila Cabello and Amber Heard made their first appearance at the L’Oréal Paris parade, and were among the 32 spokespersons who marched on the life-size podium to present the collections of ready-to-wear and sewing brands that were associated.

Eva Longoria, cosmetics brand ambassador, was present for her second show; the star of the small screen even walked the podium wearing her baby, Santiago, for the final.

Helen Mirren and Andie McDowell made their return to the podium in Paris, while other celebrities such as Marie Bochet, Liya Kebede, Aja Naomi King, Doutzen Kroes, Soo Joo Park, Luma Grothe, Duckie Thot and Aishwarya Rai made their return to the podium, showing once again that beauty has no Age.

L’Oréal Paris has demonstrated all its expertise through this parade in the synergy between beauty and fashion and has shared it in an unprecedented way with 66 looks created by Val Garland, Global Makeup Artist and its teams of 29 professionals but also 66 incredible hairstyles created specifically for the event by Stéphane Lvieux and Global Hair artist.

This year, 13 designers were partners in the parade, bringing a new style and style to the 32 models with iconic fashion designers such as emerging, AMI, Atlein, Balmain, Cédric Charlier, Dries Van Noten, Elie Saab, Etudes, Giambattista Valli, Karl Lagerfeld, Koché, Nicolas Lecourt Mansion, Olivier Theyli skens, Rokh.

The 3rd edition of the Oréal Paris was a success in Paris Fashion Week, transforming the French capital for a week the city of love into a city of fashion; we look forward to the new edition of 2020.


The planet Mode loses its icon and Master of the high-seam

The dressmaker of German origin whose visual signature was indissociable revival of Chanel is deceased on February 19th, 2019.

Enigmatic character, genious creator and dressmaker requiring with shingling liveliness, Karl Lagerfeld died out this Tuesday, February 19, the man who resurrected Chanel showed an acute sense of the selfmockery, of a selfcontrol infallible and of an overflowing creativity.

Karl Lagerfeld is deceased in the morning at the American Hospital of Paris, at NeuillysurSeine, in the HautsdeSeine (92). It was allowed there in urgency Monday evening. The cause of its death is not yet known.

The health of Karl Lagerfeld has been source of concern for several months, late Kaiser had illuminated the avenue of the FieldsÉlysées for the festivals of Christmas, in the presence of the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, having already an image of suffering and fever, but also a weak state.

The art director of Chanel had missed the procession Haute couture of the Parisian house, on Tuesday, January 22. Chanel had reassured the fans of the creator by explaining that it was simply tired.

In addition to Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld also exerted within the Roman claw Fendi, which will reveal its collection readymade clothes for the seasons autumnwinter 20192020 this Thursday, February 21.

Haloed of a thick mystery nobody could attest his birth date precisely nor does not know with certainty the details of his private life , the art director with the powdered catogan and opaque sunglasses will have upset the history of the mode in general and that of the designers houses Chanel and Fendi (for the readymade clothes woman) in particular, always managing to collect the air of time with humour.

No one cannot affirm the age of the German dressmaker. During years, this last voluntarily sowed the doubt about the subject, being prided not to know itself its date of birthday. However, it is imagined that Karl Lagerfeld of his true name Karl Otto Lagerfeldt has approximately about twenty years when it arrives at Paris with his mother a Prussian. As an obvious result with easy youth that it carried out beyond the rhine, Karl Lagerfeld, son of a Scandinavian businessman, poses his bags in a mansion germanopratin Quay Voltaire, in 1954. Hardly unloaded in the capital of the mode, the winds are favorable for him. Thus, the young person Karl gains the first price of the competition of the international Secretariat of wool, ex æquo with another young dressmaker, Yves Saint Laurent his enemy better future. The dressmaker Pierre Balmain, who belongs to the jury, notices it and then recruits it as assistant.

The grass designer has the fidgets and starts a career of independent designer. Quickly, it creates clothing for the brands Chloé and Fendi which call on its services respectively in 1963 and 1965. It vacuumcleans the brand image of Fendi durably, at the origin house of Roman fur, by inventing the idea of a ludic luxury, far from the middleclass silhouette of the time.

In 1983, twelve years after the death of Coco Chanel, it is named art director of the house of the street Cambon. At this time, the claw lives difficult hours and the intervention of that which one will call later Kaiser of the mode gives again him a second breath. Then in 1984, it launches its eponymous brand, and in 1986 the famous gold die sacroholy distinction at the time in the medium comes to crown its work. Nothing any more stops Karl Lagerfeld, who seems to hold the formula to awake the beautiful ones deadened and to reregister them in modernity.

At the dawn of the year 2000, Karl Lagerfeld offers a new image. He loses 40 kilos to be able to slip into the costumes Dior Homme drawn by Hedi Slimane. The new millenium marks a true turning in the career of the designer, who has fun more and more with his image and multiplies the projects with the new generation.

Its thorough direction of the selfmockery. The proof: in 2008, it lends its image to the Road safety by praising the merits of the yellow waistcoat in a commercial: It is yellow, it is ugly, that does not go with nothing, but that can save you the life. Other feats of arms, in 2010: it appears in the clip of Jean Roch at Snoop Dogg whom plays the part of God. And Karl Lagerfeld to conclude by a pirouette: The most important thing that you should know about me, it is which all that the others told you is not necessarily true.

It leaves its godson Hudson Kroenig, son of the top model Brad Kroenig; its faithful righthand man Sébastien Jondeau and his shecat, Choupette, to which it was very attached.

RIP Karl Lagerfeld, fashion in mourning.


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Living room of the lingerie: genuine accelerator of business

The last living room of the lingerie has been just held door of Versailles with the exhibition site from from January 19th to January 21st with the last trends and more the famous brands.

