The Festival of the Bread on the square of Notre-Dame de Paris

Anne Hidalgo inaugurated the 23rd edition of the Festival of the Bread Saturday, May 5 on the square of the cathedral NotreDame de Paris.

With this occasion, the winner of the Grand Prix of the Baguette of Paris, Mahmoud Me Seddi will receive his reward as well as the awardwinnings of the edition 2018.

Anne Hidalgo gave in the presence of Olivia Polski, his assistant in charge of the trade, of the crafts, the liberal professions and independent; Franck Thomasse, President of the bakers of Grand Paris; Pascal Barillon, President of the Room of Méiers and the Crafts, the first price in Mahmoud Me Seddi of bakery 2M located 215 boulevard Raspail, in Paris in the 14th district. It received an equipment of 4,000 euros and will have the honor to be the official supplier of the Elysium during one year. The mayors of the 3è, 4è and 14th district were so present just like the chief of Elysée Guillaume Gomez and the president of MIN de Rungis Stéphane Layani.

Paris has accommodated each year the Festival of the bread for 22 years. Thanks to its 1,000 bakers and pastrycooks, it makes it possible to emphasize the knowhow of the craftsmen of the bread and their products. The Parisian rod is the symbol of France and of the capital, it attracts the French visitors and foreigners who will be able to discover the secrecies of our bread until May 20th.

The topic of this year is “Baguette in scene and the invited country, the United States which will make discover some their specialities, a country group will ensure animation. A hundred bakers came to Paris to make bread and particularly from the rod which accounts for 70% of the production baker. With this intention, 6 open bakehouses were reconstituted with 8 ovens out of 1,200 m ², making it possible to the visitors to follow the various stages of manufacturing of the rod, kneading, fermentation, cooking, tasting. This year, the Festival of the bread puts at the honor the rod the insolite created with the INBP of Rouen by a team of trainer around Philippe Hermenier, Meilleur Ouvrier de France. It is manufactured starting from a mixture of 3 flours: flour tradition 65, organic flour of grinding stone and flour of small épautre. With a crumb of scented with amber color and its puckers central in the shape of vagueness, it is distinguished from the other rods. Its receipt will be diffused in all the festivals of the bread of France in order to propose it to the customers.

The various flours and cereals produced in France in more than 400 companies of flourmilling allow diversity in the manufacturing of the rod, this is why they are present over the site at the time of this festival of the bread between the 5 and on May 16th.

Each day a new animation is proposed with various competitions of which that regional of the rod in the departments of Ile de France May 5th and 6th, an animation on the organic bread 7 and 8 as well as the handingover of the prices of competition of best growing with butter AOP of Charentes Poitou 7; the opéraion Yellow pieces will be put at the honor May 9th and 10th with the participation of MOF bakers from INBP, the 11 and 12 Lesaffre, reference in the medium of yeasts and fermentations propose to make discover its new range the Batches of the world. The national competition of the rod will proceed the 13 and 14 and the evening of the partners the evening; handingover of the price of the national rod the 15 and the 16 festival of St Honore the owner of the bakers.

For the price of the best rod tradition, one will see to clash various candidates as days.  One or two bakers is selected by area, among the candidates of the departments, 21 of them remain for the great final.

The every day, the children will be able to learn how to make bread or pastry making, which it are accompanied by their parents or are come to visit with their school or college, a good means of attracting the young people towards a trade of mouth. They will benefit from it to taste their achievements.

During 12 days, you will be able to taste and buy very kinds of bread, Viennese pastries and cakes on the spot carried out by the professional exhibitors.


Dance Exchange: the International festival of Dance of Philippines

The International festival of the dance Dance Xchange is of return to Dumaguete. The event lasted 5 days from April 26th to April 30th in the arts centre of Dumaguete City, Negros Eastern, Philippines and Lamberto Macias Sports.

