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The Prune Museum of Agen

Located on a plot of 30 hectares on the banks of the Lot, a few kilometers from Agen, the Pruneau Museum of Lafitte sur Lot on the site of Gabach (47320), invites you to discover all the stages of the production of prunes. Agen.

Whether you choose a guided group tour (from 15 people) or individual (with an audioguide). You have to go through 3 stages: Visit of the Prune Museum for the historical part, Video presentation of the farm and its work on the 4 seasons and Tasting of the products. It allows to learn the origins of this fruit that has crossed the world to come to the Lot et Garonne as well as the different drying techniques that have evolved to the present day. A new activity is proposed to the visitors, big and small, alone or in family: the visit of the museum in the skin of a pruniculteur of the 19th century and the invention of its own slogan around the prune. Since last June 22, a new children’s course exists within the museum.

The first plums of Ente on the farm were planted on the site of Gabach in 1962. The plum of Ente, originally from the Orient is the ancestor of prune Agen, fruit that contains the most antioxidants. Sun-ripened fruits are harvested at full maturity from August 15 to September 15, they are then transformed into prunes (dried plums in tunnels for 75 hours at 75 ° and then rehydrated in a bath of 80 ° to reach a rate of humidity of 35 ° to bring out the flavor and softness, the pasteurization which allows to keep it 2 years is the last phase because the preservatives are not used), in half-cooked (Ente half-cooked plum harvested among the more beautiful plums and especially the sweetest, dried up to 35% moisture and not rehydrated to keep all the nutritional value of the barely cooked fruit and the fibers, this preparation is less sweet and suitable for diabetics), finally in prune prebiotic (Ente plum, dried only for 10 hours, with 45% moisture content with a real taste of fresh fruit, unique on the farm, prebiotics, living microorganisms naturally contained in plum imitate the growth and / or activity of micro-biota bacteria while acting positively on well-being.

In 2017, the new owners who made a total conversion, leave “the service to the person” to turn to the exploitation, the transformation, the sale of the plum of Ente by buying the Farm and the Museum of Prune of Lafitte on Lot, a few kilometers from Agen. Producers and processors, they turn to a quality Agen prune, made entirely by hand through the control of the entire production chain (planting trees, pruning, harvesting, drying and processing), thus favoring the short circuit , the solidarity economy and biodiversity. using techniques and systems that save on plant protection products as well as natural alternatives such as the use of ewes to maintain the orchard and provide a natural fertilizer. The size of the plum trees is carried out every winter to select and obtain the big fruits, guaranteeing an irreproachable and tasty prune. Bees are naturally used for pollination.

The products made on site are sold at the shop where visitors have the chance to participate in tastings around the prune and its derivatives but also to discover the novelties created each year.

The Farm and Prune Museum are also present at trade shows, we will find them as follows:

-On October 26th and 27th, the Salon de la Gastronomie de Douarnenez will be held at the Halle de Douarnenez (29100).

– From November 29 to December 1, 2019, “The Gascons are there” will invest the banks of the Seine side Boulogne Billancourt aboard the Barge “Les Calanques”, after the Eiffel Tower last year.

Since the end of 2018, in order to avoid the risks of monoculture, the Farm turned to a diversified crop by building 2 hectares of greenhouses to grow strawberries Garriguettes and Charlotte that can be bought between March and November.

In addition, throughout the year, many activities are forged around the prune and its museum (Easter Egg Hunt on March 28, 2020, Pruneau Hike on May 3, 2020 (there were 2 courses in 2019 of 12 and 17 km), The Plum and Prune Festival (Discovery for the second year of life on the farm in the middle of the harvest and the occupation of pruniculturist), August 17 and 18, 2020.

