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Paris: angry firefighters occupy the street

Three months with no real effect after a strike, the firefighters occupy the street: thousands of them broke the pavement on Tuesday, demanding in particular a salary increase and an improvement in their working conditions.

The national firefighters event in Paris gathered between 7,000 and 10,000 people on Tuesday. They demand in particular a salary increase and guarantees against aggressions and on the maintenance of their retirement, tensions with the police force enamelled the end of the procession.

They met at the Place de la République before merging into the cortege which rocked around 14h and ended around 18h, Place de la Nation.

Périgord, Yonne, Limousin, Meurthe-et-Moselle or Calvados: between 7,000 and 10,000 professional firefighters, according to the unions, demonstrated in Paris, as part of a day of national action.

The firefighters, who began a strike in June, demand, among other things, a salary increase and an increase in the number of employees. They wish to obtain guarantees against the aggressions, and on the maintenance of their retirement, threatened by the reform of the government.

The procession ended with clashes with the police.
The police prefecture denounced “the irresponsibility of some demonstrators” who maintained actions “despite the orders of dispersion”. Three members of the police were wounded and six protesters arrested for violence or throwing projectiles, according to the police prefecture.

The unions claim at salary level a revaluation of the fire premium (28% of base salary, against 19% currently) up to the risk premiums granted to police and gendarmes, as well as better protection against assaults the number of increases every year.

“We will demonstrate because neither the government nor the local authorities that finance the departmental fire and rescue services (SDIS) have met our expectations,” said AFP André Goretti, president of the FA / SPP -PATS, the first of nine professional firefighters’ unions, all calling for protests.

Throughout France, barracks have gone on strike in recent weeks and local rallies have been organized.

On the sidelines of the procession, dozens of firefighters were also gathered in front of the National Assembly where they lit smoke and blocked the traffic, under the surveillance of the forces of the order called in reinforcement.

Some firefighters chained themselves to the grids of the Assembly. The atmosphere was tense when law enforcement officers used tear gas and water cannons to disperse protesters.

In the early evening around 19h, calm returned to the National Assembly, and the demonstration was dispersed.

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Attack on the knife: An attack on the Prefecture makes 4 dead and a woman is seriously injured

Four dead policemen and another person is seriously injured during the attack at the Paris police headquarters.

The assailant this administrative officer of the police headquarters, this 45-year-old man born in Martinique is presented as suffering from a disability and worked for 16 years as administrative agent within the DRPP (Directorate of Intelligence of the Prefecture of Police) of Paris) as a computer scientist.

The aggression occurred in the early afternoon inside this emblematic place of police power, located in the historic center of the capital, which includes the main directions of the Paris police with the exception of the federal police.

The assailant attacked his first three victims at around 1:00 pm for a reason that is still unknown, at the Intelligence Directorate of the Prefecture of Police (DRPP), before fatally wounding an affected woman in a police department in Paris on a staircase. He was shot in the courtyard of the police headquarters on August 19, 1944, and was shot dead by a police officer who told him in vain to release his knife, the sources said.

This category C official, an IT employee in the Prefecture Police Intelligence Directorate (DRPP), killed three police officers and one administrative officer with a kitchen knife.

A search of the home of the alleged perpetrator, located in the Paris region, was conducted by investigators on Thursday afternoon as part of an investigation opened by the Paris prosecutor Rémy Heitz for “intentional homicides and attempts to intentional homicide on persons holding public authority “. At the same time, the assailant’s wife was taken into custody.

Several hypotheses are studied: that of a sentimental vengeance followed by a stroke of madness, that of a professional conflict within his service, and another track is also dug: that of a possible religious radicalization.

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, who was due to visit Turkey, postponed his visit and went to the scene. He was joined by President Emmanuel Macron, who came to “show his support and solidarity to all the staff,” Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo.

Paris is mourning his family this afternoon after this appalling attack on the @prefpolice. The toll is heavy, several policemen lost their lives. In my name and that of the Parisians, my first thoughts go to the families of the victims and their relatives.
– Anne Hidalgo (@Anne_Hidalgo) October 3, 2019

“Seeing a colleague blame other colleagues is unheard of police memory,” said Denis Jacob, a leader of the union Alternative Police CFDT, who spoke of a context of “breaking the link between us “and” dehumanization of the institution “.

This deadly attack comes the day after a demonstration of thousands of police officers in Paris, for a “walk of anger”, an unprecedented mobilization for almost 20 years.

