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Paris: angry firefighters occupy the street

Three months with no real effect after a strike, the firefighters occupy the street: thousands of them broke the pavement on Tuesday, demanding in particular a salary increase and an improvement in their working conditions.

The national firefighters event in Paris gathered between 7,000 and 10,000 people on Tuesday. They demand in particular a salary increase and guarantees against aggressions and on the maintenance of their retirement, tensions with the police force enamelled the end of the procession.

They met at the Place de la République before merging into the cortege which rocked around 14h and ended around 18h, Place de la Nation.

Périgord, Yonne, Limousin, Meurthe-et-Moselle or Calvados: between 7,000 and 10,000 professional firefighters, according to the unions, demonstrated in Paris, as part of a day of national action.

The firefighters, who began a strike in June, demand, among other things, a salary increase and an increase in the number of employees. They wish to obtain guarantees against the aggressions, and on the maintenance of their retirement, threatened by the reform of the government.

The procession ended with clashes with the police.
The police prefecture denounced “the irresponsibility of some demonstrators” who maintained actions “despite the orders of dispersion”. Three members of the police were wounded and six protesters arrested for violence or throwing projectiles, according to the police prefecture.

The unions claim at salary level a revaluation of the fire premium (28% of base salary, against 19% currently) up to the risk premiums granted to police and gendarmes, as well as better protection against assaults the number of increases every year.

“We will demonstrate because neither the government nor the local authorities that finance the departmental fire and rescue services (SDIS) have met our expectations,” said AFP André Goretti, president of the FA / SPP -PATS, the first of nine professional firefighters’ unions, all calling for protests.

Throughout France, barracks have gone on strike in recent weeks and local rallies have been organized.

On the sidelines of the procession, dozens of firefighters were also gathered in front of the National Assembly where they lit smoke and blocked the traffic, under the surveillance of the forces of the order called in reinforcement.

Some firefighters chained themselves to the grids of the Assembly. The atmosphere was tense when law enforcement officers used tear gas and water cannons to disperse protesters.

In the early evening around 19h, calm returned to the National Assembly, and the demonstration was dispersed.


A Saturday of mobilization in France: climate, yellow vests and angry pensions

There are many protests across France, especially in Paris, this Saturday, September 21, 2019.

Following a day of historic climate mobilization around the world, a new “March for Climate and Social Justice” is being organized in Paris on Saturday, September 21. In New York, the Youth Climate Summit will take place at the UN.

A day under heavy surveillance, as a demonstration of Yellow Gilets also took place on the Champs-Elysée in the morning, as well as a mobilization initiated by the Labor Force, not to mention the Heritage Days.

15,000 people marched for the climate on Saturday, September 21 in Paris. However, the protest was marred by violence: black blocks meddled in the procession as soon as he left and incidents broke out with the police. About 100 people were taken into custody, according to information received from the prosecutor’s office.

“Security forces have thrown dozens of grenades of disenfranchisement into the procession,” the black blocks are seen at the beginning of the protest, but also “pacifist” yellow vests in the procession.

Other demonstrations took place in the rest of France: more than 1,000 Yellow Gilets were in Toulouse. In Bordeaux, a rally brought together climate activists and the Yellow Gilets. Hundreds or even thousands of people have also walked for the climate in Rennes, Nancy, Nice or even Lille.

The march’s organizers’ calls had multiplied for a “convergence of struggles” between Yellow Gilets and climate activists.

This morning around the Champs-Elysées the situation became tense, with police and protesters charging them with rubbish bins and fences. Anti-police and anti-capitalist slogans were heard. Again, each crowd was surrounded and dispersed.

FO gathered more than 10,000 people in a protest against pension reform.

163 people were arrested in the margins of the various Paris protests this Saturday afternoon. The police prefecture also announces 395 verdicts and 120 police guards. Among the calls, one surprises: that of a police captain for “outrage and rebellion”.

He was then transferred to the police station in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, where he was detained for contempt and rebellion. He presented himself as “Gilet Jaune” to his colleagues. But in custody his attitude was such that according to our information, the police demanded a psychiatric examination.

“Yellow vests” were again trying to gather on the Champs-Elysées on Saturday night, after a day trying to form a procession on the avenue forbidden to mobilize by the Paris police prefecture and surrounded by security forces.

