France and Estonia, strengthening security and defense against cyber attacks

Prime Minister Jüri Ratas met French President Emmanuel Macron to ensure cooperation between Estonia and France, particularly in the field of security and defense.

“France is a very good friend and a strategic partner of Estonia, with which it maintains close cooperation in many areas, both bilaterally and within the European Union and NATO. signing of today’s declaration on strategic relations, it will further intensify our cooperation with France ”, declared the Prime Minister.

“We understand the importance of close cooperation in this difficult time, when we face the health crisis caused by the pandemic. As we protect the lives and health of our citizens and revive the European economy, we must also tackle the issues that shape the future of the people. “Security issues in Europe’s immediate neighborhood also require our attention,” Ratas said.

Ratas and Macron discussed Estonia’s cooperation with France to ensure security and stability in Mali. The French armed forces provide NATO security in our region, contributing both to the NATO Battle Group and to Estonian Air Police rotations. France announced in September that it would join NATO’s Tapa battle group in 2021.

The meeting also addressed important issues for Europe, including the health crisis caused by the pandemic and economic management. The fight against climate change and the digital revolution were also discussed. Regarding foreign affairs, the Prime Minister and the President discussed developments in Europe’s immediate neighborhood, including the situation in Belarus, the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, relations with Russia and tensions in the region. eastern Mediterranean.

Ratas and Macron signed a declaration on the strategic partnership between Estonia and France. In this context, Estonia and France intend to further strengthen their close relations and intensify international cooperation, including within the EU and NATO. The Prime Minister and the President then issued a press release.

The negotiations conducted at European level to require digital platforms to quickly remove terrorist content online must “be successful as soon as possible,” Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday (October 28th). It is “urgent and necessary that the European negotiations on the removal of terrorist content from the Internet, within an hour, can be completed as quickly as possible”, declared the Head of State to the press at the after a meeting with the Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas at the Élysée Palace.

The implementation of a regulation at the level of the European Union is currently the subject of discussions between the European Parliament and the Member States, relating in particular to freedom of expression and the means of regulating platforms. For Emmanuel Macron, “terrorist content is not illegal content like any other: it is murderous, it is highly viral. It is therefore a major security issue in view of the terrorist threat with which we are all confronted ”.

The two countries signed a “strategic partnership” to strengthen cooperation between Paris and Tallinn “in terms of security, defense, cybersecurity, energy and climate”, according to Emmanuel Macron, recalling that Estonia had ” developed recognized expertise ”against cyber attacks.

In the afternoon, Prime Minister Ratas participated in a roundtable with Estonian and French entrepreneurs, the aim of which is to seek new opportunities to strengthen business relations. Estonian companies Guardtime and Magnetic MRO and representatives of French companies Airbus, Eolane and MBDA, as well as the French Ministry of Health, Olivier Véran, attended the event.

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