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69 foreign leaders have lunch at the Elysée Palace after paying tribute to Jacques Chirac

After paying tribute to Jacques Chirac in the church of Saint-Sulpice, Emmanuel Macron received guests at the Elysée Palace, among the current and past foreign leaders who came to Paris.

Former US President Bill Clinton, who had sited in the church next to Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, was warmly welcomed by French President and his wife Brigitte Macron. Both have welcomed the two predecessors of the head of state, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande, who will chair two tables with a few guests.

The menu, created by the chef of the Elysée Guillaume Gomez, was designed with a few glances at the late president: a correlzienne salad, in particular, was served in dishes made during Jacques Chirac’s two terms, between 1995 and 2007.

Emmanuel Macron had lunch at the table of Bill Clinton and former Senegalese President Abdou Diouf, Lebanese Prime Ministers Saad Hariri and Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, Italian and Congolese Presidents Sergio Mattarella and Denis Sassou N’Guesso, but also two crowned heads, King Abdullah of Jordan and the Grand Duke of Luxembourg.


The French Reunited to Honor Chirac’s Memory

On Sunday, the French were able to bid farewell to one of their favorite presidents by marching in front of the coffin of Jacques Chirac, exhibited at the Invalides in Paris.

Thousands have traveled to say goodbye to Jacques Chirac. Three days after the death of the former head of state, his coffin was displayed in a popular tribute to the Invalides on Sunday, September 29. The first visitors, some of whom were waiting in front of the gates as early as dawn, were able to enter the Invalides courtyard from 2 p.m. before gathering in front of the coffin, installed at the entrance to the Saint-Louis cathedral.

The tribute to the figure who was a figure of political life for 40 years began with an inter-religious ceremony in front of his body, in the presence of the Chirac family, but without his wife Bernadette, too weak.

The crowd then started marching in front of the coffin, which was displayed at the entrance to the Saint-Louis des Invalides cathedral. Covered with the blue-white-red flag, it was placed under a giant portrait of the former president and between two columns in the colors of the French flag and the European flag.

Outside the Hotel des Invalides, in a quiet and quiet setting, about 7000-8000 people in the impressive queue, extended in the middle of the afternoon over 600-700 meters. In the crowd, a “Farewell President, We Are Missing You” sign, flowers… Some have been waiting since the morning, despite the rains.

Between Thursday and Saturday, about 5,000 people, some of them young, rushed to sign condolences registers at the Elysée palace and express their “tenderness” and admiration for Jacques Chirac, who was never more popular than after his withdrawal from politics, now considered by his fellow citizens to be the best president of the Fifth Republic, on par with Charles de Gaulle.

More than 60,000 million French people signed the guestbook in memory of the former president who for 40 years stood alongside the French, from the poorest to the richest.

Due to the very high number of people, the Invalides courtyard was open all night long.


Creating democratic conditions of alternation is Marc Fraysse’s platform for the 2020 municipal elections

Marc Fraysse, a former MP from Villeurbanne’s RPR, declared his candidacy for the 2020 municipal elections on June 3 after 20 years of absence in the city. “All for Villeurbannes, Villeurbannes for all” is the name of the list on which he is running, because the conditions for a democratic change must be created in 2020 after 220 0 years of socialism.

Because he’s committed to where he’s not expected, because he can get the message across, Marc Fraysse decided to drive a list to the 2020 Municipalities in Villeurbanne where he was a RPR MP from 1993 to 1997. He also served as Vice-President of the Rhône-Alpes Regional Council and created the Association “United France” in 2003 with the aim of bringing together elected officials and citizens wishing to promote a “new social and solidarity Gaullism.” In 2012, he was the founding Vice-President of “Dialog et Démocratie Française” (French Dialog and Democracy), which brings together the Francs-Masons of all levels and backgrounds (Rhône-Alpes, Burgundy and Franche Comté regions). His introduction to the Grand Loge de France dates from 1987, his sponsor was Jean-Jacques Gabut, writer and former director of Lyon Matin, Grand Maître Honoris Causa of the Grande Loge de France.