Games are organized every summer from July 1 to September 15 for young and old: Dédal’Prune, a labyrinth of 15,000 m² in the but with a new drawing, a new configuration, a new theme and of course new puzzles all in the years, torchlight nights are organized from 8:30 pm every Monday in July and August. The Pruno Quiz, a unique activity in the region, allows you to discover the life of the orchard, season after season, and get to know its surprising hosts thanks to the images of fauna and flora concealed in the tags hidden in the plum trees. This activity of 45 minutes is ideal for the family is also the opportunity to test his knowledge on plum, prune, their development, their production.

The visit of this museum dedicated to the prune is an unforgettable moment for all the family, a discovery of the nature, a trade and a return to the authenticity.

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Gerard Bertrand hosted Lisa Simone at the Hospitalet Jazz Festival

Lisa Simone was in concert at the Hospitalet Festival on Sunday evening.

The Hospitalet Jazz Festival has been held every year since 2004 at the Château de l’Hospitalet near Narbonne in the Aude region. It is an unmissable international experience, combining the taste of jazz with that of wine and gastronomy, allowing the development of tourism, culture and the countryside.

Each year, the festival hosts jazz stars on 5 dates. This year, for the 16th edition, Melody Gardot, Craig David, Ben l’Uncle Soul, Zazie and Lisa Simone & Big Band Garonne were able to celebrate the 5 days of jazz, art and gastronomy in this magnificent castle. Unfortunately, due to weather problems, Zazie’s concert was canceled at the last moment.

A concert of jazz and variety, various and varied exhibitions, art have its place at the Château de l’Hospitalet, a 13th century building overlooking the Mediterranean, in the heart of the protected massif of La Clape, whose vocation was to welcome the hospices of Narbonne.

Since 2002, the former rugbyman Gérard Bertrand has been the owner of the estate, which is divided into several activities, a 3 star hotel, a restaurant, the Jazz Festival in summer, a tasting cellar and numerous wine-tasting activities that perfectly illustrate the motto of Hospitalet sine vino, vana hospitalitas” (without wine, vain is hospitality).

Born in January 1965 in Narbonne (11), Gérard Bertrand is a former rugby union player and a wine entrepreneur. After having spent much of his career at RC Narbonne, he finished her in 1994 with a year at Stade Français.

Following his father’s death in 1987, when he was only 22 years old, he returned to the family estate of Villemajou, in the Corbières, parallel to rugby. By developing the quality of his wines, he became the ambassador of Languedoc and grew his estate from 60 to 750 ha in 30 years. It grows 2/3 of this domain, that is 450 ha in biodynamy. Biodynamics rehabilitate soil organic life by prohibiting the use of pesticides and synthetic products. This technique became more popular from the 2000s onwards, and is used in wine growing where the grapes used for the production of wine must themselves be produced from organic wine growing in order to qualify for the certification of a biodynamic label. In Languedoc-Roussillon, there are 12 domains whose wines are distributed in 150 countries.

Gérard Bertrand, with a worldwide reputation, produces wines in different varieties, from wines with appellations of origin, from sulfur-free wines to cuvées raised in oak barrels, but also the world’s brightest rosé at low prices and the most expensive rose in the world “Le Clos du Temple” at about 190 euros per nicely carved bottle. Designed as a vintage wine cellar, this rosé was created 7 years after the “Clos d’Ora” to be unique and gastronomic so that it can accompany the most refined dishes and enter the family of great wines, just as white and red. It comes from 5 varieties: the five grape varieties that make up the cuvée: Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, Mourvèdre and Viognier, from the vineyard of the Cabrières Valley. Its launch took place last June in front of the privileged few gathered at Guy Savoy.

Since 2004, the owner of the venue has been working on a jazz program designed like his own, because for him, “there is not a jazz but a lot of variation like in the vineyard.” Lisa Simone is this year’s winner.