Unlike previous mobilizations, it was not a bloody incident that acted as a trigger, but an overload of work and tension related to the social movement of “yellow vests”, slammed against the social and fiscal policy of the government for almost a year, and a surge of suicides within the police (52 since January), a poor endemic in the institution. According to trade union organizations, 26,000 people took part in this mobilization. There are nearly 150,000 police officers in France.

If the motivations of the attacker of the police prefecture remain undetermined, the police are among the recurring objectives of jihadist organizations, including the Islamic State group (IS), while France has been affected since 2015 by a wave unprecedented Islamist attacks that left 251 dead.

France, hit since 2015 by a wave of unprecedented Islamist attacks that left 251 dead, still lives under a constant threat of terrorism.

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Yellow waistcoats in Paris: new violences at the time of the act 23 and several stopped journalists, others wounded

The act 23 of the yellow waistcoats gathered Saturday 27,900 demonstrators in France, including 9,000 in Paris, according to the ministry for the Interior. These figures reveal a decline in the mobilization. The day was marked by new scuffles in the French capital.

In Paris, one counted 227 interpellations this Saturday. The police also proceeded to more than 20,000 preventive controls, according to the police headquarter. For several days, the capital had been announced like a key issue of dispute, even if no black block were still noted.

Several thousands of people had gathered in the morning under a large sun, in Bercy, before springing around midday in the direction of the place of the Republic. Other demonstrators found themselves towards the station of North to go close to the SaintDenis basilica, in the 93. This second procession was held without incident.

On the other hand, of the scuffles enamelled the procession of the principal demonstration, in particular in the 11th district. Arrived close to the place of the Republic, the demonstrators were contained and a tended facetoface discussion opposed a group of a hundred people with police, which used tear gases and proceeded to several loads, under the passive glance of yellow waistcoats below these violences.

Some shouted Commit suicide, commit suicide, referring to the vagueness of suicides without precedent which strikes the national police force since the beginning of the year.

More than 60,000 police officers and gendarmes were deployed in all the country and of on suspicion prohibited symbolic systems places, starting with the accesses of the cathedral NotreDame. On the FieldsÉlysées, also prohibited, the police filtered the passers by. The famous avenue had been ransacked on March 16th.

According to the assistant of mayor, who was in the afternoon in the center of operational day before with Anne Hidalgo, the damage is new the very important ones. On all the way between Bastille and Republic while going towards Goncourt, there is breakage of street furniture and the trade are very touched, he deplored whereas Paris was touched hard with the fire of the cathedral of NotreDame.

First deputy mayor of the 3rd district, Gauthier CaronThibault also criticized with halfword on Twitter the police plan: I acknowledge not to understand how the organization of the police did not know to avoid the entry of the breakers in the maze of the streets of the Marsh whereas for several days she has announced the arrival of it.

The prefect of police greets the effective and professional action police officers, gendarmes and firemen mobilized for the 23e time on a demo yellow waistcoats. They implemented the instructions of the Home Secretary and thus ensured the maintenance of the public order Paris. The tweet largely made react on the side of the demonstrators but as of certain independent journalists, who point out as fellowmembers were abused today, in spite of their helmet or their armband presses.

The independent journalist Alexis Kraland, also accustomed to follow the yellow Waistcoats, would have also been the object of an interpellation in front of the station of North. According to its fellowmember Maxime Reynié, it had however indicated its profession. And several colleagues tried to discuss with the police before seeing itself ordering to leave the places if not interpellation, specifies the independent photographer.

The journalist @akraland has been just made challenge firmly in the station of north #paris whereas he indicated his occupation of journalist and that several colleagues tried to discuss with the police before seeing itself ordering to leave the places if not interpel #Acte23

Maxime Reynié (@Maxime_Reynie) April 20th, 2019

According to a fellowmember of the Barber, Thibault Izoret, that which follows the yellow mobilizations of Waistcoats regularly was handcuffed place of the Republic. The interpellations nonin conformity multiplied and my colleague of the Barber was taken with part by a member of the police, I will diffuse the images this evening, he prevents.

A journalist (@GaspardGlanz according to many pilot journalists) handcuffed. the interpellations nonin conformity multiplied and my colleague of the @Le_Figaro taken to part by a member of the FDO, I will diffuse the images this soir#GiletsJaunes#

— Thibault Izoret (@TIM_7375) April 20.2019

#Acte23: NS attended the arrest of the journalist Gaspard Glanz at the time of an offensive of the FDO on several media (of which my colleague Sacha Benitah who covered into live l#acteXXIII for @Le_Figaro, video to come) #libertedelapress @GaspardGlanz #ultimatum2 # 22: April 5th-20th, 2019 of Paris

Thibault Izoret (@TIM_7375)

The journalist collaborating with RFI Marine Jeannin shares it a photograph of Alexis Kraland surrounded by several police officers and ensures that he was then embarked.

