After this period of confinement linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, the tourism sector suffered heavy losses, an ordeal never seen

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The real Dracula, more bloodthirsty than the legend: reality or fiction? … in the land of Dracula …

Bran Castle called Dracula Castle, in the land of Dracula … Dracula, prince of darkness, lord of the living dead,

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Indonesia, country in the 13,466 islands

The Republic of Indonesia is the largest archipelago of the world with 13,466 islands of which volcanic thousands and 922 inhabited.

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Gironde: Par-not-par, the enigma of the disappearance of Neandertal and their place of life preserved, the scientific version of Christian Tréguier

Do you know the prehistoric cave of Par–not–Par, near to Blaye? Discrete, one of oldest of the world, it testifies

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