Catherine Feher shares her passion for cosmetology from the French Riviera

Parisian by birth, Catherine Feher has chosen the Côte d’Azur to settle and develop her dermo-cosmetic range, an anti-aging innovation with highly concentrated active ingredients, ensuring lasting beautification and rejuvenation.

After 2 years of medical studies, Catherine Feher returned to IRCA, a school of applied cosmetology in Versailles (78). The last year, she embarked on several projects including the creation of products for a Chanel line from parapharmacy products. She is also interested in peeling, which brings her into the world of dermo-cosmetics.

When she was offered the management of the Ecole Supérieure d’Esthétique in Paris, she gave courses in cosmetic methodology and cosmetic physics (how a product can come back or why some will never come back). It was then that her private life led her to the Côte d’Azur where Marcelle Gontard, whom she had met during exam corrections, offered her the direction of the BAC + 2 course in aesthetics and cosmetology which had just been created, the section having no graduate to direct it in Nice. It is also an opportunity for her to enter the world of pure aesthetics.

After several years, the school is sold, which leads her to go into business on her own by buying an anti-aging center, offering pre and post-operative care of cosmetic surgery but she does not practice traditional aesthetics. like fingernails, waxing, etc.

The care provided in this center is aimed at women and men who will undergo or have undergone cosmetic surgery (breast prostheses, obesity surgery or facelift), it is also lymphatic drainage. Active and concentrated cosmetics are used by professionals in SPAs, clinics and aesthetic centers, preparing and pursuing the result both with aesthetic intervention and with all kinds of injections.

A graduate of IRCA and accredited by the rectors of Nice and Paris, Catherine Feher teaches and passes on her experience and passion. In addition, thanks to a diploma from the Order of Physicians, she has been taking care of rejuvenation for 25 years but also acne and hormonal problems that she treats with peels based on acetylsalicylic acid, aspirin which l acne is absorbed or diminished. Its sole purpose is “the aesthetic result” and the well-being of others.

Working with laboratories which did not keep their commitments both verbally and chemically but which exploited her diplomas and her know-how with their advertising, she decides, with her qualifications, to create her own anti-aging range for women as well. only men. She partially buys a laboratory in the Paris region where she works with a pharmacist to, among other things, choose the formula.

The concept is based on prevention, consumer education, avoiding putting soap on the face (it will be reserved for the body), learning hygiene habits because dermo-cosmetic products are hygiene products that protect the skin even at 18 years and regulating the active secretions. Since the products are mixed, men whose skin is thicker than that of women, must use more product. These new techniques of meso-esthetics and rejuvenation without injection bring prevention and cure.

Thanks to the technique of micro-needling by a pen with which we can introduce hyaluronic acid, we treat the volume of the face, the tensor of the side lift, the spots, the problems of hair loss. There is also the glycolic acid peeling technique with sugar cane which is natural, then a radiofrequency cold technique where you can grab the serum from the range which includes 11 very affordable although luxurious products.

The ingredients used are natural but are not in the event of an inflammatory state, they are: organic low molecular weight hyaluronic acid; vitamin A, vitamin E very rarely used, vitamin C to boost cell renewal and give a little radiance and healing to the skin of people who have had acne, for maximum penetration into the epidermis , plant collagen and elastin, allantoin … everything for a unique anti-aging efficacy ..

Located in a range between 60 and 95 € or 100 € for the most expensive, the products are presented in simple, clean, single color packaging on an airless, rickshaw system. The brand is represented by a red rose, a symbol of love and unspoiled beauty.

Already based in St Barth, Dubai, Morocco where she has facilities with distributors who trust her, Catherine Feher aims to make the brand international by working with people in love with their work, which is for her the best ads. He is not interested in working with employees asking him for € 15 products with beautiful packaging. In addition, one of its ultimate goals would be China for which “everything that comes from France works well” but whose entry is very difficult. The United States is always a problem because of the FDA and the fact that its cosmetics are considered drugs.

The Catherine Feher dermocosmetics line consists of 11 preparations with concentrated active ingredients for Her and Him, which improve the condition of the skin and give effective, lasting and visible rejuvenation. It consists of: Hyal C Serum; Lift Serum; Unique Eye contour serum, halfway between gel and cream, contains 2% caffeine, it can also be applied to the lip contour; Hydra Soft Cream face cream; Hyal cream based on hyaluronic and lactic acids, vitamins C and E; Radiance anti-oxidant and hydrating cream, anti-free radical, it can be used day and night; Moisturizing cream mask based on prickly pear and lily flower, does not need to be washed, done once a week, it gives the feeling of fullness and deep hydration to the skin while firming it, helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin, brightens the skin and fights age spots, eliminates redness; Peel Mask and Revital, revitalizing and stimulating lotion made from a plant native to Namibia which refreshes and awakens the complexion, this spray can also be used on the décolleté during the summer. For the body: Unique Cellu Body anti-cellulite cream, today one of the most concentrated creams in the world with 15% microencapsulated caffeine, activates blood and lymphatic circulation. thanks to the very high concentrations of caffeine and lecithin. An Anti-Aging Body Lotion with hyaluronic acid is in preparation.

All Catherine Feher products are available at the anti-aging center in Nice as well as in Cannes, Paris (Clinique Eiffel Carré d’Or in the 16th arrondissement where Dr Lévy and Sidney Ohana, world-famous celebrity surgeon, practice), Monaco, Beaulieu -sur- mer, St Barth, Dubai, Marrakech and online.

The instructions for use of the anti-aging range are easy: Start by cleaning the skin in the morning with Revital lotion; then mix the 2 serums and apply the eye contour serum; use a cream that depends on the season: Radiance cream or Hydrasoft in case of very dehydrated skin or sports activity; make-up removal in the evening with a cleansing milk (this product does not yet exist in the range) then apply the serum and the moisturizer.

His recommendations for keeping beautiful skin and in good shape are also linked to a balanced diet, alcohol-free, gluten-free if possible, lots of fruits and vegetables, not too much red meat but lots of fish and exercise to “release tension. “, 8 hours of sleep and living in harmony and without stress are recommended. The choice of a good cream and cosmetics help to maintain the tone of the skin, providing it with the necessary nutrition and hydration as well as a beautiful color, it will make it possible to “prolong the effect after intervention although not being the solution against aging nor a 100% path to perfect beauty ”.

For those who want to go to health centers, you should know that miracles do not exist but that the maximum is achieved to achieve the objectives of customers thanks to the staff present for 20 years.

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