Organized by the NCCA (National Commission for the Culture and Arts) coldly chaired by Virgilio Almario and the NCD (National Comity of Dance) founded and directed by Shirley Halili Cruz, the edition 2018 invites all the professionals of the dance to join them and expose their knowledge to make with all the nations present at the time of this festival.

Knowledge and competences of the professors of dance, dancers and choreographers on the dances of the various countries as creative expression of their culture are increased thanks to Dance Xchange which provides a place of exchange of ideas, put in network, platform of discussion on the world trends in the teaching of the dance. It reinforces and improves cultural comprehension between the groups of dance of the participating countries (Shows of dance with specific inspirations to each country and stimulation of the creation of new works).

Put except for the local support, dance Xchange is officially approved by the Ministry of Education and the Commission on higher education, declaring the last week of April like the national week of the dance in Philippines.

The Spearhead of this festival is Shirley Halili Cruz whose taste for the teaching of the dance started when it was 15 years old thanks to its professor of ballet Bonnie Weinstein Glalagopi which enabled him to teach the ballet, Polynesian and Jazz in several colleges in 1974; as from this time, it becomes ballerina and professeure. In 1985, it realizes its dreamed by creating the school of Ballet of HaliliCruz (HSCB) to share its love and its passion for the dance.  With the opening, there are 46 students but from now on one finds there talents promising among the thousand pupils of the Boletus school.

The principal workshop is located in an imposing modern building of two floors and has 4 spacious studios equipped with bars, mirrors, audio systems, cloakrooms, rooms of rest and showers, waiting room, a large carpark and canteen. It also has a store of dance which transports all the elements of the dance and a room of costume. The school has a good collection of classical music and videos of ballet dancings.

The school proposes other activities among which great ballets, sensitization programs, provincial turns, workshops of dance of summer, demonstrations abroad, trips study, international competitions, study trips, international festivals, workshops of choreography, programs of evaluation

At the end of their academic cycles, unquestionable graduate decide to remain at the school in order to teach there, others leave in local or foreign ballets. Today, the school of Ballet of Halili Cruz is more the university of ballet in Philippines with nearly 1000 pupils; Shirley Halili Cruz remains about it for as much simple and modest despite everything the trophies and rewards which it gained.

For this festival 2018, Dance Xchange accommodated foreign delegations which shared the practices of traditional and contemporary dance of their country by the means of forums and workshops. Among the participating countries, one notes: South Korea, England, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Viêt Nam, India, Brunei, Japan, Bangladesh, Russia, Turkey and Taiwan and 25 groups of local dance of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao Manila cigar. 

























Final declaration of the Conference “No money for terror”

President Emmanuel Macron concluded on April 26th the International conference from fight against the financing of Daech and AlQaïda, conference of which it is on the initiative.

The 72 participating States began to take the following decisions and measures:

to criminalize the financing of displacements and the recruitment of the terrorists
to eliminate the obstacles with the information exchanges between competent jurisdictions
to encourage the partnerships with the sectors private and financial
to reinforce the capacities of the cells of financial information
to intensify the detection of the suspect transactions
to sensitize the organizations of export monitoring in the field of the weapons
to improve the traceability and the transparency of financial flows
to increase the traceability and the transparency of the funds intended for the nonprofit making companies and caritative works
to anticipate and prevent the risk of diversion of the new financial instruments
to work in collaboration with the industry of the digital one
to reaffirm the utility of the national organizations and international of freezing and seizure of the assets
to reinforce the effectiveness of the international cooperation
to support legitimacy, the visibility and the resources of the GAFI and the ORTG which play a central role in the fight against the bleaching of the capital
to reinforce our collective commitment towards the States which do not satisfy the standards or miss of capacities
to maintain our mobilization common against the financing of terrorism
In addition to the GAFI, the IMF, OECD, the United Nations and the World Bank give a continuous support to this fight.

The next international conference will be taken place in Australia in 2019.






