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On the theme of silk roads: Interactive tours in Chinese calligraphy

The exhibition “The Silk Roads: Travel through Chinese Characters” will take place in Lyon at the Palais de la Bourse from September 20 to 22.

On August 28, 2012, a conference on the upcoming exhibition “The Silk Roads: Travel through Chinese Characters” was held in Paris at the Inter Continental Paris Le Grand Hotel in the presence of Chinese guests, government representatives and the press from the two countries.

The year 2019 marks a quadruple commemoration, celebrating the 55th anniversary of the establishment of Sino-French diplomatic relations (late March with President Xi Jinping’s visit), the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China (October 1), the 100th anniversary of the Mouvement Travail-études en France (end March) and the 120th anniversary of the discovery of jiaguwen oraculate inscriptions in Anyang in Henan province.

On this occasion, the Chinese Scripture Museum, the Henan International Communications Office, the Henan Overseas Chinese Federation returning to China, Anyang City Hall, the Economics Journal, the Art and Design Magazine, HAIYAO Holdings and the Foreign Language Department of Tongji University worked together to set up this exhibition linking culture and technology, tradition and fashion, art and design. Through this exhibition, the passionate French audience of Chinese culture will be able to discover the Chinese characters, a thousand-year-old treasure, and answer questions about what these traits represent and learn about the oldest hieroglyphs, such as ,” , and “.

With the longest continuous tradition of an unchanging way of writing from high antiquity to the present, China has a writing that has played an important role in the millennial evolution and transmission of Chinese civilization since the oracle appeared about 4,000 years ago, or about 2,000 years after the invention of Mesopotamia’s cuneiforms; however, Chinese characters are the only ancient script to be broadcast and used up to the present day, including in Japan, North Korea, Vietnam,(…) or in more than 30 languages.

The sinograms date from 4,000 to 5,000 years (from the 15th century BC). The country’s economic development through the “Silk Roads” and since 2013 the “New Silk Roads” project has enabled the expansion of Chinese language practice in 170 countries. The goal is to connect the “Middle Kingdom” directly to all the areas and countries needed for its national interest and economic development. The creation of real economic corridors to its European (land), Arab and African (maritime) trading partners will enable the control of new communication routes through the construction of numerous infrastructure (roads, railways, airports, ports) and energy networks (pipeline, pipeline, electricity) in all the countries crossed. The influence of other counter-China powers, such as the US, will be thwarted.

Funding for this project will be provided through the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), which was established in 2015 on a Chinese initiative. With more than $100 billion, it is expected to allocate more than $15 billion each year on a cruise (2017: $3.5 billion). In addition, there are other funds, including the $40 billion Silk Road Company Ltd and those that could be mobilized by the emerging New BRICS Development Bank (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). In 2017, Fitch Ratings rated the number of projects planned or under way at over $900 billion.

The chronological exhibition will begin with the discovery of divinatory inscriptions engraved on bones or on tortoise scales and will continue with a selection of pieces showing the evolution of Chinese characters throughout history, until their development in the digital age. It will highlight the decorative quality of Chinese characters and the messages they convey, which can be found on printed silk scarves (oraculate motifs), inspired by emoticômes or pictogram-shaped sweets.

It all started in 1899 with Wang Yirong’s discovery of the first fragments of inscriptions on Oracle bone (jiaguwen bone writing) among the tens of thousands extracted from the site in the Yin Xu ruins in Anyang. These were the archeological records dating back to the posterior era of the Shang Dynasty (from the 14th to the 11th century BC), and which showed the oldest use of Chinese back over 3,600 years. The archeological site of Yin Xu in Anyang (“Chinese Pompei”) has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List and Chinese inscriptions on Oracle bone (the jiaguwen) in the Memory of the World Register.

In 1999, the creation of the “Digitalization of Jiaguwen Design” and the concept of the “Rime of Design” began following the presentation of the characters by Chen Nan, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, In 2017, the first bases of jiaguwen design revealed the beauty of the mathematical grid of the latter.

A total of 154,600 oracle bones have been discovered in the world, of which 127,900 are found in China, the majority of which are in mainland China (96,000) and Taiwan (30,200), and less than 100 in Hong Kong. The remainder (26,700) was collected in Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Today, 2,000 of the 4,500 words on bone have been translated and research is underway. Recently, in order to advance the process, the “National Museum of Chinese Writing” launched an open-ended program to collect as many interpretations of the jiaguwen in China and overseas as possible, with a prize of 100,000 yuan for each derived word, with each Chinese character hiding a story.

This exhibition evokes not only the history of Chinese writing but also the culture of the country through the body, mountains and rivers, agriculture and harvesting, wine and meat, tools and weapons. It will be presented at the Palais de la Bourse (69002) in Lyon, a city in the heart of Fort Saint-Irénée (69005), the New Franco-Chinese Institute created in 2014 following the Franco-Chinese Institute, which welcomed nearly 500 Chinese students from 1922 From 1 to 1946 in Lyon, a unique feature at the time and which also houses a space dedicated to Chinese contemporary art since 2016. Each year, 3 temporary exhibitions follow one another. The artists, chosen in China in partnership with the Beijing Art House x2D Yishu8, are invited to Lyon as part of an art residence, and then present a 3 or 4 month exhibition.

In the same vein, the city hall of the 13th arrondissement organizes the Chinese Character Festival from September 10 to 14, where young and old can discover Chinese writing and its characters through conferences, round tables, exhibitions and practical workshops.


Iman Hassen Chalghoumi present at the National Assembly for a conference on the renewal of the tensions in the Arabo-Persian Gulf

A conference resting on the topic of the renewal of tension in the AraboPersian Gulf was organized by the geopolitician Frédéric Encel and Paris School of Business, Friday, June 21 of 14:00 to 18:00, Colbert room at the National Assembly.

A program made up of 2 round tables of experts directed by Frédéric Encel, Doctor HDR into geopolic and professor in Paris School of Business, for the first and Hugo Billard, professor of geopolitics in CPGE, presenter on radio Notre Dame, director of school handbooks and lecturer in geopolitics and geoeconomy for the second, was organized around the Persian Gulf States and of the economy related to oil.

Following the many tensions which burst since of the months in the AraboPersian Gulf (Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman and a few kilometers of coasts with the enclave of Musandam), a conference was held placing the emphasis on the interference of the frontier countries and the development of the radical bunches which destabilize the area.

