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July 14: A committed nation, united and solidarity, a tribute to the carers and General de Gaulle

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The traditional parade of July 14 takes place this year at Place de la Concorde in Paris, due to the health crisis. Caregivers are honored as well as four European countries intervened in support during the Covid-19 crisis.

Four countries were invited to the ceremony to thank them for their help during the health crisis. Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland have admitted Covid-19 patients from the Grand-Est region to their hospitals due to overcrowding in intensive care units. A total of 161 French patients were thus treated in these European hospitals.

10.45 am: Arrival of the President of the Republic. Welcomed by General François Lecointre, Chief of the Defense Staff, accompanied by the GMP. Review of the troops from the Pont de la Concorde.
10.50 am: Honors paid to the President of the Republic, place de la Concorde. Welcome by the Prime Minister, the Minister for the Armed Forces, the Minister Delegate in charge of Memory and Veterans Affairs and the Chief of the General Staff of the President of the Republic.
11:00 am: Opening animation “Homage to General de Gaulle”.
11:15 am: Parade of aircraft commanded by Air Division General Laurent Lherbette, second in command of Air Defense and Air Operations.
11:25 am: Intermediate activity “The tradition of July 14, national holiday, popular festival”.
11.35 am: Helicopter parade.
11.40 am: Parade of troops on foot.
11.50 am: Final animation “Homage to the Nation”.
Some 2,000 soldiers, 30 flag guards and 60 cavalrymen of the Republican Guard will park on Place de la Concorde this year and 52 planes in particular will fly over it.

The ceremony took place Place de la Concorde, in reduced numbers, without crowds. Tribute was paid to the victims of Covid-19, as well as to all those involved in the fight against the epidemic. General de Gaulle was also mentioned to celebrate the 130th anniversary of his birth, the 50th of his death, and the 80th of the June 18, 1940 appeal.

Members of the government and Prime Minister Jean Castex arrived at Place de la Concorde around 10:30 am, for a ceremony at least. Emmanuel Macron crossed the Concorde bridge to the square in a military car, from the National Assembly. It was also in this vehicle that he began a traditional review of the troops present, completed on foot. The ceremony then began with a tribute to General de Gaulle.
The battle of Montcornet is mentioned, one of the only victories of 1940. It was Colonel De Gaulle who won, at the head of the 4th French armored division.

A Lorraine cross is formed by soldiers from the different “Compagnon de la Liberation” units and 60 young people from the voluntary military service join the soldiers from the “Compagnon de la Liberation” units to form a Marianne, symbol of the French Republic.

Air Force planes fly over Place de la Concorde, when two Saint-Cyrien read extracts from texts by Charles de Gaulle as the Patrouille de France arrives.

In the mini-parade of military troops on foot on the Place de la Concorde, the Army Health Service and support to the Army Health Service were present. They walked along the VIP platform. A troop of the School of the paramedical personnel of the Armies as well as student practitioners of the Army Health Service also marched.

The medical staff in front of the presidential tribune, applauded by the guests and the VIPs, came to join the soldiers in front of the presidential tribune to draw a blue, white and red flag. The Marseillaise was then performed by the choir of the French army.

The Patrouille de France then carried out a second exceptional passage dedicated to civilian and military medical personnel involved in the fight against the Covid-19. The white column of smoke, in the middle, was more represented than red and blue, always in homage to the caregivers. For three days the Patrouille de France will fly over each city and hospital where cases of covid -19 have been recorded, Ils de France, Grand Est (…) in tribute to caregivers.

In the end, President Emanuel Macron, thanked for the good organization of the national day to the general of army François Lecointre, to the medical personnel and to the families of the 13 soldiers who died in November 2019, but also the four countries present for the assistance offered during the Covid-19 epidemic.

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