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Technology advances every minute thanks to artificial, visual and virtual memory

Once again, IT Partners has lived up to its reputation. Two intense days, fed by exchanges and meetings between professionals.

This year was all the more important for IT Partners because the development strategy focuses on recruiting new partners.
In fact, the show will have 12,000 to 12,500 m² of exhibition space, a surface on which it will host about 240 exhibitors (not counting the brands represented on the stands of wholesalers) against 210 in 2018. “The big players have stabilized the size of their stands, one or two have even reduced the importance, says Laurent Eydieu. This gave us the opportunity to host more exhibitors and thus strengthen the diversity of the offer presented in the areas of IT, office automation, telecom, and audio-visual in particular. An innovation space of 400 m² has also been planned to highlight certain technologies. One third of this space will be reserved for IoT and another third for the audiovisual sector. The last third will host an animation organized by an agency specializing in the actors of the channel. They propose to show them how to evolve towards the sale of new services and not just to act as traditional resellers.

On March 13th and 14th, as every year, there was the big mass of IT actors at Disneyland Paris, where the professionals updated the technology, for those who are attracted by the well-enriched daily technology, in line with the artificial memory.

Some good people were still present for this edition: Seagate, Qnap, Synology, NAS Expert, Western Digital, Netgear, TP-Link, Crucial, Netgear … but also Belkin, QSAN, Intel, Toshiba, Samsung, LG, Acer and Asus and the list is long…

What is certain is that 2019 will be a great year for storage in all its forms and the network, always more efficient to meet the requirements of users.

It’s a great year for laptops with Google’s OS. Professionals / companies would be more and more interested in this range of products.

On the most important IT event BenQ, an exclusive partner of Google, presents for the first time the Google Jamboard. The Jamboard’s 55-inch, 4-inch, high-definition, 4-inch UHD digital whiteboard (UHD) aims to maximize collaboration in work environments and classrooms in an intuitive, efficient and productive way, without complex installation or training. Embedded in the G-Suite, it allows to exploit perfectly the power of the cloud for a real-time communication between several devices offering the possibility to collaborate on the same work without constraints of place for a simple and effective collaboration, even at distance.

The new BenQ interactive and touch screens (PR Series for Corporate and RM for Education) is the perfect 4K solution for most environments. These innovative interactive flat panels are ready-to-use, equipped with cross-platform compatibility, touch-to-point interactivity of up to 10 points, intelligent Eye-Care technology and handwriting recognition.

They are equipped with BenQ: X-Sign’s proprietary content management software (including X-Sign Designer X-Sign Player X-Sign Manager) that helps users create, schedule and display digital content through a variety of templates. The Multiple Display Administrator (MDA) application controls multiple displays simultaneously across the local network and coordinates screens within a single LAN environment.

For more mobility and collaboration, BenQ brings a practical solution to professionals with Instashow, a wireless broadcast kit. A simple touch on the module connected to a computer makes it possible to broadcast the wireless content on a large screen or a video projector. This ingenious solution requires no IT or authorization services to launch an application with 16 simultaneous connections and a Full HD resolution. Plug and play, simple and fast!

Finally, on BenQ’s IT Partners stand, we can discover a range of small screens designed for professional spaces (BL series combining ergonomics and eye comfort) and its professional instructors for the worlds of photography, video and video. design (SW, PV and PD series including Eye Care and Brightness Intelligence + technologies).

The mini PC, changes shape and audience. If manufacturers are increasingly relying on compact solutions, it’s not so much for geeks in search of multimedia solutions, but rather to meet the needs of a professional clientele.

After 20 years, PC manufacturers have realized that a machine does not have to be big to be powerful, modular and therefore attractive. Since the first XPC Shuttle AGP port, although the path has been traveled, we have moved from a cube still quite impressive (300 x 200 x 185 mm) to the NUC (117 x 112 x 35 mm). We even had machines in the form of HDMI key or even Compute Cards to insert in third-party devices. These products have one thing in common: Intel, which is still a big promoter of such solutions, at the root of an entire ecosystem.

For a long time, mini PCs have mainly interested those who wanted to place a small machine in their living room, the deal is changing. Firstly because TVs are increasingly connected, limiting the interest of adding a complete PC. Second, because it’s the professionals who are interested in it now.

Some brands have understood this, adapting their strategy, both for office machines and those requiring more computing power or even a certain level of mobility, such as
Intel: “NUCs are the fastest growing PC segment.”

IT Partners 2019 has just closed. Its popularity does not seem to be weak and I feel that this year again, attendance has increased. As a reminder, this is a trade fair for professionals where manufacturers, wholesalers and solution publishers meet.

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The summit “Tech for Good” accommodated Rwandan president Paul Kagame

The President of the Republic of Rwanda, Paul Kagame discussed with President Emmanuel Macron in margin the lunch offered by the French president within the framework the Summit Tech for Good on May 23rd.
After One Planet Summit on the environment last December, and other go on the technology whose Choose France on the investment or AI forHumanity on the artificial intelligence, president Macron organized this new top, Tech for Good on the implication of the giants of technology in the community property.

