Zapata Distrupter: 3rd exhibition of Rubico

Zapata Distrupter: 3rd exhibition of Rubico

On the occasion of the centenary of the assassination of Emiliano Zapata, hero of the Mexican Revolution, the Collective “Rubico” and the Foundation “Viva Zapata” present “Zapata el disruptor”, a traveling exhibition in tribute to “Caudillo” which brings together more than 70 pieces with an approximate weight of 68,000 kilograms.

The inauguration took place on September 15 at Galerie Mark Hachem, Place des Vosges (75003), in the presence of the direct descendants of General Zapata, Marta, July and Manuel Manríque Zapata, little girls and sons and Ulises Manrique, great grandson .

This first part of the exhibition ended on September 21st.

This evening was the occasion to meet the artistic director of “Rubico”, Gonzalo Ortiz Blanco, as well as the artists whose visual artist Arnaldo Coen who captures Zapata on canvases of Goyard or Vuitton to show the game of recycling; Domingo Zapata or Daniel Lezama.

At the press conference on September 16th at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, St Honoré Street (75001), Guillermo Ortíz Mayagoitia, former Minister, Salvador Rueda, Director of the National History Museum Chapultepec Castle, Hugo Salgado of the Viva Foundation Zapata were present alongside Gonzalo Ortiz Blanco, Arnaldo Coen, Domingo Zapata and Daniel Lezama to present the exhibition of contemporary art and pop art.

“Zapata” at “Zapata el Disruptor” refused to be an illustrious corpse who is now one hundred years old.

Today’s idea is not to pay tribute to the moment when his life was truncated, but to ask how he is remembered and to conjecture the weight of his evolution in his new plastic forms, “he said. the historian Salvador Rueda.

Thanks to the initiative of the Mexican cultural artistic group “Rubico” (which takes its name from the Rubicon River), a cultural twinning has been established between France and Mexico.

A range of activities including an exhibition of art and jewelry, film screenings, a fashion show and a Mexican night, all inspired by Zapata, were presented to the public.

In parallel to the contemporary art exhibition, a series of unique and personal objects was unveiled from September 17th to 23rd at the MR 137 gallery, rue du Temple (75003).

There was the horse saddle of the historical figure; a Charro costume; photographs of Gabriela Zaavedra ,; portraits and works by Jesus Lima, including his shoe performance on ten-peso notes; of Lezama and Andrés Amaya.

The third and final part of the exhibitions is currently taking place from October 4 to 28 at the MR80 Gallery, rue de Turenne (75003).

“Apostle or Demon” allows to know more about Zapata, “the warlord of the south”, on his personality and what led him to become this mythical and historical character.

After Paris, “Zapata Disruptor” returns to Mexico to be presented to Cuernavaca by the Zapata Foundation and Miami, Florida.


“Utopia”, the event “Hello Brand” in partnership with Alibaba / Tmall

The most anticipated event of the year in terms of design and brand “BONJOUR BRAND” was held at the Center Georges Pompidou in Paris on October 1 before politicians, 10 Chinese celebrities, designers, media , 100 influencers from both countries and French-Chinese partners.

Since its creation in 2014, “BONJOUR BRAND” has been held in emblematic and prestigious places in France or China. This is how the first edition was held on Place Vendôme in Paris. It was not until 2016 that the next one was held at the People’s Assembly Palace in Beijing, and it was the French capital that had the honor of hosting the following three editions: at UNESCO Headquarters in 2017 , at the Town Hall last year and finally at the Center Georges Pompidou this year.

“BONJOUR BRAND” has as honorary president the former French Prime Minister, Mr. Jean-Pierre RAFFARIN. Supported by the Paris City Hall, the “PROSPECTIVE and INNOVATION” Foundation, incubator of collaborations between French creators and Chinese brands. It is a must-attend event, the annual opportunity to celebrate the value of brands and initiate many international meetings and collaborations, the alliance of French creativity with the new market of Chinese innovations. For the past 4 years, there have been 550 French designers, 120 collaborations, 3,000 B toB meetings, 680 Chinese companies, 86 French and Chinese speakers, 1,200 media coverage and 28 million audience members.

The evening event was the starting point of a 3-day program. The second day, reserved for the inauguration of this new edition, took place at the Théâtre de Paris (75009) around “Master Talks” and “Round Tables” on the themes of Youth, Trends and Data. The 3rd day saw the opening of the showroom, pop-up shop, “CENTER ARTASIA” quai de la Megisserie (75001) where creations can be discovered until the end of the year through ephemeral showrooms.

Placed under the sign of creativity, openness and exchange, the evening-show-event: “Utopie”, in partnership with the Alibaba group, was in Paris, capital of fashion, for the annual celebration of brands. It has unveiled at the international level new creations resulting from Franco-Chinese collaborations while contributing to communication at the industrial level. All the leading brands in their respective fields, whose number of points of sale vary between one hundred and more than 8,000, were gathered on this occasion to achieve four objectives:

• Promote new products co-created by France and China through the artistic presentation.
• Touch the new middle class of 200 million young Chinese consumers to bring them surprise and satisfaction.
• Propose an effective modality in a healthy and mutually respectful environment for collaboration with carefully selected brands and companies
• Optimize the traffic and seduce the young Chinese generation through a targeted and effective communication strategy with the support of the Alibaba Group.

