Coronavirus: the return of national confinement until at least December 1

During his televised address this Wednesday at 8 p.m., Emmanuel Macron announced a new confinement.

Scheduled at a minimum until December 1, this drastic turn of the screw should help stem the spread of the coronavirus on French soil.

The head of state announced new measures intended to curb the spread of the coronavirus. “The measures taken are no longer sufficient, said Emmanuel Macron at the beginning of his speech. The virus is circulating in France at a speed that even the most pessimistic forecasts had not anticipated”. Emmanuel Macron thus announces the return of national confinement to stop the virus from Friday. This confinement will be adapted “on three main points”: the schools will remain open. The work can continue. Ehpad and retirement homes can be visited.

“We are overwhelmed by the sudden acceleration of the epidemic”, announced Emmanuel Macron of a second wave “arguably harder and more deadly than the first”. Some “9,000 patients will be in intensive care in mid-November” added the Head of State, taking up the projections of the Pasteur Institute. “In this context, my responsibility is to protect all French people and despite the controversies, I assume it.” Therefore, to put “a brutal brake on the number of contaminations, Emmanuel Macron announced what he considers to be the” right strategy “:” After having consulted scientists, economic and social forces, after having weighed the for and against, I decided that it was necessary to find from Friday the confinement which stopped the virus. “

All the territories are concerned, with adaptations for the overseas departments and territories, nevertheless specified the president.

“As in spring”, it will be possible to go out to work, to go to a medical appointment, to do essential shopping, or to take the air near home. But, private meetings outside the strict family circle are excluded, public gatherings prohibited. As for travel between regions, it is also prohibited. Note that it is possible to go home for the end of the All Saints holidays. “It is the return of the certificate”, summarized the president.

“Shops defined as non-essential” in the spring, including bars and restaurants, will be closed. And the Head of State to specify that a new point will be made in 15 days to rule on a possible reopening. “The economy must neither stop nor collapse,” President Emmanuel Macron stressed on Wednesday. “The activity will continue with greater intensity, which means that the counters of public services will remain open, factories, farms, buildings and public works will continue to operate.”

“Nurseries, schools, colleges and high schools will remain open with reinforced health protocols,” said Emmanuel Macron. “Faculties and higher education institutions will, in contrast, provide online courses.” In addition, visits to nursing homes remain authorized.

“Wherever possible, telework will be generalized again” added the Head of State. “Employees and employers who cannot work will continue to benefit from partial unemployment.”

– Return of national containment to stop the virus until December 1.
– Schools will remain open. The president specifies that nurseries, schools, colleges as well as high schools will be open with a reinforced health protocol.
– Teleworking will be generalized but ‘activity will continue with more intensity’ than in March and April, “which means that the counters of public services will remain open”, indicates Emmanuel Macron.
– Ehpad and retirement homes can be visited.
– The capacity will be increased to 10,000 resuscitation beds. Nearly 9,000 patients will be in intensive care in mid-November according to Emmanuel Macron. Today 35% of people in intensive care are under 65 years old. There will be “at least 400,000 more deaths” within a few months if nothing is done.
– Several objectives: to protect the oldest and most vulnerable, but also caregivers, affected by the epidemic, and “the most vulnerable”.

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