This year, the set of themes is grafted around 4 trends: Coils in Voice with the great return of lace and of silk following the movement Bodystocking Coils which succeeds the Positive Bodystocking Emancipated Voice by displaying its lingerie like a message following the movement #Me Too, the lingerie becomes a standpoint for a notthreatened femininity. Constructivist Voice allowing to give pleasure with goûtNaturalness Voice for a durable lingerie against the wasting, climate warming and chemical pollution.

In the same state of mind, 4 workshops different were held on space Trend and Selection during all the duration from the living room: Workshop color and skins or how to decipher the adequate colours according to each complexion. The color is the ally of the lines of the body and corresponds to the female symbol. Workshop Bra Fitting or how to become unbeatable on the techniques of improvement of comfort, the revelation of its silhouette and identification of the adapted sizes. Workshop matters or to better know the trades and the matters for better selling them:  to apprehend the product which one sells is equivalent to a successful sale. Cosmetic workshop or to learn a little more on the beauty or to discover products manufactured with the request from best extracted from medicinal herbs.

Space The Selection made it possible to discover the hits of the season and the brands more the avantgardists found in the procession.
The living room was divided into 17 categories (Additional Lingerie, Additional House, Accessories Sexy, Additional sport; Activewear/Sportswear; Low/Sticking/Socks;  Beachwear/Resortwear;  Jewelry/Sunglasses; Hats/Bonnets; Shoes/ChaussanCorseterie; Cosmetics/Beauty    Sponge; Homewear; Lingerie Teenager Lingerie Of Lingerie Day of Night/Sheathing Lingerie Large Lingerie Cuts Lingerie Marriage Lingerie Maternity Operational Post Lingerie Lingerie Without Seam Sexy Lingerie Lingerie Sport; Loungewear; /Maillot bathing suit of Bain Gainant/Shirt of Bain Maternité/Shirt of Bain Post Opératoire/Shirt De BainSport;  Dress; Bags/Shopping carts; Undergarment Underwear Child; Surfwear. On the level budget, one found the line entry as well, the midrange that the highend, as for the exhibitors, 14 countries were present (Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Spain, the United States, France, Italy, Japan, Létonie, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Turkey).

This year, the Chantelle group was elected creator of the year 2019 for the modernity of its positioning by joining together all its brands (Chantelle, Passionata, Chantal Thomass and Femilet the Scandinavian brand) under a new signature designed by CL thanks to its director of creation and the image Renaud Cambuzat, an occasion to align themselves on the trends of consumption of a new generation of women and to take along this industry in a new era of creativity.

Side Interfilière, Penn Textile Solutions, German family company, has been seen appointed Creator of the year 2019 for his innovating collections, its technology unceasingly renewed and for its fabrics worked out with the multiple features for 60 years (1 year after the invention of the Lycra fibre in 1958). The creations based on entirely ecological and recycled, a variety of tulles, rigid and elastic, natural and synthetic fabrics are in the tone of the Living room Interfilière Paris 2019. They evoke the naturalness, comfort, softness all while approaching the luxury while returning to fibres of origin (cotton, silk and flax). The industrialists thus develop alternatives taking care to respect the environment, the health and the good treatment of the animals.

One will thus retain this edition Janvier Paris 2019, a trend satisfy the women in the choice with their lingerie, the consumers regarding from now on the lingerie as a beauty product and wishing to reconcile itself with their body and their image. To date, the lingerie is not subjected any more to the stereotypes of seduction in comparison with the men, it is of advantage a celebration of the body and the assertion of oneself.

To draw up the balance sheet of this last edition, it results a observation, France is classified first in Top 10 of the Living room of the Lingerie in front of Germany and Italy and of that of Interfilière Paris in front of Italy and the United Kingdom.  In a rather declining worldwide market, a fall of 10% of the purchasers is detectable in spite of the efforts of the organizers who had programmed many conferences, meetings and workshops practical. The international exhibitors (64%) received a cordial reception thanks to the cocktails ambassadors.

Manufacturers and designers played the leading role by developing knowledge, the talents of the actors and their attitude to be adapted to the evolutions by sharing their modern vision of the world, while bringing there the matters which they like. The image of the new era of lingerie chosen by Eurovet, influencor of the sector rested on 2 topics: Fall in coils with yourself and Art of details.
Appointment July 6th, 7th and 8th next for Single one by Mode City and Interfilière Paris.

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When glamour and femininity are not legends…

As each time, its processions take us along on a journey. This time, it is in the mythology of Ancient Greece that Christophe Guillarmé plunged us.

Within the framework of the week of the mode in Paris, the discrete one and not less talented creator with the recognizable identity style did not lose the wire by presenting its collection of readymade clothes spring/2019 baptized Orphée. It reappropriated the history of the poet and the musician to the quadrant, with the example of Jean Cocteau who had made of it the red wire of his various masterpieces. Just like him, it retransposé the myth in the current time. Result? Of Glam poetic, enchanter and female Rocknroll with wish, of Christophe Guillarmé in all his splendour, where vaporous tulle, virginal white silk muslin, white organza, nude beige, geometrical lace, embroideries, spangles and crystals were the naïades of this procession. On the catwalk of the Workshop Renauld (Paris 8th), short dresses, long, sleeve, longline bra or with neck boat won unanimous once more support in the presence of the expresenter mannequin Victoria Silvstedt, of the singer Louisy Joseph, of the actresses Adeline Blondeau, Emmanuelle Boidron, Léa François and Nadège BeaussonDiagne. On the whole 25 creations including 9 ranges by celebrities like Miss France 2012, Delphine Wespiser, the actress Blanca Blanco, Patricia Contreras, Lison di Martino or Mariana Voinova.

Christophe Guillarmé is graduate School of the Applied arts Duperré. After promising beginnings of career in JeanCharles de Castelbajac, Dice Kayek and Stella Cadente, it launches his first collection at age the 21 years and a year later its own line of readymade clothes of luxury. One recognizes it thanks to his preserving but creative style and with his concern of the completions.

