Prince Harry and Meghan called their son Archie

The duke and the duchess of Sussex are charmed to announce that they called their son Archie Harrison, the palace in a brief news release announced. The complete name of the child, born Monday and presented Wednesday to the public, is Archie Harrison MountbattenWindsor, the royal palace indicates.

This baby, seventh in the order of succession, naturally will take his place in the order of succession. It would be necessary a series of abdications however so that he becomes monarch one day. It could not be a prince like his cousins George, Charlotte and Louis. These titles are booked with the direct descendants of the principal line of succession.

The queen can however make the choice to give him to this title Lord, Meghan and Harry will be perfectly happy. It will have to be seen whether the tradition, modernity or the equality between cousins carry it.

On the other hand, like the first child is a boy, he will be able to inherit after death his/her father, duke of Sussex.

The reactions of the Net surfers were numerous. On the social networks, much made references to the most famous archie of the popculture, main character of Archie Comics and his adaptation on Netflix: Riverdale.


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