“Fashion mom”

Mother’s Day, usually celebrated on the last Sunday in May, is this year postponed to that of the following, namely June 7; Pentecost falling at the same time. But do you know when this tradition dates back to honoring mothers?

It would have its origins from the Greeks. In mythology, they celebrated fertility in the spring and worshiped Rhea, the mother of Zeus.

But it was in the United States that we owe it in 1914 to have made it an official celebration.

In France, it seems that the first of this celebration returns to the village of Artas in Isère. Indeed, he claims to be the first to initiate the organization of a ceremony to congratulate two mothers of nine children by awarding them the prize of High maternal merit in 1906.

However, it was not until 1929 that the day was officially recognized by the government, although Lyon since 1918 has paid tribute to the mothers and wives who lost their sons or their husbands during the war.

In any case, mothers are of paramount importance. “Hello mom boho”. They are the ones who give life, of course, but they are much more than that. “If mom if …” Marshal Pétain himself said it on the radio in 1942: “Only you know how to give everyone the taste for work, this sense of discipline, of modesty, of respect that makes men healthy and strong people. You are the inspirers of our Christian civilization. ”

Women are said to be programmed to be mothers. What is certain is that the perfect mother does not exist. “Mum would be wrong”? Each one simply does as it can and regularly demonstrates that the impossible can become possible. There is nothing stronger than the bond between a mother and her child, whatever they do, whatever they become. She transmits love and values, opens the way, consoles and accompanies. “When I hurt myself it is soft. Like a caress in existence. When I give up she becomes a lioness. And stands up patiently. When I’m crazy about greatness. She brings me back without hurting me. She is in this hellish world. My star among the stars (extracts “The eyes of the mama”). This role of full-time life coach is not easy, which is why he has the watchword of patience.

So, what is a day when, in the end, mothers should be honored on a daily basis? So, let’s take advantage of this day to make them more happy with flowers, a perfume, chocolates, a jewel… and above all, say THANKS to them for having “carried us before the world, carried us every second and carried us with it”.

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