The journalist @akraland is embarked by the police at Station of Nord#

Marine Jeannin (@Marine_Jeannin_) April 20th, 2019

Alexis Kraland told on Twitter his mishap, after several testimonies of fellowmembers denounced his arrest: Left a keepwithsight of 8:00 because at station of north I refused to release my camera with a police officer whose colleague affirmed that it is a weapon of defined use. They thus bludgeoned my hand which held it before me to challenge for rebellion of palpation. No notification of my rights, not right to the doctor nor with a lawyer. (…) 8:15 after the interpellation I left without continuations (a priori) but my helmet of skateboard, my shin guard and my safety goggles were destroyed on order of a magistrate.

Left a keepwithsight of 8:00 because at station of north I refused to release my camera with a police officer whose colleague affirmed that it is a weapon of defined use. They thus bludgeoned my hand which held it before me to challenge for rebellion of palpation

Alexis Kraland (@akraland) April 20th, 2019

Pierre Tremblay, journalist in Huffpost, reports that two men were touched by projectiles left nowhere (grenade lacrymo?) whereas they were close to him, away from the confrontations.

It is not necessary to be in the middle them confrontations to be wounded by the FDO. Here, an example among others. These two men were touched by projectiles left nowhere (grenade lacrymo?) whereas they were close to me, with the variation. #

Pierre Tremblay (@tremblay_p) April 20th, 2019

A water cannon is used place of the Republic to disperse the demonstrators. A machine called the schtroumpf by the police, because of the blue chemical marker whom it diffuses. If the use of this last could be noted by deferring it RTL, the authorities do not confirm this information.

This Saturday, the water which left the water cannons used place of the Republic was of an electric blue, this liquid could play the part of marker, already evoked by Édouard Philippe mid-March.

Monday, March 18, Édouard Philippe had indeed already announced that the police would have recourse to marking at the time of the demonstrations, it had then spoken about a coloured marker and another transparency remaining several weeks. These two types of liquids aim at marking somebody at the time of an infringement, to facilitate its interpellation.

The demonstrators were mainly given go to Paris, for what they present like a new ultimatum, whereas Emmanuel Macron reveals next Thursday his reforms drawn from the great debate.

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Yellow Vests: violence has returned to the streets of the capital

Rampages, looting, arson and law enforcement targets … back on a day of tension.

The Paris parade was peppered with violence: scenes of chaos, shops looted and burned, barricades on fire. More than 200 people were arrested.

This “Act XVIII” is described as crucial and presented as an “ultimatum” to Emmanuel Macron, at the end of the Great National Debate. Protesters were expected to converge on the capital. And Paris was the scene of very violent scenes.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, 32,300 Yellow Vests paraded in the streets of France this Saturday. These are 3,700 protesters more than last week.

144 people were placed in custody in the capital according to the Paris prosecutor’s office. The Prefecture of Police counts 237 arrests after the violence which enamelled the demonstration of Yellow Vests this Saturday. The authorities also count about sixty wounded: 17 police, a fireman and 42 demonstrators.

The first clashes erupted in the morning in Paris, on the Champs-Elysees. Many shops were looted and burned, and restaurants, like the famous Fouquet’s, were also targeted. The police used tear gas and water cannons against several hundred Yellow Vests. Several processions were also found at the Place de l’Etoile “with a grip of the forces of order”.

Maddy Scheurer said that “the individuals who are making the Yellow Vest demonstration degenerate are obviously not” Yellow Vests “, they are more like ultra-rovers for other reasons.”

The police prefecture spoke this Saturday of “several unreported rallies and processions”. She explained that she was confronted with “determined individuals, thugs who commit violence and attack urban furniture”. About 5,000 members of the police and six armored gendarmes were deployed in the capital.

For several hours, the thugs have systematically attacked the shops along the avenue Parisienne. The Lacoste and Hugo Boss clothing brands, the Bulgari and Swarovski luxury jewelery stores, the Longchamp leather goods store, the Foot Locker shoe store, the Disney store, the PSG store, a telephony store, a Belgian chocolatier, a Optics store … Nothing was spared. The thugs have often managed to enter these shops, looting for some, most of them ransacking.