The first round table which was entitled: Rustled of boots in the Gulf the intervention of personalities saw on 4 topics related to the area: Allies of France in the Gulf with the reflections of François Loncle, former President of the commission of the Foreign affairs to the Parliament Nationale.Les challenges of the Strait of Ormouz by Nassima Ouhab, doctor of economy and teaching with Paris XL Iran and its Shiite axis by JeanSylvestre Mongrenier, researcher in Institut Thomas More. Which role plays Hezbollah? by the independent journalist Emmanuel Razavi.
Situation and challenges, impacts national and international were approached there just like the interference of the bunches and the foreign countries.

The second round table had as a main idea, the Persian Gulf in all its States and related to geopolitics: Houtis in Yemen by Khatar Abou Diab, research professor in Paris XII.Géopolitique maritime of Iran by Hugues Eudeline, captain (CR). The challenge complexes of Turkey by Nora Seni, professor of the universities in IFG.Les Emirates, a rising power by David RigouletRoze, doctor of science policies.
Graphs with the support, the risks dependent on oil and its trade through the sphere were shown.

In addition, the town of Trouville (14), will accommodate the next June 29th and 30th, the 4èmes meetings of geopolitics whose topic, this year will be the borders. Placed under the high patronage of the Foreign Minister, JeanYves Le Drian, they will propose 8 round tables.

At the time of the conference of May 21st, the first intervention was that of François Loncle, politician who replaced Mendès France after the death of this last in 1982. Since the end of the Second World War in 1945, the power struggles dominate and should be founded an international strategy: Russia blocks, China wants to change but with its interest. Thanks to JeanYves Le Drian (with the defense of 2012 to 2017 pennies the fiveyear period of François Hollande then to the Foreign affairs since 2017 and the election of President Emmanuel Macron), the dialogue is easier visavis presidents Trump and Bolsanéro. France wants to keep the link with the Persian Gulf some are the difficulties. The attacks of May and November 2015 marked France and the terrorist threat djiadist of Daesh reached Mali and the old colonizing countries. G5 the Sahel is long in being spread so much from the point of view political, legal, ideological, economic; France consolidates its European commitment compared to certain countries of Europe which seek division.

Concerning the sale of weapons, their exploitation brings the sovereignty and the capacity of renewal. Thus in Yemen, the coup detat is supported by Iran, AlQaida (terrorist organization islamist of inspiratiion Salafist Jihadist rested in 1987 by the sheik Abdullah Yusuf Azzam and its pupil Oussama ben Laden) and Daesh (terrorist organization, soldier and policy, of Salafist ideology Jihadist having proclaimed on June 29th, 2014 the introduction of a caliphate on the territories under its control). At the beginning of June, Abou Oussama alMouhajir and other members of Daesh to Yemen were stopped by a commando saoudoYemeni.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have as for them a strategic partnership which respects the proposal of Europe on the armaments, each vote studies the proposals point by point.

Iran, on its side follows negotiations with the United States without France and Germany and one can note at the latter a common point: will to be present to prepare peace while following a line which can last and continue.
The second point touched the strait of Ormouz, its economic issues, policies and soldiers. Located between the sea of Oman and the Indian Ocean, he is the Master of the situations of the Gulf, in particular for oil (each day, 19 million barrels forwards by the strait is 90% of the productions coming from Saudi Arabia and 98% from those from the United Arab Emirates mainly from Kuwait and Barhein, but also liquid gas of Qatar).
Since the withdrawal of the United States of the Iranian nuclear agreement of July 14th, 2015, increasingly strong pressure on Iran was put by the USA. In spite of the threats of May 8th, 2019 of Teheran to grant a 60 days deadline to the other signatories of the agreement to maintain their commitments and to allow Iran to be able to sell her oil in the world, the EU tried to circumvent the sanctions of Washington by creating Instex, a supposed entity to be used for the payment of the transactions between the European companies and Iran and to do without the American dollar in the international transactions. However Iran did not close the strait of Ormouz of which depend Oman, the USA and China and which makes it possible to Dubai to be the turntable for the goods coming from Asia. If the strait were blocked, it would have reached there with the sovereignty of the states. The IranIraq war of 1980 to 1988, of the variations on the oil price as in 1986 when one noted a fall going up to 50%, marked this period; in 1988, the USA did not accept the blackmail and retorted by bombardments; in 1991, France, Belgium and the United Kingdom intervene visavis the IraqKuwait conflict, the USA protect the region although their needs are not engaged and turn over to the MiddleEast because of the war to Syria. In addition, if Iran wants to improve its economic situation, it must avoid a war where it would be the large losing one, however the night of June 20th, 2019, Iran cut down an American drone, which brings consequences on the region and of prohibitions to the nationals of certain Moslem countries to go to the USA.

The intervention of the journalist of Total Geo News, Emmanuel Ravazi, in whom it expressed the part played by Hezbollah (founded in June 1982, but revealed publicly in February 1985, this Shiite islamist group is also a political party based in Lebanon. Its paramilitary activities are supervised by the central Council Jihadist. The organization is sometimes described as Shiite Jihadist).  In this context, Hezbollah is the armed wing of Iran whose Israel and the USA are the subjects of their hatred. The Shiite axis is directed by the Iranians, with its allies, Syria and the Lebanese Shiite terrorist group of the Hezbollah, which succeeded where nobody of other succeeded since the First war of Lebanon in 1982. The starting point of the belligerencies in all the area is Afghanistan invades by the USSR in 1979.
Among the asked questions by the audience, the role of Qatar compared to Iran. There is a risk which comes from the organization of the Guards of the Revolution (forces defensive to protect the Iranian revolution, according to Teheran and terrorist organization according to Washington), knowing that Qatar tied relations with the Muslim brothers starting from 1949.
In the second round table, many graphs made it possible to understand what are the risks for oil in the event of closing of the strait of Ormouz, when it is known that 17% of the oil market, 12% exported natural gas and 20% of gas liquid towards the Asian markets come from Iran and of Qatar, that accounts for 50% of the production from OPEC and 70% of the Japanese imports, the supply for the USA is weak, 12% to 14% for France;
Hugues Eudeline, captain spoke about the exchanges made by setting sail. Indeed, the oceans account for 71% of the sphere and be in hiding 29%, Suez Canal and of Panama are the only means to make them communicate between them by knowing that 90% of the goods pass by the sea, the New silk routes proposed by China account for only 5% of the traffic. The shortest way between Europe and Asia remains the sea route. However, China and Russia work out the project to pass by the poles.