Marc Fraysse was born in January 1949 in Lyon in a family of Alsatian Jewish origin driven out by the Prussians in 1889 as well as the Protestants. After returning from deportation to Germany, the family first settled in Ardeche in 1944 and then went up to Lyon where their parents worked as waiters, they then bought their first business in Tassin-La-Demie-Lune and opened the “Café des Voyageurs et des Mineurs” at Chambon Feugerolles. That’s when his little sister was born. He studied in a pension in Monistrol and wanted to become a priest at the seminary in Brioude (Haute Loire), which he left after taking the oath to his grandfather on his deathbed, to learn the profession of dental prosthetist practiced by his uncle.

Having beforehand his call by voluntarily joining the 22nd RI, he left the army after 16 months and became goalkeeper in St Etienne and then at the Olympique lyonnais with whom he recruited him in 1969.

Another turning point in the life of this future politician at the age of 22: he founded his denture laboratory in 1972. For 34 years, he will train many apprentices and will remain at the head of his company, which he will transfer in 2006 to 2 of them to integrate Elyo Suez by becoming Director of Institutional Relations and then in 2009, Cofely Suez GDF after the merger of the groups, until 2017; however, he remains a consultant to the Engie Group.

Marc Fraysse’s political commitment, whose two models are Napoleon and de Gaulle, began in 1980 at the RPR alongside Michel Noir, MP for Lyon. In the cantonal elections in Decines where he participated in 1982, he became a municipal councilor in 1983 and then led the opposition list. In 1986, he was elected as Regional Councilor of the Rhône-Alpes list of Alain Mérieux and was re-elected in 1992, 1998 until 2 He decided to put his political commitment in parantheses.

After leaving Decines for Villeurbannes in 1990, he became a Member of Parliament for Villeurbannes in 1993.  He was the head of the list at the municipal level in 1995, and was then the Municipal Councilor of Villeurbannes and Community Councilor of the Greater Lyon Area.

In 2006, he created with Yves Cotten, Energy 2010, a work on environment and renewable and sustainable energy. Since 2009, many local and territorial parliamentarians and elected officials have joined the benches of “United France”, hence the creation of regional clubs and a delegation to the National Assembly, following which his second book appeared: “De Gaulle, the man of 2012?” For a new social and solidarity Gaullism.

In March 2020, he presented himself in Villeurbannes with the program “Tous pour Villeurbannes” (All for Villeurbannes), in which he and his team proposed a project for everyone, similar to what he sang in his last single “Ma Prierté” and his 2013 book “La Prierté d’être français”. This campaign will not be a political one, it will remain true to its Gaullist ideas and would be happy to win the LR nomination, the important thing being to meet the people’s expectations in the face of economic and security difficulties while coming together under the same idea: “Pride of being French” as this sentiment exists in other countries such as the USA, Russia, China, Japan, Spain or Italy where the inhabitants are proud of their nationality. “When I recorded the song, “My Pride,” I had no idea that the events of 2015 would prove me right and that France would rise in all its diversity to claim its Republican values and pride in being French.”

A versatile character known in the political world, civil society and also as the author of 3 books (in 2003: “20 years and later” where the author of the elementary rules of self and others whose main one is Honor, in 2012: “De Gaulle, the man of 2012?” where he demonstrates that many refer to the ideas of General de Gaulle but that few respect them and in 2013: “La prierté d’être Français”) as well as a first album (“Ma Prierté” where each of the 12 titles evokes a theme of his existence such as the birth of a child or the death of a loved one, friendship or the joys of life…) , Marc Fraysse , passionate about sport, culture, gastronomy, music and above all human relations, wishes to bring together personalities from all sides and all Like.