The famous brasserie Le Fouquet’s, frequented by many personalities and “symbol of capitalism” for the demonstrators, was completely vandalized at midday. Two hours later, the restaurant was again targeted, and the canvas of his canopy burned. Several newsstands have also been totally burned.

In the early afternoon, a bank located Roosevelt Boulevard, near the Champs-Elysees, in turn was the target of incendiary devices. But the fire spread to the floors of the building. A woman and her baby were stuck on the second floor, “said firefighters, who managed to evacuate them.

The police forces protecting the Champs-Elysees suffered for several hours a shower of projectiles, cobblestones, stones, urban equipment. They responded by drowning the avenue in tear gas clouds, and attempted to pull back the thugs with water cannons and defense bullets (LBD).

Four months after the beginning of the movement and at the end of the great national debate, this day was presented as an “ultimatum” to President Macron, who announced in the evening shorten his stay in the Pyrenees where he had left ” to rejuvenate “after his tour of Africa. He will go to 22:30 to the crisis cell at the Ministry of the Interior in Beauvau.

After first coming to the Champs-Élysées in the middle of the afternoon with the Prime Minister, Christophe Castaner, Minister of the Interior, went near the Arc de Triomphe shortly before 8 pm. As he had done earlier with Édouard Philippe, he greeted the police and firefighters and thanked them. A group of several protesters then approached by oying him. “It is not because a few dozen assassins come to threaten us that we will leave,” he retorted. A term also used by Edward Philippe, who promised a “total firmness” against the thugs.

That’s what our police and gendarmes received throughout the day.
Tonight, I came to express my confidence and my unwavering support, at the foot of the Arc de Triomphe, that they bravely defended against an outburst of violence, hate, stupidity.

– Christophe Castaner (@CCastaner) 16 mars 2019

PS Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo condemned “with the greatest firmness” these “unbearable exactions”, while François-Xavier Bellamy, top of the list of the Republicans to the Europeans, called to “put an end to the impotence of the State “.

Marine Le Pen condemned “the Black Blocks” which “destroy, burn, always violate with impunity”. Hoping for a “renewed mobilization,” this day of action had been announced as crucial after several weeks of half-hearted.

At the same time, tens of thousands of climate protesters marched peacefully through France at the call of the “March of the Century”. In Paris the insubordant deputy of the Somme François Ruffin pleaded for a “junction” between “yellow vests” and environmental defenders.



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The Benalla business: all the concerned ones lied to the media in all the connections

The lawyer of the couple attacked by Alexandre Benalla ensures that the investigation established that the latter were not breakers, contradicting the version given by the excollaborator of Emmanuel Macron at the time of the legal procedure and in front of the media.

The defense of Mr. Benalla tries to make them pass for breakers to try to justify the way in which they were mauled, but, today, the facts arise and the legal information makes it possible to establish that the two victims of Mr. Benalla were not trouble makers, they were people who were of passage places of Contrescarpe, to Me Sahand Saber affirms.

Recognizing that its customers had launched well projectiles in the direction of CRS a gesture which it described as moved Sahand Saber hammered that they did not have the profile of Black Blocks, not having a criminal record and not being known police services. The lawyer in addition stressed that, as opposed to what advanced the Home Secretary Gérard Collomb had, the young man and the young woman agreed to give their identity to the police at the time of their interpellation.

Me Saber also affirms that, contrary to what had been initially advanced, the couple agreed to give its identity as of its interpellation: Mr. Collomb had as indicated as it acted breakers who had given a false identity, it is also false, since the young woman gave a good identity and the young man him, has a name of Greek origin, its name and its first name was very badly spelled, but to any moment, it did not give a false identity.

Alexandre Benalla, operations manager for the security in the Elysium, was filmed on May 1st mauling demonstrators places of Contrescarpe, in Paris, whereas it was officially present to observe the work of the police. He was in particular put in examination, on July 22nd, for violences in meeting.

During his hearing by the committee of inquiry of the National Assembly Monday, July 23, Michel Delpuech said not to know personally Alexandre Benalla, this excharged with mission in the marked Elysium of having forced of the demonstrators on May 1st. But this Wednesday, August 8, Canard Enchaîné reveals a document which comes to weaken this assertion.

In a map sent last January, the prefect of police shows himself very friendly with Alexandre Benalla. Thank you for the splendid photomemory for some police joined together around the presidential couple. In a friendly way with you. A document potentially compromising, found in the residence of Mr. Benalla at the time of a search with IssylesMoulineaux. Questioned by Canard Enchaîné, the prefect justified himself while speaking about a pure gesture of courtesy.