Nora Sini spoke about the complex game of Turkey; on a side, the reconciliation with Saudi Arabia against Iran, other sorrow for the death of the former president Morsi a few days ago. The strategy is based on the role of the woman in the company.

Concerning the municipal elections of June 23rd, the candidate of president Erdogan was beaten, the victory of the opposition put an end to 25 years of control of the camp islamoconservative to the town hall of Istanbul, plus big city and economic capital of Turkey.

At the tourist level, Turkey was the first destination for the E.A.U and Saudi Arabia, however one notes a fall of 70% of the travel due to the hostility of the Saoudis.

After the Council of Coordination between Turkey and Saudi Arabia, 2 distinct groups were formed: Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar (Pro rebellion) and Iran, Iraq and Lebanon (against). In 2017, Qatar disunites itself of Arabia and Turkey remains alone with the international one.

Another point of belligerency, Yemen with the internal conflict which opposes it to the Houthis rebels, (armed, political and theological organization zaïdite, activates initially in the governorship of Sa dah and the NorthWest of Yemen, then starting from 2014, in all the country), supported by Iran. Khatar Abou Diab, research professor in Paris XII tried to explain the reasons of this civil war which began in 2004 in north from Yemen then in the south starting from 2014. These last weeks, the attacks of Houthis have multiplied against camps of the coalition carried out by the Saoudi army for more than 4 years.

Last topic approached, rise of the emirates. The latter wish to reinforce peace visavis the 2 threats which are the rise to power of the islamist currents in the context of Arab spring and the expansionism Shiite. Members of the military coalition in Yemen, taken along by Saudi Arabia since March 23rd, 2015, they had recalled their ambassador to Teheran in 2016 after the separation of Saudi Arabia and Iran; they are at the sides of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt in the conflict against Qatar which supports the movements resulting from the Muslim brothers and his proximity with Iran.

In the assembly the moderate Imam Hassen Chalghoumi was which supported the visit of the Pope with the E.A.U at the beginning of year and which has just returned from a travel of peace organized to Ramallah and in Israel, accompanied by about forty young people Muslim of all France and 5 of Mollenbeck; they met Israeli dignitaries of which the President of the Republic as well as Ramallah. The goal of this travel was to show that it is possible to get along between Jews and Muslims.

Since its return in France, the Chalghoumi Imam which militates for the bringing together between Jews and Muslims, to start in its town of Drancy, but also against any form of integrism, still received death threats, to date 22, on behalf of integrist which treat it of collaborator and traitor whereas he is simply only one emissary of peace.

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The next world day of the environment will take place on June 5th

The world Day of the environment will take place in China on June 5th according to the chief of the Chinese delegation in the United Nations and the executive director by interim of UNOEnvironment.
The topic of this year is air pollution. Indeed, each year, 7 million people in the world dies prematurely of the causes of the atmospheric pollution including 4 million in the AsiaPacific. It invites us to think of the way in which we can change our daily newspaper in order to reduce atmospheric pollution that we produce and breathe and to thwart its contribution to the warming of planet and its effects on our health.

The United Nations Organization created the World Day of the Environment in 1972, at the time of the opening of the Conference of the United Nations on the environment of Stockholm. Each year, it is celebrated on June 5th in a different city and proposes a different important specific challenge concerning the environment.

With this occasion, an international exhibition is organized during the corresponding week. To work for the wellness of the Earth is in the middle of this initiative local, national or international, individual or collective, which highlights the environmental challenges to which the country host must cope and cure.

During the 5 last years, the countries selected hosts had topics and slogans very various but all based on pollution, the biodiversity or planet: 2019 the topic of the year with Hangzhou, in China is sensitizing with air pollution. The country was for the 3rd time the host of the event after the editions of 1993 in Beijing with the topic poverty and the environment To break the vicious circle and of 2002 in Shenzhen with the topic Let us give a chance to the planet .2018 Let us fight plastic pollution! in India. it was also the case in 2011 with New Delhi with the topic Forests: nature with your service .2017 To bring closer people to Nature in Canada.2016 Tolerance zero with regard to the illicit trade of wild species in Angola.2015 Seven billion dreamed. Only one planet, let us consume with moderation in Italy. In 2001, the country shared the event in Turin with Havana in Cuba on the topic Log in with the cyberfabric of the life.

Other countries were 2 times host, Brazil with Rio de Janeiro in 1992 with the topic Only one is in hiding; to look after and share and in 2012 with the topic green Economy: In you belong?. The other country host in the same case was Mexico in Mexico City in 1990 with the topic the children and the environment and in 2009 with the topic Your planet needs you. Unisons us against the climate change.

China is the 1st greenhouse gas country transmitting, in front of the United States. These two countries accounted for 43% of the total of the CO2 emissions related to energy in 2016. To date, at the dawn of the world Day of the environment, from the celebrations will take place in the Southeast of China with Hangzhou (Zhejiang) following the publication of a summary report carried out on the atmospheric pollution control carried out for the 20 last years in Beijing.

An action plan whose results were very encouraging, was elaborate in 2013 in order to reduce by 30% the emissions of industries highly polluting by 2017. However, in spite of the strict measures taken like the factory shutdown, the fight against pollution particularly involves an increase in the ozone concentration in the air around the big cities according to the abundant data by a network of 1,000 stations of control of the air. So it results from this from the respiratory disorders at the human ones and the disordered states of the environment.

A reduction of the concentrations of fine particles (PM 2.5, is of a diameter lower than 2.5 micrometers) of almost 40% shows the good performance of the application of the plan. Nevertheless, in spite of their negative effect on health, they act like sponges, able to absorb the radicals hydroperoxyle, compounds playing a key function in the production of ozone.

Air pollution is related to 5 causes:
Agriculture (produced cattle of methane and ammonia; approximately 24% of all greenhouse gases emitted in the world come from agriculture, of the deforestation and other land uses).

them domestic activities (use of the plant health products, paintings, of the domestic products, while cooking because the domestic main source of atmospheric pollution is combustion inside fossile fuels, of wood and other fuels containing biomass to cook, heat and light the houses, which causes approximately 3.8 million premature deaths each mostly year in the developing countries)

them industrial facilities (power plants with diesel coal, generators, use of solvents in the industries chemical and mining; today 82 countries out of 193 encourage the investments in the production of renewable energy, the cleaner production, energy efficiency and pollution control);

them transport (the proportion of the carbon dioxide emissions related to transport is higher than 25%, which generates nearly 400,000 premature deaths of which the half is due to the air pollution and the emissions of diesel, while the people living near the main arteries of circulation have 12% more risks to suffer from insanity. Air quality in the urban areas will be able to improve by reducing up to at least 90% the emissions of the cars while pursuing the policies and the standards which require the use of cleaner fuels.

them waste (40% is burned with open sky in 166 countries out of 193. The use of the economy interdependent and circular thanks to recycling and the waste disposal solid reduced the quantity of waste flarings or hidden, just like the transformation of organic waste into compost or bioenergy which improves the fertility of the ground and constitutes an alternative energy source. The reduction of approximately a third of all lost or wasted food will allow the improvement of air quality).

them volcanic eruptions, the sandstorms and dust are of it also part.

