Sébastien Abellan, winner of the 277th edition of the St. Louis Festival

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Le Sétois, Sébastien Abellan, became the winner of the Heavy Weights Tournament of St. Louis 2019, on August 26, after 16 years; And after the agathois David Lopez, winner of the final in 2018.

François Commeinhes, Mayor of Sète, Elyane Sarda, Municipal Councilor, Delegate for the organization of the jousts as well as the municipal team and all volunteers launched Saint Louis 2019.
Gilles-Marie Dupuy, Sétois d’origine signed the Saint Louis poster, 27 years after its last creation. The artist signs his 9th poster of the feast of the employers. A medium-class player for several years, he knows the environment of the Languedoc games and was able to convey the atmosphere of Saint Louis; The city launched the tradition of the poster in 1985.

The nautical jousts of the Saint-Louis compete on the canal called the “Royal Framework” of Sète for all categories (junior, senior, middle and heavy).
The Languedoc Nautical Joutes are part of the heritage, of the Mediterranean civilization, they make the Sétois vibrate. These allow the public regularly to recharge their batteries, to vibrate fervently, to enjoy their Mediterranean culture. The event reveals the sacredness of the people so proud and cannot envisage Sète without the Saint Louis.

The jousting tournaments allow the population to exchange their ideals, customs and especially to celebrate. The Ceremonial propels the soul of the jousts and each player is supported not by his club and by the inhabitants of the neighborhood or city concerned.
The Saint Louis Festival brings joy and celebration and numerous activities, parades, concerts, exhibitions, bars at the quay, street shows, sports events. The fireworks display on the Brise-Lame will bring to a close this 277th edition of the Saint Louis festivities.

Sète is an important port city in southeastern France, located in Occitania. Sete was created in 1666, it is bordered by the Thau pond, a salt water lagoon that hosts various animal species where the oyster culture is visible from the Ile Singulière, the famous oyster of Bouzigues.

The city is also called the “Venice of Languedoc” because of its network of canals, canals which were built to transport goods to the sea.

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