Gradually, it takes notoriety, one finds it in the whole world with the fashion weeks (St Petersbourg, Dubai, Monaco, of China and South Korea or Azerbaidjian….) like in Mostra of Venice or the Cannes Film Festival since 10 years, where it equips with the stars international among which Paris Hilton, Julie Gayet, Lindsay Lohan, Kelly Brook, Nora Arnezeder or Joséphine Jobert, Sofia Essaidi, Salomé Stévenin…. 

Patricia Contreras et Christophe Guillarmé
Louisy Joseph




Blanca Blanco

Patricia Contreras
Delphine Wespiser

Patricia Contreras



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Days of the Heritage: The Chloé House and its DNA

Chloé is a founded French designers house in 1952 by Gabriela Aghion, a Parisian of Egyptian origin; it chose to give to its house the first name of a friend, Chloé Huisman, then known designer in Galeries Lafayette under the name of Chloé de Bruneton for his hot, female side and in agreement with the young and daring spirit.

A wind of freedom blows on the fashion after the war, with the arrival of Gaby to Paris in opposition to the coldness and stiffness of the mode of the years 1950, years when Dior and Balenciaga are in vogue. It then decides to create a line of clothing of high quality which it calls readymade clothes of luxury.

Its creation of clothing available immediately, already cut and made, the minor need for final improvement, the matters of excellent quality, the cuts studied and fallen from fabrics looked after, are its signature. The market of the readymade clothes such as we know it today was with its first steps.

Associated to Jacques Lenoir since 1953 and to friend of the artists of left bank, it organizes its first procession in 1956 around a breakfast with the Coffee of Flora in Paris, supported by the founder of IT, Hélène Lazareff.
The other dressmakers quickly joined the movement on left bank, like Yves Saint Laurent or Givenchy with their collection of 1956. Starting from 1957, Gérard Pipart is engaged as designer, it will remain there six years before leaving in Nina Ricci.

The following collection which enumerates towns of France, is presented with the Small estate of the Lilacs and at Lipp, while declining the alphabet for the names of its models, principle which will be adopted for the following collections by respecting the alphabetical order.

After the departure of Gérard Pipart, the house starts to join young talents which will become famous in the course of time: Christiane Bailly, then Michèle Rosier, Maxime of Cliff, Graziella Fontana, Tan Giudicelli, Carlos Rodriguez and Karl Lagerfeld cohabit or follow one another creation in the Sixties, decade characterized by very short and right dresses or on the contrary long and fluid.

The Chloé style is defined then by a tender femininity marked by dresses in the collar wraps revealing a naked back, the laces encrusted and silk crepe superimposed.

Karl Lagerfeld, got excited of freedom, decides to remain in freelance, which enables him to exert a little everywhere throughout the World: Italy and England become thus lands of welcome for him, and it integrates backtoback the Chloé houses in 1963, for the collections readymade clothes and accessories and Fendi in 1964, for the collection fur.

It is him who outlines the cloakroom signature of the house. Long skirts, blouses with collar going up, romantic lace: the Chloé style was born. With him, the house gains in importance and attracts the personalities of the time: Brigitte Bardot, Jackie Kennedy, Maria Callas and Grace Kelly, are follower of Bohemian creations of the brand.

In the middle of the years 1980, the brand is in lose speed, the sales are not more with go, it is in 1983 that the career of Karl takes a decisive turn: he sees himself proposing the artistic director of Chanel, of which he takes over the reins of the collections Haute couture, readymade clothes and accessories.

Karl Lagerfeld imposes then a sharpened silhouette and adopts a humour glamour in his collections sets of themes: music (be 1983) or mechanics and plumbers (winter of the same year). Its collaboration with Chloé stops be 1984.

In spite of that, the company is acquired in 1985 by the group of luxury Dunhill Holdings, become the group Richemont thereafter and Lagerfeld, after about twenty years of collaboration, share at Chanel. Gaby Aghion and Jacques Lenoir retire following the transfer of the company.

Two years later in 1987 the Chloé House and its Richemont shareholder, allot the position of director artistic to Martine Sitbon, known for his female and soft print on the fashion, during 5 years.

Karl Lagerfeld makes his return to the house of 1992 to 1997, during 5 years makes evanescent tulle ivory dresses painted with the hand where it makes ravel Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.
That which is defined as a professional dilettante uses of its talent in all the fields in vogue, it will be during many years the masculine more sold and little by little becomes a figure impossible to circumvent not only medium of the mode, but quite simply of our daily newspaper.

After the departure of Karl Lagerfeld, the place is allotted to Stella McCartney who takes again the reins of the house, bringing to him a puff of air vintage, rocknroll and sexy, a new orientation, female, romantic and impertinent.

Stella McCartney is selected to take again the reins at the 25 years age and hardly left the Holy Exchange Martins School of London, it earlier injects a second breath with the claw created nearly 50 years without never disavowing its heritage with the romanticoBohemian DNA of the Chloé house.
In 1999, Ralph Toledano takes over the management of the firm, it will remain eleven years there.

With her departure in 2001, his/her friend and assistant Phoebe Philo replace it until 2006, affixing her at the same time sensual and rigorous leg with the claw. With it, the term itbag takes all its direction. She makes the decision to incorporate accessories on the podium of which the bag Paddington, quickly become bestseller.

Phoebe Philo in his turn leaves Chloé: period of undulation for the brand. The two following collections receive few echoes. In 2006 finally, the Swede Paulo Melim Andersson, in the past at Marni and Margiela, brings a shifted and modern style: the turnover goes up. In September 2007, Chloé is the first brand of luxury to develop a specific version of its website for the iPhone from Apple. The following year, the brand invests for the retransmission on Internet the evening even of its Parisian processions. Paulo Melim Andresson holds a time the artistic position of director.