Both Corées engage for peace without nuclear power

By crossing Friday the demarcation line to enter to South Korea, Kim Jong-Un declared himself “submerged by the emotion” it was admittedly the first leader North-Korean to take this step since the end of the war of Korea in 1953. The emotion was shared per many of those and those which saw these images.

South Korea and the North Korea confirm the common objective to obtain, by means of a total denuclearization, a nonnuclear Korean peninsula “, they add.

The two neighbors indicated that they would seek to meet the United States, perhaps also China, “in order to declare the end of the war and to establish a mode of peace permanent and solid” on the peninsula.

The two men then settled face to face around an oval table, according to images diffused on television. They stressed that they expected “positive results” of this top.

After having signed this text, the leaders Kim and Moon gave themselves the accodance, at the end one day of cordial testimonies of friendship between two men who shared in the evening a banquet accompanied by their wives.

Mr. Moon said to his visitor that it could “show him things much better than those if you come to the blue House”, the South Korean presidency, said the spokesperson. “Really? “, Mr. Kim answered. “I will go to the blue House constantly if you invite me”.

Kim Jong Un, sitted beside his sister Kim Yo Jong, added that he thought that this meeting could help “to catch up with wasted time”. He also joked about traditional noodles carried North-Koreans of Pyongyang for the banquet of the evening, hoping that would like them the South Korean president.

For this last, the arrival of the leader North-Korean is a “courageous” act and a “symbol of peace”.
After this top, the two leaders have to plant a pine going back to 1953. They have to attend a banquet then.

This top, which must be the prelude of a face-to-face discussion very expected between Kim Jong-un and US president Donald Trump, caused a chorus of praises in the foreign capitals. Donald Trump greeted a “historical” meeting, underlining “the enthusiasm” of Pyongyang in favour of an agreement while informing which it would not be made “not have” by Kim Jong-un, before their very expected meeting. He also thanked Beijing for his “invaluable assistance”.

China put forward the “courage” of the two leaders, Japanese the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe evoked “a positive step” and the Kremlin accommodated “very positive news”.

The general secretary of UNO Antonio Guterres greeted “the courage and the leadership” of the two leaders at the time of a “really historical” top. They showed that “the way towards peace is possible, against any waiting”, was delighted the cheffe by the European diplomacy Federica Mogherini.


Funerals of the ex sport selector Henri Michel took place Friday, April 27 in Aix en Provence

Henri Michel, old sport selector of the French team is deceased at the 70 years age on April 24th in Aix en Provence of the continuations of a cancer. He was buried in his Friday, April 27 hometown at 15:30 in the cathedral St Saver of Aix en Provence, in the presence of many former fellowmembers and trainers of which Michel Platini.

The announcement of this death caused many reactions starting with that of the President of the Republic for which Henri Michel is deceased too early. The discretion and the humility of Henri Michel () will have almost made forget the exceptional career which was his. In spite of the hardness sometimes of the world of football, it had forged solid friendships there, those which survive the affronts of the history. France loses a large sportsman and a man of an exceptional moral quality declared the President travels from there to the United States.

Born on October 28th, 1947 in Aix en Provence, Henri Michel begins his career in his hometown and remains there during 2 years of 1964 to 1966; he leaves then for Nantes where he joined the FC Nantes of 1966 to 1982 as an offensive medium. He takes part in 58 selections in French team whose first is in September 1967 for the match PolandFrance.

From octobtre 1984, it involves the Olympic French team and returns from Los Angeles with a gold medal. During then 4 years, until October 1988 it is sport selector of the French team carried out by Michel Platini then that of the PSG for the season 19901991. In 1994, it is sport selector of Saudi Arabia and of Cameroon, of Morocco of 1995 to 1999, the Plain EmirateArabs of 1999 to 2001, of Tunisia, of 2001 to 2002, he becomes trainer of Raja Casablanca (Morocco) in 2003-2004 and sport selector of the Ivory Coast of March 2004; one then finds it of 2004 to 2012 in Al Arabi Doha, in Zamalek, again in Morocco, in Egypt, in Equatorial Guinea and in Kenya.