China made a success of its challenge concerning the reduction of fine particulate emission since it achieved in 4 years to carry out what the United States spent 30 years to carry out. A reduction of the emissions of volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides (results of the combustion of fossil energies) are from now on necessary to fight against this ozone overproduction, with the risk to see its concentrations reaching particularly dangerous thresholds.

Atmospheric pollution is an urgent world concern; indeed, in the world 9 people out of 10 are exposed to levels of atmospheric pollutants higher than the security levels of WHO, this is why visavis this crisis which requires fast and radical actions, China decided to help the world to act more effectively while directing the campaign related to the protection of the climate.  The country has half of the electric vehicles from planet and 99% of the wire data buses. It shows also the example in the sector, always in rise in the country, of green energies.

For the World Day of the Environment, the secretary of UNO, Antonio Guterres, declared: It is thus time to pass to the action. My message with the governments is clear: tax pollution, cease subsidizing fossile fuels and stop building new coal stations. It is necessary for us to pass to a green economy.


Montargis, the axis China-France since more than 100 years

The monument of the centenary WorkStudies was inaugurated in Montargis on May 4th in front of the station in the presence of the Mayor of the city, Benoît Digeon, of His Excellence Mr. Zhai Jun, ambassador of China in France, the artist Wu Weishan, creator of the oeuvrede work and many other personalities.

Whereas the year 2019 celebrates the 55ème birthday of the establishment of the diplomatic relations sinoFrenchwomen, the town of Montargis celebrated the 100 years of the movement WorkStudies by inaugurating the monument of the Centenary, places Deng Xiaoping in the presence of 400 to 500 people of which students, representatives of commercial institutions and policies.

This centenary is also that of the nationalist movement of May 4th, 1919 which denounced the 21 conditions presented by Japan to the Chinese government at the conclusion of the First World War and which placed China under Japanese domination. With this occasion, the students and young intellectual refuted the weight of the traditions, the power of the mandarins and the oppression of the women, favorable to modernity and new sciences.

The movement WorkStudies was created in 1912 by Li Shizeng, philanthropist and admiror of the French culture, having studied at the school of Chesnoy with Montargis. This last had persuaded Sun YatSen, president of the Republic Chinoise, that the Occident was a good combined for the development of the country.

Montargis is with Paris and Lyon, one of the cities which accommodated young Chinese intellectuals between 1902 and 1927, which made of it the cradle of Chine Nouvelle. One will note among the 1,600 students, of the executives of the Chinese revolution of which Deng Xiaoping, Zhou Enlai, Cai Hesen and Chen Yi, of the women like Xiang Jinyu or Cai Chang but also of the artists such Xu Beihong and Lin Fengmian and the scientists of which Qiang Sanqiang.

After the First World War, the little silver plated young people, originating in Hunan were sponsored. Mao Zedong will remain however large absent from these stays. Among the 99 students left Shanghai in March 1919 for France, the boys made at Montargis were provided education for with the Gambetta college and the girls at the school of Chinchon. It is at that time that the ideologies are divided into 2: the policy following the Russian revolution around the theorist Cai Hesen, sometimes joined by Zhou Enlai and rather the reformers. Following a letter of Cai and Xiang Jinyu where they made a statement on to Mao their program to save China and the world and to create the Chinese Communist party the PCC is born in July 1921 in the French concession from Shanghai, constituting the avantgarde and the command of the revolution. Xiang Jinyu and Cai Hensen return to China to China 1921 and fight against the nationalists with the power. Unfortunately, they are stopped and delivered by the colonial occupant. They will die after atrocious torments in 1928 and 1931.

Deng Xiaoping, as for him is initially accommodated in Bayeux then works with the rolling mills of Creusot in Paris region where it meets Zhou Enlai. They are only 2 years later that it joined Montargis where it is done engaged with the factory Hutchinson in Châlette, recommended by the French Consul and becomes Communist militant; he returns then in Paris region where he works at Renault with Billancourt. At the beginning of January 1926, it turns over to China via Moscow. It will return to France only in 1975 as a leader of China.

In 2001, ChinaMontargis association organizes new exchanges. In 2014, the place in front of the station was baptized place Deng Xiaoping in memory of the former Chinese leader come to study and work in Montargis, city which also shelters since a historical museum of the FrancoChinese history inaugurated in August 2016 on the initiative of Mrs. Peiwen Wang, president of association ChinaMontargis Friendship.

On March 29th, a symposium in tribute to members of the movement WorkStudies was taken place in Beijing. The assistant adviser of cooperation and cultural activity to the embassy of France in China recalled to it that 10 000 new Chinese students chose each year France, 3rd host country of the international pupils. The permanent number of the latter being approximately 40,000.

Benefitting from the celebration of the centenary of the Movement of May 4th and Movement WorkStudies, the monument Monument of the centenary which commemorates the 100 years of the movement WorkStudies was inaugurated after the conference dialogues FrancoChinese of the centenary organized and chaired by Mrs. Wang Peiwen and Mr. Alain Labat, President of the Federation of FrancoChinese associations, with Mr. Hu Zhenrong, president of the institute of studies of history of the PCC of the province of Hunan: Hunan and Montargis; Mr. JeanLouis Rizzo, aggregate of history and doctor of modern history: The conference of Paris and the movement of May 4th; Mrs. Cai Leiluo, lecturer of the institute of education at the university of Beijing, little girl of Cai Yuanpei, one of the founders of the movement WorkStudies in France; Mrs. Duanmu Mei, historian of the academy of social sciences from China to Beijing, honorary president of the Chinese company of studies of history of France: Transmission of the ideas: 100 years of the movement of May 4th and that of WorkStudies in France; Mr. Alain Labat, president of the federation of FrancoChinese associations, vicepresident of the new FrancoChinese institute of Lyon, yesterday and today; Mr. Xu Bo, old diplomatic of China in France, president of the Association of the Friends of Wu Jianmin, excarryword of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and former ambassador from the Peoples Republic of China successively in The Hague, in Geneva, and Paris, deceased in 2016: Montargis, the high place of the FrancoChinese friendship; Mrs. Nora Wang, sinologist, historian, specialist in the history of the movement WorkStudies in France: French factors of the movement Work Studies in France.