A small about sixty leaders of the greatest national and international digital groups were joined together in the Elysium around the Rwandan and French presidents, Africa being put at the honor at the time of this edition, particularly Rwanda, pionnier in the field of technology on the continent.

The objective was to exchange on the contribution of technology to the service of the community property.
With this occasion, several announcements were made notifying on the way the social transformations related to new technologies; The great names were present of which Mark Zukerberg (Facebook), Satya Nadella (Microsoft), Dara Khosrowshahi (Uber), Jacqueline Fuller ( or Ginni Rometty (IBM) just like Apple, Deliveroo or Google. .mais also great French groups (LOréal, Sanofi, the SNCF, the RATP, La Poste) and international (United Bank of Africa, the Indian Bharti Enterprises)

The principal announcements made at the time of this top are the following ones:
IBM launches the creation of 1,800 jobs to France during two next years.
The company of VTC, Uber announces by June the reinforcement of the cover of insurance of its drivers in France (up to now only for the accidents) and in Europe.
From now on protections apart from the races, in the event of sick leave related to a wound, a disease, or in the event of events of the life as a birth will be included for the 150,000 independent ones, including 35,000 in France under certain conditions.  The French insurer Axa was selected for this cover which does not apply to the United States.

Deliveroo, the British company of delivery of meal in residence established in France since 2015, announced a capital spending program of 100 million euros during next years in France and wishes to increase the number of cities where it is the present just like free health insurance in France since last September which will be extended to all its dispach riders in the whole world.
Microsoft wants to recruit 100 experts in IA with the creation of a program Innovation IA where they will have to set up projects around the artificial intelligence in five fields, health, the environment and energy, transport, the financial services and the agrifoodstuffs. promises a gift of 100 million dollars over five years to support the organizations in Europe, in the Middle East and in Africa which develop technological solutions making it possible to the people to acquire new competences, to more easily find an employment in an increasingly digital economy. The foundation also wishes to form to digital the 1 million people in Europe by 2020. Last year, the American giant asserted the training of 70,000 people only in France.

Accenture wants to train 150,000 people in France to help them by 2020 to find an employment or to become entrepreneur. This operation will be carried out via its program Skills to succeed launched in 2010, which formed 2.2 million people in the world including 100,000 in France. The objective is to accompany 3 million people far away from employment by 2020, with the international one, Accenture intends to invest 200 million dollars over 3 years in initiatives of education and training intended for the people far away from employment.

In parallel, the chairman of Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi, chaired the workshop entitled tech for work on the changes of employment, at the sides of the Minister for Labour Muriel Pénicaud.
At the time of the joint press conference of the two presidents, the two countries showed their wish to work together for peace, the security in Africa, the support for the innovation, the climate and the environment with the fight against climate warming, the linguistic and educational subjects. France thanks Rwanda for having voted in favour of the resolution of the World Pact for the environment adopted with a majority with the General Assembly of the United Nations two weeks ago.

Thursday morning, before his departure for Russia, the president of the Republic went to the living room Viva Tech Porte of Versailles where it invited the giants of digital to build a new framework whereas Mark Zuckerberg enclosed the first day.

Tony Elumelu, président de United Bank for Africa
Will Shu, PDG de Delivroo
Emmanuel Macron, Paul Kagame
Paul Kagame, Président de la République du Rwanda et Président de l’Union africaine
Emmanuel Macron
John Kerry
Jacquelline Fuller, Présidente de
Mark Zuckerberg, PDG de Facebook
Muriel Pénicaud
Alex Karp, co-fondateur et PDG de la société de logiciels Palantir Technologies
Pierre Nanterme, PDG d’Accenture
Emmanuel Macron, Paul Kagame
Emmanuel Macron, Paul Kagame


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After the “Tech for good” summit yesterday in the Élysée, the living room “VivaTech” devoted to new technologies

Starting from today at the Porte de Versailles and until on Saturday, May 26, Viva Tech crosses a course in terms of size this year, with more than 2,000 exhibitors.

For the third year of at a stretch, Paris becomes the world capital of the innovation and the startup during three days at the time of the event Viva Technology.

Like last year, Emmanuel Macron could once again measure how much the world startup was favorable for him, at the time of its visit Thursday.

Accompanied by Rwandan president Paul Kagame where Africa is this year put at the honor the French president spoke with African creators of startup.

Throughout the alleys of the living room, it was constantly challenged by the participants, whereas it made of its positioning pro startup a message of the beginning of its fiveyear period.

One did not robotize, one lost in competitiveness and one underwent the delocalizations. Me I am so that there is an accompanied technological change, that wants to say that it is necessary to form.

The international ambition of VivaTech also results in a focus on the development of technologies into Africa. More than 100 startup among most promising of the continent are present this year.

Great names of the world tech remain faithful to the living room, like Alibaba, Cisco, Facebook, Google, IBM, Lenovo, Orange and Tencent.

I think that people are reconciling with the techno, I believe that there is no fate and me I push that since the beginning. Technology has direction only if it is framed and if it is with the service of human, Emmanuel Macron declared on the stand of bpifrance, where he was made present an exoskeleton by a young French company.