In 2008, Hannah McGibbon, his replacing, asserts a heritage 70 S equipped with large capes, let us tons nude and of high sizes. After three years with the service of the Chloé brand, Hannah MacGibbon, in lack of inspiration according to the press, leaves the artistic director of Chloé the following year to devote himself to new projects.

Ralph Toledano, leaves the direction of the house in 2010 it is replaced by Geoffroy de La Bourdonnaye.

2011 bring a male key to the identity femininity of the claw. Creations fluid and sensual, are twistées by codes boyish which give to the romantic woman Chloé a temperament of fire, thanks to Clare Waight Keller, of English origin a ex stylistée at Gucci with Tom Ford, and in Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, like Pringle of Scotland, which becomes the new art director of the brand.

Clare Waight Keller chooses to leave in 2017, is replaced by Natacha RamsayLevi, as a Director of the Creation of the readymade clothes, the leather goods and the accessories of Chloé.

Natacha adopts the house spirit rested by Gaby Aghion in the idea to offer to the women freedom to be themselves, it followed of the studies to the Berçot Studio before joining the team of the art director Nicolas Ghesquière at Balenciaga in 2002. She collaborated with Nicolas at Balenciaga during eleven years, where she was her righthand man and finally, the creative director of the House. In 2013, it followed Nicolas in Louis Vuitton, where it took the functions of creative director of the female readymade clothes.



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World championship of the Hairstyle in Paris: total culture of the Hairstyle, unexpected styles

The édition 2018 proposed for the second time the World championship of the Hairstyle (Hairworld), organisée by WTO, Worldwide organization of the Hairstyle. The occasion for MCB by Beauté Sélection to put in lumière more than 1300 talents and international compétiteurs for which the two days of épreuves were dédiés à the hairstyle, with the care and the makeup by 50 countries.

There is dozen categories in the world to take part in it and competes with it 2018 of WTO Hairworld accommodated guests, glorious tops of the bill of the total culture of the Hairstyle.
The styles are entirely unexpected while the stressing of the leading artists of the current beauty tightens styles of years 20.80 and 90, with named masterpieces, blends leading masculine and a mixture of the creative glances. It was one weekend truly triumphing for the World championship over the Hairstyle!

The talent overflowed because the competitors held beside their creations with pride and naturally there did not have any limit to attract the glances of sworn. This means that competitions honoured with the hairdressers of more than one country for their competence alone, incarnating a true emblem of the love of the industry of the Hairstyle and celebration of the trade.
The Twenties marked a turning as well in the world of the mode as in the universe of the hairstyle. Dynamism and sobriety define the man of the mad years. The car and the sport are in full rise and influence the male fashion. The male hairstyle gives them a sporting pace, at least dynamic while remaining in elegance. The cut is structured, the impeccable line and the neat capping.
There was a strong trend for the ranges with the temples, the lines and the dyeings this year.
That you have the buckled hair, thick, fine or stiff, the haircuts are so many and creative that you do not have any more excuses not to find the hairstyle ideal for your hair. These predictions are based on popular hairstyles which gain in importance, here in Europe, North America and obviously everywhere.
Fringe capped towards back and very Low Degraded:
To get this result it is necessary to cap the fringe towards the back while using dry a hair.
Quiff on more undulated Hair disconnected Beard:
Original Quiff with waves, a range with low white, the whole supplemented by perfect contours.
Disordered Crop hairstyle:
Another hairstyle crop, this completely disorganized time but which gives character to its carrier, the beard is disconnected thanks to a range with white.
Quiff cut short and Degraded High:
A Quiff hairstyle on rather disordered natural hair, a range with white which disconnects the beard.
Side leaves more Line and Comb Over:
Still a remarkable hairstyle, Side Leaves accentuated using a line and Comb Over gominé perfectly combed, a range with white disconnects the beard.
Quiff plus Dyeing:
Quiff with slightly roughcast and tinted wicks. Once again the range with white disconnects the beard on with dimensions ones.
Hairstyle Crop and Barbe contourée:
Crop somewhat battles about it on the top and a high range on dimensioned, which draws more attention to this hairstyle is the beard connected to the hairstyle and perfectly contourée.
Degraded with white and Beard full:
An excellent hairstyle which gives character and virility to its carrier. The hair is capped towards the back with the top, range with white on with dimensions ones and a disconnected full beard.
Pompadour VS Quiff and Barbe Disconnected:
Two styles of hairstyle very trends which have hardbound in 2017 and which continued in 2018, on the left we have Pompadour and on the right Quiff, the two cuts are degraded with white, and beard it disconnected. 2 large trends for 2018.
Side Leaves and more full Beard:
Side Leaves with a form close to Pompadour to the top, degraded on with dimensions ones and a beautiful full beard.
Side leaves and Degraded to white more full Beard:
A very beautiful hairstyle, virile, clean and neat, the side share and the range with white are perfect, the disconnected full beard gives with dimensions very male in opposition to the top meticulously capped.
Top Flat hairstyle high:
The mythical hairstyle of the Nineties, Top Flat, this model decided to carry it really high, you can obviously make it shorter, with dimensions ones and the back is degraded with white, a hairstyle which will be still in the landscape of 20182019.
Side leaves Comb Over more Degraded:
Side Leaves in comb over really quite carried out and incredibly clean, degraded on dimensioned, the whole supplemented by a well cut beard, an at the same time virile and elegant hairstyle which will give charisma to its carrier.

