The Indian chief Raoni was received in the Elysium by Macron

After Ivanis PirèsTanoné come to defend Amazonia, celebrates it Indian chief Raoni Metuktire and three other Amazonian chiefs Kaïlu, Tapy Yawalapiti and Bemoro, become over the years the figures impossible to circumvent of the fight for Amazonian safeguarding were in Paris for the same approach.

At the time of 100 days assessment of Brazilian President Bolsonaro, many questions are with the agenda of which those relating to the climate and the indigenous populations.

Ivanis Worse Tanoné is one his rare wives in charge of an Amazonian indigenous tribe, it was the first to be gone to France since the taking of the new president of Brazil called Tropical Trump.

Emmanuel Macron received Thursday celebrates it Indian chief Raoni and ensured it of the support of France in its combat to protect the biodiversity and the people from Amazonia, victim of a growing deforestation.

The Head of the State spoke during 45 minutes in the Elysium with the famous indigenous chief and three other Amazonian chiefs Kaïlu, Tapy Yawalapiti and Bemoro Metuktire which carry out a round in Europe until May 31st. At the conclusion of maintenance, they have rising unit the arms on the perron of the Elysium in order to show their satisfaction.

Elysium announced that France envisaged to accommodate an international summit of the populations autochtones whole world, probably in June 2020.

Raoni Metuktire met 5 French presidents, François Mitterrand, Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy, François Hollande and Emmanuel Macron Thursday.

After its meeting with the singer Sting, who visited him in Xingu in 1987, Raoni reaches an international notoriety. It takes part with him in a press conference of the Round Human Rights Now, of Amnesty International, in Sao Paulo in Brazil. Following the impact of this event, the singer and his wife Trudie Styler and the Belgian director JeanPierre Dutilleux become the cofounders of Rainforest Foundation, created to support the projects of Raoni, whose priority of the moment is the demarcation of the territories kayapos threatened of invasion.

In February 1989, Raoni was one of the most savage opponents to the project of dam Kararao. Televisions of the whole world were present to collect its remarks with Altamira, at the time of a gigantic assembly of chiefs remained in annals. The project of stopping will be finally abandoned.

Today, the objective of this turn of Europe east of launching a S.O.S near the opinion and of the leaders to save the Great reserve of Xingu, a reserve of biodiversity of some 180,000 km ², is approximately one the third of France. I seek a million euros, in particular to finance vegetable walls containing bamboo, in order to delimit the great reserve of Xingu which undergoes permanent intrusions wood traffickers and animals, gold diggers and poachers, who come to drive out on our grounds whereas it is our supermarket with us, explained Raoni in a maintenance published Thursday by Le Parisien.

In April the cacique Tanoné, 64 years, represented his people Kariri Xoco located at the NorthEast of Brazil. For more than 30 years, it has been present near the official authorities and during the great indigenous mobilizations the such Camping Terre Libre. Mother, grand mother and back grand mother, it fought for the nature which it would like to transmit to her descent. This is why, it plants only trees on the last hectares of forest crowned of the grounds of its people and fights with wisdom against the deforestation and the draining of the river San Francisco. In its tribe, it plays all the roles, as well legal as police but so political, always with firmness. For it, not of half measurement: When I say yes, it is yes, when I say not, it is not! , it is what makes its force of cacique.

The round of Raoni intervenes after the arrival in January with the presidency of Brazil, in particular thanks to the lobby of the agrifoodstuffs, of Jair Bolsonaro, who wants to finish some with what it calls activism Shiite ecologist. The deforestation, which had dropped in a spectacular way in Amazonia of 2004 to 2012, set out again of more beautiful in January: +54% compared to January 2018, according to ONG Imazon.

The Amerindians want to defend nature and their ground face has Bolsonaro, against the deforestation which destroys the tribes.

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