Lisa Simone, daughter of Nina Simone and Andew Stroud, was born on September 12, 1962 in Mount Vernon, New York. At the age of 8, she traveled with her mother, first to Barbados, then to Japan and Australia, then to Liberia. After a stopover in Switzerland , not far from Geneva, she returned to the United States to settle with her father in New York. In 1977, she joined a gospel group in Hudson and joined the Air Force in 1980 and joined Frankfort in Germany for 5 years and the site of development in engineering. After the Gulf War, she remained in the army but in civilian life and shared 2 activities, singer at night and choreographer assistant during the day. In the years that followed, she was even awarded the National Broadway Theater Award as the best musical actress in 2002 for her role in Aida, and was honored for Mimi Marquez’s role as Best Actress of Musical Comedy in “Rent” by the Helen Hayes and Joseph Jefferson awards.

She began her musical career in 1996 by joining the group “Liquid Soul” and became the singer. At the birth of her daughter and the announcement of her mother’s cancer, she records with her mother. In 2007, she went on tour with other children of stars. After an international tribute tour, in 2014 she released the first solo album “All is Well” under the name Lisa Simone. On June 1, 2015, she gave a concert at the Odéon during the Jazz Festival in Saint-Germain-des-Prés Paris. In March of the following year she released her second album “My World”.

On 11 May 2019, in the margins of the concert she gave at the Longjumeau Theater (91), as part of the Jazz Festival, a Nina-Simone alley that leads to the auditorium of the theater was inaugurated in her presence and that of her daughter, Rehanna. This summer, on August 28, she performed at the Hospitalet Jazz Festival. She will release her 3rd studio album next September.

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The 2nd edition of the International Couscous Festival in Algeria

The second edition of the International Couscous Festival was launched Monday at the Palais de la Culture in Algiers, with the participation of 34 preparers from different wilayas in addition to other foreign participants, mainly from Palestine, guest of honor, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, and Turkey.

This event dedicated to “couscous”, a traditional dish considered as one of the most popular dishes in North Africa, aims, according to its organizers, to make known this dish which has gained international fame, through an exhibition of several variants traditional couscous representing the different regions of the country.

Another exhibition is scheduled for visitors to present the ways of preparing couscous with a variety that gives an image on the richness of this dish whose file of classification as heritage of humanity will be deposited before the end of March 2019 with of the UNESCO Evaluation Commission, on behalf of four Maghreb countries.

The Festival, which runs until February 7, includes the organization of three international competitions on the preparation of couscous, dedicated to young talents, amateurs and professionals, as well as craft exhibitions that highlight the various tools and tools of preparation of this dish.

The festival takes place when Algeria and Morocco clash culturally on the paternity of this dish, one of the most popular in the Maghreb, although we pretend to forget the question during the three days of the festival.

The paternity of couscous is a subject of incessant debate between Algeria and Morocco. The two regimes have maintained abhorrent relations for decades, against the backdrop of military conflict, the “War of the Sands”, which opposed them in 1963, and the question of Western Sahara, more relevant than ever.

It will also be a question of presenting a set of traditional products varying between the traditional clothing with a modern touch as well as cosmetic products for women, prepared with natural products.
The program of the festival offers visitors a table to taste the different dishes of couscous and a raffle during the festival days.
At the end of this event, prizes will be awarded to the three best preparers of couscous, traditional and modern.
Organized by Agence Chohra PROD, under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, the festival will see, at the closing, the organization of a concert, during which prizes will be awarded to the laureates, and certificates given to participants.

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The International Village of the Gastronomy: a prestigious activity development in an imposing decoration

The 3rd edition of the Village of the Gastronomy and the Popular Kitchens is held this year from September 21st to September 23rd at the bottom of the Tower Eiffel, Email Brandy.

AnneLaure Descombin, president of association Arte del Alma and initiator of this splendid project like JeanClaude Meritte, president of the Codecom company and organizer of the Village chose for godfathers of this edition, 2 personalities impossible to circumvent of the world of the gastronomy: Guillaume Gomez, chief of the kitchens of the Elysée palace and founder of the Cooks of the Republic like Stéphane Layani, present of the International market of Rungis.