At the same time, in 2005, “Capzen Services”, a human-sized company of services and advice to companies, was created with the aim of helping and supporting institutions in their development through services linked to the growth strategy and training of their teams. In 2017, Capzen repurchased the online news site “Parliament and Territoire”, a forum for the public sphere in order to highlight initiatives in French regions that are often forgotten. Marc Fraysse’s aim is: seek to “improve the lives of its citizens and highlight living areas too often ignored by the central government.”


Italy: “An agreement found” for the 5 Stars and the Democratic Party to form a new government without the League

The 5 Stars Movement and the Democratic Party “reached an agreement” on Wednesday to form a new Italian government, which will replace the national-populist M5S alliance with Matteo Salvini’s League.

After three weeks of uncertainty and eight days without a prime minister, Italy will find a government. The 5-star Anti-System Movement and the center-left Democratic Party agreed on Wednesday to form a government headed by outgoing Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. But uncertainties remain on its implementation, which will only occur in the coming days.

A “political agreement has been reached with the Democratic Party” to form a new majority of government, announced Luigi Di Maio, coming out of a meeting with President Sergio Mattarella. The future government will again be led by Giuseppe Conte. This “will be a guarantee” for the 5-star movement, said Luigi Di Maio, criticizing his ex-ally Matteo Salvini (the leader of the League, the far-right party) for having August 8 “cut off the current “of the coalition they formed for 14 months and left” 60 million Italians without government “.

Although at odds for years, the Democratic Party and the 5-star Movement have been negotiating for several days a coalition agreement to avoid a return to the ballot very risky for them, while the far-right League is largely in head of polls.

Italy is plunged into a deep political crisis, since the blasting August 8 by the Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini, the coalition formed with the Five Stars, and the resignation on August 20 of the head of government Giuseppe Conte . Giuseppe Conte, very popular in Italy, has won support in the last few days, first from Europeans at the G7 in Biarritz, then on Monday from US President Donald Trump, who called him “a very talented man”. The 5-star movement exerted strong pressure for the maintenance of Conte, to which the Democratic Party criticized its silence for 14 months against the anti-migrant diktats of Matteo Salvini.

They can escape voting for a while, but sooner or later the word will come back to the Italians!

Matteo Salvini, explains regardless of the majority achieved in 2018 by the 5 stars, one day the Italians will return to the polls to decide the fate of Italy.
As Italian President Mattarella has said, the minority in parliament and throughout Italy, as we have seen in recent years, is the only party to lose the Democratic Party in all political and European elections .
I think that the Italian people do not deserve to be held hostage by the armchairs of the parties that have no stable project and only a destabilization in which it provides for the increase of taxes on housing and taxes, in the political system, announced
Matteo Salvini.

“I have the feeling that there is a goal from far away, that does not come from Italy, to sell off the country and the companies to powers that are not Italian, which would be a lack of respect for the Italians, “he told reporters after meeting President Mattarella.


Italy: Matteo Salvini, rejects unidentified illegal immigrants

Matteo Salvini, the strongman of the Italian government and leader of the League (far right) on Thursday called for the early elections as “quickly” as possible, decreeing the break-up of the ruling coalition and immediately sent a letter to the government of Norway, whose vessel Ocean Viking flies the flag.

Two important points for the League are the clarification of the early elections for the establishment of a stable government and the resolution of the problems of illegal emigration on the territory of Italy and in the waters of the Mediterranean.

The formation of a new parliamentary majority, which could include M5S and the left, seems unlikely given the weakening of both sides and their opposition to such a perspective.

Otherwise, early elections may be called for October: credited with 36 to 38% of voting intentions according to polls, the League should emerge largely victorious and govern almost alone, in alliance with the small party Fratelli d’Italia (far right).

However, President Sergio Mattarella regularly insists on the need to have a government in place in the autumn to prepare the budget, the first draft of which must be submitted to the European Union before the end of September.

Right and left opposition to the populist coalition called for a resignation of the head of government Giuseppe Conte, saying there was “no more majority” in Parliament.

The hugely popular Matteo Salvini, singled out as the instigator of the crisis, cast doubt over his intentions. Instead of starting off the tour of the beaches he had announced, he locked himself up with Mr. Conte for a long discussion.

