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Nice tribute from Parisians and All-Paris to Michou, the Blue Prince of Montmartre

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Michou’s funeral took place on Friday January 31 at 11 a.m. in St Jean church in Montmartre.
A little earlier, his blue coffin came out of his cabaret, at 80 rue des Martyrs, to the warm applause of a very moved crowd.

The hearse, also blue, to the sound of the drums of the little Poulbots, joined the Place des Abbesses, all decked out in blue – Michou’s favorite color – for the occasion, such as the plaque “Rue des Abbesses”, the facade of the Bank LCL!

And when the blue coffin came out of the church to the applause, when the weather forecast was gray and rainy, the sky cleared to turn blue and let the sun shine!

His family, friends and many personalities from the world of entertainment, the media and politics came to greet the artist’s memory one last time, some wearing a touch of blue or a “Michou for ever” badge.

First Lady Brigitte Macron underlined Michou’s loyalty to a place, Montmartre, to values, tolerance, kindness, her extreme elegance, her eternal smile.

Jean-Luc Reichmann and Bernard Montiel called it an emblem of non-discrimination.
For Chantal Ladesou, Michou, it was a ray of sunshine, celebration, joie de vivre, champagne.

Annie Duperey expressed the wish that he continue to light up Montmartre and that his cabaret would survive him.
Also present were Claude Lelouch, Liane Foly, Chantal Goya and Jean-Jacques Debout, Hervé Vilar, Gilbert Montagné, Orlando, Marcel Campion, Julien Lepers, Denise Fabre, Danièle Gilbert … many politicians too, Daniel Vaillant, Bernard Delanoë , Alain Juppé, Eric Lejoindre, Pierre-Yves Bournazel …
Nana Mouskouri and Michèle Torr had sent wreaths for her grave, blue of course.
He had chosen the location himself, 15 years earlier, in the St Vincent cemetery in Montmartre.

The ceremony ended, many, Montmartrois or not, found themselves cheerfully at the legendary Montmartre bar, La Mascotte, around a flute of this champagne that the Blue Prince of the Night loved so much.
“Be in joy” for my funeral he had decreed.

The elected officials of the “100% Paris” group proposed the installation of a statue and the naming of a street or a place in his honor.
Will his cabaret, a place of history on the Hill, survive him despite his wish that he disappear with him?

Everyone hopes not and that Michou will continue to help us see life in blue.

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