Major Chinese brands included Hua Wei, China’s leading technology and communications company; Feiyue, the most representative shoe brand for young Chinese people; Hero, 86-year-old pen mark, the most representative of Shanghai; Yunnanbaiyao, 110-year-old pharmaceutical brand based on Chinese medicine; or even Vitasoy; Yili; Lenovo; Kangnai; Bojem or Freemore and of course the Alibaba / Tmall Group, China’s largest e-commerce group, but also the largest BtoC payment and retail platform …

The site has attracted 140 million visits for 3 days on the special page, both on the 80 million related topics than on the newspaper articles (more than 30 million views).
Between 5 million and 30 million active users are counted on social networks.

More than 600 guests were welcomed by Jing Yang founder of BONJOUR BRAND, Chris Tung CMO Alibaba Group and Serge Lasvignes President of the Center Pompidou, in a setting (artistic installation and light games) directed by Chinese and French artists, a short – 5 minute set-up, supported by sponsorship was shot and broadcast in China as the main communication medium. Matthieu POLI, French designer, is the designer of the artistic installations and the sound and light show. The creative performance animated by artist SADE ONE / Eugène Riconneaus and designer Eric Bongiovanni.

As for the products, they were designed by 40 French designers selected by “Bonjour Brand” and associated with 40 Chinese brands chosen by “Alibaba / Tmall”; the opportunity to discover more than 150 new exhibits live in a very artistic way. Here is the list of pairs:

Eric Bongiovanni for FEIYUE, Nathalie Sokierka for BOJEM, Eric Berthes for SHEDE, Ludovic Alban for AIDEBAOU, Christophe Lhote for ROMANTI, Paul Bertrand Mathieu for JING, Firouza Houberdon for BOJEM, Florent Coirier for FREEMORE, Florence NGUYEN for CACAVEI, Eugene Riconneaux for LEMON TEA, Ludovic Alban for NINETYGO, William RIgoulet for CAIZHI, Anne Lise Franjou for Gillivo, Vincent Du Sartel for CHACHA, Thomas V for ACE, Gabrielle Beau
for YOUBO, Valérie Cabanetos for HONGU, Margaux DURIEUX for Vibert Frères, Charline AYME for HERO, Gerald Galdini for WU FANG AHZI, Nicolas Damien for SATINE, Sophie SCHOTT for ZHI WAI GUAN, Laure Meyrieux for YUN NAN BAI YAO.

Among the invited brands was FREEMORE, a brand of diapers and feminine protection. The French designer associated with him, Florent Coirier, designed the packaging by highlighting the ecological and luxurious side. The brand has existed for 19 years but is only exploited for the China. The leader was in Paris for the first time to better know the habits of French women and make contacts to expand the brand in France.

Another exclusivity is the Wall-DXXD Shoes only made of shoes hung in such a way that they reveal the word “BONJOUR”. The shoes are creations of the designer Eric Bongiovanni (shoe designer for brands LV, Chanel and TOD’S) in association with the Chinese manufacturer Feiyue trendy sports shoes.

The Franco-Chinese co-creation forum “BONJOUR BRAND” was held on October 2nd at the Théâtre de Paris (75009) around the principle “In the Air”. During the morning, master talks were held in the presence of high-level speakers who are French and Chinese opinion leaders who came to talk about the creation of synergy between the two countries, including Jean-Pierre Raffarin, former Prime Minister Minister, Honorary Member of Parliament; Pascal Morand, Executive Chairman of the Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion; Laurent Boillot, CEO of Guerlain; Gao Hongbing, Vice President of Alibaba Group and Chris Tung, CMO of Alibaba group, came to France for the first time to explain how the evolution of digital shakes established models and how China has evolved through the expansion of digital to through 100 concrete case with 30 leading Chinese brands.

The creator and designer of the Hello Brand platform, Jing Yang spoke about design, digital, which is mainly a way of life in China. He proposed the 3 topics of the afternoon round tables: “Youth”, “Trends” and “Data” to prepare the creative collaborations between the 2 countries.

Former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin presented the design certificates to Chacha in the company of Emmanuel Grégoire, Deputy Mayor of Paris and Pascal Morand, Executive President of the Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion ( organizer of Paris Fashion Week), during the China-France Brand Summit Forum at the Opera on October 2nd.

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National Mourning: Mass and Military Honors to Jacques Chirac

The Saint-Sulpice church, the second largest religious building in the French capital, after Notre-Dame.

Close to the last home of Jacques and Bernadette Chirac. The couple had moved there four years, rue de Tournon, in the mansion of the French industrialist François Pinault, a family friend.