Tear-gas grenades and dispersal charges followed the arrival of several dozen protesters, many coming after watching the climate march in the 13th arrondissement in the afternoon. Occasionally, a crowd movement of about 100 people relaunches a short police charge, before returning to calm on much of the avenue.

“Let’s go, it’s enough now,” a CRS launches to passers-by in front of the Louis Vuitton store, at the intersection of Avenue George V. On a parallel street, BRAV (Violent Action Brigades) bikers stand on the ground and fly to pass the effects of tear gas. “They’re taken out of the device,” a Paris intervention company policeman told a fellow policeman. “That’s a good sign, isn’t it?” he says, as their departure could mean a decrease in tension around the protest.

Most groups of “yellow vests” have now left the Champs-Elysées. The same goes for the climate protesters, who stayed at the Place de la Bastille.

None of the two nocturnal rallies (the one at Place de la Bastille for the climate protesters and the one on the Champs-Elysées for the “yellow vests”) were planned or declared in the prefecture.

In the case of the 45 yellow jackets, entitled “Social and Climate Emergency”, 91,430 protesters “at least” were counted by the “Yellow Number” in its “first estimate” unveiled just before 7 PM.

The organizers of the climate march announced 50,000 people in Paris (according to the study firm Occurence, they were 15,200), 15,000 in Lyon (5,000 according to the prefecture), 10,000 in Grenoble and 5,000 in Strasbourg.

In Bordeaux, between 500 and 800 Yellow Gilets, according to AFP journalists, started marching with the climate protest using a “convergence” motto. But they went in the opposite direction after 500 meters. In total, ONG claim over 150,000 protesters across France.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019
RETIREMENTS: Days of Strikes + Events (London + France)
Single event “CGT, FSU, Solidarity; UNEF, UNL”
2pm: Place de la République > Nation (either Direct or by Bastille).


Does one go towards a natural replacement of the pesticides? Not with the glyphosate

Saturday, May 18, of the thousands of people met in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux or Lille in order to denounce the activities of Bayer Monsanto and other giants of agrochemical following the many complaints engaged against Monsanto in the world.

The biodiversity was in the center of the concern of the demonstrators. They asked the replacement of the pesticides by healthier and natural manures following the judgments by the American justice of the glyphosate which proved to be cancerogenic. The soughtafter goal is the prohibition of the hazardous substances for the human ones and health because the financial sanctions cannot be sufficient;  the states must be invested as soon as possible.

But what the glyphosate? It is about a systemic foliar herbicide total, i.e. nonselective, absorptive by the sheets and with generalized action. This weeding more is sold with the world (800 000 tons a year) thanks to its ease of use and its moderate price. Marketed under the Roundup brand by Monsanto since 1974, its patent passed in the public domain in 2000. in the hexagon, it was the herbicide more sold between 2008 and 2013 are 9000 tons used a year (approximately 7500 for an agricultural use and 1500 for a use in garden). However, he was recognized, according to the report produced following a study of about fifteen epidemiologists resulting from research institutes international, that the glyphosate, just like 2 insecticides, the terbuphos and the deltamethrine, were responsible for one plus a large number of risks of lymphomas not hodgkiniens in the farmers, of advantage touched that the rest of the population by these rare leukemias. This research gathered data gathering more than 315,000 farmers on more than 10 years in France, Norway and in the United States. Health and the biodiversity must be preserved harmfulness of the pesticides.

It takes approximately 2 years so that the chemical group Bayer finalizes in June 2018, the purchase for 63 billion euros of Monsanto which loses its name following mistrust and the bad one felt population. This operation makes it possible to the Group Bayer to hold 20% of the global market (seeds and plant health). But it proves that the transaction as juicy as is not envisaged because of many disappointments and legal affairs are turned over against Bayer Monsanto and his herbicide which since 2015 (after about forty years without difficulties), is classified by an agency of WHO, like cancerogenic probable for the man.

Following these disappointments, 13,400 requests and lawsuit resounding with the United States where the Group was condemned to pour fines record (including 2 billion dollars to a couple of pensioners reached of a lymphoma nonhodgkinien) because of the cancerogenic character of RoundUp, herbicide to the glyphosate of Monsanto, the course of the title of Bayer at the Stock Exchange fell of 40%.  At the time of last the A G, held last Friday, the shareholders dismissed to 55.5% the actions of the directory. In addition, the financial sanctions with regard to the firms are not dissuasive and one thinks of going towards prohibition of these hazardous substances.