In the last parliamentary vote on Wednesday before the summer break, Luigi di Maio’s 5-star Movement (anti-system) voted against the Lyon-Turin high-speed line project, strongly supported by the Matteo Salvini League (far right) , causing a political crisis.

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who on Thursday blasted the populist coalition in Italy and is already campaigning for a likely election in the autumn, immediately sent a letter to the Norwegian government, including the ship Ocean Viking flies the flag.

“Italy is not legally bound, nor willing to host unidentified illegal immigrants, aboard the Ocean Viking,” he wrote. Oslo did not react immediately, but Norway’s Minister of Justice and Immigration Jøran Kallmyr (populist right) said on public television that migrants must be “brought back to Africa, Tunisia or in Libya “.

After the reaction of massive emigration to Europe, the Hungarian Prime Minister refused to accept on its territory the clandestine and the decision of the EU between 2016 and 2018, but today Norway and Italy , or Greece, approve of the idea of ​​Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban.

More than 80 migrants were rescued Saturday morning by the Ocean Viking off Libyan waters, according to a first count of Doctors Without Borders release and SOS Mediterranean to take over from Aquarius.

Friday’s rescue had already recovered 85 people including five women and four children.

The boat, a white rubber dinghy, could be spotted by the presence of a plane overflight repeated, said the head of mission of MSF, Jay Berger. “But the plane never tried to communicate with us,” he said. It was up to the north to follow the trajectory of the plane that the Ocean Viking was able to rescue the boat.

European forces planes regularly patrol over the central Mediterranean to spot boats leaving the Libyan coast, benefiting at this time from mild weather conditions. About 170 people, all from sub-Saharan Africa, are now on board the humanitarian ship that left Marseille last Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Italian minister sent back to Spain the migrants stranded aboard the humanitarian ship Open Arms, which is off the coast off the Italian island of Lampedusa.

On the night of Friday to Saturday, the Open Arms still collected in international waters 39 people, who joined the 121 migrants already on board, tweeted the founder of the NGO of the same name, Oscar Camps.
Friday morning, the American actor Richard Gere boarded to meet the crew and migrants, including thirty are minors.

“I have just arrived from Lampedusa, we brought as much water and food as possible for everyone on board,” the actor said in a video broadcast by the Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms.

“Everyone is fine,” but they need “to join a free port, get off the boat and start a new life,” insisted the actor, who is scheduled to attend a press conference in Lampedusa on Saturday morning.

“I hope he tans a little and benefits from it,” said Salvini, referring to the actor, advising him to take the migrants to Ibiza.

On Thursday, the President of the European Parliament, the Italian David Sassoli, called for “urgent help and fair distribution” of the migrants on board the Open Arms, in a letter to the President of the European Union, Jean- Claude Juncker.

On Friday, a spokeswoman for the European Commission confirmed that, unlike many previous cases, no mediation was under way from Brussels to find a solution, as no member country had called for it.

“However, we have […] contacted the member countries to ask them to show solidarity,” he added.

On 22 July, French President Emmanuel Macron announced an agreement between 14 European countries on a “solidarity mechanism” to distribute rescued migrants in the Mediterranean, provided they land in Italy.

On board the Ocean Viking too, rescue workers set up migrants for a stay likely to extend.

Each received an emergency kit prepared by MSF – dry clothing, blanket, protein biscuits, toothbrush … – before taking up his quarters in the containers built on the deck, one for men, the other for women and children.

Their walls are decorated with animal paintings and drawings. “When they saw this, many smiled, they realized that we were not a cargo ship that passed by chance but that we were there for them,” said an MSF official on board.


In Ukraine the fiction became reality Sunday

41 years old, the man, who does not have any experience in policy, became very popular thanks to television, in particular by playing the main role in the series the servant of the people. He incarnates a professor of history there, propelled with the presidency of the country, which is confronted with a corrupted ruling class.