National mourning, mass at Saint-Sulpice and burial in strict intimacy: France bid farewell to Jacques Chirac on Monday, to which thousands of people paid tribute to the Invalides as early as Sunday until late at night.

To the Invalides still, but in the court this time, were held military funeral honors. Before the funeral convoy joins the Saint-Sulpice church. Bernadette Chirac, present at the private tribute, was not it for the solemn service.

A solemn service was celebrated, in the presence of Emmanuel Macron, the current French head of state, applauded on the steps of the church, is surrounded by no less than 80 foreign personalities, heads of state and government, former leaders and members of royal families. To the applause of the audience, the coffin was worn by the former security officers of Jacques Chirac.

This is the eighth time since the beginning of the Fifth Republic in 1958 that a national day of mourning has been decreed.
Flags are at half mast on public buildings.
The French are called to observe a minute of silence at 15:00, especially in classrooms.

Michel Aupetit, archbishop of Paris, left the Saint-Sulpice church to bow to the coffin, and greeted Jacques Chirac, “a warm man”, at the homily in honor of the former -president in the Saint-Sulpice church. “President Jacques Chirac […] focused his 1995 campaign on the theme of the social divide, thus focusing on those who remain on the side of the road,” he said.

A notable absence: that of Bernadette Chirac. Present in the morning, at a private ceremony at the Invalides, the wife of Jacques Chirac gave up this coming. It has been said weakened, it is in any case “because of health” that Bernadette Chirac will be absent from the solemn service, announced, Mgr Aupetit, archbishop of Paris.

The French President recovers his predecessors at the forefront: François Hollande, Nicolas Sarkozy but also Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, a large part of the national political class.
Russian President Vladimir Putin, Italian President Sergio Mattarella, Lebanese Prime Ministers, Saad Hariri and Hungarian Prime Ministers meet a little further. Former US President Bill Clinton also made the trip. As well as King Adballah of Jordan or Emir of Qatar.

A tribute will also be paid to the former president on the weekend of October 5 and 6 in Corrèze, of which he was the deputy. A few hundred people also gathered in front of the town hall of Brive-la-Gaillarde and on Tuesday morning a tribute sare made by the Town Hall to the former mayor and president Jacques Chirac.


The French Reunited to Honor Chirac’s Memory

On Sunday, the French were able to bid farewell to one of their favorite presidents by marching in front of the coffin of Jacques Chirac, exhibited at the Invalides in Paris.

Thousands have traveled to say goodbye to Jacques Chirac. Three days after the death of the former head of state, his coffin was displayed in a popular tribute to the Invalides on Sunday, September 29. The first visitors, some of whom were waiting in front of the gates as early as dawn, were able to enter the Invalides courtyard from 2 p.m. before gathering in front of the coffin, installed at the entrance to the Saint-Louis cathedral.

The tribute to the figure who was a figure of political life for 40 years began with an inter-religious ceremony in front of his body, in the presence of the Chirac family, but without his wife Bernadette, too weak.

The crowd then started marching in front of the coffin, which was displayed at the entrance to the Saint-Louis des Invalides cathedral. Covered with the blue-white-red flag, it was placed under a giant portrait of the former president and between two columns in the colors of the French flag and the European flag.

Outside the Hotel des Invalides, in a quiet and quiet setting, about 7000-8000 people in the impressive queue, extended in the middle of the afternoon over 600-700 meters. In the crowd, a “Farewell President, We Are Missing You” sign, flowers… Some have been waiting since the morning, despite the rains.

Between Thursday and Saturday, about 5,000 people, some of them young, rushed to sign condolences registers at the Elysée palace and express their “tenderness” and admiration for Jacques Chirac, who was never more popular than after his withdrawal from politics, now considered by his fellow citizens to be the best president of the Fifth Republic, on par with Charles de Gaulle.

More than 60,000 million French people signed the guestbook in memory of the former president who for 40 years stood alongside the French, from the poorest to the richest.

Due to the very high number of people, the Invalides courtyard was open all night long.


Death of Jacques Chirac: The whole world pays tribute to him

Former President of the French Republic Jacques Chirac died this Thursday at the age of 86, announced his family to AFP.

“President Jacques Chirac passed away this morning among his people. Peaceful”, announced his son-in-law Frédéric Salat-Baroux. The French will be able to pay tribute to him in the days that come to a place to define, he said.

This very popular right-wing Fauve, which has been a part of French politics for 40 years, died and marked the French political life of the Fifth Republic with its imprint.

He was Prime Minister between 1974 and 1976, then from 1986 to 1988, under the colors of the RPR, before being elected President of the Republic for twelve years.

Jacques Chirac had managed to conquer the Elysée, dream of a life for this unique son, in 1995 after two defeats (1981 and 1988). The former head of state was one of the great politicians of the French right whose longevity, between brilliant and stressful successes, demonstrated exceptional rebound capacity.

