Olivia Dorato, the little gem of the Rock

At only 22 years old, you could say it’s a phenomenon. Thoroughbred Monegasque Olivia Dorato already has everything of a great. Influenced by different international musicalities, she has been composing and writing on her piano and her guitar since she was 9 and since she was 16, in addition to having self-produced two albums, her “crystal-velvet” voice has shared many scenes and crossed paths. number of artists.

The self-taught that she is does not let go and continues on her way. And it’s not COVID 19 that will stop it. During the first confinement the engaged artist released “Behind the Wall” accompanied by a homemade video lyric. In May, she wrote and recorded from home “When I wake up” for the album “Our song band: our songs for you”, a message of hope for the future of the world. She is also invited to cover “Womean Chains” by the group Tears for Fears for the artist collective “Womens Unchained” to give her voice to the fight against domestic violence against women and children. Also one of the ambassadors of “Voiles Blanches Bettimask”, she writes and performs the lyrics of the ocean anthem “Love the Ocean” produced by the association OceanoScientiflic, whose philharmonic version was unveiled in the presence of SAS Prince Albert of Monaco.

The Child of the Rock who has already seduced and conquered the Principality presents us today “Préliminaires”, an EP which suits her well and in which she does not hesitate, through her sensitivity, to express herself on serious subjects which are close to his heart and which reflect his emotions such as the relationship with others, lies as well as the annoyances of life and our world; very current themes on pop-rock-electro sounds.

His first single “Tell me” shows all the maturity “Stop acting like you are doing, you’ll feel better … believe me. Tell me the truth for once (…) be honest with yourself and others for once… ”A fresh title on the truth, catchy and communicative at will which is just a taste of the talent of the “little Monegasque nugget” as Stéphane Valéri nicknamed it, Government Counselor for Social Affairs and Health of Monaco before the release of his future opus.

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