Stars 80 lit the Stade de France with their prize lists

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A giant concert given on May 18th, 2019 to the Stade de France, artists such as: JeanLuc Lahaye, Sabrina, Patrick Hernandez, Jean Schultheis, JeanPierre Mader, Julie Pietri, Dingler Cookie, Phil Barney, Beginning of Evening, Plastic Bertrand, Richard Sanderson, Larusso, Emile and Image, Pauline Ester, Jeanne Mas, Thierry Pastor, Joniece Jamison and Léopold Nord and You etc lit the Stage with their hits.

Since 2008, Stars80 and its troop made up artists headlights of the years 1980.5 million spectators, 120 dates a year and 20 singers on scene, has furrowed France to live each year for more than 11 years this exceptional adventure.

Stars 80 became a cult brand and an appointment impossible to circumvent for all the amateurs and nostalgic of the Eighties, to live and revive the music at the present, to meet their gods in flesh and bone and to revive the years of youth.

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