It is called Volodymyr Zelensky, he is actor and the next president of the Ukraine. In a country always caused to become gangrenous by corruption, the message of these televised series finds a broad echo near the Ukrainian televiewers. I am a new face, I never made of policy, I come from a sector considered as clean, television and the cinema. People know me well and they can be identified with me, he says.

Considering that Eastern Europe is part of the communist past and constitutes a true industry of corruption, freedom and the democracy today are searched more and more in Balkans.

The fall of the Communist regimes of 1989 has updated, in the space controlled for more than forty years by the Soviet Union, of old conflicts between nations, ethnos groups and religions which had not been solved, but only cold under totalitarian modes. The experience gained in the transition postCommunist can be useful to defuse the current conflicts on the levels European and world.

Three decades after the fall of the Communist regimes in Eastern Europe, the importance of the leaders will clarify who changed the history in 1989, while proposing to share their immediate experiment of the transition from Communism to the democracy and the management of the conflicts. during this transition.

Fulgurating the rise of Volodymyr Zelensky was supported by the désamour of the Ukrainian voters visavis elites splashed by corruption scandals with repetition and their disappointment five years after rising proWesterner with Maïdan, which carried to the power Petro Porochenko. The actor Volodymyr Zelensky gained the presidential election with 73,2% of the voices. A humorist thus finds himself propelled in charge of the country, without having any experience in policy, after the role of the Ukrainian president, whom it incarnated in televised series.

Volodymyr Zelensky, actor beginner in policy, gained Sunday evening April 21st the presidential election in Ukraine with a majority crushing visavis outgoing Petro Porochenko, opening a page rich in uncertainties for this country in war with the doors of the European Union.

Coldly elected, president Volodymyr Zelensky hopes to put an end to the war which devastates is country by starting again the peace agreements implying Russia. We will continue the process of Minsk, we will start again it, he declared with the press during his first press conference after his election with the presidency. He referred to the peace agreements signed in February 2015 in the capital bélarusse under the aegis of Kiev, Moscow, Paris and Berlin.

Whereas many truces were announced by the belligerents, but ever respected, the Ukraine and the Westerners show Russia to militarily support the separatists, which lunatic Moscow in spite of the elements in this direction raised by several international mediums.

Most important is to cease fire, still put forward Mr. Zelensky. The task number one is to make return all our prisoners, our sailors, he continued, adding that he would make very to make return our guy on their premises.

Kiev and the Occident denounce detention by Russia and the separatists of several tens of Ukrainians, considered as political prisoners or of war in their country.

If Volodymyr Zelensky will have with the presidency strong powers, in particular as chief of the armies, his manoeuvre margin to take concrete measures will be very limited fault of parliamentary majority. The legislative ones are planned for the moment only on October 27th, predicting the opening of a new phase of political struggles.

That which will take up its post in one month already set several objectives, in particular to start again the peace process implying Russia and to visit the Ukraine with the meeting of the inhabitants. He had also stated at the time of his countryside to want to meet the French, German and American leaders. He could also dissolve the National Assembly quickly after having reached the power to try to obtain a majority. For the rest, the blur remains.


Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron received at the Elysee Palace King Abdullah II and Rania from Jordan on a five-day tour

Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron received late Friday afternoon at the Elysee King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of Jordan, the visit comes “in the continuity of a rich bilateral sequence after the visit of the Minister of Armies Florence Parly and Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian in Jordan in recent months, “said the presidency this week.

The two heads of state spoke about “regional crises, whose resolution France and Jordan are working jointly, especially the situation in Syria and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” said the Elysee.

The king of Jordan began his tour in Morocco on March 27 and 28, the visit was placed under the sign of economic cooperation.

King Mohammed VI and King Abdullah II of Jordan have decided to “lift the relations of brotherhood and cooperation between Morocco and Jordan at the level of a multidimensional strategic partnership,” says a joint statement relayed by Maghreb Arab press (MAP ).

