March 11th will be the day of tribute to the victims of terrorism

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The President of the Republic has just decided to introduce by decree a day of tribute to the victims of terrorism demanded by the victims and the associations that accompany them.

The first day of tribute will take place on March 11, 2020; it coincides with the Nation’s homage to victims of attacks in France and to French victims of attacks committed abroad, on the same day as the European Day of Victims of Terrorism.

It is also the date in the EU for the commemoration of the deadliest jihadist attack in Europe (Madrid, March 11, 2004) but also for the sad first of the attacks perpetrated by Mohamed Merah in 2012 in Toulouse and Montauban. (3 soldiers, a teacher and three children from a Jewish school were killed as well as the assailant shot by the police). Since 1995, the first jihadist attacks committed in France by the Algerian Islamic Group (GIA) have revealed a new form of attacks that have made 258 victims on the territory, including those of Charlie Hebdo (12 dead), the hyper-hide (4 dead), Bataclan and terraces of Paris brasseries (130 dead including 90 Bataclan) in January and November 2015 in Paris and St Denis but also in Nice on July 14, 2016 (86 dead), also Father Hamel murdered in his church of St Etienne du Rouvray in July 2016 or the police officer Xavier Jugelé killed on the Champs Elysees in April 2017 …

This decision of the President follows his promise made on September 19, 2018 during the tribute ceremony to the victims Terrorism organized by the French Association of Victims of Terrorism (AFVT) afvt and the National Federation of Victims of Attacks and Collective Accidents (FENVAC).

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