Dogs also have a world day

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August 26 is World Dog Day, a way to celebrate our friends on four legs; it was therefore normal to recall this date which highlights the “best friend of man.

For millennia, this friendship has existed all over the world. It was the Anglo-Saxons in particular who came up with the idea of creating this day, supported by international animal and animal organizations such as IFAW (International Fund for Animal Protection) or SPA . In all cases, the living conditions of dogs are highlighted and the quality of care improved. This day also allows us to focus on abandonment and find a good home for all those waiting in the shelters and thus avoid euthanasia.

On this day of remembrance, our hairy friends need all our respects, whether it be a massage, a party with congeners, a gift (toy, accessory…) or a special walk. For those who unfortunately are in shelters, blankets, toys and food are the welcome, as well as giving some time to associations and especially full of love.

On Monday, August 26, on the occasion of Dog Day, the Minister of Action and Public Accounts, Gérard Darmanin, insisted on honoring dogs at the service of the French customs. In fact, the use of intervention dogs by fire fighters, police or the army is predominant in research missions (people buried in natural disasters, narcotics, mines, kidnappings…) due to their olfactory and sensory skills. Some of them are medalists for their exploits and unfortunately others are losing their lives on duty like Diesel, a seven-year-old Malinese man killed in the Paris attacks during the Saint-Denis assault in 2015. According to police, “Dogs of assault and explosives search are essential in the missions of Raid operators”. You will also notice their presence during the July 14 parades with firefighters, police or alpine fighters.

Most of the animals used by the dog handlers are shepherds (from Beauce, German, Dutch, Belgian, including laekenois, tervueren, groenendael, Malinese, border collie, Pyrenees and colley) but also doberman, boxer, St Hubert, American Pitbull or beagle.

But another question arises: How many dogs are there in the world? The answer is about 500 million, of which 83 million are in the United States and 75 million are in Europe (5.5 million in Spain and Germany, 7.2 million in France, 8.5 million in the United Kingdom and 12.5 million in Russia), the countries in Europe where they are the least numerous are Estonia (180,000), Switzerland (4400 0) and Greece (660,000) according to dog food manufacturers. Asia figures (110 million in China, 32 million and 20 million in India); Africa (78 million and 70 million strays according to WHO) and the Middle East (71,000 in Egypt, 50,000 in Lebanon and 32,000 in Saudi Arabia) and South America (30 million in Brazil, 6.5 million in Argentina and 5 million in Colombia) are highly uncertain; in addition, most animals in the wild or on the streets are not counted.

In terms of race, there are about 700 different races according to their weight, according to the International Cynological Federation (CFI):

Giant ice creams, made up of dogs over 150 pounds. This is the Spanish Mâtin, which can in some cases exceed 120 kg, and the Saint Bernard.
Large breeds, ranging from 25 to 50 kg. Representatives include Rottweiler, a centuries-old one, and the powerful Alaskan Malamute.
Average races between 15 and 24 kg. Among them, the English Bouledogue, with its docile and faithful port, and the Caniche (there are several races).
Small breeds between 5 and 14 kg. It is said to be the Dwarf Schnauzer, with its many qualities for the owners, such as hunting, guarding, pet dog, etc. Also included in this category are the Carlins.
Dwarf races, weighing less than 10 pounds. This category includes the Cree-haired Bichon, a race that stands out for its intelligence, the Maltese Bichon, which owes its name to the hunt of rats in boats, and the famous Chihuahua, the smallest of the races. Some of its representatives do not even exceed half a kilo.
The market on the margins of pets is expanding due to the increasing number of animals in the homes, almost one in two. Dog owners spend an average of 800 euros per animal per year mainly on food that is getting closer to that of humans (organic for example), the costs for hygiene, beauty and health are about 600 euros per year, not to mention insurance and accessories. In order to maintain the well-being of their companion, grooming rooms, pensions, day care centers and petsitters are multiplied.

Every year, the Pet Fair, Animal Expo, is held on the first weekend of October at the Parc Floral de Vincennes and the canine exhibitions allow you to take pride of place on the most beautiful animals; in January, the Paris Animal Show took place at Porte de Versailles.

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