Jacques Chirac unquestionably marked French political life, born in Paris on 29 November 1932, his heart was in Correze, the land of his grandparents. This family land where he will learn one of his greatest political qualities: the direction of contact.

A single child, he studied in Paris before joining the Institute of Political Studies in 1951. It was during his studies that Jacques Chirac met Bernadette Chodron of Courcel, whom he married on March 16, 1956. They will have two daughters, Laurence, born in 1958 and Claude, born in 1962. The couple will also adopt Anh Dao Traxel in 1979. They also have a grandson, Martin, born in 1996.

In the early 1960s, he was appointed to the office of Prime Minister Georges Pompidou before becoming involved in politics.

At the age of 35, he was a member of parliament and Secretary of State for Social Affairs under George Pompidou in a France still under the presidency of General De Gaulle. During the 1960s, he held several local positions, such as St. Féréole’s Municipal Councilor, Member of Parliament for Correze, or General Councilor of Correze.

He was then appointed Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development in 1972. During the 1974 presidential elections, he supported Valéry Giscard D’Estaing for whom he became Prime Minister the same year, before resigning from his post in August 1976 due to disagreements with government policy, he founded a new political party, the RPR (Rally for the Republic). In March 1977, he became mayor of Paris.

He then plays his own card and secretly celebrates Mitterrand’s victory:he became the natural leader of the right in 1981.The strategy seems to pay off:five years later, he co-lives as Mitterrand’s prime minister.Which will be fatal.

Described as a warm, generous man, “always attentive to others”, his opponents sometimes called him “versatile.”In public opinion, however, his approval ratings remained very high.In 2015, he was the most beloved former president of the French Republic, according to a poll.Jacques Chirac then directed the campaign of his life:swept away his image, he suddenly became the fashionable candidate and realized his dream on May 17, 1995.He became the 22nd President of the Republic for twelve years.

His mandates will remain marked by his “no” to the second Iraq war, the end of military conscription, the recognition of the French state’s responsibility for Nazi crimes, the passage of the quinquennium, the call of alarm (“our house burns”) in the face of environmental degradation and a first major victory over the absurd road mortality.

By working militarily for an end to the crisis in Yugoslavia, Jacques Chirac has, from the beginning of his presidency, paid particular attention to international affairs.In particular, he is a defender of developing and Arab countries, where he is considered a “hero.”

His probably most important and memorable decision will remain his refusal in 2003 to engage France in the Iraq war with the United States.A position symbolized by the vibrant speech of his Minister Dominique de Villepin at the UN but which will earn him a “bashing” with the Americans.Guided by a certain morality, he also committed himself to humanitarian causes, in the fight against AIDS in particular, or for the environment, as he stated at the Earth Summit in Johannesburg in September 2002:“Our house burns and we look elsewhere.”

Tributes poured in as soon as the death of the 12-year-old presiding over France (1995-2007) was announced, culminating in a lifetime of power, before facing the disease for many years.

Abroad, German Chancellor Angela Merkel praised “a great partner and friend”, while the President of the European Commission, Luxembourg’s Jean-Claude Juncker, considered that “today Europe is losing one of its leading figures, France is a great statesman and I am a loyal friend”.Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri greeted one of France’s “greatest men.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin reacted to the death of former French President Jacques Chirac, the Kremlin says. In a message of condolences to Jacques Chirac’s widow, Bernadette, he greets a “wise and visionary” leader. He also added that “a whole period of the modern history of France is linked to the name Chirac,” “Russia will remember its great personal contribution to strengthening friendly relations among our states, as well as to our mutually beneficial bilateral cooperation.”

In French politics, a minute of silence was observed in the National Assembly, as well as in the Senate, where the death was announced in the sitting.

“It is a part of my life that is disappearing today,” commented Nicolas Sarkozy, his immediate successor to the Elysée Palace, expressing his “deep sadness” after Thursday’s announcement of the death of former head of state Jacques Chirac.
“He has embodied a France that is faithful to its universal values and its historical role” and “he has never ceded anything about our independence, as well as his deep European commitment”, added Mr. Sarkozy in a statement, welcoming “the imposing stature and the special voice of Jacques Chirac”.

Former President François Hollande welcomed in a statement a “fighter”, “a humanist” and “a man of culture” who “had been able to establish a personal link with the French”.

Former head of state Valéry Giscard expressed his “emotion” to him about the death of his prime minister. “I learned with great emotion the news of the disappearance of former President Jacques Chirac. I send a message of deep condolences to his wife and relatives,” the former head of state wrote in a short message.

“Paris is in mourning,” said Anne Hidalgo, mayor of the capital, led for 18 years by Jacques Chirac. The former head of state was one of the great Fauves of the French right. Its longevity, between brilliant and stressful successes, has demonstrated exceptional rebound capacity.