A photographic exposure in commemoration of the 100ème birthday of the movement work studies as well as the launching of the French book In search of dreamed in Montargis took place in Tivoli. After the lunch place the unveiling of the Monument of the centenary took, places Deng Xiaoping (in front of SNCF railway station of Montargis) in the presence of his Excellence Mr. Zhai Jun, Ambassador of China in France, Mr. JeanMarc Falcone, Prefect of the region CenterValley of the Loire, Mr. Benoit Digeon, Maire de Montargis, Mr. Frank Supplisson, president of the Montargoise urban area, Mr. Tan Buon, president of the group of FranceChina friendship at the National Assembly as well as many elected officials and personalities, Chinese and of Loiret. This ceremony allowed the mayor, Benoît Digeon to seal the friendship of its city with Hunan and China and to make evolve the cooperation in fields such as education and the trade.

The monument was carried out by Wu Weishan, director of the National museum of the Art schools of China and correspondent of the French Academy of the Art schools. This realization represents the heart of young Chinese being returned to France for their studies there is 100 years, for having dreamed to raise the country thanks to their experiments. For the ambassador of China in France, these young people must be an example to be followed, they reflect as pionniers, the FrancoChinese friendship created there is 1 century

Just after, an artistic troop of the Chinese province of Hunan and the historical Museum of the FrancoChinese friendship Montargis signed a cooperation agreement for the creation of the theatrical project Of Hunan with Montargis.


Xi Jinping stress the importance of Sino-European relations for his visits abroad in 2019

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s ongoing visits to three countries, representing his first trip abroad in 2019, will bring China-Europe relations to a new level.

China’s respective relations with Italy, Monaco and France have stood the test of the vagaries of international situations, have distinguished themselves as examples of friendly cooperation between countries of different systems, and have been characterized by strategic importance, stable and durable.

These visits represent a trip to consolidate friendship, deepen cooperation and engage in strategic communication, this year marks the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France. Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Italy. The visit to Monaco is the first visit of a Chinese president to the country, demonstrating China’s long standing position that all countries are equal regardless of their size.

Stressing the existence of many affinities between the two peoples, President Xi said that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Monaco more than 20 years ago, the two sides have always treated each other on the same footing. equality, and have always shown sincerity and friendship to each other.

Bilateral relations are constantly developing, he said, adding that pragmatic cooperation between the two countries has evolved over time, and is even at the forefront of Sino-European cooperation in the areas of the protection of human rights. environment, telecommunications and mobile payment methods.

Xi will provide a boost to the overall strategic partnership between China and the EU, inject stability into the rapidly changing world of today and bring positive energy to safeguard multilateralism, with current visits taking place over three month after Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Spain and Portugal. These visits show that China’s policy towards Europe is stable and consistent.

The Chinese president’s ongoing visits are seen as a key step in promoting Chinese-style big-country diplomacy.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron decided on Monday to move forward in high-level bilateral relations, to forge a stronger, more stable and more dynamic global strategic partnership between China and France. to make it a new historical starting point.

China and the EU have the important task of promoting sustainable global economic growth and preserving world peace and development. As Sino-European relations continue to flourish, the world benefits.


The Phoenix Circus accommodates stars of the Circus of Beijing

The Phoenix Circus is of return for the festivals of end of the year. This time still, he proposes a show who will fill with wonder small and large, with Stars of the Circus of Beijing, heading the King of the Monkeys, drawn from one of the 4 most famous novels of China.

The Phoenix Circus was created in 2000 by Alain M. Pacherie under a capital without internal structures, considered as the big top of the world with 6000 seats.

Whereas the animals are done rarer in the traditional circuses, the Phoenix Circus present of the more modern numbers based on tales and old legends, African, cuban or Asian like this year, the adapted show of the King of the Monkeys of Sun Wukong interprets by Stars of the Circus of Beijing which make their great return.

Since its creation, the capital accommodated more than 6 million spectators filled with wonder by artists come from the 4 corners from the world to make live the legends of their countries.  Thus the most beautiful numbers of Gypsies followed one another, of circus in Freedom with Fuerza, of Legends with Jubilee, of Lia Ya to the Jade Emperor, of the Most beautiful Numbers of the World with CirkAfrika, the Small Dragon in CirkaCuba and the circus of Beijing;

In China, the acrobats belong to the company since millenia, appreciated the powerful ones but also of the people. This is why a whole district their is dedicated to Beijing (the Bridge of the Sky) or to Shanghai (the High society) or to Wuhan. In this objective, in 1951, Chinese the Prime Minister Cabbage into Lay thinks of creating in Beijing a troop of prestigious artists, devoted to arts of the circus in order to make discover with the whole world the mysteries of the world circassien.  The school of the circus is as for it founded in 1995. Acrobats, contorsionists, equilibrists and jugglers, come for most between them from Guangdong, province of the southeast of China, constitute the best company of Chinese circus of all times. One finds them in competitions of the whole world where they are rewarded for their performances. In spite of that, during years 70/80, the company sudden of the crises and Alain M. Pacherie repurchase the brand for Europe by setting up the artists who compose it with the row of Stars to make the distinction between the pre era and post crisis.

For this opus, we are in the presence of a troop originating in Zhejiang of an average age of about twenty years, whose main character the King of the Monkeys is interprets by Yuan Tian, a 20 years old artist integrated in 2005. In 2017, it is selected to contribute to the World Festival of the Circus of Tomorrow (Olympic Games of the Modern Circus). Following this performance, Alain M. Pacherie integrates it into his creation, the King of the Monkeys; for the numbers of balance on the head or the jump of the cerceaux one.

The King of the Monkeys, drawn from the famous Chinese novel the Peregrination towards the West of Wu Cheng En, is one of the four most famous novels of the Empire of the Medium;  he reports the history of Sun Wu Kong, otherwise called, the King of the Monkeys, born into 646 from our era, in China, in the mounts of the flowers and the fruits. Facetious and undisciplined, there will undergo the supreme sentence to remain locked up five hundred years under the Mountain of the Five Fingers. At the same time, the Tang monk, friend of the emperor must go to India in order to find there the sacred texts, which it must translate into Chinese. Thus it sticks the services of four disciples (the King of the Monkeys, the HorseDragon, the Wild boarPig, as well as the Inattentive Dragon) with whom it will live fantastic adventures during a travel filled of unexpected meetings.

