Prince Charles will take the succession of Elizabeth II in charge of the Commonwealth

The leaders of the Commonwealth fell Friday from agreement so that prince Charles succeeds his mother the queen Elizabeth II in charge of the Commonwealth.

Elizabeth, who will be 92 years old today, had expressed the wish Thursday that his/her oldest son takes his succession. I wish sincerely that the Commonwealth continue to offer stability and continuity for the future generations and decides that one day, the Prince of Wales continues this important work, she had declared.

Elizabeth had taken the lead in the Commonwealth, which gathers 53 countries in the past colonized by the United Kingdom, with the death of his/her father, the king George VI, in 1952.

Several leaders had supported Charles publicly, following the example of the British Prime Minister Theresa May and of his Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau.

Charles has been a proud partisan of the Commonwealth for more than four decades, declared Mrs. May in the end of the afternoon. It is right that it continues one day the work of his mother.

The leaders of the Commonwealth discussed the question at the time of a meeting which was held behind of the closed doors, Friday to the Castle of Windsor.

This function would not have been allocated automatically to the Prince of Wales, some proposed that it is allotted in alternation among the 53 leaders of the Commonwealth.

That made 20 years that the biannual meeting had not taken place in Great Britain. The next top will be taken place in Malaysia in 2020.

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