Singer and comedian Line Renaud explained that “it’s as if it was (her) brother” who disappeared, while the industrialist François Pinault, an intimate friend of the Chirac couple who expressed their “infinite sadness”, spent about twenty minutes at Jacques Chirac’s last home in Paris, at 4 rue de Tournon in the 6th arrondissement.

The president of the National Rally Marine Le Pen praised the president as “capable of opposing the madness of the war in Iraq”, while his father, Jean-Marie, defeated by Chirac in the second round of the presidential election in 2002, believed that “even the enemy has the right to respect”.

President Emmanuel Macron will deliver a televised address to his predecessor at 8 p.m. The head of state has given up on his trip to Rodez, where he is scheduled to launch the national pension debate later that evening.

An International Award:
Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor (1995)
Grand Cross of the National Order of Merit (1974)
Military Value Cross
Aeronautics Medal
Knight of Agricultural Merit, Arts and Letters, Black Star, Sports Merit
Grand Cross of Merit of the Sovereign Order of Malta
Officer of the Ordre national du Québec (1987)
Grand Cross of the Order of Three Stars (Latvia 1997)
Knight Grand Cross at the Grand Cordon of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (1999)
Grand Collier of the Order of Prince Henry (Portugal 1999)
Grand Cross of the Royal Order of Saint Olaf (Norway 2000)
Collier of the Terra Mariana Cross (Estonia 2001)
Collier of the Royal Order of Carlos III (Spain 2006)
Russian Federation State Prize (2007)


A Saturday of mobilization in France: climate, yellow vests and angry pensions

There are many protests across France, especially in Paris, this Saturday, September 21, 2019.

Following a day of historic climate mobilization around the world, a new “March for Climate and Social Justice” is being organized in Paris on Saturday, September 21. In New York, the Youth Climate Summit will take place at the UN.

A day under heavy surveillance, as a demonstration of Yellow Gilets also took place on the Champs-Elysée in the morning, as well as a mobilization initiated by the Labor Force, not to mention the Heritage Days.

15,000 people marched for the climate on Saturday, September 21 in Paris. However, the protest was marred by violence: black blocks meddled in the procession as soon as he left and incidents broke out with the police. About 100 people were taken into custody, according to information received from the prosecutor’s office.

“Security forces have thrown dozens of grenades of disenfranchisement into the procession,” the black blocks are seen at the beginning of the protest, but also “pacifist” yellow vests in the procession.

Other demonstrations took place in the rest of France: more than 1,000 Yellow Gilets were in Toulouse. In Bordeaux, a rally brought together climate activists and the Yellow Gilets. Hundreds or even thousands of people have also walked for the climate in Rennes, Nancy, Nice or even Lille.

The march’s organizers’ calls had multiplied for a “convergence of struggles” between Yellow Gilets and climate activists.

This morning around the Champs-Elysées the situation became tense, with police and protesters charging them with rubbish bins and fences. Anti-police and anti-capitalist slogans were heard. Again, each crowd was surrounded and dispersed.

FO gathered more than 10,000 people in a protest against pension reform.

163 people were arrested in the margins of the various Paris protests this Saturday afternoon. The police prefecture also announces 395 verdicts and 120 police guards. Among the calls, one surprises: that of a police captain for “outrage and rebellion”.

He was then transferred to the police station in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, where he was detained for contempt and rebellion. He presented himself as “Gilet Jaune” to his colleagues. But in custody his attitude was such that according to our information, the police demanded a psychiatric examination.

“Yellow vests” were again trying to gather on the Champs-Elysées on Saturday night, after a day trying to form a procession on the avenue forbidden to mobilize by the Paris police prefecture and surrounded by security forces.

Tear-gas grenades and dispersal charges followed the arrival of several dozen protesters, many coming after watching the climate march in the 13th arrondissement in the afternoon. Occasionally, a crowd movement of about 100 people relaunches a short police charge, before returning to calm on much of the avenue.

“Let’s go, it’s enough now,” a CRS launches to passers-by in front of the Louis Vuitton store, at the intersection of Avenue George V. On a parallel street, BRAV (Violent Action Brigades) bikers stand on the ground and fly to pass the effects of tear gas. “They’re taken out of the device,” a Paris intervention company policeman told a fellow policeman. “That’s a good sign, isn’t it?” he says, as their departure could mean a decrease in tension around the protest.

Most groups of “yellow vests” have now left the Champs-Elysées. The same goes for the climate protesters, who stayed at the Place de la Bastille.

None of the two nocturnal rallies (the one at Place de la Bastille for the climate protesters and the one on the Champs-Elysées for the “yellow vests”) were planned or declared in the prefecture.

In the case of the 45 yellow jackets, entitled “Social and Climate Emergency”, 91,430 protesters “at least” were counted by the “Yellow Number” in its “first estimate” unveiled just before 7 PM.

The organizers of the climate march announced 50,000 people in Paris (according to the study firm Occurence, they were 15,200), 15,000 in Lyon (5,000 according to the prefecture), 10,000 in Grenoble and 5,000 in Strasbourg.

