Jaber Zayani, the rising star of boxing

Jaber Zayani is a professional French boxer of Tunisian origin, born in 1990 in St Martin d’Hères, near Grenoble.

After 17 fights and 17 victories in pro, 10 of which were won by KO, Jaber Zayani took on a World Champion title. He has just signed a 5-year contract with the businessman Prince Al Walid Ben Talal Al Saud. This is the largest French contract with $30 million committed and $6 million a year guaranteed. Thanks to this new promoter, he will meet American champion Floyd Mayweather by the end of the year for the World Championship.

Portrait of Jaber

Jaber was destined for football first. Unfortunately, following an injury, he abandoned that path and turned to his second passion, boxing. At the age of 17, he began boxing in his hometown and then went to practice at the club d’Echirolles. After 5 years, he joined the amateur France team with which he will do several internships. But that is not enough to fulfill his ambitions. He wants to boxing in Pro and France is not the place where it will be.

The Pro Career

In 2011, “The Lynx” as he is nicknamed decided to join Canada. His work, determination and belief in his dreams will lead him to success. Once on the New Continent, he continues to train. It is a battle in Canada that opens the door to recognition. He then decided to return to the old continent, first to Britain where he played official matches and then to France.

Unfortunately, his country does not live up to its expectations, the doors do not open despite its positive record (never a lost match). So he’s thinking about crossing the Atlantic again. This time, he chose to place his suitcases on American soil to achieve his goal: become world champion by meeting the greatest.

The American Career

Very quickly, luck smiled at him. Thanks to its potential, the best coaches want to sign with it. In 2014, in Las Vegas, Floyd Mayflower offered him a contract but the two men did not agree on the terms. The Iserois then turned to the Filipino champion, Manny Pacquaio (“Pacman”) with whom he signed in Los Angeles.

It includes the “Wild card boxing club”, one of the largest rooms in the world run by coach Freddie Roach. This former boxer was named the world’s best coach in 2003, 2006, 2008 and 2009. He is at the base of the career of “Pacman” and seems to be the best fit to take off Jaber Zayani’s career.

The Frenchman became “sparring-partner of several world champions including José Carlos Ramirez, Raymundo Beltràn, Alberto Machado, Ivan Baranchyk or Jesus Cuellar and Scott Quigg. In May 2019, he prepared Manny Pacquiao for the WBA welter weight championship against Keith Truman in the Philippines.

“The Lynx” is proud to have caught the attention of Manny Pacquiao. For him “it’s just a dream” (…”he made me dream and made me want to love sports”…).  He acquired experience while surprising his coach by his speed and weight for a “welter weight” template. Soon, he won his first fight in the United States, against Mike Fowler.

Between 2012 and 2018, Jaber won 16 fights, including 9 by KO. He wins the continental WBO super feather belt in August 2018. During the 10 rounds of the fight, he put his opponent twice.

Latest titles

– 2018

After this fight, Jaber returns to France. He continues his training to improve himself and correct the details. He finds the room of his beginnings, with his physical companion, Jérôme Boujeat. Thanks to his skills (knowledge of taking, going fast and having a big mind), he met on August 18, 2018, in Mandaue (Philippines), Edouardo Mancito in the “light weight” category. (-61 kg).Winner of this fight by decision shared over 10 rounds, he is the holy WBO Eastern Champion and ranks 7th in the world’s Top 15 in his category. This victory gives the French a chance to compete for a world belt.

– 2019

The following year, he won his 16th victory in the Philippines (in 16 fights). In a single round, he won against Mexican boxer Ciso Morales in the “light” category. The heat (35°) and a big hook with the liver soon proved the opponent against whom he had prepared for 3 months. With this victory in the semi-finals, he is on the podium, at the 3rd step of the WBO world ranking.

Thanks to these results, renowned Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao notices it and decides to take it under his wing in order to further promote the career of the French-Tunisian champion. He boxed his foal in parties and prepared him for the big projects they have together.

– 2020

He won his last international title in Thailand in February 2020 in the WBC Asian Championship. Our boxer clashed in Bangkok, local champion Weerapon Kingsantae, aka Veerapol Sor Chantasith. The latter was defeated by TKO in the second round.

The Future

The signing of a 5-year contract with Saudi Prince Al Walid Ben Talal Al Saud will enable the “Lynx” to realize his dream. He will meet with the champion Floyd Mayweather in Dubai later this year, where he currently resides. For his future, he still hopes to boxing at least 6 years, everything will depend on the course of his career.

What is boxing in English

Englishboxing, the “noble art”, is a combat sport between 2 opponents, of the same weight and same sex. In a ring, with gloves, they beat each other with punches in the face and bust. The fight is divided into rounds, separated by a minute’s rest announced by a bell. During this time, the boxer receives care and advice.

In Olympic or professional boxing, boxers try to avoid their opponent’s moves while trying to touch them. Each shot (clear, powerful and precise) allows to recover points. The winner is the one who has the most points.

When the opponent does not resume the fight after the referee’s 10-second count, there is victory by KO (knock out). Similarly, if the opponent is injured and cannot continue, there is technical KO.

What are the 4 main international professional English boxing federations?

  • LaWorld Boxing Organization (WBO)

Founded in 1988 by a group of Dominican and Panamanian dissident businessmen from the WBA, the WBO sets its own rules and organizes its 1st World Championship between Thomas Hearns and James Kinchen on November 4, 1988 in the super-average category.

  • The World Boxing Association (WBA)

Founded in the United States in 1921 as the National Boxing Association, it is the oldest. It then changed its name and became in 1962, the WBA to emphasize the global character of the association. She is the world champion (WBA regular Champion) and interim champion. The title champion (regular) who has retained his belt 5 times, is named super champion. The WBA also awards lower WBA Gold titles.

  • World Boxing Council (WBC)

Founded on 14 February 1963 in Mexico City by 11 countries (United States, Argentina, United Kingdom, France, Mexico, Philippines, Panama, Chile, Peru, Venezuela and Brazil) on the proposal of Mexican President Adolfo López Mateos, it includes the New York State Athletic Commission, the National Boxing Association, the European Boxing Union and the British Boxing of Control.

  • The International Boxing Federation (IBF)

Founded in 1983 by Bob Lee after failing to become president of the WBA. Based in New Jersey, it is based on the United States Boxing Association (USBA) chaired by Lee. The 1st IBF World Champion Belt was awarded to American boxer Marvin Camel on December 13, 1983 in the Heavy-Light category after his victory against Roddy McDonald.

Jaber Zayani
Jaber Zayani
Le boxeur Jaber Zayani vient de signer son contrat de 5 ans avec son promoteur le prince saoudien Al Walid Ben Talal Al Saoud. 

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