This year, the competitors succeeded in drawing male attention through the works of art presented to the international hairdressing salon MCB by Beauté Sélection 2018.
Salvatore Fodera, president D ` WTO, Christophe Gabreau, president of MCB by Beauty Selection, and Bernard Stalter, president UNEC and coprésidentMCB accommodated this astonishing total event. The total night of rewards D ` WTO Saturday was financed by Cindirella Paris, same the sponsorsdes movable of competition D ` WTO Hairworld.Voici all winners WTO Hairworld Paris 2018:

Price of the creative color: Tati Shuvalova
Price Gade Fade Cut: Paco Nogueras
Price Races Trend Cut: Axel VasquezPrix of the social media: Phil Ring
Technical mannequin Senior Races
World champion: HECTOR ERRECART (Argentinian)
Money medal: Gianluca Di Bitonto (Italy)
Bronze medal: Aleksandr Volkov (Russia) Technical Senior Mannequin Ladies
World champion: VICTOR BAZIN (France)
Money medal: Lisa DeRossi (France)
Bronze medal: Vera Baumann (Germany)
Technical mannequin Senior Races
World champion: KEHSUKE NAKAMURA (Japan)
Money medal: Yuta Kobayashi (Japan)
Bronze medal: Hiroshi Nakayama (Japan)
Model of mode ladies senior mode
World champion: ANASTASIYA YATKOVA (Ukraine)
Money medal: Olesya Nekora (Kazakhstan)
Bronze medal: Natalia Korotchenko (Russia)
Progressive senior Style Races
World champion: DAVID ABBATE (Italy)
Money medal: Andrea Santacroce (Italy)
Bronze medal: Axel Manuel Vasquez (Puerto Rico)
Progressive cut for old ladies
World champion: VALENTINA LAURIA (Swiss)
Money medal: Ilena Costantini (Swiss)
Bronze medal: Thibault Carre (France)
Senior Ladies Fashion Day Style
World champion: MARY SINDACO (Italy)
Money medal: Simone Giovanni (Italy)
Bronze medal: Lene Marklund (Denmark)
Cut Prestige Ladies Senior
World champion: SVETLANA UNGEFUK (Russia)
Money medal: Maxim Ivanov (Russia)
Bronze medal: Natalia Sarafutdinova (Russia)
Commercial cut for old women
World champion: VICTORIA DIENER (Swiss)
Money medal: Yuliya Levchenko (Swiss)
Bronze medal: Jiao Yulong (China)
Cut Prestige Ladies Junior
International champion Junior: JOSELINE RODRIGUEZ (Puerto Rico)
Money medal: Zorana Vukcevic (Montenegro)
Bronze medal: Kariani L. Torres Gonzalez (Puerto Rico)
Junior Gents Commercial
International champion Junior: ALEXARELIS CAMACHO (Puerto Rico)
Money medal: Marius Koegel (Germany)
Bronze medal: Naimar Maldonado Will rivet (Puerto Rico)
Junior Gents Technique
International champion junior: NUTING WENG (Taiwan)
Money medal: Jonathan A. Morales Cosme (Puerto Rico)
Bronze medal: Xavier Hernandez Lopez (Puerto Rico)
Junior Ladies Technical
International champion Junior: DAMIEN CARNIEL (France)
Money medal: Margaux Geay (France)
Bronze medal: Quentin Desmars (France)
Ladies Aesthetics commercial Makeup of bride
World champion: DOMINIQUE ROBERTS (Hungary)
Money medal: Kayalvily Jayapragash (Sri Lanka)
Bronze medal: Mariana Yudina (Ukraine)
Mesdames Free Nails Painting
World champion: ANASTASIYA GORYANOVA (Russia)
Money medal: Liudmyla Komlieva (Ukraine)
Bronze medal: Anastasia Dudnik (Ukraine)
Ladies Fantasy Nails
World champion: INNA ASHENBRENER (Russia)
Money medal: Ekaterina Solomina (Russia)
Bronze medal: Anastasiya Mzhelskaya (Russia)
Races Low Fade Cut
World champion: PACO NOGUERAS (Spain)
Money medal: Merhan Cecunjanin (the USA)
Bronze medal: Axel Antonio Rivera (Puerto Rico)
Main designer
World champion: MASASHI HARADA (Japan)
Main designer ladies
World champion: ILDIKÓ KÁSZONYI (Hungary)
Cut Races Junior
International champion Junior: SARAH MAZURKIEWIEZ (France)
Money medal: Axel Roussel (France)
Bronze medal: Andrea Didone (Italy)
Style bridal Prestige for woman junior
International champion junior: AMNA BASIC (BosniaHerzegovina)
Money medal: Josephine Holm (Denmark)
Bronze medal: Matea Mesic (Croatia)
Junior Gents Coupe Classique
International champion junior: SHOTA TSUSHIMA (Japan)
Money medal: NakedTing Weng (Taiwan)
Bronze medal: There is Fang Guo (Taiwan)
Junior Ladies Hair by Night
International champion Junior: QUENTIN DESMARS (France)
Money medal: Margaux Geay (France)
Bronze medal: Damien Carniel (France)