In Bordeaux, between 500 and 800 Yellow Gilets, according to AFP journalists, started marching with the climate protest using a “convergence” motto. But they went in the opposite direction after 500 meters. In total, ONG claim over 150,000 protesters across France.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019
RETIREMENTS: Days of Strikes + Events (London + France)
Single event “CGT, FSU, Solidarity; UNEF, UNL”
2pm: Place de la République > Nation (either Direct or by Bastille).


Christine Lagarde, head of the ECB: decision scheduled for mid-October

However, the vote of the European Parliament by secret ballot is only a recommendation, with the final decision coming to the European Council at its summit in mid-October.

Following a plenary debate, MEPs recommended Christine Lagarde as the head of the European Central Bank (ECB) by 394 votes in favor, 206 against and 49 abstentions, in a secret ballot.

The European Parliament (EP) is issuing a non-binding opinion on a candidate’s ability to assume the role of President of the ECB, the final decision being taken by the European Council, recalls the EP in a statement.

The current managing director of the IMF had already received the support of the European Parliament’s Committee on Economic Affairs, which had held a hearing on 4 September in Brussels.

The EU’s heads of state and government should formalize Christine Lagarde’s eight-year appointment at a summit scheduled for mid-October.

If the member states then confirm Lagarde, she will take over from Italy, Mario Draghi, on November 1. “Christine Lagarde has all the qualifications for this position. Moreover, his appointment is a strong signal in terms of gender equality in the ECB,” Valdis Dombrovskis, Vice-President of the European Commission, told the European Parliament.

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Christine Lagarde, 63, said she was “very honored to have been nominated for the presidency” of the European Central Bank (ECB). She tweeted:
“In the light of the above, and in consultation with the Ethics Committee of the Board of Directors, I have decided to temporarily leave my position as Managing Director of the IMF during the appointment period.

Christine Lagarde was appointed Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund in 2011, and was reappointed in July 2016. His second term of office was due to end in 2021.

Christine Lagarde was heard several hours on September 4 by the European Parliament’s Committee on Economic Affairs, to which the ECB president is held accountable several times a year. Lagarde explained that she wanted to clarify her policy and make it more accessible to European citizens:
“It is imperative that we dust off language and avoid excessive technocratic jargon to allow citizens, consumers, people who are not necessarily monetary policy experts to understand what the ECB is for.

European leaders agreed on their casting on Tuesday to lead the European Union, which will see two women in key positions: a German minister, Ursula von der Leyen, at the Commission, and French minister Christine Lagarde at the ECB.


Charity Day Helps the Poor and the Sick

For the 15th year, Charity Day was held on September 11 in the market room of Aurel BCG, a Parisian subsidiary of BCG Partners, the world leader in brokerage in financial markets.

On this occasion, personalities are mobilizing in 22 countries to raise as much money as possible for their respective associations by playing brokers to improve the lives of people, and mostly children who are in need or distress.

Paying tribute to the 658 employees of BGC, the American investment bank Cantor Fitzgerald LP and the 61 employees of Eurobrokers who perished in the attack on the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001, is the main purpose of this event, which has enabled 170 associations to raise $160 million worldwide since 2 0005 thanks to the personalities and clients of BCG Partners who lend themselves to play and mobilize around this day every year. Each subsidiary defines the association sector which it wishes to help and gives the associations the full turnover made that day.

This year, guests from artists, comedians, journalists, sportsmen, politicians, anchors and beauty queens, and even the British royal family, have defended the colors of their associations in every BCG office around the globe, including London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Sao Paulo, and Paris. . This is how they partnered with the brokers who guided them in the registration of stock exchanges. In New York, Cindy Crawford, Tony Blair, Rachael Ray, Henrik Lundqvist, John Slattery, Spencer Dinwiddle and many others have become ambassadors, while in London, His Highness Prince Harry ended his speech with 1 trillion pounds Sterling for Invictus Games, which he represented. Meanwhile, Sarah Fergusson, former wife of Prince Andrew who nearly lost her life on September 11, 2001, is the patron of the Street Child Association to help the children of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, DRC, Uganda and Bangladesh. Other celebrities participated like Kit Harrington or Cheryl Cole…

In France, 60 celebrities gathered in the market room for the good cause, 8 associations including 3 new this year (Fondation pour la recherche AVC by Professor Jean-Louis Mas, Children of Bam and Sauveteurs sans frontières) became involved. It is also noted that 4 associations (Hope Suburbs, Children of Bam in Burkina Fasso, Good Fairy and World Kings) are fighting against sick or disadvantaged children, a cause that is important to Aurel BGC. The Arthritis Foundation and the ICM Foundation of Professor Saillant complete the list.

