#Metoo more than ever present for Women’s Day

The #Me too movement was born in 2017 following the Harvey Weinstein affair, a film producer accused of sexual violence and harassment against dozens of actresses. It leads to an unprecedented planetary voice around the world, on the relationship between men and women. Likewise, we are witnessing a rise in the policy against domestic violence and incest.

The 57th Munich Security Conference a first in digital

Each special edition is devoted to an essential and topical subject of foreign policy and international security.
The special edition MSC 2021 is a television production that begins the 57th Munich Conference on security on February 19, 2021. It launches the ” Road to Munich 2021 “, which paves the way for Munich Security Conference 2021 along with other events and publications. The 57th Conference Munich Security Conference will take place at a later date in 2021.