In the same text, the two sovereigns announced that they had decided, as part of the friendship visit of the Hashemite sovereign in Morocco, “the implementation of concrete projects in areas such as energy, agriculture and tourism” .

The next day, King Abdullah II of Jordan, accompanied by his wife Rania, went to Italy, where were received Friday at the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi.

Friday, March 29, the monarch receives in Italy the “Lamp of St. Francis”, a prize considered as the Catholic Nobel Peace, created in 1981, by the convent of the Franciscans of Assisi, this prize is awarded to a world personality having worked, in the eyes of the Franciscans, peace.

Abdallah II of Jordan, was rewarded “for his action and his commitment to promote human rights, harmony between different religions and the reception of refugees,” say the Franciscans. His kingdom, located between Israel, Syria and Iraq, hosts many refugees. In 2005, Abdallah II was already rewarded for his role in promoting dialogue and peace. He was awarded the Simon Wiesenthal Center Award for Tolerance.

King Abdullah II is in France as part of a tour that took him to Morocco and Italy. He will attend the 30th summit of the Arab League on March 31 in Tunisia. France benefits from a planned air base in Jordan, from which fighter jets operate against the Islamic State (IS) group in neighboring Syria, as part of Operation Chammal (French part of the international operation against the ultraradical group). The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) declared Saturday the end of ISIS’s “self-proclaimed Caliphate” in 2014 on territories in Iraq and Syria.

The 30th summit of the Arab League, which begins March 31 in Tunis, Tunisia, should show the categorical rejection of the Arab countries of the decision of US President Donald Trump to recognize the sovereignty of Israel on the Golan Heights.

“We will work with other Arab countries and the international community to limit the expected impact of this decision in various regional and international fora,” said Tunisian Foreign Minister Khemaies Jhinaoui to his counterparts at the meeting, in reported by Reuters.

Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit was even firmer in his remarks, saying that “the Golan (was) Syrian land.” Most of the Syrian Golan was conquered by the Jewish state at the time. the Six Day War in 1967, before being annexed in 1981. An annexation that has never been recognized by the international community.

For King Abdullah II of Jordan, this subject is extremely important, even fearing that his state could be divided by the Americans.

At the end of the meeting, Arab diplomats approved a draft declaration on the Golan that will be presented to heads of state on March 31, with a view to an announcement at the summit. According to the Saudi Arab News, quoting diplomatic sources, the statement is a categorical rejection of Donald Trump’s decision.


The iron lady of Romania will become the finished product of European justice …

Since 2013, she has filed lawsuits against several thousand elected officials, so she has emerged as the woman to be shot. The socialist power, which currently chairs the European Union, finally won its dismissal last July. She became simple “prosecutor” within the public prosecutor’s office. Investigations for “abuse of power”, “corruption” and “perjury” were opened against her in Bucharest … The Romanian Minister of Justice has sent to his 27 counterparts a missive aimed at denigrating the candidacy of his compatriot . ”

Laura Codruta Kovesi, who became a symbol of the fight against corruption in her country, won 26 votes to lead the future European Public Prosecutor’s Office, in a secret ballot in the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) .

The Committee on Budgetary Control of the European Parliament (CONT) voted on Tuesday evening for the preferred candidate for the position of Prosecutor General of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Laura Codruta Kovesi (Romania) takes first place with 12 votes, Jean-François Bohnert (France) is second with 11 votes and Andres Ritter (Germany) got one vote, this Wednesday the story was repeated, “Kovesi, Bohnert and Ritter “.

This is the third victory for Romania, after that of the specialized commission, made up of 12 legal experts. This technical committee nominated the three finalists in the order of the scores: 1. Kovesi; 2. Bohnert; 3. Ritter, this Tuesday and the votes of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE), this Wednesday.

Laura Codruta Kovesi (Romania) is in first place with 26 votes, Jean-François Bohnert (France) is second with 22 votes and Andres Ritter (Germany) has one.