Bodystocking painting
World champion: NADEZHDA OLINA (Kazakhstan)
Money medal: Oxana Melentyeva (Russia)
Bronze medal: Mariya Sholohova (Russia)
Makeup of scene
World champion: OLGA MARKELOVA (Russia)
Money medal: Angelina Sokolova (Russia)
Bronze medal: Ashkhen Kostandyan (Armenia)
Head of mannequin for women
World champion: CHIHLIN WU (Taiwan)
Money medal: ChangAn Zheng (Taiwan)
Bronze medal: HueiJuan Luo (Taiwan)
Design of tattooing Senior Races
World champion: AXEL ANTONIO WILL RIVET (Puerto Rico)
Money medal: Safet Osmanovski (Serbia)
Bronze medal: Mikhail Kurbatau (Bielorussia)
Senior Races Progressive Avantgarde
World champion: ALICEA GLARIBET (Puerto Rico)
Money medal: Axel Manuel Vasquez (Puerto Rico)
Bronze medal: Jaqueline Engel (Germany)
Ladies senior Progressive Avantgarde
World champion: ILENA COSTANTINI (Swiss)
Money medal: Valentina Lauria (Swiss)
Bronze medal: Vitality Tigrov (Russia)
Creative makeup for woman senior
World champion: IRMA BALTRUSAITIENE (Lithuania)
Money medal: Olga Aristanova (Kazakhstan)
Bronze medal: ChingYao Lin (Taiwan)
Commercial cut for old men
World champion: GERMANY (Frederik Weber, Paul Koegel, Dominik Buchfink)
Money medal: Italy (Giuseppe Pastore, Graziano Carmine, Svetlana Macari)
Bronze medal: Antonio Tambaro (Italy)
Commercial style of bride for old women
World champion: BENEDETTO SANTANGELO (Italy)
Money medal: Nelli Koshkareva (Russia)
Bronze medal: Francesco Grasso (Italy)
Style of evening for woman senior
World champion: LIGHT MATHIEU (France)
Money medal: Francesca Di Raimondo (Italy)
Bronze medal: Estelle Le Bouedec (France)
Style bridal of prestige for old ladies
World champion: TATIANA TRIFANIUK (Ukraine)
Money medal: Natalia Sarafutdinova (Russia)
Bronze medal: Svetlana Ungefuk (Russia)
Style of evening for woman senior
World champion: ANASTASIYA YATKOVA (Ukraine)
Money medal: Marina Lubentsova (Russia)
Bronze medal: Kateryna Rymar (Ukraine)
Senior Races Technique Crosses Classical
World champion: ALBERTO ABBATE (Italy)
Money medal: Aleksandr Volkov (Russia)
Bronze medal: Jacek Chamera (Poland)
Senior Ladies Technical To hate per night
World champion: VICTOR BAZIN (France)
Money medal: Lisa DeRossi (France)
Bronze medal: Vera Baumann (Germany)
WTO Junior Team Gents Commercial
Champion of the team junior WTO: Puerto Rico (Alexarelis Camacho, Will rivet Naimar Maldonado, Brian Sierra)
Money medal: GERMANY (Marius Koegel, Sabrina Dörr, Ismail Zeyrek)
Bronze medal: MONTENEGRO (Vlado Sakovic, Luka Bulatovic, Gojko Gogic)
Team WTO Junior Team Technique
Champion of the team junior WTO: FRANCE (Margaux Geay, Damien Carniel, Quentin Desmars)
Money medal: TAIWAN (TzuYi Lay, HaoYun Tsa, TzuChen Chen)
Bronze medal: NORWAY (Monika Storvik, Eline Henriksen, Polina Udalyeva)
Technique WTO Junior Team Gents
Champion of the team junior WTO: TAIWAN (NakedTing Weng, There is Fang Guo, YiNing Yu)
Money medal: Puerto Rico (Efren Sostre Laureano, Xavier Hernandez López, Jonathan A. Morales Cosme)
Bronze medal: JAPAN (Shota Tsushima, Kodai Kanno, Sae Sasaki)
Team Junior Dames WTO Prestige
Champion of the team junior WTO: Puerto Rico (Joseline Rodriguez, Kariani Torres Gonzalez, Tanairi Correa)
Money medal: DENMARK (Josephine Holm, Amanda Kyed Andersen, Cecilie Kudsk Madsen)
Bronze medal: BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA (Amna BASIC, Selma Rakovac, Haris Alagic)
WTO Best Zones Team Dames Esthétique MONGOLIA
Better WTO Zones Team Senior Gents Commercial
WTO Best Zones Team Senior Ladies Commercial
WTO Best Zones Team Senior Gents Progressive AvantGarde
WTO Best Zones Team Dames Senior progressive Avantgarde
Head of mannequin of mode for women
Better WTO Zones Team Ladies Mode Models Live
Technical head of mannequin WTO Best Zones Team Senior Gents
Technical head of mannequin WTO Best Zones Team Senior for ladies
WTO Best Zones Team Coupe of the world of the ladies
WTO Team World Champions Aesthetics Live Model
UKRAINE (Iya Ponemarenko, Mariana Yudina, Olena Sereda)
World championships by team WTO
World champion by team WTO: JAPAN (Keisuke Nakamura, Yuta Kobayashi, Katsura Yamazaki)
Money medal: ITALY (Antonio Tambaro, Svetlana Macarani, Raffaele De Rosa)
Bronze medal: Puerto Rico (Valentin Julian, Julio Morales Ortiz, Marcos Delgado)
World championships by team WTO
World champion by team WTO: SWITZERLAND (Victoria Diener, Yuliya Levchenko, Belinda Heeb)
Money medal: DENMARK (Louise Oestergaard Iversen, Lene Marklund, Christine Munk)
Bronze medal: ITALY (Benedetto Santangelo, Vittorio Bello, Valerio Santacroce)
Progressive team WTO World champions Senior Races Avantgarde
World champion by team WTO: Puerto Rico (Alicea Glaribet, Axel Manuel Vasquez, Victor Nuñez)
Money medal: ITALY (David Abbate, Andrea Santacroce, Angelo Santangelo)
Bronze medal: GERMANY (Jaqueline Engel, Jacqueline Sieger, Romina Löffler)
World championships by team WTO
World champion by team WTO: SWITZERLAND (Ilena Costantini, Valentina Lauria, Nathalie Rey)
Money medal: CANADA (Stephanie Kyrev, David Costa, Gilbert Michelle)
Bronze medal: POLAND (Iwona Ostrowska, Joanna Jakóbek, Kamila JaneckaSkalska)
Head of mannequin of mode for women
World champion by team WTO: ITALY (Mary Sindaco, Francesca Di Raimondo, Antonietta Vignola)
Money medal: NORWAY (Leif Anders Overland, Marit Blakstad, Trine Ho)
Bronze medal: MONGOLIA (Khalzan Bolortsetseg, Aleksandr Khulan, Khurelbaatar Tsogbadrakh)
WTO Team Champions of the World Senior Ladies Fashion Model Live
World champion by team WTO: UKRAINE (Anastasiya Yatkova, Kateryna Rymar, Kateryna Sadova)
Money medal: RUSSIA (Marina Lubentsova, Natalia Korotchenko, Aleksandra Golganova)
Bronze medal: KAZAKHSTAN (Olesya Nekora, Eleonora Jemenean, Gemma Galina)
Chief of engineering team WTO Team Champions of the world Senior Races
World champion by team WTO: ITALY (Gianluca Di Bitonto, Alberto Abbate, Alessio Savino)
Money medal: RUSSIA (Aleksandr Volkov, Viktor Baranov, Olga Matyakina)
Bronze medal: JAPAN (Shinji Ishikawa, Takashi Nishioka, Noriyuki Mutaguchi)
Technical head of mannequin for women
World champion by team WTO: FRANCE (Victor Bazin, Lisa DeRossi, Vincent Andro)
Money medal: RUSSIA (Olga Belokrylova, Oleg Chernikov, Vladislav Vanin)
Bronze medal: SWEDEN (Bollan Holgersson, Wilma Augustsson, Malena Williamson)
WTO Team Champions of the World Champions Senior Ladies of Prestige Cup Live Model
World champion by team WTO: RUSSIA (Svetlana Ungefuk, Natalia Sarafutdinova, Maxim Ivanov)
Money medal: UKRAINE (Tatiana Trifaniuk, Iryna Huliichuk, Inna Kovalova)
Bronze medal: KAZAKHSTAN (Olesya Nekora, Natallia Rotmanava, Kira Gonchar)