In France, a national campaign, launched on May 3rd by the collective of citizens and citizens From the Ariège, revealed on May 29th that after a screening test of the glyphosate organized on the urine of 20 people, there was glyphosate in their urines beyond the standard for the drinking water (0.1 nanogramme per liter), a varying result of 0.28 minimum with 2.44 nanogrammes per liter. In the Tarn, 67 people will carry felt sorry for against any person implied in the distribution and the diffusion in the probably carcinogenic environment of molecules of glyphosate.

In the country, 71 departments joined the countryside and 48 of them began the tests in order to prevent that the generations to come are not affected by what they eat. According to the study of the American biologist Michael Skinner, an exposure to the glyphosate could involve persistent genetic modifications on several generations.

After the revelation of an illegal pointing for the group of Monsanto agrochemicals of hundreds of personalities in particular relating to their position on the glyphosate, number of them decided to carry felt sorry for, one raises among them several researchers and leaders of the research institutes of the INRA and CNRS.

Political side, France intends to leave the glyphosate but the expiry seems pushed back, waited until the Ecophyto plan was to make it possible to leave there in 2018;  the pressures of the lobbys seem to slow down the commission of Brussels and the EU not counting the firms which try to intimidate the scientists. Moreover, the use of the glyphosate increases profitability but made disappear family agriculture and the farms following the pressures from large distribution on the prices, with the dumping of the imports, the absence of alternative mature and assistance to the transition towards a new agriculture.

Although the effectiveness is not still proven of it completely effective, there exist products which could replace the glyphosate of which Clairland containing pelargonic acid, just like Bayer Natria Garden and Solabiol.


Yellow waistcoats records XI: tough mobilization marked by clashes in France, having burst because of breakers

One eleventh Saturday of demonstrations marked by clashes in Paris and in several big cities.

The mobilization does not weaken, being maintained like last Saturday. It was the more big demonstration besides of centeris France, in Dijon where 2500 yellow waistcoats ravelled before clashes do not burst in the end of the afternoon, one learned near the prefecture. According to this one, demonstrators drew from the mortars and fires from artifices in the direction of the police, which retorted by tear gases with the accesses of the Markets, in the verycenter of the city, not far from the prefecture.

In Montpellier, some 1500 demonstrators ravelled in the downtown area, noted a journalist of AFP, in particular returning to homage to the yellow waistcoats police victims of violence.
Incidents burst around 17:00 in front of the prefecture, where the police tried to push back the demonstrators with fountains, behind the grids of the building. The demonstrators launched quills and bottles, and a police officer was wounded a notch by a jet of pyrotechnical machine, the prefecture specified, which mentions an interpellation.

According to a first provisional calculation of the yellow Number a collective which assigned as mission of operating a calculation amongst participants thanks to referents present on the ground 87,701 people expressed for act 11 of the yellow Waistcoats, in France, at 18:00, on 161 listed communes.
Approximately 69,000 yellow waistcoats expressed Saturday in all France for their eleventh consecutive Saturday of mobilization, in fall compared to the 84,000 demonstrators listed last week, according to the figures published by the ministry for the Interior.

In the center of the French capital, incidents burst place of the Bastille, symbolic system highplace, place of convergence of several processions of yellow waistcoats.
Around 16:00, the police made use of tear gas and of a water cannon to push back demonstrators who threw projectiles to them and adapted plant equipment, in a street close to the place.

Other gatherings took place in province Saturday. Several thousands of demonstrators were listed in Bordeaux and Toulouse, two cities of the southwest of France which are bastions of the protest.

Incidents were announced in Normandy, in Evreux, with degradations in front of the seat of Banque de France and aiming at buildings of the municipal police, according to the authorities.

In middle of afternoon in Paris, the place of the Bastille, place of convergence of four distinct processions, was plunged on several occasions in tear gas clouds and was flown over of a helicopter. The police also used a water cannon and grenades of désencerclement to push back demonstrators who caillassaient them.

A known figure of the yellow waistcoats, Jérôme Rodrigues, wounded in an eye by a projectile whereas it was visavis police, was evacuated by the firemen of the heart of the place, then hospitalized.
Jérôme Rodrigues, was seriously wounded with the eye Saturday afternoon, place of the Bastille in Paris.

