“Nuits blanches” 2019 in Motion

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Since 2002, during the sleepless nights (nuits blanches), the french capital becomes from 19h to 7h the place of all possible.

For sleepless nights, 2019, Paris invites you to a great journey.

Many unusual activities will be offered to you on October 5, 2019.

Among them is a parades with more than fifteen art platforms designed by contemporary artists. (7 pm to 10 pm). The start will be taken from the Place de la concorde to join the Place de la bastille.

Walking artists will also take part in extraordinary artistic performances.

The « Grande Traversée » will allow you to discover the most prestigious cultural institutions such as museums, theatres, operas. (22h-2h). This discovery will be proposed in common with a slowed down crossing in front of the artworks. Clockrooms will be available.

This proposal is inspired by a famous cinema scene : in the film « Band à part » by Jean-Luc Godard (1964), 3 young people played by Claude Brasseur, Anna Karina and Samy Frey have the crazy idea of running across the Louvre to visit the museum in less than 45 seconds.

A portion of the Paris ring road (from the Porte de pantin to the porte de la villette) will also be closed to cars and transformed into a luminous citizen Velodrome. Come and ride your bike on the Paris ring road. Proceed to the gate of pantin, access by the left ramp of the device.

This edition was conceived by Didier Fusillier, artistic director and Jean-Max Colard, artistic advisor of the « nuit blanche 2019 », for a budget of 1 million euros to which is added a budget of cultural patronage. So this is an important budget.

“With Kyoto, Charleville Mezière , LA, Accra or Mexico city. The « nuit blanche 2019 » is still a parisian brand that we share. And Didier Fusillier having a vision of public space and populations … art is stronger than all the rest ! “Says Jean-Max Colard.

The nuits blanches will allow the inhabitants to show their creativity and to share it with the artists. “The idea is to make Artworks move and to make citizens move with them .

So during the parade, two huge mirrors with boat projectors will give the impression that the building falls behind you. ” shares Didier Fusillier.

Many artists will participate in the event.

The police department is a partner in the « nuit blanche ». The ring will therefore be closed from 2 p.m. for a few hours.

Nearly a million people had moved during the previous edition. In addition, many locations not included in the programming of the event, will participate in the « nuit blanche » . Indeed, many authorizations to open businesses have allegedly already been granted.

The show promises to be grand. Not to be missed.

Event free and open to all.

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