Initially installed Port of Large Stone for the first 2 editions, the Village plants its tents at the bottom of the Tower Eiffel, walk of the Branly quay. It will be for the Parisians and the visitors the occasion to satisfy their curiosity for unknown flavours coming from the 4 corners of the world. They will be able to discover the culture, of the popular and traditional and new specialities presented by the participating countries and that the public always does not find in the Parisian restaurants.

Many demonstrations will proceed during these 3 days, in the concerts, the shows, the folklore, the dance but also of the courses of kitchen and the demonstrations with guests of prestige invited by Gastronomical Sébastien Ripari and the Research department.

French and foreign generals will come to the meeting from the visitors and will show their knowhow. Among them, one can quote Christian Etchebest, Mercotte, Gregory Cohen, Mercedes Ahumada (Mexico), Nicolas Baretje (French Polynesia), Béatrice Fabignon (Overseas), Dina Nikolaou (Greece), Mihaeli Cristian George (Romania)

58 countries and French regions will be present at this International Village of the Gastronomy whose country of honor is Finland. This country of 5.5 million inhabitants remains still ignored, one finds 188,000 fresh water lakes there, the largest forest of Europe and of course Père Noel! It will present natural products and authentic with more than 15 producers coming from all the areas.

On its side, Indonesia is the country partner of the Village; with its 18,307 islands, 750 languages, 500 ethnos groups, it gathers 260 million inhabitants and multitudes of treasures.

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A star has just died out in the sky of the gastronomy

The multispangled chief Joel Robuchon is deceased in Geneva Monday, August 6 at the 73 years age of the continuations of a cancer.

Joel Robuchon was born April 7th the 1945 in Poitier. He influenced the New kitchen and made known himself by culinary works of reference. He founded and directed an important world empire of gourmet restaurants as to Bangkok, Shanghai, Montreal then New York, Miami and Geneva.

With 32 Michelin stars during its career, he was the most spangled chief. Among his distinctions, it is found the most spangled chief in 2016 with Eugénie Brazier, Marc Veyrat, Alain Ducasse and Thomas Keller), it was crowned cook of the century of Gault and Millau in 1990 with Paul Bocuse, Frédy Girardet and Eckart Witzigmann); in 1994, the American review International Herald Tribune classified it Better restoring in the world.

Whereas it was with the small seminar of Mauléon in DeuxSèvres to become priest since the 12 years age. It is directed in 1960 towards the gastronomy as an apprentice cook pastrycook with the Relay of Poitiers at ChasseneuilduPoitou of the chief Robert Auton. After a turn of France in many restaurants, as a Companion of the Duty, it is initiated with the New kitchen with Jean Delaveyne. It becomes then in 1974 at age the 28 years chef of a brigade of 90 cooks to the hotel Concorde Lafayette in the 17th district of Paris, where it is recognized in 1976 Better bluecollar worker of France for his knowhow in art of cooking. In 1978, he becomes chef of the Nikko Hotel of the 15th district of Paris, where he takes down his the first two Michelin stars.

It decides to create its characteristic restoring Jamin in 1981 in Paris, street of Longchamp in the 16th district for which it obtains several distinctions including 3 Michelin stars in 1984 (either a star a year). In 1987, it becomes consulting for the culinary world for restaurants, competition, agribusiness industry (Reflections of France, Fleury Michon), it is also crowned Chief of the year of Gault and Millau in 1987.

Cook of the century in 1989, it decides to create his Castle restoring TailleventRobuchon in Tokyo then in 1994 his restaurant Joël Robuchon avenue Raymond-Poincaré in the 16th district of Paris, better restoring in the world in 1994, but it decides to retire in 1995 to devote themselves to culinary emissions and to transmit its knowledge; It chaired the update of gastronomical Larousse of 1996 and was member of the Colbert Committee for the promotion of the French industry of the luxury, of the Club of the Hundred.