Reached of a serious disease for several years, it has died out on April 24th in Aix en Provence.
Funerals of Henri Michel begin with a ceremony in the cathedral from ixinProvence. Denis Chaumier, old directing of the drafting of France Football, is present on the spot.

Like many personalities of the world of football, Maxime Bossis, former teammate of Henri Michel with the FC Nantes, made the trip this Friday in AixenProvence, to attend funerals of his friend. It was important to come for Henri Michel, he declared with the press, on the square of the cathedral. It was my idol when I was adolescent.

I joined it with the FC Nantes, in more I knew it sport selector for the World cup 1986. There remains the player of legend of the FC Nantes, the most emblematic player, somebody who also made a great international career which is not always recognized with its right value. Henri remains the Master for all the Nantes ones which moved today .

Many former teammates of Henri Michel was present for funerals, in particular Marius Trésor, Alain Giresse, Jean Tigana, Bernard Lacombe and Michel Platini. The president of the FC Nantes, Waldemar Kita, had also made the trip.


The Pantheon: A ceremony at the time of the 170e birthday of the abolition of slavery

It is the first time that Emmanuel Macron chaired a ceremony on this subject, from the presidential campaign where it had qualified the colonization of crime against humanity.

The president commemorates each year this major transformation for the human rights, of 1848. The ceremony proceeds since 2007 in the Luxembourg Gardens, in Paris, on May 10th, dates to which the Law Taubira, recognizing slavery like a crime against humanity, had been definitively adopted.

The ceremony is held this year on April 27th, dates to which the government of the French Republic had published a decree officially abolishing slavery in the French colonies. The Pantheon was also chosen by Emmanuel Macron, in particular since it shelters fall it from the one of the most enthusiastic defenders of abolition, Victor Schœlcher.

At the time of the 170e birthday of the abolition of slavery this Friday, Emmanuel Macron announced on Facebook the creation of a Foundation for the memory of slavery for this year. It will be chaired by the exFirst socialist minister JeanMarc Ayrault, announced in 2016 by his predecessor François Hollande, would be created this year.

Chaired by the former First socialist minister JeanMarc Ayrault, it will be placed with the Hotel of the Navy where the abolition of slavery was issued on April 27th, 1848 by Victor Schoelcher specified the Head of the State during the ceremony of the 170e birthday of the abolition of slavery in the French colonies in the Pantheon.

This foundation will be equipped with human and financial but so scientific means, to carry out missions of education, culture, support for research and the local projects.

The Foundation will also help to replace slavery in the long time of the French history, of the first French colonial empire at our days because it is impossible to speak about France about today without speaking of its colonial past, Emmanuel Macron added, who sees in this foundation the occasion to carry everywhere the commitment of France for freedom because slavery did not disappear and there remain still today abolitions to be gained.







Commemoration of the Armenian genocide

Tuesday, April 24, Maire de Paris received at the end of the morning the Armenian community to the Town hall at the time of the commemoration of the genocide of the Armenians. At the beginning of evening, at 18:00, it went Place of Canada for a ceremony in front of the statue of Père Komitas, victim in 1915 of the raid of the 800 intellectuals.

The Komitas father, from his true name Soghonom Soghonomian was born in 1869 in a modest family which liked the music. He loses his mother whereas he has only one year then his father at the 11 years age.   He He makes studies of theology and is ordered priest in 1892, a year later, he are appointed professor of music of the college of Etchmiadzine then Doctor of Divinity in 1896; he continues his formation in Berlin in 1899. Three years later, he is doctor in musicology. Founder of the movement arménophile in France, it returns in his country in 1907 then creates a music school in Constantinople in 1910 and in 1914, it goes back to Paris to give a concert then another to Constantinople on April 13th, 1915 with 300 chorussingers. Eleven days after, on April 24th, 1915 begins the first genocide of the 20th century, the Komitas father is stopped in the raid of 800 intellectuals then offset to the camp of Tchanguiri in the deserts of the Ottoman Empire. Thanks to the intervention of Western diplomats whose American ambassador, it is released but the reason lost. In 1919, after hospitalization in its country, it is transferred in France to Evrard City then to the psychiatric hospital from Villejuif where it dies on October 15th, 1935. It is buried as Armenia in 1936. A statue is set up with Erevan and another in Paris in the 8th district.