During his hearing in front of the deputies, Michel Delpuech had however insisted: In my mobile phone, I never had the number of Alexandre Benalla, making it clear that he did not know the interested party personally.

He had told that he had met for the first time the collaborator of Emmanuel Macron the two days before or 3 days before the presidential evening, on May 14th, 2017.

Implying that it would have reexamined it only with specific events like the ceremonies of May 8th or of July 14th.

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Benalla business, catch of width: prolonged surveillances, Collomb heard Monday with the Parliament and suspended police officers placed in police custody…

The business does not finish any more taking proportions of scandal.

The surveillances of Alexandre Benalla and Vincent Crase, filmed forcing demonstrators on May 1st, were prolonged this Saturday. The three suspended police officers Thursday, them, were placed in police custody. The Home Secretary Gérard Collomb will be auditioned Monday with the Parliament.

The business does not finish any more taking proportions of scandal. Alexandre Benalla, collaborator in the Elysium, in charge of the security of Emmanuel Macron, was placed in police custody Friday, July 20. He is suspected of violences in meeting by anybody charged with a public service mission, usurpation of functions, illegal port of badges booked with the public authority, complicity of diversion of images resulting from a system of video protection.

The three police officers, them are suspected of having provided to Alexandre Benalla the videos showing it striking a demonstrator and one expressing on May 1st, while carrying a helmet and an armband of police officer, whereas it had only one statute of observer.

After being suspended by their hierarchy, these three police officers were placed in police custody Saturday, July 21 for diversion of images resulting from a system from videoprotection and breach of professional secrecy. Alexandre Benalla, saw his residence with IssylesMoulineaux (HautsdeSeine) searched Saturday morning.

Its apartment of function, located Branly quay in the 7th district of Paris, will be doubtless searched, indicates franceinfo.

Alexandre Benalla was to marry, this Saturday, July 21, in his town of IssylesMoulineaux. The ceremony was envisaged at 11:30 and was to be celebrated by André Santini, the mayor of the city, confirmed a member of its team with franceinfo. The former deputy was in direct contact with the engaged couples to organize the ceremony with the town hall. The weddings were cancelled.

The Home Secretary Gérard Collomb will be auditioned Monday at 10:00 within the framework of this business, by the commission of the Laws of the National Assembly equipped with the powers of investigation, announced Saturday his president Yaël BraunPivet (LREM). The commission will also hear the prefect of police of Paris Michel Delpuech Monday at 14:00, and could also audition several police chiefs, as well as the principal private secretary of the president of the Republic, which was the hierarchically superior of Alexandre Benalla.

The scandal burst after Le Monde revealed that Alexandre Benalla had struck demonstrators at the time of the procession of May 1st. A video shows it forcing people, and carrying a helmet as well as an armband of the police, whereas it had only one statute of observer. The Elysium initiated a procedure of dismissal in its opposition.

Alexandre Benalla was the neighbor of the child saved by Mamoudou Gassama, according to nordpress quoting like Closer information source.

Alexandre Benalla would be the man at the origin of the incident of the child of SaintDenis. As one can reexamine it on these images which are not from now on any more any doubt, it is well Alexandre Benalla who held the child at the time of the heroic act of Mamoudou Gassama.

The investigation must from now on include the link which existed between the child and Benalla and this one and Mamoudou Gassama.


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Procession of May 1st: violent ones confrontations burst in margin of the demonstration in Paris

More than 1,200 Black Blocks were present in margin of the procession. They were already in first line of the processions at the time of the demonstrations against the law Work or at the time of the gatherings in OurLadyofLandes. The Black Blocks once again made speak about them this Tuesday, May 1 at the time of the traditional procession.

At the time of the traditional procession celebrating the Labour Day this May 1st in Paris, of the hooded individuals in particular a McDonalds and a car driving school, a SDF and CRS in Paris attacked.

A tradeunion gathering which quickly transferred with confrontation when several hundreds of hooded individuals took a stand on the bridge of Austerlitz and boulevard of the Hospital by largely disturbing the procession launched by the CGT trade unions, Interdependent, FSU and FO, as well as the trade union studied Unef, and highschool pupil, UNL.

CGT had called with 240 demonstrations or gatherings a little everywhere in France. Between 143,500 (ministry for the Interior) and 210,000 people (CGT) ravelled in all the country this 1stMay. They were between 20,000 (prefecture) and 55,000 (CGT) in Paris where the procession was constrained to change direction after violent incidents burst between 1,200 hooded individuals, of the black blocks, and the police. Approximately 200 people were challenged in Paris.