In 2003, it creates its concept of restaurant Workshop Joel Robuchon while being based on its Castle restoring TailleventRobuchon in Tokyo with an innovative concept of kitchen of great luxury and of high gastronomy, open on the room of the guests, inspired by the bars with typed of Spain and of the counters of sushi and Japanese cuisine or of the Japanese Masters prepare and expose their kitchen as a show, visavis their customers. One finds this concept in very many restaurants, tearooms, pastry makings.

Its project was to open 5 restaurants in 2017 and 2018 but the disease was stronger, it left this world Monday, August 6.

To the announcement of its death, many personalities of the world of the gastronomy like Guillaume Gomez, chief of the kitchens of the Elysium, Alain Passard, Ghislaine Arabian reacted but also the president of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, the president of the Senate Gérard Larcher, Martine Aubry or Christian Estrosi as well as other policies. For all, the Grand Chief left too quickly.

Joel Robuchon
Joel Robuchon

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Patrice Chapon – Profession, roaster of cocoa: “The secrecy in the boxes of chocolate”

Comme Obélisque and the magic potion, Patrice Chapon fell into the very young chocolate. Nothing astonishing, although he dreamed architect, so that who made chocolate in his room became chocolate seller.

But beyond the simple craftsman impassioned by his art, the old glacier is an enchanter. For him, pleasure versifies with greediness. I am not in the very great luxury, nor in the haute couture. My vision of the chocolate is to make greedy chocolates. The cocoa which it factory is a direct connection with its childhood and its memories. It is thus with its image.

It is a chocolate of exception. And in what that?
Because it models each type of vine according to its desires and its inspirations.
Capon does not only make process broad beans. A such chemist, the magician who it is, works out his ideal chocolate by making his own receipts and by adjusting proportioning according to quality and of the origin of broad bean; a priceless treasure if one can find it. And it is its case! Because having a great control of the various varieties of cocoa, it is itself which selects them near the farmers and of the growers that it went to meet.

Its technique?
In choosing about thirty, to open them to check how they are inside. If they are cracked, of color brown clearly, it is very good. Once taken delivery of in its workshop of Chelles (the Seine and Marne) created in 1986, each one will be to sort with the hand. Thanks to his machines dating from last century, restored with meticulousness, the perfectionist controls all the stages of the traditional manufacturing and even that of torrefaction.

Each broad bean will be roasted at different temperatures and different stages. They then passed in a cocoa winnows so that their skin is removed. The grain obtained is then crushed in a conche, then ground during 48 hours so that its bitterness is preserved, while eliminating its acidity. Result: a refined chocolate, aired, of very high quality whose content of cocoa oscillates from 74 to 76%.

That they are coatings, shelves, scented fools or fluxes dressed, all these sweetened creations have jointly to be single; their characteristic being to tell a story. And yes, Patrice Chapon is also a poet. For him the shelf incarnates dreamed to transport its desire with oneself whose square is the fragment. With this shelf, I seek much more to nourish the memories of childhood that appetites

The force of imaginary to awake the papillae, it had only one chocolate dreamer there (S) to think it
Even packing is not randomly selected. Because before tasting itself by the papillae, the chocolate is tasted with the eyes. From where importance that Patrice Chapon grants to him. It tries to magnify it via the lithography of the old images which return to the past and thus to childhood. It is the same for its logo. Its choice of the three small characters is not innocent since once again, it is related to the tender yearses. And yes, Patrice Chapon remains coherent until in the least completions

What explains why the craftsman elected among the 12 best chocolate sellers in Paris by the club of the chocolate devourers and distinguished in 2018 from the bronze medal at the time of the International French Cocoa Awards for the bar White Tonka/vanilla/governs and the praline Canela wood is in perpetual search of revival. Then, the laboratory assistant tests, dares experiments and creates new gustatory marriages permanently. Dome of praline to smoked salt, fool blackcurrantviolet or pink praline with bays, Patrice Chapon has limits only that of its greediness and its imagination.