Saturday around 16:40, the tension assembles place of the Bastille between demonstrators waistcoats yellow and police, actually, they are not yellow waistcoats, there are people who come to degrade the street furniture, they are breakers.
First observations of investigators show that a grenade of désencerclement explodes then just with the feet of Jérôme Rodrigues, which appears besides clearly on the video that it was realizing and to diffuse live on Facebook, at the time of the accident.

All occurs very quickly. Me am launched a grenade and I am caught a ball. I was doubly attacked. A grenade with the foot and the ball, ensured LCI Jérôme Rodrigues, which carried felt sorry for. According to its lawyer, it is not that grenade which would have caused the wound, but well the shooting of a ball of defense at the same moment. There were both. Shooting of grenade and shooting of FlashBall, simultaneously, explains to Europe 1 Master Philippe de Veulle. The glares of the grenade are out of plastic and make three to four centimetres in diameter. If you look at the brand with the eye, you see very well that it is more one FlashBall which the rubber glare of a grenade, he supports.

I have other testimonies which are less direct but much of people saw the shooting of FlashBall, the lawyer ensures. Lastly, he adds that a ball of defense was collected on the spot by the close relations of Jérôme Rodrigues and that it will be given to the investigators to be analyzed.

26/01/2019 Place de la Bastille – Esther BENBASSA

Jérôme Rodrigues, blessé à  un oeil
Jérôme Rodrigues perd un oeil


Charity Day: When the world of the financial markets east in first line to come to the rescue of childhood and the medical research

BGC Partners is an American service company, world leader on the financial markets. Its offices were located at the 105ème stage of One World Trade Center.

At the time of the attack against the Twin Towers on September 11th, 2001, the group lost 658 collaborators, that is to say a quarter of the victims of this horrible attack.

After having transferred 25% of its annual results to the families of the victims during 4 years, BGC decided to set up starting from 2005 a day of annual charity, the birthday day of the attack. At the time of this international day of solidarity, baptized Charity Day, the company and its 18 subsidiaries transfer the entirety of the sales turnover of the Group to the associations, acquired thanks to the implication of celebrities who for the occasion transformed themselves into brokers in order to carry out the most transactions possible in space of a few hours and to make some profit the association which they represent. A different associative topic is selected every year in each country. Since 2005, 150 dollars million was recovered thanks to the godmothers and godfathers of associations and their aptitudes to record Stock Exchange orders with the assistance of professional brokers.
For the edition 2018, the French subsidiary Aurel BGC accommodated about fifty personalities which followed one another in the offices and for some, it was not the first time.

Associations were selected according to their achievements, their projects, their field of intervention and their serious. The majority of them are in keeping with sick and underprivileged childhood. We find thus in the prize list, the Foundation Arthritis, Foundation ICM, the Foundation Alzheimer, the Small Princes, Espérance Banlieues, the Good Fairies, the Kings of the world, these 4 last referring to the children.

The Arthritis Foundation: engaged in research on the polyarthritis since nearly 30 years; the universe of the sport was mobilized there with the tennis player Michaël Llodra, the athlete Muriel Hurtis, the rugbymen Pascal Papé and Marc Lièvremont (for the second time), but also the actors Julie Ferrier (presents last year) and Arnaud Ducret, Joyce Jonathan, Elodie Gossuin, Nicolas Canteloup, Margot Laffite, Vincent Guérin, Albert Spano and several players of the ADZE 1976 of which Dominique Bathenay and JeanMichel Larque. lLa communication on the serious diseases and handicapping as of more the young age is in the center of the work of the association which books each year more than one million euros to research, that is to say 10 million euros since its creation.

the ICM, the Institute of the Brain and Moelle Épinière were created in 2006, it supported by the racing driver Paul Belmondo, Jean Todt and Philippe Candéloro (these the last 2 present last year). Opened since 2010 with PitySalpétrière an international action has. The ICM profit from an ecosystem privileged with its specialized staff. He became in less than 10 years, the first center of référenceen neurosciences in France and 3rd at the European level.

