In Ukraine the fiction became reality Sunday

41 years old, the man, who does not have any experience in policy, became very popular thanks to television, in particular by playing the main role in the series the servant of the people. He incarnates a professor of history there, propelled with the presidency of the country, which is confronted with a corrupted ruling class.

It is called Volodymyr Zelensky, he is actor and the next president of the Ukraine. In a country always caused to become gangrenous by corruption, the message of these televised series finds a broad echo near the Ukrainian televiewers. I am a new face, I never made of policy, I come from a sector considered as clean, television and the cinema. People know me well and they can be identified with me, he says.

Considering that Eastern Europe is part of the communist past and constitutes a true industry of corruption, freedom and the democracy today are searched more and more in Balkans.

The fall of the Communist regimes of 1989 has updated, in the space controlled for more than forty years by the Soviet Union, of old conflicts between nations, ethnos groups and religions which had not been solved, but only cold under totalitarian modes. The experience gained in the transition postCommunist can be useful to defuse the current conflicts on the levels European and world.

Three decades after the fall of the Communist regimes in Eastern Europe, the importance of the leaders will clarify who changed the history in 1989, while proposing to share their immediate experiment of the transition from Communism to the democracy and the management of the conflicts. during this transition.

Fulgurating the rise of Volodymyr Zelensky was supported by the désamour of the Ukrainian voters visavis elites splashed by corruption scandals with repetition and their disappointment five years after rising proWesterner with Maïdan, which carried to the power Petro Porochenko. The actor Volodymyr Zelensky gained the presidential election with 73,2% of the voices. A humorist thus finds himself propelled in charge of the country, without having any experience in policy, after the role of the Ukrainian president, whom it incarnated in televised series.

Volodymyr Zelensky, actor beginner in policy, gained Sunday evening April 21st the presidential election in Ukraine with a majority crushing visavis outgoing Petro Porochenko, opening a page rich in uncertainties for this country in war with the doors of the European Union.

Coldly elected, president Volodymyr Zelensky hopes to put an end to the war which devastates is country by starting again the peace agreements implying Russia. We will continue the process of Minsk, we will start again it, he declared with the press during his first press conference after his election with the presidency. He referred to the peace agreements signed in February 2015 in the capital bélarusse under the aegis of Kiev, Moscow, Paris and Berlin.

Whereas many truces were announced by the belligerents, but ever respected, the Ukraine and the Westerners show Russia to militarily support the separatists, which lunatic Moscow in spite of the elements in this direction raised by several international mediums.

Most important is to cease fire, still put forward Mr. Zelensky. The task number one is to make return all our prisoners, our sailors, he continued, adding that he would make very to make return our guy on their premises.

Kiev and the Occident denounce detention by Russia and the separatists of several tens of Ukrainians, considered as political prisoners or of war in their country.

If Volodymyr Zelensky will have with the presidency strong powers, in particular as chief of the armies, his manoeuvre margin to take concrete measures will be very limited fault of parliamentary majority. The legislative ones are planned for the moment only on October 27th, predicting the opening of a new phase of political struggles.

That which will take up its post in one month already set several objectives, in particular to start again the peace process implying Russia and to visit the Ukraine with the meeting of the inhabitants. He had also stated at the time of his countryside to want to meet the French, German and American leaders. He could also dissolve the National Assembly quickly after having reached the power to try to obtain a majority. For the rest, the blur remains.

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