For its 31st edition, Perpignan receives the International Festival of Visa for Image Photojournalism

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2 September 2019 6 p.m. Jean-Marc Pujol, Mayor of Perpignan, surrounded by Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres, President of Visa and Jean-François Leroy, Director, opened the ball with a speech in which he delivered his point of view on the image, insisting on reflection at a time when everyone photographed the world around him on a daily basis. his smartphone. The image is often deceived, it’s important to decode it, he said, adding that Visa is not just war, it’s a look at the world as it is, a look free of engaged and passionate photographers.
9:30 p.m. Beginning of the first evening of screenings of the professional week ( September 2 to 7 ) at the open-air theater of Campo Santo. Mass tourism in Barcelona, ZAD de Romainville, traditions in Indonesia or Ethiopia Yellow vests, macho violence in Argentina, Justice for Stephon Clark 16 topics presented for the September/October 2018 timeline after the release of the images of the day.
Visa is also this year 23 free-access exhibitions, until September 15th, in about ten emblematic places of the city, convent, church, barracks, palace, hotel, theater, cinema
“This annual event illustrates the need to take a professional photographic look at world events,” writes France Info, which reports on Leroy’s words:
Photojournalism is built when you have information, a statement, (…) it is a work that is built, completed, that tells a true story. It’s not the “citizen journalist” taking a picture with his IPhone
Interesting development of the Director of Visa, whose aim is to regain public confidence in this medium, stolen by the smartphone and its plethora of playful images.
Visa is the information, free and honest, showing the world as it is, through the sharp eyes of the world’s greatest photographers.

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