Paris: yellow waistcoats launched “the Yellow Night”

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After a long day of mobilization and walk, the Yellow Night, an event launched on the social networks to resurrect Night upright gathers an important crowd places Republic at Paris.

In Paris, and in several towns of France, the demonstrators have to take part in one night yellow, reference to the Nights upright of 2016, in full mobilization against the law work. Several hundreds of people were gathered in the end of the afternoon places Republic, eating merguezes and discussing quietly.

Several hundreds of demonstrators brought together for the first Yellow Night places Republic at Paris were rather quickly evacuated partly by the police.

The police made use of tear gas, from a water cannon and drew from the grenades from désencerclement, pushing back the yellow waistcoats on part of the place. Many demonstrators complained to be evacuated place whereas the gathering, declared in prefecture, was authorized according to them until 22:00.

The red scarves ravelled Sunday in Paris at the time of a republican walk of freedoms to make hear the silent majority and defend the democracy and the institutions.

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