Its last creation?
A bar with chocolate mousses. The idea to take again the receipt of his/her mother came to him seven years ago by inventing a concept consisting in serving as chocolate mousse in horns.  The bet of the tasted chocolate bowl with table been useful differently was dared, but it raised it. Each one of its shops from now on are equipped with it and thus proposes six varieties of foams (Peru, Ecuador, Madagascar, Venezuela, Équagha and with the almond water for the intolerant ones with lactose) in a cooled travelling window.

Thanks to him, there are no only ices which it is possible to taste all while walking. With Capon, all is pretext to melt of pleasure, even spoon in mouth

Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Patrice Chapon / Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Patrice Chapon / Le secret dans les boîtes de chocolat – The secret in the chocolate boxes
Musée du chocolat à l’usine Chapon – Chocolate Museum at the Chapon factory
Musée du chocolat à l’usine Chapon – Chocolate Museum at the Chapon factory
Musée du chocolat à l’usine Chapon – Chocolate Museum at the Chapon factory
Musée du chocolat à l’usine Chapon – Chocolate Museum at the Chapon factory
Musée du chocolat à l’usine Chapon – Chocolate Museum at the Chapon factory

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Paris is put at the Mexican hour

The colors, userfriendliness, the history, the traditions and the mets of Mexico will be again with the festival in our City of Light.

The amateurs like the irreducible ones of tacos, guacamole and of twisted will be content. The festival That Gusto! returns for the fourth time. Developed to propose the creativity of the Mexican gastronomy in 2015, edition 2018 will be held from June 9th to June 17th next.

In addition to spending this year with the honor the vast State which is Chihuahua (State as large as Spain), this great mass will propose many cultural activities in order to better make known the products and the Mexican kitchen. Registered with the world heritage of UNESCO, its gastronomy is very diversified. With each State, its specialities, all rich person of their traditions.

Workshops (for children and large), exhibitions (in particular that on Mexican vanilla), conferences, tastings, immersions tourist, etc, will make it possible to make appreciate with the public the extent of the patrimonial wealth this country of Latin America and of what is eaten there.

With the programme of these eight days of festival, the Mercado! That gusto!. Installed from June 15th to June 17th in the district of the Markets (49, rue Berger Paris 1st) this transitory market will be the occasion to discover the Mexican crafts and decorative objects, to taste certain local products, of to buy and especially, to exchange directly with the producers, the importer, the distributors as well as chiefs.

Question Masters of the furnaces, of the duets of chiefs of reputation, Mexicans and French will combine their talent by revisiting flavours of the standard dishes of their own kitchen.

For this reason, Akrame Benallal, the youngest French chief spangled will take part with the Mexican chief Enrique Casarrubias in a dinner in four hands which without question one of the moments will be the most appreciated festival with, also, the Taco Challenge, a competition where about fifteen establishments will contribute to gain the prestigious price of the taco of the year.

A rich program, with the promising variety, well far from being related with a Mexican army!

Festival ! That Gusto, it appointment impossible to circumvent with the Mexican kitchen and its colors from June 9th to June 17th, 2018 Reservations and registrations on the Web site


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The restaurant Aux Indes Royal devoted “Fork of gold 2018”

The ordeal of the fire is finally behind him. A few months ago, it was in a completely new decor that the restaurant “Aux Indes Royal” (part of a group gathering five addresses) located in Capinghem near Lille, has reopened its doors. Between tradition and modernity, it offers a varied Indo-Pakistani cuisine.

A specialty buffet revisits refined flavors and delicate subtle spices from the land of Gandhi. On the menu, lamb, marinated chicken, beef kebabs, crispy pakorra, shrimp grill, stewed salmon, sautéed rice … Behind the stove, a brigade whose leaders from southern India and Pakistan Punjab , bring each their technicality to propose a mixed kitchen.

