The last chance “pass”

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Christian Ferro is a phenomenon. He is beautiful, he is young and rich. At twenty, he’s the genius of AS Roma’s football. Yes, but. The success, the millions, a profitable entourage and bad influence make him an arrogant, unruly and rebellious player; a disaster for his team and a problem for the Club and his career.

Forgotten his performance and his footwork on the field. From now on, it is his escapades which feed the front page of the newspapers. In order for his champion to regain his level and his glory, the president of the club gives him an ultimatum: study and pass his bac otherwise he will not play anymore.

It’s Valerio Fioretti, a withdrawn professor of literature, philosophy and history carrying a painful secret, who is chosen to be the tutor of the talented youngster put on the sidelines. The first lessons are difficult, laborious and confrontational. The soccer star makes no effort. The educator cannot take his marks. But every day is enough for its pain. Valerio understands that he has to adapt his mode of operation to that of Christian, play in support.

Its new methodology is proven and even better. Despite their distant universes, the two men get closer. A friendship is woven between them. A saving agreement that allows the fiery provocative to calm down and the professor to regain a taste for life.

Their mutual anger (that on the ground for Christian and that of guilt for Valerio) subsides. But, ultimately, who will be the real playmaker? Who will emerge the most from this meeting?

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“The challenge of the champion”, by Leonardo d’Agostini – An opening of the score for this first feature film, winner of the 2019 Silver Ribbon for the best first film, which received the public prize at the Italian film festival in Villerupi in 2019 driven by the interpretations of Stefano Accorsi and Andrea Carpenzano with Ludovica Martino, Mario Sgueglia, Semino Favro, Anita Caprioli and Massimo Popolizio – Distributed by Destiny Films, its theatrical release is scheduled for August 5, 2020.

Visuals: (C) DR / Destiny Films

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