Cry from the heart, rant, Babette goes to war….

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Since March 17, France has been in confinement, but how is it going in the French overseas departments and territories?

On this April 6, the chief and politician Babette de Rozières sounded the alarm by speaking on CNews facing Jean-Marc Morandini on the situation of the ultra-marine territories which she considers forgotten in the fight against pandemic.

“In a France affected in the heart by COVID-19,” confinement “must not rhyme with” isolation “. What is true for individuals is also true for territories.”

Before this period of health crisis, the overseas territories were already abandoned, faced with a lack of health infrastructure and currently there are regions where the water is cut off. Social insecurity, a disorganized economy and unsanitary conditions are added to the natural disasters that have occurred in recent years. Public facilities have been destroyed, including the Fort de France hospital destroyed by fire in 2017, the reconstruction of which is not expected until 2022.

Believing that the Overseas are forgotten in the fight of France against the covid 19, the regional councilor of Ile-de France emphasized the differences between the metropolis and the ultra-marine territories concerning the means used to defend oneself against the virus, while insisting on the virtual absence of overseas territories in the media and in political discourse.

“When I open the French national channels, we are only talking about Italy, Spain, the whole world but never Overseas. While the virus has settled in Overseas and we have a lot of problems “…” France is withdrawing to France “…” What do we do for overseas when we know that we are confined by 39 ° and isolated? “…” If we do nothing for the Overseas, it will be a tsunami. We will not be able to get up. We are used to cyclones, everything. But, this sanitary tsunami, in addition of the economic tsunami, it will hurt a lot. We have no gloves, no frost, no breathing apparatus. We have nothing (…) There are 200 people contaminated by region of Overseas . It really is a scandal! “…. she said.

While the needs for care, gel, tests and other equipment are necessary, Babette de Rozières requests the solidarity of France to help the Overseas: “Do we want to make the Overseas If you want to make the French Beyond Grave, they are on the right track “she added …” There are municipalities that have no water. How are they to wash your hands? There are nurses who are not protected, they have no mask, they have nothing. It is unacceptable, I cannot bear that! “.

The recruitment of foreign doctors has been facilitated as has the mobilization of helicopter carriers, but unfortunately, this is insufficient to manage the pandemic which will increase.

“Are we talking about the Overseas? We are only talking about the weather. I don’t care about the weather! What I want is that we help the Overseas because they are too shit. They’re being invaded by the Covid-19. We’ve even sent moldy masks, breathing apparatus that is useless because it’s not suitable for the Covid-19. “Don’t treat us like that. You have to do something! I’m really fed up with it. The only channel that talks about overseas and you have to get up early to see it is France O. The channel that we want to delete it. I’m fed up, tired of it, “concluded the chef.

According to a last assessment established this Monday, April 6 in the morning, 955 proven cases of coronavirus were diagnosed in Overseas, including 164 in Mayotte among which 32 caregivers and 4 pregnant women. All the territories except Wallis and Futuna are affected. There are currently 15 deaths (2 in Mayotte, 4 in Martinique, 7 in Guadeloupe and 2 in Saint-Martin / Saint-Barthélemy). The situation must be monitored because of its alarming nature, especially since the health infrastructures and the state of health of the overseas citizens are more precarious than in mainland France.

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