Second round of municipal elections and record abstention update

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The second round of municipal elections, which involved nearly 5,000 municipalities, was marked by a high rate of abstention, a green wave in several large cities, but was also the occasion for some originalities.

Yesterday, abstention, historic, is the main factor in this second round of municipal elections. An estimated 59% to 60% of voters abstained.

The results of the municipal elections fell on Sunday and if the cities were sometimes “easily” won by large majorities, all cases exist … Small tour of France of the cities which experienced elections to say the least original.

After the good performance of the EELV lists during the municipal elections, the green political trend is essential.
Lyon, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Poitiers, Besançon … the Greens won many major cities in the municipal elections on June 28, taking a decisive step towards the next presidential election.

Environmentalists certainly presented themselves with ambition in the municipal elections after successful Europeans in 2019 but, according to information from AFP, few executives privately evoked a surge of such magnitude. Finally, they won several of the largest cities in the country.

In Grenoble, Eric Piolle announced his re-election with more than 50% of the vote. And environmentalists can also boast victories in Besançon, Poitiers, Tours, Annecy, and even in Ile-de-France in Colombes, where Yannick Jadot, MEP and former head of the EELV list went to Europeans.

Anne Hidalgo came largely ahead of the second round in Paris. The outgoing mayor won 49.30% of the vote. Rachida Dati came in second with 31.70% and Agnès Buzyn third (13.70%).

The PS retains the capital after 19 years of reign: 13 years of mandate of Bertrand Delanoë then six of the outgoing mayor, his heiress and former first deputy, Anne Hidalgo.

Results of municipal elections

Paris Anne Hidalgo (PS) re-elected
Marseille Michèle Rubirola (EELV and allies) at the head
Lyon Grégory Doucet (EELV and allies) elected
Toulouse Jean-Luc Moudenc (LR) re-elected
Nice Christian Estrosi (LR) re-elected
Nantes Johanna Rolland (PS) re-elected
Montpellier Michael Delafosse (PS) elected
Strasbourg Jeanne Barseghian (EELV-PCF) elected
Bordeaux Pierre Hurmic (EELV and allies) elected
Lille Stephane Bally (EELV) elected
Rennes Nathalie Appéré (PS) re-elected
Saint-Étienne Gaël Perdriau (LR) re-elected
Le Havre Edouard Philippe (LREM) elected
Grenoble Eric Piolle (EELV) re-elected
Dijon François Rebsamen (PS-Allies) re-elected
Nîmes Jean-Paul Fournier (LR) re-elected
Saint-Denis Mathieu Hanotin (PS) re-elected
Villeurbanne Cédric Van Styvendael (LUG) elected
Clermont-Ferrand Olivier Bianchi (PS) re-elected
Le Mans Stéphane Le Foll (PS) elected
Aix-en-Provence Maryse Joissains-Masini (LR) re-elected
Brest François Cuillandre (LUG) elected
Tours Emmanuel Denis (LUG) elected
Amiens Brigitte Fourré (LUC) elected
Limoges E-R Lombertie (LR) re-elected
Annecy François Astorg (EELV) elected
Perpignan Louis Aliot (RN) elected

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