The Foundation for Research on Alzheimer, created in 2004 with PitySalpétrière, takes part in Charity Day for the first time, represented by Chantal Ladessous (for the second time this year), the song writers and performers Pierre and Alain Souchon, the mannequin Estelle Lefébure, the actor Michel Boujenah, as well as the presenter Tele Stéphane Plaza which made their baptism of fire. It is the only association dedicated to the clinical research in France wishing to fight the disease. Each year, 500,000 to more than one million euros have been versed for research for 14 years.

Small Princes represented by the presenter radio operator Manu Lévy, the journalist Marie Drucker and the singer Tal as well as the presenter and actor Julien Courbet. Association born in 1987 realizes dreamed of the children and seriously sick teenagers, reached cancers, leukaemias and certain genetic diseases It is a link for 150 hospital services in France. Each day, one dreamed of child is carried out and it is the case of more than 6,700 since 1987.

The Good Fairies, association created in 2015 by 15 Miss France, had as ambassadresses Sylvie Tellier, chief executive officer of the company Miss France, accompanied by Mareva Galanter, Corinne Coman, Maeva Coucke (Miss France 2018), Melody Vilbert, Alicia Aylies, Camille Cerf, the presenter tele Valérie Damidot, all already present last year and this year a new arrival Alexandra Rosenfeld.  The collections of funds just like finance research programs specific sensitization operations on the ground or of assistance to general public.

Association Espérance Banlieues, les humorists Olivier de Benoist and Sandrine Sarroche took down the telephone to raise a maximum of funds at the time of this exceptional day. Founded in 2012 by Eric Mestrallet, the purpose of association is to create and develop schools deprived except contract bringing an alternative solution, pragmatic and especially adapted to the specific needs of the disadvantaged districts.

The Kings of the World, created in 2012, this association made up of 34 voluntary credits, helps the orphans hospitalized and needy in France, establishing a link between hospital and houses of children by organizing cultural outputs, workshops discovered. At the time of the festivals of end of the year, association traverses France accompanied by queens of the world who become Mothers Christmas, Mickey and Minnie which distribute gifts. For Charity Day, the artist and sculptor Richard Orlinski as well as the presenter TV Laurent Boyer, transformed themselves into brokers for the second consecutive year.

Charity Day really became an institution for the world of associations which, thanks to the celebrities lending itself to it to the game, can thus collect funds for good deeds.

Alicia Aylies – Charity Day 2018
Alain Souchon et Pierre Souchon – Charity Day 2018
Julien Courbet – Charity Day 2018
Stéphane Plaza – Charity Day 2018
Stéphane Plaza – Charity Day 2018
Véronique de Villèle – Charity Day 2018
Laurent Boyer – Charity Day 2018
Chantal Ladesou – Charity Day 2018
Stéphane Plaza – Charity Day 2018
Laurent Boyer et Stéphane Plaza – Charity Day 2018
Alexandra Rosenfeld – Charity Day 2018
Sylvie Tellier, Valérie Damidot, Alexandra Rosenfeld et Maëva Coucke – Charity Day 2018
Sylvie Tellier – Charity Day 2018
Joyce Jonathan – Charity Day 2018
Sylvie Tellier – Charity Day 2018
Maëva Coucke – Charity Day 2018
Sandrine Sarroche – Charity Day 2018
Tal Benyezri – Charity Day 2018
Mareva Galanter – LES BONNES FÉER
Olivier de BENOIST – pour Espérance Banlieues
Jean Todt, Oswaldo Piazza, Ivan Curkovic, Dominique Bathenay, le professeur Gérard Saillant -14e édition du Charity Day
JEAN TODT, Pr. Gerard Saillant, Philippe Candeloro et Olivier de Benoist
Marc Lievremont – FONDATION arthritis
N. CANTELOUP et Marie Drucker
Nicolas CANTELOUP pour la fondation ARTHRITIS


The government bill Asylum Immigration adopted

Although very contreversé with the Parliament, the AsylumImmigration bill proposed by the Home Secretary Gérard Collomb was adopted Wednesday, August 1 by the Parliament.

Adopted by 100 votes resulting from the LREMModem presidential majority against 25 of the righthand side which judges the text too much laxist and of the left who it finds the text too hard and 11 abstentions (8LREM and 3 Modem).