For the 103ème commemoration of the Armenian genocide, Anne Hidalgo made a point of pointing out the commitment of Paris towards the Armenian nationals; she pointed out the duty to remember and underlined the violence used in their connection by the mode Young Turk in 1915 /1916 then still until our days by the mode of President Erdogan who does not recognize the génocidetrs. She also evoked in front of the community and the copresidents of the CCAF (the Council of Coordination of the Armenian organizations in France) Mourad Papazian and Ara Toranian but also Viguen Tchitetchian, ambassador of Armenia in France, the strong bonds which bind the two countries.

Ara Toranian made a point of denouncing the assassination of the AssyroChaldees during the genocide of 1915 and of the Greeks pontic as well as Kurdish progressists by Turkish. He also greeted the other communities victims of genocides such as the Jews, the tutsi and the Cypriot ones whose representatives were present at the Town hall. He also evoked the resignation of the former President become Prime Minister Serge Sakissian.

The ceremony of the evening in front of the bronze statue of the Père Komitas carried out by David Yerevantsi and inaugurated in 2003 by presidents Chirac and Kotcharian in the presence of Patrick Devedjian, Bertrand Delanoe, Charles Aznavour and the Turkish editor Ragip Zarakolu joined together the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, Nicolas Hulot, Minister for the ecological Transition, Jeanne dHauteserre, mayor of the 8th district, the copresidents of the CCAF, Mourad Papazian and Ara Toranian as well as the deputy Jacques Marilossian, president of the group of friendship FranceArmenia, which represented President Macron in official visit in the United States. Wreaths were laid before the speeches by the personalities at the bottom of the statue of Père Komitas. The message of Emmanuel Macron addressed to the President of the Republic of Armenia, Armen Sarkissian was read by the deputy. In the public, many elected officials were present as well as personalities of any edge among the most 5,000 people who had moved for the occasion.

After the speeches, a walk of claim moved in the calm to the Champs Elysées, within walking distance of the embassy of Turkey.  A speech of the representatives of NOR Seround and Nazarpek was made at the end.

President Macron who made the promise in his countryside to register with the calendar one day for the commemoration of the Armenian genocide is engaged during dining it annual on the CCAF to support this project. He will go besides as Armenia next October for a visit of state which will correspond to the Summit of Francophonie.Le Foreign Minister will go him to Erevan for the 100 years of the capital.

In addition, the Tumo school created in 2011 in Erevan by a couple of rich patrons arménoAmerican, Sam and Sylvia Simonian, via the foundation Simonian Educationnal Foundation will open another establishment in Paris next September. One hopes for of it also an establishment in Los Angeles.

This school, mixes of a school of art and of a dataprocessing school of coding is single in the world and addresses themselves to the teenagers from 11 to 18 years in their proposer to develop free after lécole centers of interest (robotlike, video games, video and music), the pupils are registered with a course per week, the choice and can work on the 385 computers which the school proposes. At the end of two years, the cycle is buckled by a final project.








“No money for terror”, conference of fight against the financing of Daech and Al-Qaïda

Wednesday the 25th and Thursday, April 26 in Paris a world conference is taken place on the financing of international terrorism in particular of Islamic the State group (EI) and of AlQaïda, and on the ways of blocking it.

Nearly 500 experts, 80 ministers of 72 countries like 12 international organizations G7, G20, GAFI, the IMF, the World Bank, ONG, will confront their experiments, to exchange information and to try to arrive to a set of good practices which could be globalized thereafter, for example to the level as of the United Nations, specified the Elysium.