During a show of practically two hours, 50 artists dressed in 300 splendid costumes evolve in sumptuous decorations at the time of 14 numbers evoking the history of this monkey left a stone egg resulting from one from the rocks from the Mount from the Flowers. Of monkey, he became immortal king then. The successive numbers evoke the travel of the monkey and his/her companions in India but also in China with the various tables whose cerceaux one and the jump of the swallow which skims water (this discipline is used in the training of the soldiers and is symbolic system in the celebration of the cult taoist), jugglings and antipodists (umbrellas, pagodas of glasses, plates, chairs, twin wheels, hats or carpet), the whole intersected with scenes comic and full with humour without forgetting the games icariens, the lassos which make think of the crossing of the large plains, or fabrics air, disciplines created in France in the middle of the years 1990 and become a universal lifting technique that the Chinese use at the same time like straps and a fluid support to give an astonishing feeling of lightness to their evolutions. The final table gathers all the protagonists of the travel of the monk around the King of the Monkeys.

There remains still a little more than one month to go Lawn of Reuilly and to discover this splendid air and lifting show. The troop leaves then in round through France from January 24th to February 10th, 2019;

We will be able to also find the new show of the Phoenix Circus starting from November 16th, 2019 with the Wandering Circus of Mongolia which will invite us to join 50 nomads in the yurt built in the center of the track. It will be the occasion to discover an ignored circus, different from that of its neighbors: A travel in Mongolia located at the south of Russia and north of China!



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Unveiling of the Center Jonathan K.S. Choi for the Promotion of the Cultural heritage

Thanks to the Institute of the Arab World and the support of the businessman Jonathan Choi, president of the Chinese conglomerate Sun Wah, the exposure Quoted Thousandyearold, virtual travel of Palmyre to Mosul gives to the visitors the opportunity of actually discovering virtual destroyed mythical places or in danger following the many conflicts which prevailed in the Middle East, destroying the Arab heritage massively.

For this new experiment, the IMA joined for the first time the one of the world leaders of the creation of video games Ubisoft. The company, which carried out the series Assassin S Creed is very invested in work of digital safeguard of the heritage; this is why, it was dedicated to exploit data of UNESCO via technology emergent and Iconem of which some are acquired starting from drones and of the use of photogrammetry, just like of others on the ground.

Iconem was founded to contribute in 2013 to the conservation of the world heritage by digitizing it to preserve it. The models 3D facilitate the work of the experts and plunge the public in cultural diversity thanks to the immersives exhibitions and experiments.                                                                      The mission for the threatened heritage was born at the period when the cofounder and chair, Yves Ubelmann, was in Syria, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It worked there of 2006 to 2010 as an architect at the time when nobody thought of documenting the degraded places, destroyed or in the process of fast disappearance. After having created its foundation, it is turned over in these countries affected by the wars and Daesh. Among these sites, it selected of them some of which Palmyre, Alep and Damas in Syria or Mosul, Khorsabad and Samarra in Iraq.

Ubisoft, on its side, is interested in work of digital safeguard of the heritage and applied them within the framework of the exposure Quoted Thousandyearold. Thanks to a helmet, the visitor finds himself transported in the middle of six emblematic sites: The temple of Baalshamin with Palmyre and the souk of Alep in Syie; The underground of Nabi Younes, the church NotreDame of the Hour and the AlNouri Mosque in Mosul in Iraq; The Basilica of Leptis Magna in Libya. It can move in the 9 m ² allocated with this experiment and feel within the framework of the sites as if it were on the spot.
The Thousandyearold exposure Quoted is part of the five projects (Rehabilitation of the Tomb of Askia in Gao in Mali; Evaluations for the rehabilitation of the Museum of Mosul and reconstruction of the monastery of Mar Behnam in Iraq; A training program on the ground architecture), constant last June by the ALIPH (Alliance International for heritage protection in the zones in Conflict), created last year on the initiative of France and the United Arab Emirates.

The cultural heritage became a target, particularly in the Middle East and the Sahel but also in all the places aimed by the terrorist groups as to Pakistan or in Afghanistan.  Saudi Arabia, China, France, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Luxembourg and Morocco were the first donor countries, just like the Foundation Andrew W. Mellon, the Swiss authorities and two givers private. Moreover, the role of the ALIPH is recognized by the Security Council of UNO for heritage protection on the ground in link with international organizations like UNESCO. Future calls for projects will be launched in the formation, the inventory of collections muséales, the fight against the illicit traffic, the reconstruction of the monuments and the restoration, the creation of refuges cities the ALIPH profits from funds of 76 million dollars of promises of donations. It is based on digital technology and numeration in 3D.

Tuesday, October 16, Dr. Jonathan Choi, President of the Chinese conglomerate Sun Wah and Jack Lang, President of the Institute of the Arab World inaugurated the Center Jonathan K.S.Choi for the Promotion of the Cultural heritage, officializing the partnership made possible thanks to the embassy of France to China, between the conglomerate and the IMA; the exposure Quoted Thousandyearold, virtual Travel of Palmyre to Mosul  is the first stage and profited from it from a support of 500,000 euros on behalf of Sun Wah who supports other educational projects and cultural throughout the world of which École Nationale Supérieure of Beautiful arts (ENSBA) of Paris which received a gift of a million dollars in 2016 or the Festival Crossings, first foreign festival in China and greater French festival abroad with a patronage of approximately 100,000 euros a year between 2017 and 2019

The family group Sun Wah was founded in Macao in 1957 by the father of the current president. At the time, it was specialized in the transformation, the trade and the distribution of seafood. Since the resumption of the group by Jonathan Choi in 1976, the activities diversified around 7 principal branches of activity of which agrifoodstuffs, the real estate (residential hotels, shopping centres, buildings), the financial services (participation in group of which Canadian International Kingsway, development of software and industrial applications in particular with Chinese universities), infrastructures (motorways) and the media (film distribution, development of cinemas).  Foundation was born at dawn from the Seventies, investing in educational projects as well in China, Hong Kong and Macao as abroad as in Michigan with the creation of 2 centers (1 in China and the other in the USA), in the Viêt Nam since 2011, the United Kingdom. In 2005, the 3è International School, inspired by the method Montessori was created in Beijing. It exempts to a bilingual teaching EnglishChinese with foreign children of the nursery school with the CP. In 2017, the school 3rd was transferred to the international French High school from Beijing.