At the time of his speech in a conference room filled to the brim, the president has alternated French and English, to speak at the French community and to encourage it to launch out, while pointing out the measures taken for one year.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and owner of Facebook to Paris whereas it crosses the period most animated its career after the revelations of the business Cambridge Analytica, a scandal which clarified the sometimes doubtful management of the personal data of the Net surfers and which shook the whole of the world of the tech, again evoked the subject on the Living room, after having answered Tuesday the questions of the European deputies in Brussels.

On the whole, they were about sixty leaders of the digital industry with the side of the president of the Republic for the first top of the kind, Tech for good. And if they are present in Paris, it is not to be only displayed at the side of Emmanuel Macron, but also to take part in the living room Viva Technology.

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Dara Khosrowshahi (Uber), Satya Nadella (Microsoft), Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia), Ginni Rometty (IBM) of the big bosses of the world hightech were received yesterday in the Elysium by Emmanuel Macron and today in Viva Tech.

Emmanuel Macron, Paul Kagame
Mark Zuckerberg,  Facebook
Jacquelline Fuller,
John Kerry
Will Shu, Delivroo
Tony Elumelu,  United Bank for Africa

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IT Partners 2018: “human wealths in the middle of technology”

Edition IT Partners 2018, the thirteenth one, is directed towards the optimization of the information systems at the era of the cloud and the mutiplication of the connected devices.

This year on living room IT Partners we discovered the exposure and the whole of its last innovations PC storage. Division PC BTOB exposes not only its new range of portable PC EGeneration containing new Intel processors of 8th generation but also the mini PC dynaEdge accompanied by its new IoT peripheral (revealed in preview).

The manufacturer presents also his collaborative solution Pack Pro Connect and his mobile offer extremist secure Mobile Toshiba Zero Customer. Lastly, Toshiba also presents its outvessel fuel and internal innovations of storage.

The distributors are obliged to go up in competence on convergence and digital transformation ensures Laurent Eydieu, the person in charge of living room IT Partners. Because the companies are equipped, finally! The 13th edition of this meeting dedicated to the distributors of solutions and material Audiovisual IT, Telecom &, are not only the place where it is necessary to be for the wholesalers of technology. It also makes it possible to note the fine evolutions of a sector.

The ecosystem of distribution IT profits from the keen demand from solutions and services emanating from companies, SME and great groups, having engaged their digital transformation.

Edition 2018 of IT Partners should profit from this dynamism , explains Laurent Eydieu, director of division new technologies of Reed Expositions France.

Five key markets are covered: infrastructures, software & services, audiovisual, mobility and networks, management of the document. In addition, the Internet of the objects (IoT), robotics, the drones, virtual reality and increased reality are with the official menu of the living room since last year. A space of innovation their is devoted on more than 300 square meters.

Companies like Airria (IoT B2B), Hoomano (software for social robotics), Context (virtual reality) and Augment (increased reality) will make the demonstration of uses.

The acceleration of the technological cycles is not the only concern of the distributors telco and IT. The growing complexity of the integration of products however labelled converging requires a true effort of them to remain with the current.

Great groups of the dataprocessing distribution (Tech Dated, Ingram Micro) and their suppliers of software, hardware or services (Intel, Dell EMC, Microsoft, HP, HPE, Samsung) were present at go. Other great names, on the other hand, were not in the list of the exhibitors. It is the case of IBM, for example.

For the dealers who specialized in the market of the small companies, this environment in full change is rich in opportunities but it requires a change of mentality. The dealers must adapt their strategy by forgetting the mentality of niche and regard themselves as total service providers.

Because if one of the engines marketing of the manufacturers of technology is the simplicity of use, in the facts, nothing is falser. The fitter needs new competences. All these technologies, it is not plug and play according to Laurent Eydieu. The formation with new technologies is an essential component for the dealers and the distributors says Gary GuillierMarcellin. A work all the more necessary as the Korean giant does not sell live, and always passes by a network of dealers and integrators. If its products and services are badly understood of this ecosystem, that can have dramatic consequences.

Another evolution of the trade of dealer and integrator, progressive construction and the catch in local hand of datacenter. The cloud modified the circuits of resale. From now on one finds full dealers and distributors which create to them datacenter in area, with the idea that the customers do not want to manage the accommodation of the data any more them even, but want geographically to continue to have them at hand explains Laurent Eydieu. For these actors, the challenge thus passes by the sale of services of cloud madetoorder. Especially that this transition necessarily weighs on the sales of equipment of the dealers.

Sectoral side, the organizer of a living room whose dynamism is certainly based on the arrival with maturity of new technologies, but especially on the cycles of renewal of equipment, perceives some nuances. I am not a professional of the IT or telco, but I feel the hot zones of the living room says Laurent Eydieu. Its analysis: the manufacturers of PC are not very well, except perhaps for the segments of the extremist mobility.

And convergence towards the communications tools touches even the pillars of the living room. 13 years ago, 80% of the living room they were manufacturers of copier says Laurent Eydieu. Today, they all are in the dematerialization.