The Manouche Festival in Tuileries

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Jean Hugues Blanc

Many festivals flourish in this summer period, the Manouche Festival in Tuileries is one of them.

The heart of Paris was packed on 14 and 15 August for the gypsy jazz festival at the Tuileries Garden.
A rendez-vous that has lasted for 20 years for a loyal and numerous public, this show offered by fairgrounds is completely free.

For two days, concerts were held in the afternoon and evening, allowing the public to discover many talents of the music of travelers.

In 1969, France created the administrative status of Travelers to qualify those who live in a mobile shelter (caravan, camper etc).
For these concerts, the various “Roma” populations were gathered on the Tuileries garden scene and shared their cultures in front of an audience that did not hesitate to dance.
This is how we succeeded each other:
-The Gypsies, of Greek origin whose meaning is used to design the Roma.
-The Manouches (man nouches), gypsies settled in the east of France and on the banks of the Loire since the fifteenth century.
– Sinti, gypsies living in Germany, Austria, northern Italy. More than 85% of them were exterminated by the Nazis during the Second World War.
– The gypsies (in Spanish gitano and deformation of the word egyptiano designating the inhabitants of the small Egypt, Greek province where the gypsies who are now living in Spain or in the south of France are from.
-The Roma (the Council of Europe advises to call “Roma” all the populations mentioned.In France, the name Rom refers to gypsies from Europe of Romania and Bulgaria).

On the occasion of the Gypsy Jazz Festival, all this large family of artists came together to discover this mixture of culture. The music and the party were present until the end of the night.

Among the guests, we could applaud the trio Rosenberg who also performed during the Marciac Festival last July, the Krief family, the Rapetous, Angelo and Raangy Debarre, Steven Reinhardt quartet whose dad was the cousin of the great Django Reinhardt (Steven will be performing at the Chope des Puces from August 31st), Paquito and Sandro Lorier (after making a “beef” as a family, they have joined the group “Gypsies Los Amigos” with, on the white guitar, Christophe Baliardo, called “Kéma” (one of the grandsons of Manitas de Plata) and a chorister of Kendji Girac).

A very nice appointment and a good vintage 2019 in an atmosphere that invites us to travel.
“It’s the song of guitars, the time of the beautiful days and the adventure ….” that we sang since always and that we will always dance.

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