Does one go towards a natural replacement of the pesticides? Not with the glyphosate

Saturday, May 18, of the thousands of people met in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux or Lille in order to denounce the activities of Bayer Monsanto and other giants of agrochemical following the many complaints engaged against Monsanto in the world.

The biodiversity was in the center of the concern of the demonstrators. They asked the replacement of the pesticides by healthier and natural manures following the judgments by the American justice of the glyphosate which proved to be cancerogenic. The soughtafter goal is the prohibition of the hazardous substances for the human ones and health because the financial sanctions cannot be sufficient;  the states must be invested as soon as possible.

But what the glyphosate? It is about a systemic foliar herbicide total, i.e. nonselective, absorptive by the sheets and with generalized action. This weeding more is sold with the world (800 000 tons a year) thanks to its ease of use and its moderate price. Marketed under the Roundup brand by Monsanto since 1974, its patent passed in the public domain in 2000. in the hexagon, it was the herbicide more sold between 2008 and 2013 are 9000 tons used a year (approximately 7500 for an agricultural use and 1500 for a use in garden). However, he was recognized, according to the report produced following a study of about fifteen epidemiologists resulting from research institutes international, that the glyphosate, just like 2 insecticides, the terbuphos and the deltamethrine, were responsible for one plus a large number of risks of lymphomas not hodgkiniens in the farmers, of advantage touched that the rest of the population by these rare leukemias. This research gathered data gathering more than 315,000 farmers on more than 10 years in France, Norway and in the United States. Health and the biodiversity must be preserved harmfulness of the pesticides.

It takes approximately 2 years so that the chemical group Bayer finalizes in June 2018, the purchase for 63 billion euros of Monsanto which loses its name following mistrust and the bad one felt population. This operation makes it possible to the Group Bayer to hold 20% of the global market (seeds and plant health). But it proves that the transaction as juicy as is not envisaged because of many disappointments and legal affairs are turned over against Bayer Monsanto and his herbicide which since 2015 (after about forty years without difficulties), is classified by an agency of WHO, like cancerogenic probable for the man.

Following these disappointments, 13,400 requests and lawsuit resounding with the United States where the Group was condemned to pour fines record (including 2 billion dollars to a couple of pensioners reached of a lymphoma nonhodgkinien) because of the cancerogenic character of RoundUp, herbicide to the glyphosate of Monsanto, the course of the title of Bayer at the Stock Exchange fell of 40%.  At the time of last the A G, held last Friday, the shareholders dismissed to 55.5% the actions of the directory. In addition, the financial sanctions with regard to the firms are not dissuasive and one thinks of going towards prohibition of these hazardous substances.

In France, a national campaign, launched on May 3rd by the collective of citizens and citizens From the Ariège, revealed on May 29th that after a screening test of the glyphosate organized on the urine of 20 people, there was glyphosate in their urines beyond the standard for the drinking water (0.1 nanogramme per liter), a varying result of 0.28 minimum with 2.44 nanogrammes per liter. In the Tarn, 67 people will carry felt sorry for against any person implied in the distribution and the diffusion in the probably carcinogenic environment of molecules of glyphosate.

In the country, 71 departments joined the countryside and 48 of them began the tests in order to prevent that the generations to come are not affected by what they eat. According to the study of the American biologist Michael Skinner, an exposure to the glyphosate could involve persistent genetic modifications on several generations.

After the revelation of an illegal pointing for the group of Monsanto agrochemicals of hundreds of personalities in particular relating to their position on the glyphosate, number of them decided to carry felt sorry for, one raises among them several researchers and leaders of the research institutes of the INRA and CNRS.

Political side, France intends to leave the glyphosate but the expiry seems pushed back, waited until the Ecophyto plan was to make it possible to leave there in 2018;  the pressures of the lobbys seem to slow down the commission of Brussels and the EU not counting the firms which try to intimidate the scientists. Moreover, the use of the glyphosate increases profitability but made disappear family agriculture and the farms following the pressures from large distribution on the prices, with the dumping of the imports, the absence of alternative mature and assistance to the transition towards a new agriculture.