It is precisely this know-how that the International Committee of Gastronomic Action and Tourism, under the auspices of the International Federation of Tourism with its president Jean-Eric Duluc, decided to reward. The Mohammad family was awarded for the second time (the first time was in 2013 for the address of Lille) on Thursday, May 24, “The Golden Fork 2018” of Indian and Pakistani cuisine.

For her manager Mobeen Mohammad, who is very happy to share this moment, she “corresponds to a reward of twenty-five years of work”. Father Shafique Mohammad, who founded the dynasty 40 years ago, was also awarded the gold medal for tourism on an exceptional basis.

As Jean-Eric Duluc explains, “this high-ranking award was created in 1971 on the initiative of Claude Durand de Freyssinet, his predecessor. The initial model, presented for the first time at the Tour d’Argent, was designed by Salvator Dali. Rights holders having since banned its use, the range had to be redesigned.

It is awarded after examination by an admissions committee made up of six professionals who decide whether or not to allocate a fork of gold to a restaurant owner who seems necessary to distinguish where to a restaurant owner who has made the request himself . Protected at the INPI, this distinction is reserved in priority to the members of the federation.

It is valid for a period of five years. But what is the difference with Gault Millau and Michelin? The notes for the first, the stars for the second, because selection side, that of the Golden Fork has nothing to envy his elders. She is equally serious when it comes to highlighting a restaurant and to discover his cuisine.

This honorary distinction, which promotes excellence in the culinary arts, was thus awarded to the Mohammad family in the presence of Christian Mathon, Mayor of Capinghem and Metropolitan Councilor, who welcomed the opening of a new restaurant. in his commune and who complimented the Mohammad family for the evolution of their establishment for five years despite the hazards they encountered.

“Aux Indes Royal”, small dishes are put in large; but better to have a good shot … fork!
Aux Indes Royal – 10, rue Poincaré 59160 Capinghem
Open every day except Sunday afternoon from 11h to 14h30 and 18h30 to 22h30.



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The Foch Villa: a business appointment as at home

Yet not such a long time ago, within walking distance of Porte Maillot and of Congress Center, there was a Corsican restaurant.

The address of 141, avenue de Malakoff in 16th changed owners. They made of it a place of userfriendliness and division:  The Foch Villa. Its hosts of the moment are accommodated in a cordial and cosy decoration. The terrace, the chimney, the library, the bar and the mezzanine all are made so that each one feels there as at his place; that it is for a coffee, a lunch, a business appointment, a tea or a dinner.

Side cooks, it is the very promising cheffe Elise Martin, which have held for one year, the reins of the furnaces. That which have as a model AnneSophie Pix and which made its ranges in places of prestige such as Fouquet S (Paris 8th), the Sluicegate truss Marboeuf (Paris 8th), the Crillon hotel (Paris 8th) and the hotel Meurice (Paris 1st) and which had Jean François Piège as Master of reference, proposes plates with the French mets traditional, but creative, prepared starting from fresh produce of quality and season.

A such wink at its Cameronian origins, Elise Martin does not hesitate to make them goûteux to incorporate a touch of exoticism in it by spicing them somewhat. Which result with the map, which is changed every three months? In addition to its dish signature, the Limousin Tartar with green chili been useful with apples New Bridge, the gourmets will appreciate without halfmeasure, the green asparagus of Provence in mimosa to the candied lemon pulp and smoked herring eggs, the tataki of tuna to sesame seeds with the cream wasabi, the royal seabream dash snacké accompanied by a pilau rice to the scents of the underwoods, the supreme one of organic guinea fowl roasted with frozen spring vegetables.

That dishes refined and coloured with soft flavours which will charm the subtle papillae. For the sweetened note, the fruit carpaccio been used with a lemonyellow sorbet and the Babas for red Iberico rums and its fruits will allure them by pure greediness.