Among the 60 sponsors and godfathers, 41 of them participated for the first time, among them Marc Lavoine, Alain Chamfort, Elisa Tovati, Louane, Michel Lebb, Bernard de la Villardière, Claire Chazal, Apolline de Malherbe or Bruno Guillon as well as several Miss France… . Among the regulars, you will find Philippe Candéloro, Paul Belmondo, Valérie Damidot, Richard Orlinski, Michel Boujnah, Sylvie Tellier and other Miss France…

The association “Les Bonnes Fées”, founded in 2015, works for children as well as the most deprived, isolated or ill. To date, it has 17 beauty queens. This year, Sylvie Tellier once again was present surrounded by 12 Miss France elected in the last 2 decades and Bruno Guillon.

The Good Fairy collect funds, redistribute them and intervene on programs at health-care institutions. They conduct field operations to raise public awareness. Last year, their actions opened the first Maison des Bonnes Fées at the Lorraine Institute of Cancerology, a wellness area reserved for cancer patients.

The 2019 edition welcomed 5 new Miss France awards: Vaimalama Chaves (Miss France 2019), Sophie Thalmann (Miss France 1998), Rachel Legrain-Trapani (Miss France 2007), Marine Lorphin (Miss France 2013) and Chloe Mortaud (Miss France 2009) who joined Linda Hardy (Miss France 1 992), Mareva Galanter (Miss France 1999), Camille Cerf (Miss France 2015), Maeva Coucke (Miss France 2018), Melody Vilbert (Miss France 1995), Alexandra Rosenfeld (Miss France 2006).

Next year’s meeting for the 19th edition of Charity Day on September 11, 2020.


Washing of the Madeleine steps and festive evening closed the Franco-Brazilian Cultural Festival

The Brazilian Cultural Wash Festival of the Madeleine is the largest Brazilian event in all of Europe.

Created in 1998 by Roberto Chavez, a dancer born in Santa Amaro-Bahia Brazil, he was held at the Sacré Coeur church and was transferred to the Madeleine in 2002. He welcomes every year more than 30 000 people and takes place generally in September except last year where the organization Viva Madeleine, organizer of the event wanted to coincide with the Football World Cup, a must-see sport of the nation thus marking the link for social inclusion and peace between peoples, and the arrival of singer and former minister of culture Gilberto Gil, guest on the Grand Parade for Peace.

Born in Salvador de Bahia, the Lavage tradition has existed for more than two centuries and a half in Brazil, and represents the second largest popular festival after the carnival. It was originally called the “Senhor do Bonfim Festival” and was celebrated on the second Sunday of January after the day of the Kings (Dia de Reis).

To prepare the Senhor do Bonfim, the members of the “fraternity of lay devotees” forced the slaves to wash the new Bonfim Church, a Baroque masterpiece. <br /> Gathered in front of the closed door of the church, the slaves then decided to celebrate the feast on the forecourt and the steps of the building since 1774, with their rituals of Candomblé by instituting a procession punctuated by musical songs. still today the Church of Our Lady of the Conception of the Beach, patron saint of Bahia, until Bonfim, with its famous ribbons bracelets lucky. In 1998, the first Parisian wash took place and in 2002, on an idea of ​​Roberthino Chavès, dancer at Paradis Latin, the Franco-Brazilian Association “Viva Madeleine” was created to promote Brazilian culture in Europe.

This year, for several days, from the 5th to the 8th of September at the Carreau du Temple, a Village of Service, Gastronomy and Tourism with an artistic scene and the Grand Parade of the Place de la République at the Church of the Madeleine, have delighted participants. The 4-km course went through the Grands Boulevards, drawing 250 singers and artists dressed in white and adorned with flowers, as well as percussionists and dancers, to the steps of the Madeleine Church where Father Bruno Horaist, pastor of the Madeleine and Brazilian Ambassador to Paris Paulo Cesar de Oliveira Campo hosted the procession. A big closing party, Brazilian Vibes was the festival finale. An integral part of the official French artistic and cultural calendar, this 18th edition of the festival took place in a good-natured atmosphere.

Since 2014, the presenter TV, Cristina Cordula is the godmother of the event inspired by the washing of the Lord of Bonfim since 1754 in Salvador de Bahia. This event has been supported by the Paris City Hall and the Ile de France Region since 2005, the Permanent Delegation of Brazil to UNESCO since 2011 as a cultural value and is part of “La Route de l ‘ Slave “, global program for reconciliation, the duty of memory and historical truth, but also of the Brazilian Embassy in France.

After a long break, the Afro-Brazilian parade returned for the 8th year, organized by the association Fafadièse, as part of the Brazilian season “Brazil, Brazil”.

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On the theme of silk roads: Interactive tours in Chinese calligraphy

The exhibition “The Silk Roads: Travel through Chinese Characters” will take place in Lyon at the Palais de la Bourse from September 20 to 22.

On August 28, 2012, a conference on the upcoming exhibition “The Silk Roads: Travel through Chinese Characters” was held in Paris at the Inter Continental Paris Le Grand Hotel in the presence of Chinese guests, government representatives and the press from the two countries.

