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Nathalie GREGO

It was in a festive and colorful atmosphere that took place “Nuit Blanche 2019. The rain, although threatening, did not bother the festivities and the Parisians came by millions to enjoy this spectacular show. order was the movement.

For this edition, visual artists from all sides, works and the public were invited to circulate throughout Paris. The latter was able to attend the “Great Crossing”, that is to say, the great artistic parade that took its place on the Place de la Concorde to end the Bastille. The audience also interacted with artists from all walks of life and icing on the cake, Parisian cyclists had the joy of owning for a few hours (from 19h to 6h30), a section of the ring road.

Parade artists including Shana Moulton and her giant hand; Pascal Marthine Tayou who showed us a forest in motion where characters dance on the background of Cameroonian music (performance hailed by the Mayor of Paris, Mrs. Hidalgo accompanied by the artistic director of the event Didier Fusillier); Daniel Buren who offered his July, Place de la Bastille.

Among the walking artists Parisians had the pleasure of meeting, Pilar Albarracin, who wandered alongside women dressed in traditional flamenco costumes, denounced violence against women. Raphaëlle De Groot went to meet the people of the Parisian suburbs in the form of workshops started a week before the festivities.

Do not forget, cyclists who were able to enjoy in a popular atmosphere, in “sport” mode or “family” of a protected path within this light bridge that constitutes the Parisian ring road. On a totally different note, concerts at the “Philharmonie de Paris” or at the Ladoumègues gymnasium delighted music lovers until late at night.

“Nuit Blanche” encourages social ties and diversity by bringing together more than one million participants every year. The public was again this year. For the first time, the event spread to the entire metropolis, making it shine beyond the Parisian territory. All thanks to the support of the “Metropolis of Greater Paris”. The event has therefore largely invested other municipalities through different artistic events, showcasing their talents. A very positive assessment for this edition that makes us look forward to the appointment next year.

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