Then, there is to hesitate no more! Direction the Foch Villa. One is there as at the house!
The Villa Foch 141, avenue de Malakoff 75116 Paris Tel.: 01 85 15 28 44
Opened Monday to Friday of 08:00 to 23:15 and saturdays of 09:00 to 23:15




The Festival of the Bread on the square of Notre-Dame de Paris

Anne Hidalgo inaugurated the 23rd edition of the Festival of the Bread Saturday, May 5 on the square of the cathedral NotreDame de Paris.

With this occasion, the winner of the Grand Prix of the Baguette of Paris, Mahmoud Me Seddi will receive his reward as well as the awardwinnings of the edition 2018.

Anne Hidalgo gave in the presence of Olivia Polski, his assistant in charge of the trade, of the crafts, the liberal professions and independent; Franck Thomasse, President of the bakers of Grand Paris; Pascal Barillon, President of the Room of Méiers and the Crafts, the first price in Mahmoud Me Seddi of bakery 2M located 215 boulevard Raspail, in Paris in the 14th district. It received an equipment of 4,000 euros and will have the honor to be the official supplier of the Elysium during one year. The mayors of the 3è, 4è and 14th district were so present just like the chief of Elysée Guillaume Gomez and the president of MIN de Rungis Stéphane Layani.

Paris has accommodated each year the Festival of the bread for 22 years. Thanks to its 1,000 bakers and pastrycooks, it makes it possible to emphasize the knowhow of the craftsmen of the bread and their products. The Parisian rod is the symbol of France and of the capital, it attracts the French visitors and foreigners who will be able to discover the secrecies of our bread until May 20th.

The topic of this year is “Baguette in scene and the invited country, the United States which will make discover some their specialities, a country group will ensure animation. A hundred bakers came to Paris to make bread and particularly from the rod which accounts for 70% of the production baker. With this intention, 6 open bakehouses were reconstituted with 8 ovens out of 1,200 m ², making it possible to the visitors to follow the various stages of manufacturing of the rod, kneading, fermentation, cooking, tasting. This year, the Festival of the bread puts at the honor the rod the insolite created with the INBP of Rouen by a team of trainer around Philippe Hermenier, Meilleur Ouvrier de France. It is manufactured starting from a mixture of 3 flours: flour tradition 65, organic flour of grinding stone and flour of small épautre. With a crumb of scented with amber color and its puckers central in the shape of vagueness, it is distinguished from the other rods. Its receipt will be diffused in all the festivals of the bread of France in order to propose it to the customers.

The various flours and cereals produced in France in more than 400 companies of flourmilling allow diversity in the manufacturing of the rod, this is why they are present over the site at the time of this festival of the bread between the 5 and on May 16th.

Each day a new animation is proposed with various competitions of which that regional of the rod in the departments of Ile de France May 5th and 6th, an animation on the organic bread 7 and 8 as well as the handingover of the prices of competition of best growing with butter AOP of Charentes Poitou 7; the opéraion Yellow pieces will be put at the honor May 9th and 10th with the participation of MOF bakers from INBP, the 11 and 12 Lesaffre, reference in the medium of yeasts and fermentations propose to make discover its new range the Batches of the world. The national competition of the rod will proceed the 13 and 14 and the evening of the partners the evening; handingover of the price of the national rod the 15 and the 16 festival of St Honore the owner of the bakers.

For the price of the best rod tradition, one will see to clash various candidates as days.  One or two bakers is selected by area, among the candidates of the departments, 21 of them remain for the great final.

The every day, the children will be able to learn how to make bread or pastry making, which it are accompanied by their parents or are come to visit with their school or college, a good means of attracting the young people towards a trade of mouth. They will benefit from it to taste their achievements.

During 12 days, you will be able to taste and buy very kinds of bread, Viennese pastries and cakes on the spot carried out by the professional exhibitors.