The ground pig accommodated by a procession in Chinatown Parisian

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The Chinese district of the 13th district of Paris accommodated the year of the begun Ground Pig on February 5th and which will finish on January 25th, 2020.

Like every year for 20 years, the large procession of the Chinese new year has been held in the 13th district of the capital on February 17th in the presence of the ambassador of the Peoples Republic of China, her excellence Zhai Jun accommodated by Trinh Huy, President of the ARFOI and Chief Executive Officer of Paris Blind like by the persons in charge of associations CICOC, Friendly of Teochew the, organizing ones of the event. The Town hall of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, the President of the region IDF, Valérie Pécresse, the mayor of the 13th Eric Coumet, the advisors of Paris, Tan Buon and Edith Gallois were also present.

The festivities (concerts, Chinese shows, exhibitions.) took place during 2 weeks, for the majority with the town hall and ended in the sempiternal procession. They began on February 4th with the exposure of works of the Chinese artist Fansack, the unveiling of the festivities took place at 18:00, on February 8th on the square of the town hall; the unveiling of the mural fresco of the artist Fansack, 46 avenue d’Ivry took place the 16, this place will be henceforth the place where to meet to celebrate the Asian new year. The evening, as last year was held the show 13th festival with young artists and demonstrations of martial arts. The last day, is held the festival of the Lanterns.

After the speeches of official punctuated by the dances of the lions and the dragon, the procession prepared for some for several months, has joined together more than 200,000 spectators on all his course (Street of the Disc, Avenue of Ivry, Avenue of Choisy, comic Masséna and return Avenue of Ivry) and saw sauntering to the sound of drums and of the voluntary cymbals more than 3,000 people of Asian origin or not, of which regional troops with the gleaming colors, tanks surmounted by furnace bridges where one made burn sticks of incense to carry out a wish but before all the star of the year, the pig which arised behind the French flags, Chinese and European, right before the banner behind which the official ones were held of which Anne Hidalgo, Eric Coumet and the advisors Tan Buon and Edith Gallois. The procession of the 13th district is regarded as most beautiful of Europe.

Paris comprises several Asian districts of which largest, developed since the Seventies is that located in the 13th district. Asian populations, particularly those which fled Communism, settled there since decades. One finds there of Chinese but also Vietnamese, Kampuchean or Laotians who for the majority opened trade of specialized food, Dishes, incense or restaurants In order to follow their religious habits, there exist 2 Buddhist temples and a Catholic church (NotreDame of China). The first Buddhist temple is street of the Disc and is held by the Association of the Residents in France of Indochinese Origin (A.R.F.O.I). It is dedicated to the divinity Bodhisattva Guanyin to whom they offer many offerings (orange, eggs, milk,). Association proposes also courses of Chinese or the assistance for administrative papers. The second larger temple, more gilded is directed by the Friendly one of Teochew, it is beside the shopping centre Olympiads. Traditionally, it is necessary to be exposed to enter there to make burn incense, candles and request in front of the gilded bouddahs.

Currently, Chinatown Paris 13 is regarded as the first Chinese district of Europe, it still will develop thanks to the first place of Paris in 2018 (in front of London, Rome and New York) as the most popular destination with the world. Following a considerable growth in China and SouthEast Asia, the number of investments of China and France increased by facilitating the installation of companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou (capital of origin of much of tradesmen installed in IDF and models of integration). In Paris, the recognition of international tourist area of the district Olympiad is supported by the area which considers the possibility of opening Sunday in order to increase the tourist and economic development site.

This year, the Chinese frequentation of the capital reached the million visitors in region Ile de France, record broken; 2018 were the European year of Chinese tourism, its most extravagant customers being considered in France. To this end, all was done so that the Asian tourists can be accommodated in full safety, that translators are placed at the disposal. The development of course without cash with We Chat and Alibaba was carried out in order to pay in the department stores without having currencies on oneself and to avoid the pickpokets, of the mobile police stations with translators were installed in the great sites so that the injured tourists can carry felt sorry for more easily;  the reception developed with the site Visit Paris translated into Chinese, carried out thanks to the partnership signed between the CRT and Fliggy, subsidiary of Alibaba. It is also envisaged to include the Asian gastronomy in the course of the gastronomy in IDF open to all the tourists of the world who come on Paris and his region (50 000 this year).

FinTech is with the program with the partnership between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, new pole of innovation, high technology and artificial intelligence. Moreover, AirParif subsidized by the town of Paris and the area, work with the town of Beijing on the reduction of air pollution in the Chinese capital.

The year of the Ground Pig will be thus a year of partnership and projects, she promises great successes in all the fields. On January 25th, 2020, it will give way to that of the Metal Rat.

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