For the holidays, the pastry chefs put the log in!

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For the holidays, the pastry chefs put the log in!

The pastry chefs do not stop putting their talent at the service of creativity to present us each year with gourmet and more inventive logs that are similar to real works of art. There is as much for the pleasure of the eyes as that of the taste buds. Here are some sweet treats that are sure to make your mouth water before the holidays.

With Christophe Michalak, desserts will be a celebration. Above all, they will be very artistic. In addition to its delicious Pistachio Oriental, Mango, Milk Chocolate Caramel and House logs to finalize at home, the pastry chef let his creativity express itself. Results? Sumptuous delicacies to savor.

Made with a flowing pecan praline and a creamy, intense dark chocolate mousse, this is his “violin” from Ingres for this end of the year. A new signature produced in a limited edition to make the end of the festive meal dance – Buche “Violin” for 8 people: 78 euros – Without wheat flour, organic egg.

Composed of Michalak signature chocolate (66% cocoa), placed on a dark chocolate base, Santa Claus will not leave indifferent young and old with its garnishes of chocolate treats – 300 gr: 45 euros.

By superimposing hazelnuts, pistachios from Oran, grilled sesame from China, oranges and candied gingers, you will get a beggar’s tree with Michalak signature dark chocolate sweets (66% cocoa) – 330 gr: 35 euros – Products and other boxes on 

Dalloyau will make you touch gustatory peaks with its “Bûche Oh Sommet” made from a thin shell of milk chocolate, with a crispy interior (mixing caramelized dried fruit with Ile de France honey and hazelnuts , almonds, pistachios, pecans, sunflower seeds and puffed quinoas), a soft cookie with dried fruit and milk chocolate chips, a milk chocolate mousse (46% pure Dominican Republic) and a sweet spice shortbread – Limited edition for 8/10 people – 109 euros More products on

Chef Eric Frechon and Maxime Louis, pastry chef at Le Drugstore restaurant (Paris VIII) have pooled their talents. Result? A little “Ruby”; a tasty crispy feuillantine log with hazelnut gianduja, chocolate biscuit with a caramel ganache with fleur de sel and a dark chocolate mousse with tonka bean. A little gem with perfectly balanced flavors – For 4/6 people: 39 euros –

The pastry-baker Benoît Castel has decided to respect tradition with a kitschish chocolate log, rolled the old-fashioned way, obviously with respect for the raw materials. The taste buds will succumb to pleasure with a gourmet ganache with bitter chocolate and orange confit, without forgetting the golden shortbread and crunchy at will – For 6/8 people: 50 euros –

The Tropézienne tartar was inspired by its famous pastry. What could be better than a tribute log composed of a Joconde cookie, garnished with its delicious cream that makes its history and an insert of raspberry chips, sprinkled with large grains of sugar and covered with raspberries as a festive dessert which, on both sides, includes two white chocolate leaves bearing the image of the bell tower of Saint-Tropez? In a small worldly fishing port, the elite of the cream of the VIP logs – For 6 people: 32 euros –

It was the imaginary world of the tale of “Alice in Wonderland” that inspired pastry chef Stéphane Arrète at the Royal Évian hotel. Gluten-free with Andoa organic milk chocolate, Earl Gray tea and orange, its magic log in the shape of a labyrinth-shaped sphere includes in its lower part an assortment of truffles flavored with orange and chocolate as well as beggars . Limited edition available by reservation for 6/8 people on 04 50 26 85 00: 110 euros –

It was the funfairs that motivated the creativity of Matthieu Carlin, the brand new pastry chef at the Hôtel de Crillon (Paris VIII). “Le Carrosse de Noël” is made with 66% dark chocolate mousse, red grapefruit jelly on a vanilla madeleine cookie with a crunchy cocoa fleur de sel heart. The wheels are in white chocolate. As for the base and the horses, they are dark chocolate – Book 48 hours in advance at or by phone at 33 1 44 71 15 17 – For 6/8 people: 120 euros – www.rosewoodhotels .com

With Pascal Hainigue, pastry chef at Burgundy Paris (Paris I), the log will never have lived up to its name. He signs “Le Stère chocolaté”, dotted with silver frost, a crisp 3D creation dedicated to the forest. Inside, a creamy vanilla and fir with Macaé chocolate mousse resting on a soft hazelnut cookie, with a crispy buckwheat and pieces of porcini mushrooms. In limited edition on order – For 6/8 people: 90 euros –

You choose now that it will be your “good log” …

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