The procession, party of the place of the Bastille around 15:00, was diverted at the request of the police headquarter for finally gaining the place of Italy in the 13th district of the capital in the end of the afternoon.

A Mac Donald S, a machine of building site, cars in particular were burnt boulevard of the Hospital causing of short starting points of fire just like a Renault concession or of many cars and the franprix; a SDF was attacked by a black blocks with the knife, 22 companies of CRS were mobilized to disperse these black blocks with teargas grenades and water cannons.

4 individuals were stopped for wearing of prohibited weapon of which an individual who was the attacker of the SDF on the boulevard the Hospital. A police officer was wounded slightly and three people, demonstrators or idlers, were assumptions of responsibility by the firemen for light wounds indicated the Prefect of police of Paris, Michel Delpuech, in the evening.

At the time E its visit with the police in a Parisian police station, Édouard Philippe condemned the irresponsibility of the radical speeches which encourage such intrigues after violences which burst in margin of the demonstration in Paris. In an official statement, the Prime Minister condemns with greatest firmness these violences by greeting the professionalism of the police which knew to answer with control acts of a great violence.

Emmanuel Macron condemns with an absolute firmness violences which canted the processions of May 1st.





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Paris: a car struck a CRS in faction close to the Elysée

This Monday, a banal road control finished tragically in Paris.

This Monday, April 30, a motorist refused to comply and tried to flee the police officers. In his escape, taken by his dash, it is assembled on the pavement, rolled on a CRS in faction before returning in a window.

The scene was held around 16:35 at the angle of the street Miromesnil and the street of Penthièvre in the 8th district, within walking distance of the Elysée Palace. The district at buckled summer, the challenged man. CRS, seriously wounded, was led to the hospital with in particular several fractures on the legs.

Information was confirmed at the Point by the police headquarter.
The police officer, who belongs to CRS 9, usually based in Ile-et-Vilaine, suffers from a cranial trauma and multiple fractures on the basin and the legs.

The driver would have lost the control of its vehicle while trying to escape police checks. During his escape, the motorist initially had an accident with another car. With the dash, it continued his race on the pavement and struck the victim.

“In this perimeter, there are always police officers who flux circulation”, explained Jeanne d’ Hauteserre, the mayor of 8th, who went to the site. For the moment, the reason why the  motorist refused to subject himself to this control is unknown.

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Germany: a vehicle sinks in crowd with Munster, at least three deaths

Three people were killed and several others were wounded, after a man their has dark top, before committing suicide by ball, this Saturday, April 7 with Munster.

The ministry for the German Interior evokes an assessment of at least three deaths and about twenty casualties including six in a serious condition. The police specified that it was too early to speak about an attack.

According to the online edition of Spiegel, the German authorities consider at this stage that it is about an attack. But the police does not have for the moment not confirmed the terrorist character of the event, evoking only one attack and incentive with prudence on the social networks with these words: pas de speculations. Several German media indicate that the author of the attack suffered from psychiatric disorders.

The German government indicated via one of its spokesperson, Ulrike Demmer, that its thoughts went to the victims and their close relations after the terrible news come from Munster.

The facts proceeded around 15:30 local time in the downtown area of Munster, in the west of the country, at one hour very attended where the terraces were full and the trade filled customers, in this sunny day.

The attack occurred on the terrace of Kiepenkerl, coffee which is called after the district in which it is located. It is within walking distance of the cathedral of Munster, town of 300,000 inhabitants located in the Moor of North RhineWestphalia.

If the origin of the facts is not established yet, they intervene in a context tended in Germany.

The German authorities are on the alert since one year and half because of several islamist attacks perpetrated or under consideration in the country, in particular that with the truckram asserted by the Islamic State group which caused 12 deaths in December 2016 on a Christmas market in Berlin.

This attack takes place one year day for day after the attack of Stockholm at the time which a truckram penetrated in a large pedestrian street of the center of Stockholm in Sweden. The attack had caused 5 deaths and 14 casualties. The truck had finished its race in an entry of store and its driver had managed to flee the scene of crime.

The police of the zone of Munster published on the social network: There are deaths and casualties. Please to avoid the zone. More information can be found here. We are on the site.

#Kiepenkerl Es gibt Tote und Verletzte. Bollard den Bereich meiden. Mehr Infomationen gibt be yesterday. Wir sind VOR Ort
Polizei NRW ms (@Polizei_nrw_ms) April 7th, 2018