French president Emmanuel Macron had announced the conference, this conference holding at the time of his speech to the ambassadors from France at this meeting in Paris at the end of August, baptized No money for terror.
It is a political conference of mobilization at the planetary level which underlines the will of a commitment renewed with the service of the expensive multilateralism to the French President.

The terrorist threat is not declining, Daech, Al Quaïda, Boko Haram continue to be organized and are present on Internet and the social networks. Groups very active and threatening collect funds and make them circulate, being played of the borders, using the most sophisticated techniques (anonymous transfers, electronic wallets, prepaid cards), resorting to the crowdfunding, with the bleaching of the money of the crime, the lucrative traffic of works of art.

From 2014 to 2016 , Daech accumulated an enormous war treasure, about a billion dollar a year.
The military victory against the caliphate is an important success , the Elysium commented on Tuesday, but it secures us neither against the resurgence of Daech, nor against the activity of the groups and individuals having lent allegiance to this organization or AlQaïda.

Work of this conference is held in the buildings of the economic Cooperation organization and development (OECD), behind closed doors, except for a speech of conclusion of Mr. Macron.

The day of Wednesday is devoted to three round tables animated in particular by Bruno Dalles, director of the cell antilaundering of the French ministry of Finances (Tracfin), François Molins, public prosecutor, or Emmanuel Moulin, principal private secretary of the French Minister for Finances.
The day of Thursday will be opened by Peter Neumann, director of International the center for the study of toughening of King S College of London, author in August of a noticed study entitled Don T follow the money (do not follow the money, in reference to the mantra of the American film the men of the president, Follow the money), in which it estimated that the war with the financing of terrorism such as it is carried out since 2001 was often expensive and unproductive.

Often, the attacks or attempts at these last years in the world mobilized very small money sums, difficult even impossible to trace and locate in advance.

In January 2015, an enquiring Norwegian, Emilie Oftedal, studied 40 terrorist cells which have, between 1994 and 2013, organized or tempted to organize attacks in Europe. In the threequarters of the cases, the amount of the sums concerned did not exceed ten thousand dollars.

The terrorists collect, transfer and spend the remarkably ordinary money of way, she wrote in his report. The most frequent funding source are the wages and the economies of the members, followed by the minor delinquency.

The attacks which were committed on the European or NorthAmerican ground cost certainly very little money, admitted an Elysian source. But the terrorist groups, that they are with Raising, in the Sahel or in Asia behave like organizations, which have costs of operation, of structure. It is necessary to recruit, form, equip. Yes, there is terrorism low cost, but it is also necessary to treat financing of these organizations.

Syria was not invited, nor Iran (country placed on the blacklist of the GAFI), but a dialogue requires between MM Rohani and Macron. In a surprising way, Israel aenvoyé any minister.


Funeral of Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush, woman of old US president George H.W. Bush and mother of former president George W. Bush, died Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at 92 years whereas it had decided the stop of her medical care and the recourse to the palliative care.

Funerals took place episcopal Saturday, April 21 with léglise Saint Martin of Houston, in Texas in the presence of four former presidents of which his/her husband and his son and a thousand of guests. However, a great absence was noticed, that of the current President, Donald Trump, but this last was represented by his Mélania wife.

The called upon reasons were those of the security but since the announcement of the death of Barbara Bush, the flags of the White House and the residence in Florida de MaraLago were put in Bern. The absence of president Obama in 2011 and 2016 at the time of funeral of Betty Ford and Nancy Reagan had also been noticed.

It would seem that the tensions between the clan Bush and president Trump date from the presidential campaign of 2016 when Jeb Bush was his direct competitor in the race with the republican nomination. To support his/her son, the ex first lady did not have to hesitate to treat Donald Trump of Showman and in addition, her husband declared that he had voted for Hilary Clinton.