After the international fair of hairstyle and makeup, we will follow the fashion and the fashion weeks.





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The fashion unloads at the Swiss Village

Located between the Military academy and the MoundPicquet in the 15th district of Paris, the Swiss Village is a space dedicated to art and antiquities. One finds there contemporary art, art déco and design like tapestries, sculptures, jewelry, paintings, weapons old and other objects without forgetting contemporary parts.

This weekend, for the first time, the medium of the mode mixed with that of art in this mythical space which is the Swiss Village since its creation at the end of the World Fair of 1900.

The World Fair of 1900 was most important that the hexagon knew with the appearance of the first especially open line of the subway of Paris for the exposure, various stations like the Gare de Lyon, the Station of Orsay or the Invalids, the construction of Small and the Large palace, the large wheel installed which occurred of Suffren as well as an enormous celestial sphere and the Swiss Village, house of Switzerland which was a reconstitution of a true Swiss village with the rock which is currently with the zoo of Vincennes, a cascade and a lake; after its destruction in 1937, ragpickers settle there by using the nacelles of the horsegears like gravers.

Gradually the antique dealers replace the gravers which in 1960 are replaced by buildings. This place gathers antique dealers and art galleries but its frequentation decreases following competition. In order to give him one second life, of animations are organized since 2016 like the presence of the Republican guard with 35 horses or that of the firemen of Paris with pumps with horse and this year a fashion show.

On June 14th, a quartet of jazz animated the following unveiling and the two days, one could attend the processions of four young creators, all that in the presence of celebrities. It was also the occasion to admire works of four artists graphics packages (Deuz, Graffmat, Sun 7 and Doudou Style) representing the portraits of large French dressmakers (JeanPaul Gaultier, Karl Lagarfeld, Agnes B, Yves Saint Laurent) according to photographs of JeanMarie Perier.

Sight topology of the places and its pedestrian characteristic of share its long alleys, the Swiss Village was very indicated to install a catwalk there and to make there ravel creations of Simahiro Seams, Zaady and Diamonds of the East, the very young Nouf brand Seams.
The first two creators to open the ball were Friday after Simahiro midday Seams and Zaady. The show presented by Christian Lebon, spiritual son of Charles Trenet started with the speech of JeanChristian Daveau, president of the Swiss Village which told the story of this site.

The Simahiro collection Seams of the young designer of origin camerouaise Hiro Mounangaht, passed in big houses like Nina Ricci or Celine is avantgardist, futuristic and minimalist. Its collections are addressed to the women and to the men and are influenced by American Rick Owens, Korean Songzio and Demobaza. What it presented to the Swiss Village is based on the knack, the sport but also on the future. A very great originality which one finds until the name of his house, Simahiro Seams, a contraction of two first names, that of his/her Sima daughter and it his Hiro.

The second presentation was the Zaady procession of the Belgian creator of origin of the Ivory Coast Fabrice Mahi. Its collections smart Haute couture and sportswear are addressed to the women and to the modern and elegant men. It thus developed a sober style all while including blingbling there as it is liked to underline it. Cotton, lace there is found. In addition it equipped the candidates with Mister Africa Frenchspeaking person 2017 and took part in Multicolor Fashion Show. More recently, the finalists of Mister Black Belgium established its for final on April 28th. He was also the guest of the emission Speak me about you animated by Annick Lejeune, sales director at Oréal.  Fallen under the charm from creations of the designer, it agreed to ravel for him at the time of the service the Swiss Village likes the Fashion. It is thus in a splendid red tulle dress embroidered of sequin that it appeared then posed at the sides of the designer of Zaady Seams of which this last collection which is called after its died mom, Nadaud.

The second day of processions referred to the brands Diamonds of the East and Nouf Seams. Like the day before, Christian Lebon animated the show to which assisted the Mayor of 15th, Philippe Goujon like his assistant in charge of the trade, Gérard Gayet. Other personalities were present like the dancer Brahim Zaibat; the lyric singer Fabrice di Falco; the official double of Georges Clooney, Pascal Carreras; Any dAvray; Sophie Darel; Katia Tchenko, Sophie Forte or Nikola Parienty and the creativedesigner Andrea de Serre.