The year 2019 marks a quadruple commemoration, celebrating the 55th anniversary of the establishment of Sino-French diplomatic relations (late March with President Xi Jinping’s visit), the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China (October 1), the 100th anniversary of the Mouvement Travail-études en France (end March) and the 120th anniversary of the discovery of jiaguwen oraculate inscriptions in Anyang in Henan province.

On this occasion, the Chinese Scripture Museum, the Henan International Communications Office, the Henan Overseas Chinese Federation returning to China, Anyang City Hall, the Economics Journal, the Art and Design Magazine, HAIYAO Holdings and the Foreign Language Department of Tongji University worked together to set up this exhibition linking culture and technology, tradition and fashion, art and design. Through this exhibition, the passionate French audience of Chinese culture will be able to discover the Chinese characters, a thousand-year-old treasure, and answer questions about what these traits represent and learn about the oldest hieroglyphs, such as ,” , and “.

With the longest continuous tradition of an unchanging way of writing from high antiquity to the present, China has a writing that has played an important role in the millennial evolution and transmission of Chinese civilization since the oracle appeared about 4,000 years ago, or about 2,000 years after the invention of Mesopotamia’s cuneiforms; however, Chinese characters are the only ancient script to be broadcast and used up to the present day, including in Japan, North Korea, Vietnam,(…) or in more than 30 languages.

The sinograms date from 4,000 to 5,000 years (from the 15th century BC). The country’s economic development through the “Silk Roads” and since 2013 the “New Silk Roads” project has enabled the expansion of Chinese language practice in 170 countries. The goal is to connect the “Middle Kingdom” directly to all the areas and countries needed for its national interest and economic development. The creation of real economic corridors to its European (land), Arab and African (maritime) trading partners will enable the control of new communication routes through the construction of numerous infrastructure (roads, railways, airports, ports) and energy networks (pipeline, pipeline, electricity) in all the countries crossed. The influence of other counter-China powers, such as the US, will be thwarted.

Funding for this project will be provided through the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), which was established in 2015 on a Chinese initiative. With more than $100 billion, it is expected to allocate more than $15 billion each year on a cruise (2017: $3.5 billion). In addition, there are other funds, including the $40 billion Silk Road Company Ltd and those that could be mobilized by the emerging New BRICS Development Bank (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). In 2017, Fitch Ratings rated the number of projects planned or under way at over $900 billion.

The chronological exhibition will begin with the discovery of divinatory inscriptions engraved on bones or on tortoise scales and will continue with a selection of pieces showing the evolution of Chinese characters throughout history, until their development in the digital age. It will highlight the decorative quality of Chinese characters and the messages they convey, which can be found on printed silk scarves (oraculate motifs), inspired by emoticômes or pictogram-shaped sweets.

It all started in 1899 with Wang Yirong’s discovery of the first fragments of inscriptions on Oracle bone (jiaguwen bone writing) among the tens of thousands extracted from the site in the Yin Xu ruins in Anyang. These were the archeological records dating back to the posterior era of the Shang Dynasty (from the 14th to the 11th century BC), and which showed the oldest use of Chinese back over 3,600 years. The archeological site of Yin Xu in Anyang (“Chinese Pompei”) has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List and Chinese inscriptions on Oracle bone (the jiaguwen) in the Memory of the World Register.

In 1999, the creation of the “Digitalization of Jiaguwen Design” and the concept of the “Rime of Design” began following the presentation of the characters by Chen Nan, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, In 2017, the first bases of jiaguwen design revealed the beauty of the mathematical grid of the latter.

A total of 154,600 oracle bones have been discovered in the world, of which 127,900 are found in China, the majority of which are in mainland China (96,000) and Taiwan (30,200), and less than 100 in Hong Kong. The remainder (26,700) was collected in Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Today, 2,000 of the 4,500 words on bone have been translated and research is underway. Recently, in order to advance the process, the “National Museum of Chinese Writing” launched an open-ended program to collect as many interpretations of the jiaguwen in China and overseas as possible, with a prize of 100,000 yuan for each derived word, with each Chinese character hiding a story.

This exhibition evokes not only the history of Chinese writing but also the culture of the country through the body, mountains and rivers, agriculture and harvesting, wine and meat, tools and weapons. It will be presented at the Palais de la Bourse (69002) in Lyon, a city in the heart of Fort Saint-Irénée (69005), the New Franco-Chinese Institute created in 2014 following the Franco-Chinese Institute, which welcomed nearly 500 Chinese students from 1922 From 1 to 1946 in Lyon, a unique feature at the time and which also houses a space dedicated to Chinese contemporary art since 2016. Each year, 3 temporary exhibitions follow one another. The artists, chosen in China in partnership with the Beijing Art House x2D Yishu8, are invited to Lyon as part of an art residence, and then present a 3 or 4 month exhibition.

In the same vein, the city hall of the 13th arrondissement organizes the Chinese Character Festival from September 10 to 14, where young and old can discover Chinese writing and its characters through conferences, round tables, exhibitions and practical workshops.