Voting in the LIBE Committee, a wider committee of 60 members. This vote will count enormously for the appointment of the European Prosecutor.
Subsequently, the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament will negotiate with the Council of the COREPER EU until they agree on the winner.

The aim is to appoint the first Prosecutor of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office responsible, from the end of 2020, to combat “serious cross-border crime affecting the EU budget”, according to the official definition. The gendarme of the corruption of Europe.

If negotiations between the Council and the European Parliament are complicated to agree on the same candidate, Ms. Kovesi inflicts a humiliation to the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD) in Bucharest, which had removed her from office head of the Romanian Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (DNA) and who for weeks has been campaigning to discredit her. An attitude that has shocked the European scene, while Romania assumes the presidency of the European Union.

“The number of e-mails I get to mess with Laura Codruta Kovesi is incredible,” Green MEP Greens Judith Sargentini said on Tuesday. Some emails sent to several members of the LIBE Commission, refer to the many legal wars that the PSD started against Ms. Kovesi to sow doubt on its integrity, according to La

And yet, Laura Codruta Kovesi alone convinced, against the government of his own country.


Laura Codruta Kovesi, congratulated at the time of audiences in the European Parliament, obtains 12 votes at the Committee on Budgetary Control

The deputies Eva Joly, Roberta Metsola, Ingeborg Grassle and Barbara Spinelli expressed their solidarity with Laura Codruta Kovesi during hearings in the European Parliament visavis recent the attacks in the country.

Thank you to be come here despite everything the obstacles which you underwent, your courage inspired by many people on all the continent. You were the image of the fight anticorruption, Roberta Metsola said.

I am proud to be here in spite of the terrible campaign which its government launched against it. I make a point of telling him that we do not believe what it is that I know what occurs when you send people in prison, keep in mind the rumour , Eva Joly declared.

I am completely interdependent for you visavis the attacks which you take. I am moved that you evoked Giovani Falcone, with whom I worked, Barbara Spinelli declared.

You trusted to us Romania and with the Rumanian system, and this confidence dissociates you. All the candidates were qualified, but you were attacked and let us regret we it because we need you, also Ingeborg Grassle declared.

The Committee on Budgetary Control of the European Parliament (CONT) voted Tuesday evening for the candidate preferred at the post of public prosecutor of the European Parquet floor.

Laura Codruta Kovesi (Romania) occupies the first place with 12 votes, JeanFrançois Bohnert (France) is second with 11 votes and Andres Ritter (Germany) obtained a voice.

It is the second victory of Romania, after that of the Committee, composed of 12 experts in justice. This technical committee designated the three finalists in the order of the scores: 1. Kovesi; 2. Bohnert; 3. Ritter.

Thereafter, the Council of EU Coreper College (compound of the ambassadors of the member countries of the EU) and favour of the Bohnert French with 50 points, followed by Kovesi and Ritter with 29 points each one.

The vote within commission CONT is advisory. Tomorrow morning, there will be a vote in committee LIBE, a broader commission of 60 members. This vote will count enormously for the nomination of the European Prosecutor.

The vote in committee LIBE will be secret, as in commission CONT.

Thereafter, commission LIBE of the European Parliament will negotiate with the Council of the EU of COREPER until they agree on the winner.

If Commission LIBE chooses French Bohnert, who is also option COREPER, the choice will be a formality.

The candidate declared victorious of these negotiations LIBE COREPER will be submitted to the vote in plenary session of the European Parliament.

The Public prosecutor of the European Union will be named at the conclusion of the final negotiations between the European Parliament and the Council of the EU.

It is a question of appointing the first prosecutor of the parquet floor or          opéen charged, starting from the end of 2020, with fighting against the transborder serious crime attacking the budget of the EU, according to the official definition. The gendarme of the corruption of Europe.

