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Justice4Climate: Last recourse in favour of climatic justice

Anne Hidalgo, Maire de Paris and President of C40, network of the 95 metropolises engaged for the climate, joined together with, the mayor Town hall of big cities of the world, associations, the experts and lawyers and the citizens carrying initiatives of environmental protection February 20th and 21st in order to work collectively on the climatic challenges.

The 2 key periods were Justice4Climate in favour of a climatic justice on February 20th and Women4Climate on February 21st for its 3rd annual transfer and the promotion of the commitment of the women in the ecological transition.

Justice4climate or how justice becomes the last recourse visavis States which do not act, or not enough, to implement the agreements of Paris. Justice also has as an aim of protection the citizens visavis the failures and with the insufficiencies in terms of climatic fight. Since a few months, European municipalities whose Paris, Brussels or Madrid just like of many ONG brought proceedings against the authors responsible for climatic aggravation. The installation of the Justice4Climate conference held room of the Council of Paris and animated by Audrey Pulvar, former president of the Hulot foundation, creative of very young the funds of equipment for Africa proving its commitment for ecology, made it possible to advance the actions while federating French and foreign mayors like those of Sydney, Lisbon or Grenoble for France in the person of Eric Piolle.

This last focussed on the setting in danger of the territory following pollution related on the inaction of the multinationals and the aggravation of the climatic problems as the increase in the temperatures which impacts health but also water. It is time that the cities act visavis the inertia of the states and that actions are open so that the pollutants assume their responsibility. For that, mayors, lawyers and civil society must be linked to advance and keep the promise of the COP 21 with the image of the petition the Business of the Century which collected more than 2 million signatures of support; everywhere in the world, of the citizens are made best lawyers of the Agreement of Paris, it is what made react 4 ONG (Oxam, FNH, Greenpeace and Our Business with All) which assign the State in justice for climatic inaction by inviting everyone to support the business of the century by signing the petition.

The intervention of Marjan Minnesma, director of the Urgenda Foundation which gained against L Dutch state showed that all was possible. Other personalities marked the conference of which Christel Coumil, teaching enquiring and member of Our business to all; Eliot Lepers, creator of the campaigns It is still time and One is ready; Breton Martial, vicepresident of CliMates and coordinator of Youth for Climate France as well as the chronicler Clément Viktorovitch. ONG were represented by their directors (JeanFrançois Julliard for Greenpeace France, Cécile Duflot for Oxfam France, International Manuel PulgarVidal for WWF and former president of the COP 20; specialists in the right also took part like lawyers (Corinne Lepage, Jérémie Assous, the barristers president about lawyers of Paris, MarieAimée Peyron).

On its side, the town of Paris multiplies the ecological matter efforts, it is the case of the pedestrianization of the bank roads, the development of the renewable, social and interdependent economy, and more recently the unveiling on February 18th, is 2 days before the conference, of a first vegetalized raft makes matters recycled and which can be recycled and containing nearly 620 plants originating in Ile de France, on the Canal SaintMartin in order to végétaliser its banks and to put the biodiversity at the honor while eradicating and cleansing its water.

At the conclusion of the work day relating to Justice4Climate, an international platform of legal accompaniment (Legal TEAM) with services pro bono of experts and lawyers specialized in link with the bar of Paris, were created and put at the disposal of mayors who want to engage of the actions of climatic justice of which the nonobservance of the Agreements of Paris. In addition, the appeal launched by the organizations CliMates, Our Business with All, the REFEED and WARN for an ecological constitution, was signed, proposer to register the protection of the climate and the biodiversity in the article first of the Constitution at the sides of the equality of the citizens in front of the law. Maire de Paris also wishes to undertake an indepth work for the creation of indicators of wellness so that the human wealth of the communities are not measured solely any more by the money.
Other initiatives for the climate are also of setting, Women4Climate for its 3rd edition, lejeûne for the climate whose last edition signed by 90 personalities of all horizons (denominational membership or not, militants or not, of all profession) was held from November 30th to December 2nd at the time of the opening of the COP24 and signed by 90 personalities of all horizons of denominational membership or not, militants or not and of all professions. For the participants, to fast, it is to take care of oneself, others and of our environment.

The movement Fridays for future launched all the vendredis a few months ago by Greta Thunberg settled before the Parliament in Stockholm to claim actions of its government to lower the gas emissions for greenhouse effect. Hundreds of gatherings were held in many cities of the world (35 000 people in Belgium following the call of the muse dumouvement Youth for Climate Anuna De Weve, 17 years old; more than 15,000 pupils, in about fifty towns of Germany to the call of Luisa Neubauer, 22 years, in Berlin; several thousands for the first time on February 7th in the Netherlands in The Hague, according to Pierre Viguier, 16 years; in London, Brighton, Leeds and Manchester, the young British joined the movement on February 15th. In Australia, the principal demonstration was held on November 30th.

In Paris, for the second mobilization of the young people for the climate, nearly 200 pupils place de l’Opéra gathered, around the Belgian figures Kyra Gantois and Anuna de Wever as of Swedish Greta Thunberg who met then the President of the Republic, but also Juliette Binoche and the EuroMP ecologist Yannick Jadot.

Young the 16 year old Swedish was present at the conference climate of UNO (COP24) in Poland last December then in front of the participants of the Forum of Davos in Switzerland in January; it was the occasion for it of launching for thousands of pupils an appeal to the world mobilization in favour of unegrève for the climate, on March 15th when Anne Hidalgo will be present at their sides.