Dr. Jonathan Choi very committed for the French culture, is turned permanently towards the other countries. This is why the IMA is very proud that Sun Wah agreed to join his actions by supporting the exchanges between the East and Occident and that the foundation is the principal patron of the exposure Quoted Thousandyearold, virtual Travel of Palmyre to Mosul.

The unveiling of the Center Jonathan K.S.Choi for the Promotion of the Cultural heritage in the buildings of the IMA takes place in full Asian week in France with the arrival of Korean President Moon Jaein and that of Japanese the Prime Minister Shinzo Abé. Other projects are under investigation thanks to this partnership of which that devoted to the silk route for 2020.

The president of the Republic went Tuesday evening to the IMA and met the partners of the exposure, Mr. Jack Lang and Mr. Jonathan Choi; he was accompanied by the coldly named Minister for the culture, Mr. Frank Riester and of the deputy of Paris, president of group LREM to the Parliament, Mr. Gilles Le Gendre; Mrs. Lenient Aurélie Ruiz, police chief of the exposure their made discover this virtual travel through giant projections on Mosul, Alep, Leptis Magna and Palmyre but also of the reconstitutions in 3D.

The expoition is held at the Institute of the Arab World from October 10th, 2018 to February 10th, 2019. It is also possible to take part in guided tours from October 10th to December 30th like with workshops of writing and creation in family.


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When glamour and femininity are not legends…

As each time, its processions take us along on a journey. This time, it is in the mythology of Ancient Greece that Christophe Guillarmé plunged us.

Within the framework of the week of the mode in Paris, the discrete one and not less talented creator with the recognizable identity style did not lose the wire by presenting its collection of readymade clothes spring/2019 baptized Orphée. It reappropriated the history of the poet and the musician to the quadrant, with the example of Jean Cocteau who had made of it the red wire of his various masterpieces. Just like him, it retransposé the myth in the current time. Result? Of Glam poetic, enchanter and female Rocknroll with wish, of Christophe Guillarmé in all his splendour, where vaporous tulle, virginal white silk muslin, white organza, nude beige, geometrical lace, embroideries, spangles and crystals were the naïades of this procession. On the catwalk of the Workshop Renauld (Paris 8th), short dresses, long, sleeve, longline bra or with neck boat won unanimous once more support in the presence of the expresenter mannequin Victoria Silvstedt, of the singer Louisy Joseph, of the actresses Adeline Blondeau, Emmanuelle Boidron, Léa François and Nadège BeaussonDiagne. On the whole 25 creations including 9 ranges by celebrities like Miss France 2012, Delphine Wespiser, the actress Blanca Blanco, Patricia Contreras, Lison di Martino or Mariana Voinova.

Christophe Guillarmé is graduate School of the Applied arts Duperré. After promising beginnings of career in JeanCharles de Castelbajac, Dice Kayek and Stella Cadente, it launches his first collection at age the 21 years and a year later its own line of readymade clothes of luxury. One recognizes it thanks to his preserving but creative style and with his concern of the completions.

Gradually, it takes notoriety, one finds it in the whole world with the fashion weeks (St Petersbourg, Dubai, Monaco, of China and South Korea or Azerbaidjian….) like in Mostra of Venice or the Cannes Film Festival since 10 years, where it equips with the stars international among which Paris Hilton, Julie Gayet, Lindsay Lohan, Kelly Brook, Nora Arnezeder or Joséphine Jobert, Sofia Essaidi, Salomé Stévenin…. 

Patricia Contreras et Christophe Guillarmé
Louisy Joseph




Blanca Blanco

Patricia Contreras
Delphine Wespiser

Patricia Contreras



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Cheerleading with the Gay Games Paris 2018

Cheerleading is a sporting event at the American base which gathers dance, acrobatics, gymnastics and song.

The cheerleading appeared fine 19th century around the years 1880 in the universities for men of the NorthEast of the United States.  Practised originally by white men, it was used to encourage the sporting teams of which those of footvball American. In order to avoid the aggressiveness and of the brawls, the players substitutes decided to launch encouragements and slogans since the benches of key, for the first time at the university of Princeton. A few years later, the principle is introduced at the university of Minnesota where is born the first flaps sporting in 1898 which will be made up of six cheerleders only male.

It is in 1903 that is born the first fraternity from cheerleaders, Gamma Sigma. The women will make their appearance in 1923 In 1934 there, the French club of female sport, Fémina Sport, understands a section of 64 Girls. After the foundation of the National Cheerleaders Association in 1948, one counted 52 women with the conference the following year in Texas where are created the first specific uniforms and the movement of dance (herkie of the name of the founder of the NCA) as well as the Spirit Stick (pilot stick). All the country adopts this new sport, rather female in the Sixties in the secondary schools. The pompom of vinyl will be added in 1965 and of the professional teams of pom pom girls are created by the national league of football (NFL). For the first time in 1978, CBS presents a championship.

Although the women account for 97% of the cheerleaders, the men are present to carry out certain lifting figures requiring more force.

Nowadays, in the United States, one counts approximately 1.5 millionde cheerleaders only in division AllStar to which the million divisions specific to the schools is added. Link of the culture and the American sport, this activity extended to international of which Belgium, Germany, Australia, China, Colombia, France (the beginnings go back to the Eighties and the discipline federated by the FFFA (French federation of American football) received the approval of the ministry for Youth and the Sports in 2008), Japan, New Zealand, Canada or the Netherlands, which join together more than 100,000 cheerleaders.

This discipline was retained as of the first edition of the Gay Games in 1982 for what it represents in diversity without exclusiveness in age nor of sex (since March 2018, of the men were integrated starting with 2 dancers at Rams of Los Angeles into this date), but coeducation exists since decades at the LGBT.

For the 10th edition of the Gay Games, the test of the cheerleading was held the 3rd day at the Charlety stage (13th) as of 10:00; it was possible to attend the heating before the demonstrations which proceeded as from 17:30. The cheerleading was part of the 36 disciplines represented with Gay Games 10, it gathered 130 participants in teams female, male or mixed, the only condition to be registered was to be cheerleader except Gay Games but any age limit. Each service of 1à 2mn 30 made it possible to be plunged in the environment of the American campuses.