France has much work slides about it to push the profile of Bonhert near the other chancelleries, but the match is not finished. And the Rumanian candidate presents a more interesting political profile. Laura Codruta Kovesi, 45 years, is indeed the cheffe of the parquet floor which has a long time work to cleanse the Rumanian political community, corroded by corruption. Since 2013, it started continuations against several thousands of elected officials, so that it seemed the woman to cut down. The socialist power, which currently chairs the European Union, finally obtained its dismissal last July. It is become again simple procureure within the Public Ministry. Investigations for abuse of power, corruption and perjury were open against it to Bucharest The Rumanian minister for Justice moreover addressed to his 27 counterparts a missive aiming at disparaging the candidature of his compatriot.

The procedure of selection will continue in the European Parliament, where each of the three candidates will be auditioned. Being given the tension between Mrs. Kovesi and the Rumanian government, the EuroMP can be tried to politicize this nomination and to give him a support in order to send a strong signal to Bucharest One should not either neglect the chances of the German candidate in the European Parliament, an institution largely under the influence of Berlin. At the end, the chief of the European parquet floor will have to be the object of a validation by mutual agreement, in March, by the European Council and the European Parliament.


Summit Kim and Trump in Vietnam: an official visit for denuclearization

The North Korean leader arrived in Vietnam on Tuesday in an armored train for a new summit with the US president.

Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s top leader, arrived in Dong Dang in the Vietnamese province of Lang Son on Tuesday morning for an official visit to the country and his second summit with his American counterpart Donald Trump.

Kim’s special train arrived at the station at 8:13 am local time, where he was greeted by dignitaries and Vietnamese residents, according to the official Vietnamese news agency VNA.

The Vietnamese capital is in full preparations to welcome on Wednesday and Thursday this new meeting between the North Korean leader and the American president. Donald Trump hopes to achieve the denuclearization of Pyongyang, even if he says he is ready to take his time.

Dressed in his traditional Mao-style suit, Mr. Kim greeted the smiling crowd before rushing into a Mercedes Benz and leaving in convoy for Hanoi. He was greeted by crowd cheers held by security gates as armored vehicles patrolled the streets. After a few hours of rest, he went to the embassy of his country.

The US president, who takes a more conventional route to Hanoi with Air Force One, is expected to land in the Vietnamese capital on the evening of Tuesday.

Donald Trump was optimistic, ensuring on Twitter wait impatiently for “a very productive summit”.

Very few details filtered on the meeting. The two leaders will be dining together Wednesday evening with some of their advisors, Air Force One spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters in the White House.

A “global” agreement was signed at their first summit on 18 June in Singapore. This had resulted in improved bilateral ties. South Korean President Moon Jae-in said he would like Monday “the success of the summit” in Hanoi, where security has been strengthened.

A road map for denuclearization, the lifting of sanctions against North Korea and the possible publication of a declaration ending the war will be the focal points of this second summit. Kim is expected to have a face-to-face meeting with Trump, according to local media reports.

Stephen Biegun, the US envoy for the North, recently acknowledged that Pyongyang and Washington had “not agreed on the meaning” of denuclearization. The United States has repeatedly called for Pyongyang to dispose of its nuclear arsenal in a comprehensive, verifiable and irreversible manner.

But for North Korea, denuclearization is broader. It wants the lifting of the international sanctions that strangle it and the end of what it perceives as the American threats, namely the military presence in South Korea and in the region in general.

Donald Trump repeats that he is in no hurry to convince the North to give up its nuclear arsenal, as long as it abstains, as it has done for more than a year, from firing missiles and nuclear tests.

“I do not want to rush anyone,” he said before leaving Washington, seeming to temper in advance the hopes raised by the Vietnamese summit. For months, the American president has been handling carrots and sticks with North Korea, showing off his economic potential while refusing to reduce sanctions.

“With a complete denuclearization, North Korea will quickly become an economic power. Without that, we just stay at the same point! President Kim will make a wise decision! “, He tweeted.

Pyongyang insists that he has already made gestures, freezing military trials and blowing up access to his nuclear test site. But at the same time, he points out that he has finished developing his arsenal and that he no longer needs such infrastructures.