Deposited last February by causing an outcry of associations of assistance to the migrants but also the reaction of the Defender of the Rights, Jacques Toubon, then rejected by the Senate on July 31st, this government bill underwent well vexations until its adoption. It rests on a controlled immigration, a right of asylum effective while reexamining the management of immigration in France by simplifying expulsion of nonsuited and a successful integration by facilitating the reception of the accepted people, which brought divergences even within the majority. It was necessary some additions for the text so that it is adopted like the depenalisation of the offence of solidarity on a decision of the Constitutional council but also the withdrawal of the reduction from thirty to fifteen days of the time to appeal in the event of rejection of a request for asylum.

The text aims at consolidating the right of asylum, a right sovereign and crowned in France while limiting a massive immigration and while avoiding in France calling it into question as in a certain number of European countries.
In spite of the many amendments deposited by the deputies LR of which to restrict the medical assistance of State, the right of the ground, to found migratory quotas or to expel cardindexed the S but also the qualification by Marine Le Pen (goes away Wednesday) of Law of organization of an additional immigration, the law was voted. On their side, the left elected officials, Socialists, Communists and Unsubmissive people denounce the prohibition of the retention of the families with minors, that the majority returns to a future bill, and on standby criticize the doubling of the maximum duration of retention from abroad of expulsion from 45 to 90 days.

From now on, thanks to this law, a 6 months deadline instead of 9 before is necessary so that an asylumseeker can make a request of authorization of work at the OFPRA (French Office of protection of the refugees and stateless people). In addition, the request handling of asylum is tiny room to 6 months against 11 front.

On its side, the CIMADE (Committee Inter Movements Near the Evacuees) which since its creation in 1939 fight in favour of the persecuted populations, migrant and taken refuge, denounces a true fall of rights for the foreign people.

According to it, this government bill considerably will very degrade the situation of one a large number of foreign people by a weakening of warranties and basic rights, and the stressing of the institutional illtreatment. Except rare protective measurements, this law founds mainly reinforced measurements of restrictions, controls and sorting, at ends of prevention of entry or expulsion and banishment of the territory. In that, it comes to amplify the current migratory policy, already strongly attentatoire with the dignity and the respect of the basic rights of the people .

Parallel to the adoption of this government bill in France, of another European country must cope with these migratory flux as Italy which already was condemned in 2012 for the return in 2009 of migrants Libyan in their country by a military ship and recently brought back to Libya 108 migrants helped in the Mediterranean by a supply craft which had recovered them on a boat in the NorthWest of Tripoli.

With the closing of the doors of Italy, the Mediterranean migrants turn to Spain whose Gibraltar and Ceuta, enclave Spanish north of Morocco where little time ago 800 African migrants tried to pass the barrier violently by throwing quicklime and excrements against the police, 602 of them succeeded in reaching the Spanish ground, the others were driven back and returned to Morocco. For a few days, more than 2000 migrants have entered to Spain which practises a policy of the helping hand. Indeed since the beginning of the year, 22,858 people entered to Spain by the sea of which 304 died by trying the crossing according to the IOM, making of Spain the first country accommodate them in front of Italy and Greece.

Let us recall that Spain collected 630 migrants (about ten pregnant women, 130 minors not accompanied and also by the adults) on June 17th in the wearing of Valence whereas the latter had traversed 13,000 km by a sea agitated during 8 days.

All were survivors of Aquarius, humane ship of MSF and S.O.S the Mediterranean. In addition, Wednesday, 60 migrants fished out with broad as of Syrian coasts arrived at Barcelona on board a ship of ONG Proactivia Open Arms.

France as for it accommodated 78 migrants being able to claim with the statute of refugee, 42 of them were directed to Lille in an old establishment for elderly people, the others were directed in TopofFrance, in ProvenceAlpesCôte dAzur, AuvergneRhone theAlps.


After the Night of the Hairstyle, CitizenDay with Emmaus Solidarity

The Night of the Hairstyle has been held with the Town hall for 2 years thus transforming the village hall into larger hairdressing salon of France.

This demonstration staged by Professional Oréal Paris and inaugurated by Olivia Polski, associated of Maire de Paris in charge of the trade and the crafts surrounded by Nathalie Ross, Direct Générale International of the division of the professional products of Oréal, Bernard Slalter, President of the National union of the Companies of Hairstyle and Frank Provost, President of the National council of the Companies of Hairstyle, allowed some privileged registered beforehand to be made cap gracefully by one of the 120 hairdressers present this evening there. The service which was done on dry hair had approximately 20 mnpour to carry out loops, chignons, plaits or blowdry.