Although the effectiveness is not still proven of it completely effective, there exist products which could replace the glyphosate of which Clairland containing pelargonic acid, just like Bayer Natria Garden and Solabiol.

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The words of Edouard Philippe, are the same ones as those pronounced by Emmanuel Macron in front of the municipal officials, in the Elysée

The 101e Congress of the mayors of France was concluded Thursday in Paris with a taste from unfinished. A few hours after Emmanuel Macron in the Elysée, the Prime Minister remained on the line fixed by the president of the Republic, without convincing the elected officials.

The day before the speech of the Prime Minister Édouard Philippe to the annual convention of the mayors in Paris, the Head of the State received under gildings of the village hall of the Elysée some 2,000 elected officials with whom it was devoted to a game of questions and answers.

I know that your daily newspaper is not easy, that of the government is not it more, he declared in his preliminary remarks. Visavis the challenges, one has common responsibility, it is to be together. If one is not together, then one opens a formidable boulevard, not with populist, but with the demagogues.

One needs a change of method between us, it is what I wanted to initiate this evening and what one will continue together in the next months, the manner of preparing the texts at the national level and of carrying them, he continued, a few hours after a meeting with the office of the Association of the mayors of France (MFA) which did not chew its words these last weeks against the executive.

In front of the 4,000 elected officials present, the Prime Minister affirmed the will of the Government of a dialogue of good quality. For him, the mandate of mayor honours those which exert it because it rests on a confidence expressed closest to the citizens.

Otherwise, concerning the limitation of the rise in the administrative expenditure at 1.2% per 322 communes, departments and regions which pushed these last with the boycott of the last National conference of the territories last July Edouard Philippe ensures to note that this objective very correctly seems to function. As at the time of the last conference of the cities organized by the metropolises of Urban France, it has in same time promised to be with the listening of the questions of reprocessing.

In addition, following the example of Emmanuel Macron, the Prime Minister committed himself reexamining the operation of the total equipment of operation (DGF) what caused the applause of the room:
Let us hear the remarks. The fact is that the 42 criteria are so complex that they offer an incomprehensible result. It belongs to you to make proposals.

In an official statement published a little earlier in the course of the day, the MFA had asked Emmanuel Macron and the government to begin in a true negotiation with the communes to restore confidence between the State and the elected officials.

We wish the installation of a work method with a precise timetable which allows the State and the MFA to commit itself in a sincere negotiation in order to restoring confidence, association had indicated. There is urgency to join again the dialogue in a true negotiation.
During the exchange with the mayors, Emmanuel Macron said himself completely ready to open the building site of the reform of the rules of the DGF, favorable to entrust to the elected officials the management of the territorial public function and to improve with the margin the law Our (new territorial organization of the Republic).

That does not want to say to retrogress, but () one can improve of the things, he underlined. As for the suppression of the tax of dwelling by 2020, the commitment was held, he added, without giving more precise details on the compensation of the suppression of this tax, traditional source of receipts for the communes.

Edouard Philippe did not express himself on other proposals of the MFA: development of an annual finance law of the communities, the creation of funds of smoothing financed by the State in favour as of communes whose equipments decreased as well as the adjustment of the contribution of the communal block to the reduction of the national debt in proportion to its share in the debt.

For Edouard Philippe, the mayors have as a savage will to make live and develop the territories of France. The method of the Government is the bendhand. The objective is to give to each territory the possibility of developing, at its rhythm, its measurement, according to its ambitions, of its weaknesses, its needs.

On the suppression of the tax of dwelling, the objective is simple: to make so that as of the next summer, [the mayors know] how will die out the tax of dwelling and how we will compensate for it, he affirmed.

He announced that to spring 2019, the Government will present the principles of this extinctioncompensation. And in the neighbourhoods of the mid-April, the Council of Ministers will examine a government bill devoted to the reform of the local tax system.

The Prime Minister was not in conquered ground, and had little good news well to attract the sympathy of the municipal officials present
carry from Versailles.


