Charity Day: When the world of the financial markets east in first line to come to the rescue of childhood and the medical research

BGC Partners is an American service company, world leader on the financial markets. Its offices were located at the 105ème stage of One World Trade Center.

At the time of the attack against the Twin Towers on September 11th, 2001, the group lost 658 collaborators, that is to say a quarter of the victims of this horrible attack.

After having transferred 25% of its annual results to the families of the victims during 4 years, BGC decided to set up starting from 2005 a day of annual charity, the birthday day of the attack. At the time of this international day of solidarity, baptized Charity Day, the company and its 18 subsidiaries transfer the entirety of the sales turnover of the Group to the associations, acquired thanks to the implication of celebrities who for the occasion transformed themselves into brokers in order to carry out the most transactions possible in space of a few hours and to make some profit the association which they represent. A different associative topic is selected every year in each country. Since 2005, 150 dollars million was recovered thanks to the godmothers and godfathers of associations and their aptitudes to record Stock Exchange orders with the assistance of professional brokers.
For the edition 2018, the French subsidiary Aurel BGC accommodated about fifty personalities which followed one another in the offices and for some, it was not the first time.

Associations were selected according to their achievements, their projects, their field of intervention and their serious. The majority of them are in keeping with sick and underprivileged childhood. We find thus in the prize list, the Foundation Arthritis, Foundation ICM, the Foundation Alzheimer, the Small Princes, Espérance Banlieues, the Good Fairies, the Kings of the world, these 4 last referring to the children.

The Arthritis Foundation: engaged in research on the polyarthritis since nearly 30 years; the universe of the sport was mobilized there with the tennis player Michaël Llodra, the athlete Muriel Hurtis, the rugbymen Pascal Papé and Marc Lièvremont (for the second time), but also the actors Julie Ferrier (presents last year) and Arnaud Ducret, Joyce Jonathan, Elodie Gossuin, Nicolas Canteloup, Margot Laffite, Vincent Guérin, Albert Spano and several players of the ADZE 1976 of which Dominique Bathenay and JeanMichel Larque. lLa communication on the serious diseases and handicapping as of more the young age is in the center of the work of the association which books each year more than one million euros to research, that is to say 10 million euros since its creation.

the ICM, the Institute of the Brain and Moelle Épinière were created in 2006, it supported by the racing driver Paul Belmondo, Jean Todt and Philippe Candéloro (these the last 2 present last year). Opened since 2010 with PitySalpétrière an international action has. The ICM profit from an ecosystem privileged with its specialized staff. He became in less than 10 years, the first center of référenceen neurosciences in France and 3rd at the European level.

The Foundation for Research on Alzheimer, created in 2004 with PitySalpétrière, takes part in Charity Day for the first time, represented by Chantal Ladessous (for the second time this year), the song writers and performers Pierre and Alain Souchon, the mannequin Estelle Lefébure, the actor Michel Boujenah, as well as the presenter Tele Stéphane Plaza which made their baptism of fire. It is the only association dedicated to the clinical research in France wishing to fight the disease. Each year, 500,000 to more than one million euros have been versed for research for 14 years.

Small Princes represented by the presenter radio operator Manu Lévy, the journalist Marie Drucker and the singer Tal as well as the presenter and actor Julien Courbet. Association born in 1987 realizes dreamed of the children and seriously sick teenagers, reached cancers, leukaemias and certain genetic diseases It is a link for 150 hospital services in France. Each day, one dreamed of child is carried out and it is the case of more than 6,700 since 1987.

The Good Fairies, association created in 2015 by 15 Miss France, had as ambassadresses Sylvie Tellier, chief executive officer of the company Miss France, accompanied by Mareva Galanter, Corinne Coman, Maeva Coucke (Miss France 2018), Melody Vilbert, Alicia Aylies, Camille Cerf, the presenter tele Valérie Damidot, all already present last year and this year a new arrival Alexandra Rosenfeld.  The collections of funds just like finance research programs specific sensitization operations on the ground or of assistance to general public.

Association Espérance Banlieues, les humorists Olivier de Benoist and Sandrine Sarroche took down the telephone to raise a maximum of funds at the time of this exceptional day. Founded in 2012 by Eric Mestrallet, the purpose of association is to create and develop schools deprived except contract bringing an alternative solution, pragmatic and especially adapted to the specific needs of the disadvantaged districts.

The Kings of the World, created in 2012, this association made up of 34 voluntary credits, helps the orphans hospitalized and needy in France, establishing a link between hospital and houses of children by organizing cultural outputs, workshops discovered. At the time of the festivals of end of the year, association traverses France accompanied by queens of the world who become Mothers Christmas, Mickey and Minnie which distribute gifts. For Charity Day, the artist and sculptor Richard Orlinski as well as the presenter TV Laurent Boyer, transformed themselves into brokers for the second consecutive year.

Charity Day really became an institution for the world of associations which, thanks to the celebrities lending itself to it to the game, can thus collect funds for good deeds.

Alicia Aylies – Charity Day 2018
Alain Souchon et Pierre Souchon – Charity Day 2018
Julien Courbet – Charity Day 2018
Stéphane Plaza – Charity Day 2018
Stéphane Plaza – Charity Day 2018
Véronique de Villèle – Charity Day 2018
Laurent Boyer – Charity Day 2018
Chantal Ladesou – Charity Day 2018
Stéphane Plaza – Charity Day 2018
Laurent Boyer et Stéphane Plaza – Charity Day 2018
Alexandra Rosenfeld – Charity Day 2018
Sylvie Tellier, Valérie Damidot, Alexandra Rosenfeld et Maëva Coucke – Charity Day 2018
Sylvie Tellier – Charity Day 2018
Joyce Jonathan – Charity Day 2018
Sylvie Tellier – Charity Day 2018
Maëva Coucke – Charity Day 2018
Sandrine Sarroche – Charity Day 2018
Tal Benyezri – Charity Day 2018
Mareva Galanter – LES BONNES FÉER
Olivier de BENOIST – pour Espérance Banlieues
Jean Todt, Oswaldo Piazza, Ivan Curkovic, Dominique Bathenay, le professeur Gérard Saillant -14e édition du Charity Day
JEAN TODT, Pr. Gerard Saillant, Philippe Candeloro et Olivier de Benoist
Marc Lievremont – FONDATION arthritis
N. CANTELOUP et Marie Drucker
Nicolas CANTELOUP pour la fondation ARTHRITIS
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