The industry of the hairstyle is the second after the building and gathers more than 190,000 professionals. For this 5th edition of the Night of the Hairstyle, 2750 living rooms took part everywhere in France and in more than 30 countries in this 5th edition. They remained open until 23:00 for the occasion. The hairdressers present at the Town hall of Paris received a drier and a polisher which they could use directly on their one day old customers.

Among these hairdressers, we met one accustomed of this demonstration, Eric Leturgie who was already with the Town hall last year.

Having obtained its patent in 1989, it decides to open its first living room with Sablet whereas it is 25 years old. It puts at it in practice all its knowhow and its technique for the greatest joy of its female customers. In 2001, he becomes artistic hairdresser for the Wella brand and shares his art with the other hairdressers of the brand then he decides to create in 2005, the frankness the companions Eric Léturgie Coiffure based on the model from the working tradeguild; many living rooms adhere to it.

Continuing on this impetus, it decides to open its university Else Université in 2008. It leaves Wella in 2010 to join Professional Oréal and to become Artistic Coach. Appointed H3 (Heart, Hand, Head) international expert in 2012, it intègrel international team of creative hairdressers. Become creator of trends, it carries out visual year by representing France at the sides of 5 other selected international hairdressers. In October 2013, he receives on behalf of the guild chamber the prize STARS and Vaucluse TRADES of Commercial Dynamics and forging mill his fame.

In addition to the personality of its creator, the group remains a family business with knowhow and products correspond to the needs for 90% of the market, thus it was made known.

A few days after the Night of the Hairstyle, on June 19th, one finds Oréal in another role, that of solidarity.  At the time of Citizen Day, day of solidarity created 9 years ago by the brand in collaboration with UnisCité to present the commitments between companies and associations, the chairman of Oréal, JeanPaul Agon and about twenty employees covered a white combination and armed themselves with rollers in order to renovate the buildings of the Agora of Emmaus Solidarity located street of Hummed between Louvre and Châtelet. The reception of day receives 300 people per day and gives access to a washhouse, a shower, a cloakroom, a food aid, a domiciliation and the possibility of meeting social workers. Thanks to the mobilization of the collaborators of the group, the people with the street will be able to reinstate a refreshed place where they will be able to forget one moment the greyness of their life and to find the assistance which they need.

For CitizenDay, 5,000 collaborators of Oréal mobilized themselves for associations such as Emmaus Solidaité, Vision of the world, humane ONG which make it possible to the children to have an access to education, the food, the drinking water and the health, Weareloreal which proposes to the collaborators to act to protect the biodiversity and to maintain or restore natural spaces, etc In France, there are already 24,000 godfathers. This day of solidarity is followed to international as to Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Poland and elsewhere.



Prison universe in all France in discomfort

Each day of the requests for medical care are completely assumptions of responsibility, a prisoner waits 15 days for an urgency under unworthy detention conditions, the supervisors are with end, of violences, overpopulation, insalubrity and nothing to the standards: here is the batch of any prisoner.

The prison of Fleury Mérogis, more the big house of stop of Europe with 4,100 prisoners, had to deplore in one month four suicides and two deaths.

A prisoner, who needed medical care, was not dealt with in time, he had seen a doctor which had not detected anything, then his discomfort had begun again during the night and his/her companion of cell did not succeed in joining a doctor of guard.

Behind the bars, the general medicine is disaster victim. Fleury Mérogis, is however one of the establishments the least badly equipped as health professionals, it there has a doctor of guard all the night, but still is necessary it that it available and is especially called by the supervisors, however declared François Bès, coordinator of the pole investigations at the International observatory of prison (OIP).

A prisoner imprisoned for short sorrow a 2 months was coiled blows his exit day before during a walk for seems it a debt related to a business of narcotics. He died a few days later of the continuations of his wounds. These two dramas will be the object of investigations, however declared François Bès.

In the prison universe, in all France deaths and the suicides are not that the prerogative of Fleury Mérogis, with the prison of Seysse, in Toulouse, a suicide took place mid-April, as well as on April 18th with the prison of Arras.
These deaths reveal dysfunctions of the prisons whose organizations of control and associations of the human rights often repeat.