After the splendid services, each member of the first three teams received a gold medal, of money or bronze.

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World Milk Day: On June 1st, one celebrates milk throughout the world

The World Day of Milk is celebrated every year on June 1st. It puts at the honor the actors, women and men who work the every day to offer dairy products of quality.

France is a ground of milk which does not count less than 58,000 farms and 760 processing undertakings.

The French dairy sector enters three main roads of sustainable development. On June 20th, 2017, the Interprofessional National centre of the Dairy Economy (CNIEL) ratified the Joint Declaration of Rotterdam signed in October 2016, FAO (Food and Organization Agriculture) and of the International federation of Milk (WIRE) in favour of a durable French dairy sector.

The French and world dairy sector is the first agroalimentary sector to have taken up the challenge to achieve the goals of UNO by 2030 and to fight against climate warming according to its commitment adopted in September 2015.

Thanks to carbon storage to fight against climate warming, the breeding of ruminants is one of the 2 activities able to compensate for part of its clean gas emissions for greenhouse effect. In France, one counts today 6150 farms engaged in the program Firm Dairy low carbon on 63,000 firm Frenchwomen. The print carbon average of milk to the farm is slightly higher than 1 kg per liter of milk, but it falls to 0.9 if one takes account of the sequestration of carbon in the hedges and the meadows.  Each year, an average French dairy farm thus succeeds in storing more than 17 tons of carbon, the equivalent of more than 300,000 km in the car. Between 1990 and 2010,23,8% of carbon emissions was realized by the stockbreeders. The objective is an additional reduction of 20 % between 2010 to 2025.

90 hectares of biodiversity are maintained on average by the firm Frenchwomen thanks to pastures, hedges, isolated trees, ponds A true paradise for the earthworms or earthworms, bat, birds, bumblebees, orthoptères, graminaceous, leguminous and plants aromatic

A cow raised in France is equivalent to maintained meadows, maintained hedges and biodiversity, carbon stored in the ground.

Does the World Day of Milk comprise 4 key periods starting with a societal debate in Paris on June 1st Place de la République, the unveiling day before of Biodiversiterre, its topic is Then milk, it is before or after cereals? Not far from the cows come to Paris for the occasion, the participants have to subject themselves to a referendum while answering the question: Is it necessary to pour milk before or after cereals? or via Internet. The examination was done at 2:00 and the proclaimed official protocol just afterwards. A foodtruck stationed on the place proposed tastings.

In order to better make known the universe of the dairy breeding and milk, the CNIEL accommodates the public on its stand at the time of Biodiversiterre from June 2nd to June 5th place of the Republic and takes along to you to make the Travel to the country of milk, an initiatory walk through a room of virtual draft, scientific experiments on the transformation of milk into dairy products and a workshop Milk Job S which approaches in a ludic way the trades of the dairy sector. Conferences, exchanges with the dairy producers present near as of assembled heifers in Paris for the event, as well as tastings in the various dairy bars (bar with milk, bar with cheese, bar with frozen yoghurt, bar with milk shake, cocktail bar) will be proposed.

To celebrate World Milk Day became normal through planet. In 2017, 587 events took place in 79 countries in order to show the universal character of milk and the economic impact of its production.

At the beginning of June, days open doors on the slides of milk are organized for submission to the general public and of school in several areas of France. Single opportunities to discover the transformation of milk into dairy products, since the farm until the dairy. The consumers will be able to exchange directly with the staff of the companies.

This year, for the 5th French edition of the World Day of Milk, 6,000 professionals engaged of the farm to the dairy and opened from May 26th to June 9th in all France to make discover the various trades of the sector: dairy stockbreeders, driver milk collector, line conductors, responsible quality, etc Their knowhow of point and their respect of the good practices, guaranteed by the Professional Institute of the Drinking milk (IPLC), make it possible to offer a milk of quality, easily identifiable thanks to the logo Milk collected and conditioned in France affixed on bricks and the bottles sold in stores. Here dates of opening of the 8 present sites:

DAIRY LACTINOV in Braine (02) on Saturday, May 26
DAIRY CORALIS in CessonSévigné (35) on Wednesday, May 30
ISCED OF MILK LACTOPOLE/LACTEL in Laval on May 30th with visit of the farm and the museum
CANDIA in Vienna (38) on Saturday, June 2
CANDIA with Lons (61) on Saturday, June 2
LSDH with Saint Denis of the Hotel (45) on Thursday, May 31 and visits farm
LSDH in Varennes on Fouzon (36) on Friday, June 1 and visits farm
DAIRY OF HOLY FATHER with Holy Father in Retz (44) Friday afternoon June 8th and on Saturday, June 9 all the day as well as the visit of the farm.

The professionals answer the questions of the visitors about all the stages of pre with the setting out of bottle of milk. Tastings take also place with the discovery of bars and fountains with milk.

For the school ones, specific visits are arranged by taking appointment near the 100 participating farms of the teaching network.

The World day of Milk aims to make known all the facets of milk, nutritional or local specificities: products and their qualities, modes of production and of conservation, the organization of industry and the dairy sector, assets nutritional, importance in the local economy, consumption, etc

Among the countries having taken part these last years, one finds Germany, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, China, Colombia, Croatia, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, the United States, Finland, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malawi, Malaysia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, the Dominican Republic, Russia, Thailand, Tanzania, Turkey, Venezuela, etc

The dairy economy holds an important place in world food agro industry, the dairy sector while being a leader. Europe with at its head France and Germany occupies a choice place of it. With international, the emerging countries like China and especially India, first nation milk producer of planet in 2001 dissociate themselves. In addition, the innovations allow investments more and more.

With regard to the dairy products, they are in the middle of the human nutrition since thousands of years. They are regularly consumed in Europe and in the United States. The French are the largest amateurs, the quantity and the tastes vary according to the ages or the products.

The strong dairy tradition of the country returns there the industry of milk powerful, modern, making it compete with chemistry and the iron and steel industry. France counts 5 dairy groups classified among the first 25 world dairy groups. It also exists there of many artisanal exploitations. The west of France is registered like the first dairy area of the country. Europe is one of the dairy world great powers and the EU of the 27 is the first milk producer of cow in front of the United States, in Asia India and China is characterized by the development from their dairy economy.

If the French are the champions of consumption of butter and cheeses, the Irishmen hold the world record of milk consumption with 142litres/an. In IEA, India remains heading for its milk consumption thanks to well anchored traditions, in China the trends evolve quickly.