International prize of the town of Paris for the rights of people LGBTQI+

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Friday, May 17, Anne Hidalgo gave for the second consecutive year, the International prize of the town of Paris for the rights of people LGBTQI+, at the time of the World Day of the fight against the homophobia and the transphobie.

Each year, this price created in 2018 reward of associations which fight in favour of the rights of people LGBTQI+ in France and abroad. It comprises 2 categories with a French awardwinning and an international awardwinning chosen by a jury made up of a president and 10 French and foreign members recognized for their commitment in favour of communities LGBTQI+. This year, one 3rd awardwinning was selected among ONG Frenchspeaking people taking into account their important work.

The jury of the year 2019 was composed of:
Sonia Akkari, International Coréférente of the commission of S.O.S homophobie.PRIX

David Aeurbach Chiffrin, Total acting general of the Federation Respect Tjenbé Rèd (ultramarine association LGBT.

Brian Scott Bagley, dancer, American choreographer and cofounder of Feed Black Pride.

Pierre Baillet, Chief executive officer of the AIMF, International association of the Mayors Francophones.

Laurène Chesnel, déléfuée charged with the families with InterLGBT, member of the CNCDH.

James Creedon, Irish journalist on France 24.

Marame Kane, Copresident of center LGBT ParisIslandofFrance.

Giovana Rincon, director of association AcceptlessTransgenres.

JeanLuc RomeroMichel, mayorassistant in charge of the culture of bets 12th, regional advisor and militant LGBT.

Jazell Barbie Royale, American elected Miss International Queen 2019.

The prices were given under the presidency of Jean Wyllys, Brazilian deputy in exile and emblematic figure of the defense of the rights of people LGBTQI+ to Brazil, by Maire de Paris in the presence of his assistants Hélène Bidard, in charge of the equality women/men, the fight against discriminations and of the Human rights and Christophe Girard of the culture. It was the occasion for elected of speaking about the LDC and reproaching the government its intolerable delay compared to the International one in the presentation, the vote, the promulgation and the application of a law .

The National Price rewarded association from Réunion Orizon. Intended to the victims of discriminations and for their close relations, she in particular set up last year a charter bound for the trade and health care institutions of the island in order to develop the virtuous initiatives and to help people LGBT in their doing better to know the places in which they can be certain to be accommodated under good conditions. The Frenchspeaking Price, honoured association Transgenre Burkina Faso. Created last year after having met many obstacles, it is the first association intended for the people trans of the Burkina Faso whose first financings reached a little more than 1,800 euros not counting the donation of the Price of the town of Paris of an amount of 5,000 euros. The International prize, was given to the foundation Colombian Red Comunitaria Trans Bogota created and chaired in 2013 by Daniela Maldonado Salamanca; She promotes the rights and accompaniment of the vulnerable women transgenres and/or in situation of prostitution in the disadvantaged districts of Bogotá. For some month, the National museum of Colombia has organized an exposure on the social movements, in which it takes part. A special mention for 3 other associations and their commitments:                                               Collective intersexes and allié.e.s, association created in 2016 for the fight of           recognition of the rights of the LGBTQI+ and more particularly against the pathologisation of the people intersexes; end of the mutilations and the not authorized treatments; suppression of the mention of sex or kind at the registry office.   It will be its choice: stop with the mutilations intersexes is the campaign which she launched on September 10th, 2018 . This association made by and for the people intersexes, is the only one in France which still defends their cause taboos in the French company. MSM Madagascar, federation of associations present in 7 big cities at Madagascar, created in 2008, gathering and putting in network 17 national associations which fight against the stigmatization and discriminations towards the HSH and against the propagation of the IST/VIH through Madagascar. It constitutes the first collective of organizations LGBTQI+ of the zone Indian Ocean gathering the territories of Maurice, of Seychelles, Madagascar and Reunion.
European Lesbian Conference, created in 2017, one of the first independent conferences in Europe, fights for the recognition of the rights of the lesbians and fight against their oppression in Europe. One second conference opened in 2019, on the initiative of Monica Benedicio, partner of Marielle Franco, assassinated L last year in Brazil, so that justice is returned.

After the ceremony, the participants were invited to go 67 rue Montorgueil (75002) in order to pay homage in of this World Day of the fight against the Homophobia and Transphobie, in Bruno Lenoir and Jean Diot, the last 2 French known to be condemned to the capital punishment, strangled then burned in place of Strike on July 6th, 1750 after a 6 months lawsuit, for homosexual practices. This judgment was the last in 1791 before the depenalisation of homosexuality. The commemorative plaque inaugurated by Maire de Paris in 2014 and vandalized in 2018 is located at the crossroads of the streets Montorgueil and Bachaumont.

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