Cycling to raise awareness of the climate emergency: Let’s all get naked!

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The first edition of cyclonudistes, a parade organized between the Bois de Vincennes and Bercy (XII) by the French Naturism Federation on Sunday, September 8 to defend the climate in Paris has turned into a fiasco. The event was about twenty cyclists pedaling in their simplest device around the Place de la Nation and the Bastille (XII), the space of a few minutes (…) for photographers and cameras.

Known around the world, the World Naked Bike Ride is usually held in March for the Southern Hemisphere and in June for the Northern Hemisphere. If cities like Lille, Marseille, Nice or Toulouse have jumped on the occasion several times, our dear capital has been careful not to leave the buttocks until now.

The aim of the Cyclonudista is to raise the awareness of the public and the political class to the protection of the weak users in the city, but also to the quality of life in the urban centers. This protest and festive event aims to demand more safety for cyclists in the city (creation of more bike paths, equitable sharing of space between cyclists and motorists, etc.), a reduction in pollution and noise pollution. , as well as the implementation of free public transport.

A faithful of Velorution reminds us of the philosophy of the movement: “We do not block traffic, we are traffic …” The ecological crisis does not receive media coverage at the height of its magnitude, its gravity, and its urgency. Reporterre’s mission is to inform and warn about this issue which, in our view, conditions all other issues in the 21st century.

Getting naked and having a good pedal stroke helps you defend your values. On September 8th, the first Naked Bike Ride was organized in Paris, the opportunity to have a fresh flower and to campaign for ecology, the environment a sensitive topic in 2019.

This event, invented in Spain in the early 2000s, is unique in that it brings together cyclists in their simplest form: cyclonudists. “All naked to save the planet!”

In the morning, police patrols took turns on the naturist space set up in the Bois de Vincennes to warn that the offenders would be verbalised for “sexual exhibition”. The presence of security forces on the side of the Château de Vincennes dissuaded the protesters gone in procession towards Paris.

Only a few rebels claiming the collective “extinction rebellion” engaged in the fight against climate change have decided to defy the prohibition of police headquarters.

Nudity would be revolutionary. Unless this way of activating reveals something else: the sign of disarmed, powerless, vulnerable activism. The king is naked, so let’s all get naked!

They were finally stopped and dispersed by the CRS before reaching the group ministry.

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