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The opening of the World cup and the match of the tournament (Russia against Saudi Arabia)

The 21e edition of the World cup begins this June 14th in Russia. At 16:30, the opening ceremony started and the British singer Robbie Williams occurred in concert in front of nearly 80,000 spectators, among whom many Heads of State.

The concert of the British singer Robbie Williams started on the lawn of the stage. It is surrounded by many dancers and the Russian soprano Aida Garifullina enters in scene, after a song interpreted only, it sings in duet with Robbie Williams.

Robbie Williams seems to have found the way of making speak about him. Invited to make the show before the match of opening of the World cup between Russia and Saudi Arabia, 44 years the British singer addressed an explicit finger of honor to the camera during his performance.

Russia could not have better dreamed to begin its World cup. The Russians easily gained the match of opening of this 21e World of football by beating Saudi Arabia, this Thursday in Moscow.

Russian success does not suffer any dispute. Superiors physically, technically and tactically, the men of Stanislav Cherchesov dominated their subject from beginning to end. They were rewarded for their good starts with 12th already, on the first shooting of World, a head of Yury Gazinsky on a perfect center of Aleksandr Samedov.

Yuri Gazinsky opened the score of the head on a returning center of the young person Aleksandr Golovin. Cheryshev and Dzyuba also registered goals.

The Sbornaïa returned even to the cloakrooms with two lengths in advance thanks to Denis Cheryshev, shifted by Fedor Smolov on the left of Saoudi surface (43e).

Dzyuba had put the Russians at the shelter two minutes after its entry concerned (71e), on a new center of Golovine. Cheryshev, will offer even one doubled by signing a jewel in a a little insane end of match (91e), before a fifth goal signed Golovine on direct free kick.

Russia will continue its course Tuesday, June 19 visavis in Egypt (20h), which rubs in Uruguay Friday, June 15 (14h). The Saoudis, beaten for the 10th time of 14 matches of World cup, will try not to take a new smacking on Wednesday, June 20 (17h) visavis the Uruguyans.



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While crowd dances on platinums of GREG BOUST and makes vibrate the statues of the two Nest eggs which contemplate us perched on their base with 4 measure height, on the low ones of the electro music 70 ‘ S of MARC CERRONE I am lost in the spouted out violent colors of the brush of the artist.

Cerrone painted like a hunter armed with a paintball: it aims the fabric at great blows violent ones and multicoloured, all muscles outside. It wallows in the color as in the water of its swimming pool and is branned like a seal. It with need for this physical relationship with the media and it exults in the primitive satisfaction of found childhood.

“Mr CERRONE is a large artist: he paints as an Indian warrior who puts his paintings of war and from goes away hanging trophies to its belt. ”. It is what Dali of its tables could have written if it had been likely to see these fabrics.

Marc Cerrone, born on May 24th, 1952 at Vitry-sur-Seine, is a musician, composer, music producer and writer French. (More than 30 million albums sold in the world and the ambassador of the “French Touch”, knight about Arts and of the Letters, which with more contributed to the radiation of the French culture).

He lives between France and the United States and or he at summer distinguished by several rewards for his compositions, and he also produced for the sister of Michael Jackson, Latoya Jackson a memorable tube.

He is also the author of concert-events having joined together hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world such as Dance Party Live in Versailles, Los Angeles Millenium Celebration, or the concert in Paris places Harmony for the celebration of the bicentenary of the Revolution.

He is also ambassador for association, the voice of childhood and for this reason he with taken part for the first time in an exposure of group or he hung a fabric in 2009 with the profit of maltreated childhood. Cerrone exposed from December 5th to December 8th, 2013 to Art Basel Miami Beach, the American edition of the Fair of Basle of contemporary art. In addition, contemporary art gallery “Markowicz Fine-Art” in Miami celebrates it devoted an exposure to him in 2014.

Varnishing on March 12th, 2018 (on invitation)
In the presence of the artist, evening cocktail and music:
Cerrone tribute DJ set by Greg Boust
The exposure will continue until March 26th, 2018

6, place Saint-Germain- of-Meadows – 75006 Paris