Djamel Saïbi dares a play on feminicide

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It’s a social issue. Violence against women does not depend on origins, social or cultural status. They are a reality which kills in France, a woman every two days. Containment has unfortunately intensified this scourge by increasing the marital aggression by 30%. However, today, the awareness is collective. Mobilizations are taking place everywhere. Associations and organizations are working to stop this femicide and stop making the headlines.

In his own way, Djamel Saïbi wanted to make a contribution to the building. A simple meeting was enough to inspire him and allow him to express himself on this reality. With him, it is not a question of shocking, but of raising awareness, to better prevent and above all, to no longer remain deaf and blind. Invisible Bruises “are” those blues, this violence (…) which is not always visible. It is then for the victims to prove – and this is the obstacle course – that they were indeed beaten. It is all this violence that is discussed (…) through the couple Corinne and Michel.

In his play, Djamel Saïbi gives way to the relevance and the veracity of an unspeakable situation with degrading consequences which has found only refuge, silence. Here, Michel and Corinne are just the transcribers “of a piece of” truth “inspired by all this emotion felt while listening to the terrible journey” of the one who indirectly instilled in the author, this subject.

Michel is a policeman and above all passionate about war planes. He has just acquired new models which he wants to show to Fabian, one of his colleagues. So he invited him to dinner and asked Corinne his devoted and submissive wife to prepare everything and be up to par. Yes, but not tonight. For 24 years, Corinne has been under the psychological, physical and material influence of her narcissistic pervert husband. Her children are gone. Her friends left her. He managed to cut her off from everything and everyone by depriving her of her credit card. He is the one who buys his jewelry, dresses, bags from great designers. For years she has been powerless and silent with her verbal contests, as well as her emotional blackmail. And yet, he loved Corinne. “He thought she was pretty. She was an exceptional woman. A wonderful woman. Fabulous, even! (…) But that was before. Long before.”

Today, the cup is full. As Emma Dubois, the actress who plays her, explains, “Corinne is at a turning point in her life. She feels like tonight is her last night! Corinne who still took the time to put on a dress decided to face Michel who asked her to go change. Will she have the courage to leave him to put an end to this moral and physical harassment of which she is the victim. ? Will she finally let herself no longer be put down, dare to respond to her insults and stand up to this cultivated and apparently respectable man who is her executioner of husband, who does not think badly by mistreating her in this way; the only obsession of this man bruises and neglected by his parents, being to lose her. Also, will she use the SP 2022 caliber 9mn that she has in her Birkin bag for five thousand euros, that he gave her?

“Les Ecchymoses invisibles” is a piece of emotion that cannot leave you unmoved. Words for blues with a soul written and directed by Djamel Saïbi. A camera on marital terror interpreted with accuracy by Emma Dubois and Eric Moscardo.

Exceptional live broadcast on Sunday June 28 at 8:00 p.m. on YouTube / “La Py Sphère”

Performances at Théo Théâtre (Paris XVème) on July 9, 10, 11, 16, 17 and 18 at 8:15 p.m. – Reservations: 01 45 54 00 16 –

Visuals: © Marceau Uguen and Regine Beyrand

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