The first procession was that of Nadia Traoré, creative Diamonds of the East. Its first collection of tshirt, Started in 2016 from nothing, a handful of gold is made according to it to equip the body and to embellish the heart, it is the history of its life. Former hostess on the ground in Roissy, it devoted herself to her passion while starting with the creation of jewelry then it appeared in the procession of Simahiro in 2017 For this service at the Swiss Village, held of beach, bathing suits and sport clothing for women, men and children. A whole collection design, knack and sportswear.

Before the procession of fence of Nouf Seams, Sarah van Elst, former candidate of The Voice, finalist of Belgium Miss, Guenièvre or Morgane in the Legend of King Arthur and so known for its participation in Angels 10, its individual Elevate in a showcase presented, accompanied by a dancer.
Nouf Seams was the nail of these two days of processions.  Old of only twentytwo years, the very promising designer Nouf Nakaiti whose first name means size in Saoudi, had of exclusiveness the models in its very new collection Black Forest which is addressed to the women who dare to emphasize their seduction. It dedicated its behaviours to its color of predilection, the black, synonymous with luxury, elegance, wealth and force and finished by a sumptuous wedding dress. It is in forest that Nouf went to draw the inspiration of its new creations. Fauna and flora have nourishes its imaginary. The wooded extent and its natural elements became the dominant topics of its draped embroideries. From this alchemy was born Black Forest.

Trees and foliages, sensual cuts, catlike lines, effects of matters and transparency, the choice of black fine and delicate fabrics, all worked with the hand with refinement, butterflies, mysterious flowers, stars, pearls and other symbols take life to be melted with rapture in lace, silk, the organza and tulle. The short dresses mix with the long ones in a perfect harmony. With Nouf Seams, the women are sure themselves while being trend, class and sexy.



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The Night of the Hairstyle, Professional l’Oréal Paris

The Town hall of Paris transformed its splendid reception room into giant hairdressing salon at the time of the night of the hairstyle. It is in a festive atmosphere and glamour that 120 hairdressers settled in this place of exception.

On June 14th proceeded the fifth edition of the night of the hairstyle 2018 through all France with a total of 2500 living rooms which were invested for this occasion. The experts of Professional Oréal Paris organized and put their talent at the service of the people eager to profit free from a hairstyle of their choice. Even if the women are particularly aimed at the time of this event, the men are not forgotten and it is the occasion to collect invaluable advices exempted by the experts hairstylists of the brand.

The service carried out by the hairdresser is a one duration old hairstyle of about twenty minutes approximately carried out on dry hair, that it is for loops, a blowdry, a chignon or a crown of braids. An occasion dreamed to test a new capillary trend or a hairstyle of star. There is no shampoo nor of haircut. This year an innovation developed with the discovery of the application Style My Hair 3D of Professional Oréal Paris, free downloadable since a smartphone, which makes it possible to test with the screen a style or a color of hair trend thanks to a selfie.

The condition in order to be able to take part at this time privileged, is to be registered as a preliminary on the official site of the night of the hairstyle, to select the living room nearest to its residence and to choose a time slot.

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Dior Backstage to make up itself like Pros

On May 30th, Dior cosmetics revealed a new line of makeup to make up itself like pros.

Used recently at the time of the procession Dior Cruise in Chantilly, this new range sublimated representing as prestigious as Bella Hadid, Chu Wong or Ruth Beth with a wide range of products and colors for all the skins.

Always also powerful, this new range is younger, plus trend, cooler and less expensive but so effective. From now on, brand celebrates it offers a line cheaper to the customers. It will be possible to find it at Séphora.

In order to target a new public, the Dior house decided to go to the meeting of its customers by organizing a Backstage Turn in 5 French big cities starting with Paris, station St Lazare.

When court of Europe is passed, one is intrigued by this white container on which one can read Dior Backstage. On May 30th, it was possible for all those which wished it to be made make up and to receive advices of pros on the best manner of emphasizing its face. At the end of 15 minutes, one arose with his photograph memory. Starting from May 31st, it was necessary to be registered. It will be also possible to cross the backstage turn in Lyon or Nantes.

The range Dior Backstage takes as a starting point the slides of the processions. Peter Philips, director of the creation and the image of the Dior makeup is at the base of this new line which comprises a makeup foundation Face &Body available in 16 nuances of dye and declines himself on the whole into 40 color of makeup foundations to the natural completion (Side budget, it will be necessary to count 40 instead of 60 for a usual makeup foundation of the brand); but also of the pallets of highlighter, the makeups with eyelids or the lipsticks with characteristics well with them. The pallet of contour with the nuances (two matt colours and two colours lights). The makeup pallets with eyelids are built around a first box is a base accompanied by 8 colours in two tons: either heats, or cold and to finish, lipsticks: their pallet is made up of 3 different lines. The first, it is normal lipstick, the second, it is glossed lipstick and the third it is the matt one.

There are also trios of powder with eyebrows and more than 10 brushes to apply each product.

Here of what to be done beautiful with good products for a very correct budget.


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Association Azzedine Alaïa located at Paris in the Marsh, emphasizes and pays homage to the famous designer intended for his workshop become place, art gallery where he lived and worked.

This impassioned collector was captivated by architecture, art, the design, like by the music and the theatre. The exposure which pays homage to the dressmaker missing in 2017, offer with the public a selection of about forty major pieces under the large canopy, which was formerly dedicated to the processions. The dresses which the dressmaker did not cease improving throughout his career are seizing by the curves with sensual and timeless cuttings.

The dominant one of the collection presented is primarily in black and white a way of emphasizing the construction of the dresses of this architect dressmaker. Azzedine Alaïa said I like those which remain beautiful and eternal, those which do not remain disturbed by the details, of the ornaments or of the colors which age them prematurely.

Gallery Alaïa 18 rue de la Verrerie 75004 Paris

To discover until June 10th, 2018