For funerals of Barbara Bush, the Clinton couples and Obama were present at the sides of the family of two former presidents Bush. The ex president Carter, in displacement abroad could not be present.

Barbara Bush was a very respected woman of all the political circles, it had also created a foundation which fights against illiteracy.

It had met H.W. Bush in 1945 whereas it had met it at the 16 years age then the family is installed in Texas. They had 5 children, 17 small children and 17 backsmall children, they remained married during 73 years.

For several years, the ex first lady had suffered from thyroid, the disease finally was right of it last Tuesday, it extinct at it was surrounded by its close relations.

After the religious ceremony, the convoy went to College Station, with 140km of Houston where Barbara Bush was buried on the site of the presidential Library of H.W. Bush, who has reached Parkinsons disease for several years can move only in wheel chair.


The fans and the world the electro one under the shock, the Avicii genius left us

The Swedish DJ Avicii, of its true name Tim Bergling, died this Friday with Mascate (Oman), at the 28 years age. Its agent announced the sad news with the Variety site.

It is with a deep unhappiness that we announce the death of Tim Bergling, also known under the name of Avicii, official press release details. It was found died in Mascate, in Oman, Friday afternoon. Its family is devastated and we ask you to respect his intimacy in this difficult moment. No other information will be given

Regarded as one of best DJs in the world, it was in particular known in 2013 general public for its tube Wake Me Up with the singer Aloe Blacc.

During these last years, the Swede had not made mystery of his health problems, like his pancréatite, had with an alcohol excessive consumption.

That has something to see with my health. The scene was not for me. I do not speak about the show or the music but about what there is around. I am rather introverted and that was always hard for me, he had said to Hollywood Reporter.

The Swede collaborated with artists of different horizons like Madonna, Coldplay or David Guetta, and rose twice in the third place of the ranking of best DJs of the world, in 2012 and 2013, according to DJ Magazine, the reference on the matter.
It had had to cancel representations in 2014 to be made withdraw the gall bladder and the appendix.

Some would have almost believed in a joke. Not, Avicii cannot be dead it is impossible, one reads on the social network. Please, tell me that it is not true, the ones beg. The death of Avicii at only 28 years, it is so sad good blood, the others increase. For much, he was a giant of the world electro scene. A enormous talent which made vibrate the young generations on the sounds of Wake me up or of Levels disappears subitementen leaving in the head from its larger fans of the indelible memories.

Many DJ of the whole world paid him homage on the social networks. Among them, Calvin Harris, Kungs, DJ Snake, Martin Garrix, David Guetta, or Kygo. I cannot believe that it is true My greater inspiration and the reason for which I began the electronic music. Thank you for all the joy which you brought to the world thanks to your music. RIP, the author of It Ain T tweeté Me.
Let us recall that Kygo was contacted by the author of Wake Me Up to compose of the official resumptions of its pieces, or to play its first part in Findings Festival of Oslo in 2014. Very touched by the disappearance of his/her friend, the Norwegian DJ made a point of paying to him another homage, this time in music. Whereas he played on the scene of Coachella this Friday, April 20, 2018, he dedicated the title Without you to him, his music preferred.

The world lost an incredibly talented musician, the star Frenchwoman David Guetta reacted, who published on his Twitter account a photograph of him with Avicii. Thank you for your beautiful melodies and time that we shared with the studio, to play together as DJ, or simply by enjoying the life as friends, he added.

All too early cry the death of a genius left and transmit their condolences to the family like with the close relations of the artist. So sad So tragic, the queen of pop Madonna commented on Instagram. The world lost an incredibly talented musician.

It is the general reaction which appears on the social networks, a few minutes after the announcement of the death of the Swedish DJ Avicii.





Something really horrible happened. We lost a friend with such a beautiful heart and the world lost an incredibly talented musician. Thank you for your beautiful melodies, the time we shared in the studio, playing together as djs or just enjoying life as friends.
RIP @Avicii

— David Guetta (@davidguetta) April 20, 2018