Among the objectives: to restore the confidence of our fellowcitizens in our justice. The state of our jurisdictions and our prisons does not answer waitings of the citizens, the government bill underlines. Chance of the calendar, the direction of the prison authorities announced Thursday, April 19 a new record of prisoners in the French prisons.

These serious events which have occurred in prison illustrate discomfort affecting the prison universe in France. Rapes are registers every 5 minutes, of violences and the aggressions are alarming.  With 70,367 people held in France at April 1st, a figure record, the number of defendants has been with most for 12 years, while overpopulation in prison reaches 118%.

The OIP thus communicated in April on several problems. It noted that the Minister for Justice had not really answered Sénatrice Esther Benbassa which had alerted it on cases of illtreatment of the prisoners by supervisors with the prison of Villefranche and denounced by several organizations of control.

With the prison of Fresnes, one notes conditions of walk without monitoring nor water supply points or urinals, of the courses to the too reduced surface. The administrative court of Melun judged on April 6th that a prisoner who had seized justice so that the court is put at the standards was right and that the prison should have made renovation work.

A rather remarkable episode: toilet paper is rationed for the poor people, according to the tweet of a woman doctor intervening in prison.

The Committee of prevention of torture will inspect the prisons in France in 2019 in order to evaluate the way in which the prisoners are treated. 7,500 additional places were promised by Emmanuel Macron during his fiveyear period on the 15,000 promised initially. The president of the Republic wishes a justice which gives up the prison preference for other punishments, partly inspired by the countries of the north of Europe.

The day before the presentation of the reform of justice by the Keeper of the Seals Nicole Belloubet, these serious events which have occurred in prison illustrated discomfort affecting the prison universe in France. The Minister for Justice presented this Friday, April 20 as a Council of Ministers his vast project of reform of justice, very criticized by lawyers and magistrates, who reproach him for weakening the rights of the defence and for limiting the access to the judge.

The question of the budget of justice is omnipresent. According to the USM, it accounts for 1.8% of the French budget public, which places France in the 23rd place on 27 countries in the European Union. The government bill of programming provides that it passes from 6.7 billion euros in 2017 to 8.3 billion in 2022.


Macron, Bill and Melinda Gates assistances the poor in Africa

The American billionaire made a point of congratulating the president on the French Republic for his commitment in favour of the development, in Africa.

Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft greeted this Monday the commitment of Emmanuel Macron in favour of the countries in the process of development, after a discussion with the Head of the State in the Elysium.

The American billionaire declared with the press after a handful of hand exchanged with Mr. Macron on the perron of the Elysium, I appreciated opportunity of seeing president Macron. Me and Melinda held a good meeting with him, to discuss its commitment in favour of the development, of the work which we make together, in particular in Africa, in the region of the Sahel, on problems like health and agriculture.

We are charmed relation which we have and of our commitment growing to improve the situation of the developing countries of Africa, he added.

Bill Gates in particular took part in the top on the climate organized on December 12th by France to preserve intact their attention visavis the warming of planet, and made a point of congratulating the president on the French Republic for his commitment to really react.

The billionaire directed Microsoft of 1975 to 2000, in the same year (2000) founded with his wife Melinda, the philantropic foundation specialized in health, education and the environment in the poorest countries, in particular in Africa.

Bill Gates / Photo-Copyright © GABRIEL MIHAI / IMPACT EUROPEAN
Bill Gates / Photo-Copyright © GABRIEL MIHAI / IMPACT EUROPEAN
Bill Gates / Photo-Copyright © GABRIEL MIHAI / IMPACT EUROPEAN
Bill Gates / Photo-Copyright © GABRIEL MIHAI / IMPACT EUROPEAN
Bill Gates / Photo-Copyright © GABRIEL MIHAI / IMPACT EUROPEAN
Macron et Bill Gates / Photo-Copyright © GABRIEL MIHAI / IMPACT EUROPEAN
Macron et Bill Gates / Photo-Copyright © GABRIEL MIHAI / IMPACT EUROPEAN
Bill Gates / Photo-Copyright © GABRIEL MIHAI / IMPACT EUROPEAN
Melinda et Bill Gates / Photo-Copyright © GABRIEL MIHAI / IMPACT EUROPEAN
Melinda et Bill Gates / Photo-Copyright © GABRIEL MIHAI / IMPACT EUROPEAN
Melinda Gates / Photo-Copyright © GABRIEL MIHAI / IMPACT EUROPEAN